Any GoDaddy vouchers I can use for 2011?

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I got a quick question: Any GoDaddy vouchers I can use for 2011?.

I also got another question: It looks like they're launching a new website, so why would they place sponsored links on it?.

Besides, why does it matter to you?..

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Your question was: Any GoDaddy vouchers I can use for 2011?.

Theres one thread here and I dont remeber where, talking about these premium names that arent developed and r a great waste the one that most impresses me is -> I cant believe my eyes!!!..

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Those names as they r being (not) used r a great waste, but for me is #1..

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I wonder how many hits that GoDaddy site gets from curious domainers wondering why it's the #1 wasted name according to many domainers..

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Omg, just checked omg! omg! thats all I can say..

Comment #4 - All can say is WOW. I'm not one to usually judge as they can whatever they want with their assets, But I mean, that's like owning a 10 million dollar mansion and not even living in it for one day out of the year...

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Haha I just visited for the first time also. You weren't lying when you said waste of a premium! That's absolutely horrible. He could be making some pretty good money off that HostGator with some ads but instead wanted to put up a picture of his cat...and some 468x60's at the bottom..hah..

Besides..I wonder what the CTR is for those banners? lol..

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Syntheticrhyme is a big player in the HostGator business and runs a pro company. I wonder if Asianinvasion meant "why are you stating this" when he said "whats it to you". Its a parallel with the approach and the id, lol.

I too find topics like this very interesting. What do you think, the owner's don't know about parking, or so rich, they just do this for fun?..

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Then check the link in post #5 by Godian, you will enjoy it I think it is difficult to answer cuz it isnt only 1 HostGator in such situtation, but mostly the owners do that knowing what they r doing, I mean thy know about parking, putting adds and so on but why they do that can have many reasons (ie for fun, cuz they r rich, cuz they have other great names and use them properly, etc)..

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I may be totally wrong but I seem to remember a link to in your signature Reece, is it your HostGator ?


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Not my domain, but you're correct I did put it in my sig for a few days awhile back (amazing memory!) in an effort to raise awareness of undeveloped gems in the dotcom extension.

Edit: And I also seem to have a problem of my own with being too lazy to do anything with my names... Currently have about 300 names that just don't resolve, period. Too lazy to optimize keywords, can't be bothered to even change the nameservers.

At least is developed and resolves You have to admit, the cat is kinda cute..

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My memory is getting better when it comes to if only I could remember to put the trash out on every Tuesday night 300 ! Thats more than I own alltogether ! I'm curious (as usual) do you get quiet a few offers on the ones that are not parked, I often think that some end users may be put off making offers by the official looking "parking thing". Yeah, true - I have seen worse !.


For those of you that have deep pockets and can afford to make a tempting offer, here's a nice one that was due to drop in a few days, it has just been renewed but is not in use, the owner did'nt want to sell it but as you know - Money Talks !! eco.c*m.

Happy hunting !.


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I never had much luck at GoDaddy personally. I'm way, way too lazy to actually try and contact endusers to sell my names and most inquiries have actually come via whois queries. I'm not really a fan of selling my names (kind of like the owner there hehe) and for the most part will keep them even if they generate no revenue if I like the name, even if it doesn't have much potential...

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Thanks, So...putting it bluntly.... you just luv domains.


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I conclude that you have a thing for cats...especially lazy cats..

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