Any GoDaddy shopping codes for 2011?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Any GoDaddy shopping codes for 2011?.

My main question is: .

Hey All.

Im looking for an MTA to mail with. Im not a total Noob, I have some experience mailing and doing other affiliate marketing..

I have several quad cores with numerous IPs, along with a good data source. However I'm having trouble acquiring a good MTA on a low budget..

Any Suggestions?.

Im also open to a RevShare, if anyone is interested...

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Your question was: Any GoDaddy shopping codes for 2011?.

Let me know your revenue share numbers, and we can probably work our something with Deliverability Agent...

Comment #1

Here are details on our MTA dealio:.

We offer two price points:.

$200 Setup fee for both options.

$1,200/month for 254 IPs.

$1,000/month for 128 IPs.


- ADK Integrated.

- IP Tunneling.

- List manager that allows you to breakdown data based on domain (Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail).

- No installation of software required.

- Centralized Web-Based Login/Interface.

- Integrated Offer Creation/Reporting with DirectTrack, HitPath, LinkTrust, etc.

- Recommended Datacenters with plenty of Class C's.

- More features to come!..

Comment #2

Getting it setup, will have it ready shortly. PM me in the meantime..

Comment #3

Ok so I'm part owner of that company..

That's not even a competent platform..

Why in the world would you try and sucker people into using something unproven?..

Comment #4

Not trying to sucker people into using it, just letting people know it's available and a new platform..

Comment #5

Btw, spartamail is dead. this is a totally different platform with different partners backing it.....

Comment #6

It's my experience the best platforms are built by successful mailers. Built by people who truly understand mailing and the complex metrics behind successful delivery..

The other partners are failed mailers. When I started with them they were doing $78/month in revenue and had been for several months thinking that was ok. They had no revenue and couldn't pay any of the bills. They were happy using a sub-par mailing program which didn't even have proper reporting..

I came onboard and spent 6 weeks rebuilding everything. New platforms, new mailing strategies, etc. Even once I was able to get traction and revenue going it was unsustainable. Massive business errors and really poor management decisions outside of my influence and control..

In December against my recommendations they ditched a functional platform and went with an old version of Nexus, tried mailing again and did a whopping $25..

They "borrowed" the code for the mailer from someone else and re-wrote the interface. It's built upon someone else's failed platform. They wanted me to help develop the platform..

I don't know about you but I have a hard time believing in a platform which is developed by failed mailers and may or may not be "borrowed" from someone else..

What makes me credible in comparison? I'm immediately profitable mailing in my new operation and yes my new partner and I have our own homegrown MTA which is comparable to PMTA but customized for our own needs...

Comment #7

Not attacking you, you seem like a smart guy. Why would you partner with someone who was doing 78$ a month? Even a day for that matter?..

Comment #8

Sounds like you just jumped on this thread to stir things up and badmouth the MTA and partners behind it, so you can eventually pitch your own solution.

Maybe we will hook you up with a free license to convert you over from whatever mailer you have going on..

Comment #9

BTW, it's not hard to make money off the bat with a new mailing solution. We won the Adstation contest back in Aug in our first month mailing.....

Comment #10

No worries Johnysc..

I'd known one of the partners for several years. Used to buy data from him. Another very well respected and successful mailer referred me to the project and I admit, I took the friendship and didn't do my due diligence..

As soon as I discovered the issues I was upset but I admit I was drinking the kool-aid and overlooked a lot of things thinking in my own narcissism I could change it..

I was wrong..

These guys Troy and Jarred tried to blackmail me into signing the SpartaMail dissolution document by holding my data and scrub process hostage. Of course SpartaMail is now dead, they formed a new company because at my attorneys direction I refused to sign their document so I'm still a SpartaMail partner..

I'm already hearing stories about customer referrals being stolen from one person by another and people cut out of revenue. Seems par for the course..

I'll tell you all one thing. Maybe I'm wrong and if so I'll be man enough to admit it. I just don't want anyone else to fall into the trap and lose out...

Comment #11

Taking the high road, we made sure you did not get evicted, you have food, made sure your online, etc. We see how you pay the people back that take care of you. Not to mention that we kept the server up until you took your hard worked system off and our data is still with you that we are also ging you as a gift since your such a great partner. This thread hurts and Sparta is officially dead. NEVER thought you would do what you just did because of how we took care of you. Blows us away E...

Comment #12

My post was talking about "thisguyoverhere" which is no part of anything in the future..

Thisguyoverhere is just wrong in many ways, but we wish only the best becaue he does have a big heart when he's not pissed..

Comment #13

Well Troy,.

Let's be brutually honest..

It's because of the things that happened I even had money issues to begin with..

I can't be responsible for the fact you would not take my repeated advice and the lost opportunity dollars as well as lost revenue grew..

You chose to lock me out of my work server..

You chose to attempt to force me to give you my Intellectual Property..

You chose to attempt to force me to sign that horrible liability waiver/disolution document before I would be able to get my data and scrub databases back..

You put us all at risk because of contracted client data which may or may not have been poached..

When I contacted you about other people who contacted me because you'd taken money promised refunds and never followed through you got angry and blamed others even though I've got copies of emails where you personally promised refunds..

You attempted to personally capitalize on relationships I needed to try to support myself..

As soon as you knew I was making money again you then chose to ask me for money which you previously had said was mine..

As I've always stated although you gave me that last bit of data in an attempt to placate me as soon as the warehouse is back online you're welcome to your data..

Thank you for your post you absolutely validated my position...

Comment #14

Elby - I never locked you out of anything as you know and thats rediculous. You and I are done along with anything in the future - Good luck to you bro..

Comment #15

Locking thread. Sounds like you ladies have some issues you need to work out, and this isn't the place to do it...

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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