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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Any GoDaddy promo codes available?.

My main question is: Hey guys,.

Im new to the forum, so please go easy if my question is a dumb one.

I am trying to aquire a domain, and it seems the seller is doing everything in their power to stop me having it, just for the sake of not letting me have it. I have contacted them, and from the reply it seems like it is a child who owns it. They are just using it for one of those advert sites for parking, and I really dont think they intend to do anything with it. However, he keep renewing it, and doesnt reply to my emails anymore, despite me offering a substantial price.

I would do anything to get my hands on it, so one thing I was thinking of doing was to get a copyright on the name. My friend told me that if the name in the HostGator is copyrighted, then I can take the HostGator from him for using a copyrighted name. He is right? If he is, is it a simple task of going to the GoDaddy site that sold the HostGator to him and basically saying hand it over, or would I then have to pay for legal fees for a lawyer to do all the work.

If anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated, and again, sorry if I'm misinformed!.


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Your question was: Any GoDaddy promo codes available?.

If I'm not mistaken, should the registration of HostGator name preclude application for TM, the registrant still has rights to the domain...

Comment #1

Wow, rofl.. You would attempt to steal some ones domain? Do you think like this all the time? You want his attention, check whois. Go to his house, with a briefcase full of money. That would change my mind real quick...

Comment #2

And the term for what you would like to attempt to do is reverse hijacking. Do a search on it to see what a big NO NO that is...

Comment #3

I think you may need a lawyer to handle the process for you, and like Fitz said, he may be precluded.

But, he keeps renewing it? you've been chasing it for years?..

Comment #4

If you love the name, maybe he does too.

So it's like owning the perfect piece of real estate. You may then say, "I like living here, I will never sell this place". Is it any different if a person decides they are not interested in selling a HostGator name?.

Although I would sell every name I own if a big enough price came in, I highly admire the person who does not want to sell this domain. He has something you cannot buy, even if you have the money.

Its called, HostGator envy...

Comment #5

Ok, I really dont have the money for a lawyer, but I do have enough money to offer him a decent price. Ive been after the HostGator for about 2 years, but when ever it gets near the expirary date, it is renewed again. He has his address as , and I dont think he checks this, as no matter how many times I email, no matter how much I offer, he doesnt reply. I did manage to get in contact with him on that address once, and he just wants to keep it as a parked domain.

I dont know why you guys areso against the idea, I would have thought you would hate the people out there who buy domains just to make them sit there as adverts.

So it's a 100% no? Is there nothing else I can do?..

Comment #6

Copyright wouldnt be enough, you would need a trademark and even this wouldnt help as the HostGator was already registered when you applied for the trademark.

Enter into negotiations and increase your offer until he accepts. Otherwise there is no need to pursue it...

Comment #7

I don't even think a HostGator name is something you can copyright. there pretty much isn't anything you can do if the owner is adamant about keeping the domain. i've also contacted people about buying their domains and sometimes they just don't want to sell (even when they just have some crappy GoDaddy site on it).

Just have to move on.....

Comment #8

Ok, well before I decide to move on, and forgetting reverse hijacking, is there anything else I can do? I have already backordered it. Is there a way I can find out more information other than the basic information found in WHOIS? Do those services help on sites like godaddy where they try and negotiate with the seller do a lot of good, or are they just a waste of money?..

Comment #9

You should learn a bit more about internet and business.


- You mean if there are just adverts there is no use ? .

-> have you checked his FTP service ? or other ports/services ?


- You dont have money for lawyer but you gave him good offer ?

Have you offered him 1000$ for ?


Comment #10

Lol, yes, we all hate people who just have their domains make them revenue...

As pointed above what you were planning is not gonna work.

You could use godaddys or any other service for trying to obtain the domain, but it will cost more and there is no guarantee that owner will change his mind.....

Comment #11

I guess I sit at the other side of the fence, I buy domains to develop websites, I dont buy them to sit there and make a couple of $'s a week. Hence why it is frustrating when a good HostGator is taken so it can do just that.

I will try and get in contact again I guess, failing that, just give up...

Comment #12

Yeah, but I hate that some people have Ferrari and drive them just once a week. I would drive him min. 3 times a week. I gave him offer to buy it for 500$ but they dont want to talk with me..

Comment #13

Sure, there's the door, shut it behind you on the way out ..

Not many thing's I can't stand but spoiled children with a 'he's got it ~ I want it' attitude like you are definitely near the top of the list...

Comment #14


You funny, lol.

Well said though. Maybe give Ferrari to me. I would drive it everyday.

Maybe spadez8 has a house. I have better use for his house, how can I get his house?.

He is only renting his house, I would live in it, so I make better use of it, so I should get it, yes? Ha ha...

Comment #15

I guess my comment about you spending hours buying domains to make a couple of $'s offended you, maybe if you had the skills to make decent websites (which is what domains are for, if you didnt know) rather than just turn them into a page full of adverts, you would make more money.

So, one by one before I leave. Hmm thats nice gramps. Get used to it, ill probably be paying your bills in a couple of years. Thanks for blessing this forum with your useful comments. Maybe if your english wasnt so shit I would understand what you said...

Comment #16

Mulligan makes a good point because your first post does make you sound like you're basically trying to steal something that does not belong to you, and that you somehow have the birthright to this domain.

Also, watch your language...

Comment #17

Shame on you spadez8.Thats all I have to say about that...

Comment #18

You are not going to understand because you assume HostGator names are only for creating websites, lol.

A HostGator name is nothing until the person who out of thin air thinks it up. Or has the foresight to register it after they notice it to be available. To think a name has to become a website shows you do not know what a HostGator is.

A HostGator name is just that, a name.

Some names will make more money developed, some will make more money by simply parking them. If you want to develope it go for it, many do here. Why develop it though if you can make more money by just parking it?.

What is grossly wrong though is your thinking that names have to be developed or they somehow should be taken over by a person like yourself that knows how to make a website.

Save it. We do not buy it. Maybe your web friends will listen to such nonsense.

Webmasters or parking pros have the same clout around here.

Yes, the parasites are trying get in on the HostGator business. You are not the first to try to get what others have earned. The HostGator industry is pulling together now to fight off such parasitic actions by those who want to take control of domains owned by hard working HostGator people.

You said to go easy on you if you asked a stupid question.

Many have given you an answer to your question. Do you understand why we say these things?. We think your wanting to take someone elses HostGator simply because you know how to develope it ( whoop de do) is an attack on our names too. If you get away with it your kind will come in droves.

Pretty sure my english is not why you do not understand the concept of ownership rights.

Maybe you should reflect on your comments here as to what ignorance is...

Comment #19

If the HostGator is a great as you say it is, it could be making hundreds of dollars a day in parking revenue.

What is the HostGator and we can tell you what we think it's worth.

Or perhaps the owner simply got annoyed by your frequent emails and has blacklisted you. Whois should have a valid phone number, try calling him to talk to him about selling it...

Comment #20

Well, they are (a lol back to you), do you not understand that. Even a page full of adverts, or a parked site, is a website. Im just saying by creating something that will drive people to your GoDaddy site combined with adsense etc will almost definatly give you more income, compared with a website that a small number of people accidently visit.

I agree reverse hijacking is the wrong way to go about getting a domain, and I didnt mean to come off as a spoilt brat (even though, I admit I am ), but at the same time it is annoying when there are people out there who are trying to develop websites that would directly benefit consumers, and instead they are having to use a terrible HostGator name because some 4 year old has brought it and has it set to auto renew, which is basically what has happened with my domain. To be quite honest, if the web industry should be doing anything, it should be disallowing these advert sites, that you defend so strongly. They are a giganitic waste of space, and a terrible source of income, for lazy people who want easy money whilst doing no work. When people browse the web, the last thing they want to see is an advert site, they accidently go on it, realise they have made a mistake, and find a website that actually has some content, so do you actually find your job furfilling.

Domains should be reserved for people who are actually going to put something useful on their site, not for people who want to shove a load of adverts in to make a quick buck. Hardworking? I dont think so. Hardwork is working 10 hour days in a factory, hard work is not sitting at a computer for 5 mins a day, sticking on a prescripped peice of crap called an advert site, that nobody in the world wants to see...

Comment #21

Firstly, as others have pointed out, a HostGator can't be copyrighted, but can certainly be trademarked...

However, that's likely NOT going to help you in this situation - if anything, you could possibly find yourself being sued by the current owner for "reverse hijacking".

How much have you offered? $100, $1000, $10000, ???.

In the current HostGator market, for a very unmotivated seller, such as the person you're dealing with ... it's likely going to take about $5K or so to get their attention and get the deal done.

Without knowing the exact name, it's difficult to peg a fair price ... but if you're offering only a few hundred dollars, it wouldn't be surprising to get the cold shoulder by the current owner.

With all that said, there is a shortcut you could try to acquire the HostGator quickly and potently for much less...

Here's how, assuming the whois information appears obviously bogus, such as a fake phone number, bad postal address, etc...

1. Visit and file a Whois Data Problem Report ...

2. Contact the current registrar and see if you can negotiate a deal to buy it, if the current owner doesn't respond to the WDPR.

Assuming it's filed in good faith (ie. obviously fake whois info), WDPR is a totally legit way to obtain domains quickly and often for less, especially if one can convince the registrar to sell direct, which some will.

For the record, I've never filed a WDPR, but mention the method because I personally detest fake whois info, and secondly to spread the word to other domainers about the WDPR security loophole that allows one to bypass "locks", drops, etc to obtain other people's domains quickly, and often totally legally.


Comment #22

Hi Domagon,.

Thank you for the help. It is a 5 letter .com domain, which isnt actually a word (in the dictonary anyway), and I started by offering $600, then went up to $1200, and since then havent been able to get in contact. I think the WHOIS data is wrong, because it's a South Africa address with a Canadian phone number. I will try contacting godaddy to see if I can get more info. Thanks again for your help...

Comment #23

Apart that this doesnt necessarily mean the information is wrong, do you honestly think this is ethical?..

Comment #24

I didnt say I was going to file a report, I just said I was going to talk to godaddy and see if I can get some correct contact information...

Comment #25

Sure, but I think they wont have more than there is already in the whois, but it's worth a try.

Anyhow, did you already try to call the mentioned number or send a letter to the given address?..

Comment #26

I'm not one to join a lynch mob,but your suggesting for everyone who owns land build a house and if they fail to do so,confiscate it.Some may use land for animals to graze...

Comment #27

I did try to call the number, I says it's a wrong number, but from the code ive been told it's in Canada. The address is in south africa so I havent sent a letter there (i guess I could do, but id rather get in contact by other means). Ive tried emailing them and there is no reply on that either. :s..

Comment #28

$1,200 is not going to cut it for a good URL from non-motivated seller nowadays. Someone already gave you a good suggestion - show up with a suitcase full of cash. That's your best bet...

Comment #29

Have you even tried domaining? do you really find it that easy to be successful? are you aware of all the research involved? etc etc?..

Comment #30

Tell that to The man who owns the Internet.

Kevin Ham..

Comment #31

Great idea... ask people for help and advice and then treat them like CRAP.

Warning en-route, change your attitude or take a nice vacation. The choice is yours.

Thread closed,.


Comment #32

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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