Any Godaddy promo codes available for Canada?

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My question is: Any Godaddy promo codes available for Canada?.

My 2nd question is: Hi,.

I currently own the .net and .com HostGator names of a yet to be released XBOX 360 game. The developer of the game has shown interest in buying it.

At this point I'm not sure how to get the most out of my HostGator name. I've contacted a broker and he told me that I had to sign up to his website for a fee. Seems like he is just trying to make money from me and doesn't really care.

The way I see it this HostGator name is worth at least $25,000. Most other XBOX 360 games are worth over $50,000 after launch of the game).

If anyone can help or direct me to a company who can help me sell the HostGator let me know...

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Your question was: Any Godaddy promo codes available for Canada?.

Well I've owned the two HostGator names for about 2 years. Recently the developers changed the name of their game to the name of my domain. It was my intention to create a small web browser game with the same name and that is why I purchased the domains in the first place. I did have a few small websites up on them last year but I took them down and parked it.

Needless to say I was rather shocked to learn that they changed the name of their game and never even tried to aquire the HostGator names.

I contacted them because I thought they might be interested. They couldn't contact me because I had HostGator name privacy enabled. After two emails the developer gave me a low offer and that is where it stayed. At this point I thought it would be best to find a good HostGator name broker...

Comment #1

Be cautious, especially when their game goes live. if your name is developed or parked in the video game category, then they can claim you are squatting. offering the name to them will also be used against you...

Comment #2

If they are showing serious interest I would not have them parked if I were you. If they do send you a C&D letter, parking the domains would hurt you.

IMO, I would take their offers with a grain of salt and develop a site on the domains. Something simple and easy to make. If they get really serious after you have put up a site, then I would go in to negotiations with them. At this point you have the upper hand and they only have one option and that is to buy. Don't rush this though let the sites become actual sites and not just place holders. Also don't make them into a fan site or anything related to the game.

Arcade maybe?..

Comment #3

I second Ross. Stop parking the name and dev it probably. If you're planning to throw on Adsense be sure to monitor the ads and block any video game advertisers. Good luck...

Comment #4

I would be wary if I were you. these type of domains discourages domainers to buy into it and the company will be hot on your trail if you pursue development, the most practical way for you to do is drop it like it's hot, don't host or park...

Comment #5

If he were to dev it up in a totally different niche than the game is in it would actually give him a stronger footing in the legal department and when selling. Developing it would prove that you had intentions of making it in to a site and not parking or just not letting it resolve. Of course I'm not a lawyer and my legal advice is to be taken with a grain of salt. This is just a personal Opinion ...

Comment #6

Yes we're both entitled to our opinions as this is posted in this forum and not in the legal but I advise the op if he's serious about it, then he can post on the legal forum about this and get some law-based replies from law members here...

Comment #7

1) it's not a good sign that you contacted them instead of the other way around..

2) they could've contacted you anyway despite having privacy enabled.

I would be careful with countering with too high an amount. i'm sure that these people are at least somewhat familiar with tm's and such...

Comment #8

Odd that you say that. I was told by one company that it was good for me to have it parked and thats why I did it that way.

If it wasn't parked I could get into more trouble.

The problem now is that I can't make the website I wanted to...

Comment #9

In my opinion, considering that you have owned the two domains for around two years, it shouldn't matter whether they are parked or dev'd as long as you don't try to impersonate the developer. However, I'm somewhat new to the domaining so this is simply my opinion. However, if I found myself in the same predicament I would definitely get legal advise from a qualified attorney and also post these questions on the legal board...

Comment #10

Actually quite the opposite, check this case out. Here you go ! Look at the Nisian battle or the proposal by In both cases the domains in question were developed and operated in a niche completely different than the proposing company. So in return the companies that want the name have no choice but to buy the HostGator names. Now if these names were parked the proposed companies would have the right to the names because of right and TM rights.

Yes this thread should be put in the legal board or get back on topic !..

Comment #11

Disclaimer: I'm not saying this is the same story or that you're a HostGator squatter, but might be something you can take advice from.

Here is an interestingly similar story I've read about recently of a squatter who heard that id Software was making a free online game "quake zero." This game is based after quake 3 arena and the squatter snatched up the .com, .net, and .org. They announced the game at last years Quakecon and quickly noticed the domains were taken shortly thereafter. This individual contacted id and offered them the chance to buyout all three domains. The funny thing is id just announced that they are changing the name. Now the name of the game is Quake Live and id Software owns, .net, and .org. I guess the squatter got screwed in the end which is nice to see, I hate when things like this give us a bad name.

Heres the original article:

Its good that you owned the domains 2 years before they changed the name. Just be careful as previously stated for bad faith. Good luck with the deal though ...

Comment #12

Start developing now would be too late since you already.

Sent them email seeking offer.

You do NOT send email unless you don't care.

Whether they take the HostGator from you or not.

Parking will work against you..

Remove from parking.

I think these are things you should of done instead..

Never send them ANY email..

Create simplest site..

Remove privacy to make them easy to find you when they are ready to buy..

Never say how much first even when they send you email..

Let them give you offe first...

Comment #13

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