Any Nutrisystem friendly ice cream?

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I'm craving ice cream (it is summer), what about the weight watchers skinny cow line, is that ok?? I need a fix!!.


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Your question was: Any Nutrisystem friendly ice cream?.

As far as I know it's not "Ok" but If Im really feeling the craving I go for a healthy choice fudge bar. Its kind of like a soft pudding pop. I don't do it more than once a week though. Nutrition information posted below.

Serving size: 1 Bar (64 g).

Calories: 80.

Calories from fat: 15.

Amount/Serving %DV*.

Total Fat (1.5 g) 2%.

Saturated Fat (1 g) 5%.

Trans Fat (0 g).

Cholesterol (5 mg) 2%.

Sodium (65 mg) 3%.

Vitamin A (8%).

Calcium (10%).

Total Carbohydrates (13 g) 4%.

Dietary Fiber (4 g) 16%.

Sugar (4 g).

Protein (3 g).

Vitamin C (0%).

Iron (2%)..

Comment #1

I am in love with Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches (remind me of Carvel flying saucers). They range from 150 - 160 calories and the chocolate, vanilla and oreo cookie ones are AMAZING!!!..

Comment #2

Unlike what others may tell you, my opinion is that you can have anything you want..

You want a Domino's Pizza or an Ice Cream sandwich then have at it..

......just a couple annoying little points (aren't there always? ):.

You can only have the amount that qualifies as a substitutionwhich may be one small bite..

You are paying the better part of $500-650.00 for every two months of NS, so it might do to pause for a second and ask just how valuable those bites of food off the plan really are you to you..

Just a thought..

Personally? I'd stay on the plan 100% and not get clever with substitutionsbut that's just me. Many on these boards substitute freely and successfully..

If you are new, I'd suggest you try to avoid as much as you can that is off the plan. Again, that's just my advice..

Your body, your money, your choices..

Best of luck to you..


Comment #3

I have tried the Arctic Zero ice cream, The whole pint is 138 or less calories, I had the vanilla. Tastes like frozen cool whip. The chocolate peanut butter tastes like a fudge bar but creamy and a little less sweet. Good for a treat. Their website said are changing to where the pint would be 150 calories and some more flavors. I live in the Atlanta area and found it at Harry's Market.

Good for a treat...

Comment #4

If i'm craving real ice cream I eat 1/2 a skinny cow and 1/2 a Nutrisystem dessert so i'm still getting some protein and not much off the plan..

Comment #5

I think some of the Skinny Cow have the same protein as the Chocolate Delights Nutrisystem dessert..

Comment #6

Durrdogg, do you live near a Whole Foods? Ours have them regularly for $3.99/pint but they go on sale at 2/$7.00...

Comment #7

Thanks all, great Idea about half Nutrisystem and half skinny cow. I will go to whole foods to look for the Arctic Zero. It seems like the Nutrisystem desserts have sooo many calories,I can find weight watchers desserts for half the calories!.


Comment #8

That is because Weight Watcher's desserts are desserts, and Nutrisystem "desserts" are actually another meal. (although Nutrisystem has lowered the protein in some of their "new" desserts, I still try to mostly choose the ones with higher protein.).

Remember, Nutrisystem is not about calories. It's about a healthy balance of foods. You can lose weight on 1200 calories of chocolate a day...but how healthy would you be, and how long could you eat nothing but chocolate?..

Comment #9

Try the WW ice cream cups(or the skiny cow ones). Most are very comparable to the Nutrisystem ice creams in stats. I have a skinny cow one about 2 times a month. They are really yummy...

Comment #10

Seriously Tazz...............chocolate I could eat all day long!!!!! Dark, decadent, melt in your mouth chocolate.........mmmmmmmmm. Ok ,refocus here!! I know what your saying and I try to not make it about calories ,but I feel drawn to count my cals and not go over 1200, that number seems to help me stay on track.


Comment #11

Betcha you couldn't even do it for a week. Remember, that's ALL you can eat. Trust me, I'm a total chocoholic, but after a while, you would crave something salty.

It's fine to be aware of your calorie intake. After all, it's what most of us have trained to do our entire lives. Nutrisystem has really taught me that calories are only part of the equation. That is why I know I will finally get my weight off...and more importantly, keep it off! Yay!.

Btw, I do think those desserts are fine to have once in a while. I just don't want anyone to focus on just the calories...or, by the way, just the protein.

I also like to point out whenever possible that the Nutrisystem "dessert" is not really dessert. In fact, I wish they would start calling it an evening snack...

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