Any ideas on how to do Nutrisystem successfully?

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My 1st question is: Any ideas on how to do Nutrisystem successfully? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Second question.. Why is it that the unhealthy people you live with never touch your food until you start a diet? Then they seem to ravage your healthy foods (add ins)!!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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Ah the single life..sometimes it has it's advantages. LOL..

Comment #2

My husband wouldnt touch fruit/veggies unless I put them on his plate.

He likes them, but doesn't think to snack on them...

Comment #3

I am assuming you dont have middle DD is a senoir at Hood College (15 mins from home) and is all over my add-ins like stink on sh!t!. someone else stated, IF I buy extra for her, all of a sudden she aint hungry that week and it goes to compost!.

I just figured it was a girl know, like when they dont order dessert cause they arent "hungry" but somehow manage to wanna eat 3/4 of yours?.

Man I love the opportunity to use a. always cracks me up for some reason! Thanks OP!..

Comment #4

Definitely not a girl thing! lol My DS and DH are the worst! My DD only steals myNutrisystemdesserts!.

They don't just steal my add-ins - they want to know what I'm eating every night and say it smells better than theirs...

Comment #5

I'm single. The problem is...I decided to live with my parents during grad school. (wow that's embarrassing to say) I'm not home much, but when I get back my portioned out fruit has one or more missing. My father loves everything unhealthy. With all the cookies and chips he consumes, does he really need my 1.25 cup of strawberries? lol My mother politely told him earlier in the week that I'm eating healthier and portioning out my food. I don't mind sharing, but I do hate going back and forth to the market...not to mention the time I take to cut up, measure, and make bags of my fruits.

Jenns - When I speak, it seems like a signal for my family to interrupt. Everyone wonders why I'm so quiet..

Coach - I always love when you order an appetizer or dessert at a restaurant, and the person you're with says they aren't hungry for it. It gets to your table, and they are digging in like they haven't had food in a week. lol Thankfully I do not have children yet..

Diana - They think my entrees smell funny, so I'm safe there...

Comment #6

Sounds like me and your Dad need to exchange daughters till school is over!.

My middle DD only eats two things:.

1. PB&J.

2. Everything else.



Comment #7

Well at least it's helping your dad get some healthy food. I know it's frustrating, but try to think of it as a good thing!.

Besides, I remember when I was a kid and my mom would do Weight Watchers...I always wanted her stuff, and it was "crap" I normally wouldn't touch. It just tastes better when it's off limits...

Comment #8

Thats very true Mimi...I remember as a kid me and my brother ate a half box of that AYDS candy that belonged to my mom...turns out it was a "diet candy" and we got sick as hell...

Comment #9

I haven't heard of AYDS but when I was a kid I ate what I thought was chocolate. I think the whole box. Turned out to be chocolate flavored Exlax (laxative). Not good...

Comment #10

Dont be embarresed. I lived with my parents until I got married at age 25 (with the exception of 2 years in college). It saved a LOT of money on rent!.

Edit: oops...i got married at 24. was only a year ago and I already forgot my age!..

Comment #11

TOO FUNNY! Ironically, MY DD's name is Jessica!.

She is only 22 though...

Comment #12

I moved home three or four times before I finally got out of there for good. And we now have a nephew in re-start mode living with us. That's what parents are for!..

Comment #13

This one has never left like the oldest and youngest have/did to live on Campus....I keep telling her it would be a good experience...

Comment #14

Oh man! I LOVED those things!!! lol.

LMAO! My DH did that when he was little too! On the way to Florida!.

In a car!!!..

Comment #15

My DH, myself AND my two kids had to move back in with HIS parents for 8 months while our house was being built. We slept in the basement, one son had a room and the other had a bed in the rec room. You're never too old to go back home when it's about getting yourself in the end!.

I never understood when my Mom wanted to go on 'strike' as a kid because we were always driving her batty. Man , do I ever understand it now! I am the only woman in a house with three other men and it's a never ending joke fest with me as the punch line!!!!.

They have learned not to bug me the first hour after we get home because that's "my time" to excercise. Thank goodness for little things!!!!..

Comment #16

Oh - and I forgot that DH and I DID rent hotel rooms periodically, just down the street for privacy! LOL One draw back to living with parents ; )..

Comment #17



You mean like paying bills and such, right?..

Comment #18

If I'm going to clean, measure and cut up fruit, I always know that I better do some for DH or he will be mad. If I sneak in the kitchen and prepare it quietly, I had better eat it in a closet or he lays this on me... "hey, you didn't check with me to see if I wanted any!!?? Then I can't enjoy it because of the guilt. Sigh!.

What, has he got 2 broken arms or something that he never can peel an orange for himself. Plus he buys icecream drumsticks by the case and eats them in front of me with no guilt whatsoever! Its not FAIR!!! OK I'm done...

Comment #19

Jen - I bet that was the longest 8 months of your life..

Notightclothes - That sounds like my father. He thinks it's 1920. You would think he has two broken arms and two broken legs! I can definitely sympathize with you. I am off on Fridays and boiled two eggs earlier for my snacks. He said what you only boiled 2???? I would like some. Why didn't you boil more? I wanted to say first of all I'm not a mind reader, second you're retired and have off 168 hours a week, so I think you can boil your own eggs...

Comment #20

Okay time is over! Would someone please get back in the kitchen and make me a pie??!!?.


Comment #21

These posts are SO TRUE!!! I live with my significant other and his two adult "children". They are very unpredictable so, you never know when they are going to be around and want whatever you are cooking. I am fatigued with making alot............just because they might be there and want it and then when they aren't there, or decided to get Burger King, all this food goes to waste buuuuuuutttttttttttttttttttt.................just try and make enough for two and all of a sudden, they want what YOUR having. Really irritating. I don't have a problem with anybody eating myNutrisystemfood as, I have a girl cave and my stuff is all organized in cupboard. I am seriously considering buying my self a mine refrigerator for in there as well so I can keep some things I don't want to share in the cave, including with the sig other!..

Comment #22 refrigerator for the cave (I spelled it mine refrigerator - maybe it's a Freudian slip)...

Comment #23

Good idea - a personal mini fridge! I love to have a place to whine. Has anyone thought to start a whine thread?..

Comment #24

And this is why I LOVE being single! I do have two adult children living with me. I have them trained to stay the he!! out of my food though. They buy their own groceries and cook for themselves. Everyone has a "personal" space in the fridge and pantry, and then there's the "anyone can eat this" shelf. It works for us...

Comment #25

April, I love that idea. Too bad in my case if I suggested that I would likely find myself without a place to stay. Lol..

Comment #26

I had forgotten about that appetite suppressant in the form of candy. That was really big at one time..


Now, the big thing is that Chinese herbal "speed."..

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