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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Any got a GoDaddy coupon or promo?.

My 2nd question is: .

I have multiple Volos sitting on the "shelf" How are you guys monetizing them?.

Warming Hotmail and Gmail and bulking?.

Blasting GI?.

What kind of volume can you actually get out with them?.

Should I get them online?.

Any thoughts or ideas thanks...

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Your question was: Any got a GoDaddy coupon or promo?.

Can you tunnel with volo? are you mailing your yahoo aol and GI from one server...

Comment #1

You can tunnel with it. I'm not though. Different licenses/servers...

Comment #2

Any feedback on List Marketers or OnPoint compared to Volo?..

Comment #3

ListMarketer sucked 6 months ago, incredibly slow and overpriced. Also many of the important deliverability features like FBL processing were still in development...

Comment #4

^ lmao @ list 2009 we tried to demo their platform and they were like "we need references to make sure you're not a spammer"..

Comment #5

Agree that listmarketer is old tech and overpriced. Onpoint kicks ass for GI..

Comment #6

I have to say that Volo has to be the absolute worst mail platform I have ever seen in my entire life. I feel sorry for people that are on it, and the people who think thats all that is out there...

Comment #7

2k/mo for 4.2.

1k/mo if you previously purchased lifetime licenses..

Add'l 1k/mo for their smart proxy sw if you want to tunnel IPs thru it..

Anyone have any insight on GRE tunneling and how I could do thru volo with simply a router and not have to pay them for add'l support and sw...

Comment #8

Gd I think I should license my mailer out I'm getting built fucking shit these people charge a lot for what should be basic features..


Yes you can do it at your router or on the linux box it's selfYou'll then be able to use the remote ips as if they were local. Hope that helps...

Comment #9

What else is out there that you would recommend? PowerMTA or Robomail perhaps?..

Comment #10

PowerMTA is good but you are limited in total volume that can be pushed. Cheaper of the two pricing options has you capped around 100k/hr...

Comment #11

PowerMTA can send out millions per hour!!! What do you mean limited volume?..

Comment #12

PowerMTA has 2 levels of licenses. The first level "standard" is limited to roughly 100k an hour. The next level is limited to a couple million. PowerMTA is great and I"ve been using it for a while, but it needs some serious improvements to stay viable...

Comment #13

PowerMTA is a good engine, but doesn't come with a front end.

Volo is a good overall solution, I recommend it :-)..

Comment #14

Yes, PowerMTA and Robo. Grab a PowerMTA license hire a sufficient nerd to build your injector and front end (if you need it) and your off to the races. Volo is an absolute pile of crap, I wouldn't be as harsh with my wording if I didn't already know that they actually charge money to use that thing. I do not recommend it to anyone who wants to get serious in this business, for a small little targeted list that you fire off once a day to your whitelisted IP's maybe, but not for inboxing on the fly...

Comment #15

Just cuz Volo didn't work for you doesn't make it a pile of crap. Robo didn't work for me. Btw, Volo brought on a deilverability guru who will consult clients (for a fee). I don't see others doing that...

Comment #16

Yes, and I'm told there's more deliverability stuff on the way :-)..

Comment #17

To say volo is not ideal for the small list mailer is probably true, but to call it crap is just wrong...

Comment #18

Guys am I not entitled to my own opinion? I think volo is a pile of crap. Im sorry but I do. Its not that it didnt work out for me, I would never use it I the first place. I have a friend using it so I had the opportunity to take a peak at it and laughed my ass off. If any of you think Volo is good then you truly have no idea what functionality a good mailing platform should have...

Comment #19

I think their problem was you not really saying why you feel that way...

Comment #20

I believe that it limits the amount of concurrent threads based on the license data...

Comment #21

You're correct. standard is 200 enterprise is 1200. But it will max out at around 100k on standard and max out at a mil or two on the enterprise license...

Comment #22

Could you please mention some functionality that a good mailing platform should have that Volo doesn't have?..

Comment #23

PMTA Enterprise has no limits - for those saying so - quit guessing - it doesn't. There are no licensing restrictions - if you have volume issues - that's something YOUR doing wrong - if your a PMTA mailer and want me to evaluate 'why' - and fix that - hit me up - I charge insanely high rates.

While I actually never use or recommend Volo to new clients - it doesn't fit any niche - I coveroverkill/overpriced for small WH mailers, and overpriced/under-featured for large scale mailers, compared to alternatives - we use it regularly where it's installed, and 4.2 is cool - but some platforms are better than others, ie : If someone has a commerical platform better than Deliveryability Agent - I've yet to see it - and I've been in the game longer than most here guaranteed....

Comment #24

Andrew knows what he is talking about, and I would recommend you hit him up...

Comment #25

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