Any GoDaddy promotional codes for 2011?

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I got a quick question: Any GoDaddy promotional codes for 2011?.

I also got another question: Hi Domainers,.

I don't HostGator much anymore (having always lost money *.mobi*) but I do enjoy building websites, php scripting and the occasional (.com) HostGator name investment. I still read the board daily and take interest to what's new with Dot-Com. Now that the random 4 letter coms are about gone it seem's the next trend will be those better random 5 letter Dot-Coms. It's just darn tough to think-up those random letter combinations for availability and investment worthiness research.

To help both myself and others I have built a website offering Random HostGator Name Generation, Availability Checking and a Handy Google Search Link for the generated HostGator name. For now it's only the 5 letter names but soon I'll build a 6 letter engine.

Most everything you need to know is on the GoDaddy site and be sure to look at the footer for links to all the various name generators.



On the advice of Nicedomains, I have changed the website's HostGator name address. Please use this address for bookmarks and linking. Thanks!.



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Your question was: Any GoDaddy promotional codes for 2011?.

Hi Nicedomains,.

Sure, link away, that's what I built it for.


Hi Ssamriga and thanks!..

Comment #1


BTW, your generator told me that (ultimate random HostGator name generator) is available!..

Comment #2

I like it, It took all I had to break away from it, Just knowing the next search could be THE ONE.


Comment #3


I thought about buying but being so unpronoucable and hard to remember I'll pass. I like my HostGator and plan to use the website as an improved public "What's My ip Address?" checker with a few other cool tools like the Random HostGator Generator.


It's addictive! The prize HostGator is always one click away. I really like having the preloaded Google search link to see just what you've got. Sometimes the search results are surprising.


Thanks for the complement!.

To All,.

I have cleaned-up the pages and added many cool generators such as 6 letter names, L-L-L, LL-LL and 5 digit numbers. I'm done with the project for now and sincerely hope the tool will help everyone find that "one in a million" prize HostGator name or at least have fun looking for it...

Comment #4

Great tool, I've bookmarked it and will be using it heaps in the future. Congratulations! Just one slight issue I've noticed is that it does not want to work in FireFox. Seems to work fine in IE though. All the best with your site...

Comment #5

Congrats for the tool Don OKC!!!.

Rep added..

Comment #6

I must be doing something wrong here. I cannot seem to get the thing to work. I cannot type anything into the search box...

Comment #7

Next thing to do would be to add option to select several characters before generating, i.e e.g. words only starting with "A" and having "Y" as a 4th character.....

Comment #8

You don't. You simply press the 'Check Next Domain' button over and over again...

Comment #9


I really like it. It's simple to use and lots of fun. Way too addictive for my liking though.

I will provide you with a free link from the website in my signature. Repped you too.

Edit: Link added. I'm sure my visitors will love it.


Comment #10

If you search for premium in this tool you will see just a few available... that was my impression cuz I tried many times and I just found 43 premium if I consider the letter "u" I found more 62 available.

I tried at least 150 times to find available

I took 9 for me... I didnt have

Comment #11

Hi, AussieDomainer.

Thanks for pointing out the FireFox problem. I have never used a FireFox browser and don't know even where to start in diagnosing the problem so it might take a while to resolve the issue. Hi slugraduate,.

The text input is turned off so you can't type into the search box. Hi ssamriga,.

I want to put all kinds of custom user input variables into the system and I will once I've read into the advance chapter of PHP for Dummies. Hi WORDSWORTH,.

Oh man is it addictive! Once I started using the 6 letter CVCVCV (Premium) I could not stop because the incredibly pronounceable names were awesome. Hi bricio,.

The 6 letter CVCVCV & VCVCVC (Premium) are indeed HOT!.

Thanks All and for easier navigation to the Name Generator I have made a new landing page for your bookmarks and linking.


Comment #12

NICE !!.

Don_OKC - You're firefox problem is strange to me because the first time I used it I was using firefox internet browser and it was working fine... Now it is not working on ff? Well, I hope you get the ff issue fixed as lots of us use it since it is so much better than ie BTW I love your new page, can't wait to generate some llllll's..

Comment #13

Don, one other thing - As much as I don't like to meddle, I have to disagree. To me, urdng is more memorable than my-i-p. urdng could easily be remembered by "URDNG ~ Your (UR) HostGator Name Generator" as well as what it's acronym actually stands for. Domains with dashes are so much harder to remember (at least for me). Maybe at least it could be used in conjunction with your current one. I just wanted to give you my $.02 Thanks again for the tool....

Comment #14

Good Advice. Although I would get something even more generic than that...

Comment #15

Ok, it is done! In the spirit of 5 letter domaining the Ultimate Random HostGator Name Generator's new home is:

Please use the new address for all bookmarks and linking and the tool having it's own address makes things simpler for myself..



Comment #16

WooHoo, Good Luck I don't think you will regret your purchase...

Comment #17

Firefox has been fixed!.

Sorry for the inconvenience Jeffery, Shockt and all other Firefox users. I had one value wrong which worked in IE but not Firefox. ssamriga, I figured it out and you'll have many customizing options soon..



Comment #18

I like it.

Your Dung.

Pretty much says it all about these HostGator "names"...

Comment #19

Uh... haha?.

Very professional, you must think your domains are really hot dung ...

Oh well, everyone has an opinion..

Comment #20


I have edited my link to reflect your name change. The new name is much easier to remember.


Comment #21

One HostGator at a time. (My ideal is 20-30).

Doesn't filter out registered names.

These two aspects of it make the novelty wear off quickly for me...

Comment #22


Your right one at a time sucks. I reworked the script and now the generator will fetch 20 domains per click. I like seeing the taken names for analytical purposes so the taken stay but I will work on a available only option.

Thanks for your helpful comments.

Comment #23

Maybe a choice for 1 or 20 would be better. The 20 names can take a while to load.

Good luck with it..

Comment #24

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