Any ice cream recipes for Nutrisystem?

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What brands of ice cream are available in the stores that meet Nutrisystem dessert stats? Any treats out there that we can have?..

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Your question was: Any ice cream recipes for Nutrisystem?.

Or, make this as a HUGE ice cream-like treat:.

Sierra Slim's Ice Cream.

Posted by: Sierra Slim.

Blend together well:.

1 cup ff milk.

2 tsp sf strawberry jello powder (use less or none to your taste).

2 handsful ice.

2 tablespoons Free or SF Cool Whip.

2-4 packets splenda (use less to your taste).

Then add and blend 1 3/4 cups still frozen sliced strawberries, top off with Walden Farms no-cal Fudge sauce!.

Makes about 30 ounces of delicious thick creamy "ice cream.".

(1 dairy, 2 fruit, 1 free food)..

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Have a nice, cold creamy cup of strawberry or pina colada or vanila yogurt! I haven't touched ice cream in years, and, believe me, I was an ice cream freak. Just an idea for ya!..

Comment #2

Have you tried the Nutrisystem ice cream value packs available a la carte? (they work with the diabetic plan too)..

Comment #3

No I haven't tried Nutrisystem ice cream yet. I live in the south and in my last order, the chocoloate on my meal bars melted before I could get them in the house! I'm sure the ice cream is specially packaged, but still, nope, I've not tried them yet..

I just want to go to the store and get something. Any other suggestions besides some of the Skinny Cow? I've seen some of those at WalMart? What about some of the WW brand? I don't want to re-invent the wheel, and I know other members know of some good substitutions. That recipe looks good Pam, and I'll try freezing some of my yogurt too. I only use CarbSmart from Krogers..

AND ............. there's 30 pounds less of me these days, so I sure don't want to mess things up!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #4

I buy ice cream at the store that is made with Splenda..

Klondike's slim-a-bear fudge bars and many others..

I also get Schwan's mini ice cream sandwiches...

Comment #5

I have a skinny cow or weight watchers ice cream cup about 2-3 times a month. They are low on protein but still fall within Nutrisystem guidelines. There are some that almost exactly match Nutrisystem ice cream stats...

Comment #6

Re-inventing the wheel by using the stats and finding your own is the best way to learn and get ready for maintenance...

Comment #7

OK, just checking again. I'm on NS-D so I have a dairy/protein and fruit in mid-morning and afternoon. Am I understanding right that I can have another dairy/protein and fruit in the evening for my dessert, that the stats are the same for the snack during the day and the dessert/snack in the evening?..

Comment #8

The Dietitians have posted that you can substitute either of the following for a Dessert entree:.

1 Fruit and 1 Dairy/Protein Serving.


1 Dairy/Protein Serving and 1 Low GI Carb Serving..

Comment #9

Thanx Pam. I've been reading the boards for about 6 months now, and your comments are always so helpful. Just to finish up, the stats for the ice cream (now I'm sounding obsessed) are 110 to 180 calories, 1.5 to 9 grams fat, 5 to 25 grams carb, 5 to 12 grams protein, and 20 to 340 mgs sodium. That's what I would shop for, right?..

Comment #10

What I've always found helpful is to take a like-NutriSystem item (i.e. the ice cream) and compare the stats on that to the stats of store-bought items. Michelle (m2marsh) has an excellent spreadsheet where she has the stats of the NutriSystem items all collected in one place. I'm sure she would send you a copy of her list. Print that out and take it to the store with you...easy peasy.....

Comment #11

Which is why I posted my original request. I knew other members had already found products/brands that fit with Nutrisystem stats. I'll try to PM Michelle and ask. Thanx so much...

Comment #12

You can rely on the stats I originally posted in this thread (acutally, you can rely on any of my posts that talk about stats). I've done a lot of research on stats on the Nutrisystem plan..

HOWEVER your original post kinda asked us to do your homework for you. While I understand, I think it is important to note that figuring this stuff out for yourself will REALLY benefit you as you approach goal and shift to maintenance...

Comment #13

Well, yes, I did ask for information that I knew other much more experienced members had. All I wanted was some ice cream, just as someone else did who posted the same request today. I thought this would be an appropriate place to ask for suggestions. Sorry if it's not, but thanx anyway for the suggestions everybody sent, as well as the stat information from you Michelle. Right now I'm just eating my Nutrisystem meals and reading the boards, and frankly I find the information on choosing add-ins and eventually my own entrees VERY confusing and much more complicated than what I thought it was going to be. BUT I am losing weight and lowered my A1C and feel better and that was my goal. I'm sure I'll have many more questions, and will try to find the best way to ask when I'm ready for that information...

Comment #14


Your request was just fine as posted, so don't stop asking questions.

NS gives us lots of tools, and some of them (like all the stats) take awhile to become second-nature at least for me.

Congrats on your weight loss. You're doing great!..

Comment #15

If you have an ice cream maker, just use skim milk, artificial sweetener of your choice (I use stevia) and fruit!..

Comment #16

Sometimes a shake made with protein powder sweetner crushed ice, frozen unsweetened berries and some stevia(or your favorite sweetner) and mixed in the blender satisfies my craving for ice cream. Just be careful-I mixed too much crushed ice yesterday and the shake wasn't very well blended...

Comment #17

I don't see how asking a simple question is any kind of problem. In my eyes, you are correct. There are some VERY seasoned veterans on the Nutrisystem boards that have done very well and have the information at their finger tips - literally. Usually most are very willing to share knowledge. There are many people on Nutrisystem that do not have the technical knowledge of food stats, and to ask a question is the RIGHT thing to do...

Comment #18

Thanx all, and especially for the recipes/ideas. I guess I needed the encouragement...

Comment #19

I hate Yogert, But I find that if I stick a spoon in the top of it, and then place it in the freezer, I really enjoy it. I feel like I am eating a popcicle...

Comment #20

This time of the year, when it's over 90 degrees out, I get more of a craving for sorbets & sherbets...

Comment #21

Yeah, I need to get one of those. I wanna make some mango sorbet w/ Splenda. How cool would that be to eat sorbet 3 times a day as your fruit serving. You know, I bet I can use a blender for sorbet....duh stupid (to myself). I just need to get a blender first. Who the hell doesn't have a blender these days? (again to myself)..

Comment #22

I tried freezing the whipped yogurt and eating as ice cream. (the vanilla pacified the wanting of the ice cream) it was just right...

Comment #23

I just had some vanilla yogurt with FROZEN mixed berries for my afternoon snack. It was cold/icey and creamy and totally fufllied my hankerin' for ice cream - it was fantastic!..

Comment #24

LOL. I don't. I'm probably one of the few...

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