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My 2nd question is: ICANN Opens Comment Forum on .COOP and .MOBI.

Proposed Contract Changes to Allocate Single-Character Names.

28 July 2008

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Your question was: Any Godaddy promo code for info?.

Ummm ... you really should have stated 'questions and concerns constantly, provokingly and irritatingly raised by me'..

Comment #1

^ Untrue ... please check the volumes of threads and the historical record, friend! I do, however, realize that these unanswered questions and concerns may seem "threatening" or "irritating" to those with an one-sided and self-serving .MOBI Agenda, IMHO.

Thanks for the assist..


Comment #2

Do you have shortcut keys programmed on your keyboard for these posts?.

Some kind of template involved?..

Comment #3

I think he has them all prelaid out, and he just copies and pastes them. They all say the same thing over and over. Two years striaight of the exact same thing. And if you look thru all threads, it's just a 'chorus of one' that is still demanding answers from people who can't answer them. Weird. And even if they were answered, he still won't support it, so why does he keep asking them? No one else is.

Wait...for it....

Thanks for understanding...

Comment #4

^ Standard distraction and subterfuge aside ... and now getting back on topic ... if you believe that mTLD should be granted an proposed allocation of single-character HostGator names, please specify your thoughts, comments, and parameters, etc. - Pro or Con - here in this space! I maintain that mTLD has not demonstrated a necessary level of maturity, openess, or professional business standards to move forward with such a proposal, IMHO. Furthermore, I believe it will only serve to create even more GREED MONEY for mTLD ... at the expense of the aforementioned critical developed "ecosystem"!.

Thank you for staying on topic and for your comments, folks!.


Comment #5

Ok mr. critique, the floor is now yours -.

Since you seem to be the expert on registries, how they run and operate, and their proven 'professionalism', perhaps you can tell us which is the better run registry out there, why they are better than mtld, or any other registry, and then, and most importantly, explain how they are not just selling (still) 'greed money' registrations at this point of the game.

Time to show us your hand, and what you are comparing things to!! ..omg, I forgot -.

Thanks For Understanding!!..

Comment #6

One need not look any further than mTLD's documented and thoroughly discussed broken promises and inactions to date, IMHO.

Back on topic, given what you know now TWO YEARS later ... would you support - without any restrictions or specific accountable parameters - the granting of an proposed allocation of single-character HostGator names to mTLD? Please provide PROOF that it's not just all about even more GREED MONEY !.

Thanks for the assist..


Comment #7

Figures you have no answer!! Just make the accusations, and tell someone else to prove it false!!! You just showed your true 'hand'**!! Just fluff!! False statements just to keep the flames going! A true joke! and no jeffie,... YOU prove it is! 'You' are making the accusations, no one else!!.

(**also interpreted as one's self being.).

Thanks for understanding!..

Comment #8

The burden of proof is on you, Jeff.

I cant take you to court and tell you to prove you did not just murder my cats sisters' grandma...

Comment #9

The proof is in the pudding, IMHO.


Please provide specific examples of previously premium-auctioned (ie., with mandated development and coding requirements!) HostGator names ... that are now presently developed as fully stand-alone websites with unique and compelling content that are code compliant for use by those that are "on the go" (and being promoted as such)! IYHO's.

What will prevent mTLD from further auctioning possible future single-character HostGator names ... rather than ensuring and enforcing their development and promotion via the RFP allocation process? mTLD has abandoned the RFP process in the past ... who will prevent them from doing same again? PS. Where, exactly, did those auction proceeds go??.

Thanks for any insight..


Comment #10

Good come back!! And what does any of this have to do with the progress or viability of the extension???? So what, they changed course. According to your twisted logic, any company that changes their business mission or course of action...that they are to be considered greedy, corrupt, a failure, and disfunctional! The number of companies out there that fall into your "reason for disdain", happen to be more than you seem aware of.

Just 'fluff' for flame baiting.

And still waiting for your answer to this - ..and don't forget the 'Proof of Greed' you consistantly and readily make accusations of!!.

Come on now jeffie, show us some solid actual proof of all your accusations...

Comment #11

Exactly, with his logic Ford should still be selling the T, movies would still be silent and Apple shouldn't have entered into the mobile world.

Things change, approaches change, gameplans change. if something doesn't work or you know of a better way to achieve something, you better make some changes. as the saying goes "change is inevitable, except from a vending machine"..

Comment #12

I think single character .mobi will be bad for the extension. The extension needs a bit more time to mature. The mtld's proposal states that they will use an RFP process for the allocation of these names. However, mtld's previous RFP effort was poorly executed to say the least. In fact, I would argue the modest successes .mobi have garnered have simply arisen from the assumption that the mobile Internet is and will be a big deal; .mobi gets chosen because it's one of the most obvious ways to engage the emerging market. Thus, I'll argue that the adoption of .mobi by some fairly solid players (like Bank of America and Foxnews), has nothing to do with any efforts by the mtld, but rather just mobile internet enthusiasm from those businesses.

Another way to state this is that I believe that .mobi can be successful, but it will not be because of mtld (I believe the successes so far are largely in spite of mtld). Mtld actions have been counterproductive to development of the namespace (not enforcing the mobile standards, lack of communication about previous rfp process, and the screwed up Sedo auction come to mind), and they should not be given any more flexibility (or highly lucrative financial opportunities) with respect to their extension until they show they know how to manage what they already have...

Comment #13

What is there to even comment on? Let mTLD horde or auction off the single letter domains just like every other decent .MOBI. I don't see any valid reason for making a distinction here between single letters and premium terms...

Comment #14


... and - literally - DOZENS of other previously auctioned (that should have been RFP'd!) premium HostGator names whose development requirements and coding compliance mandates are not being enforced! These are the indisputable FACTS.


Comment #15

The single character names will NOT be auctioned off and mtld will not make a dime from there dispersal. Applications will be submitted and the best laid plans will gain control of the names absolutely free!..

Comment #16

And jeffie, that proves nothing!! Nothing to back up your 'GREEDY' accusations! Nothing to back up your 'It's a failure' accusations. Nothing to back up any of your 'negative reratements' of the extension! That simply proves nothing!! Like your still 'lacking ability' (or intential avoidence) to provide any actual proofs to the questions asked of you before, (which you have convienently changed the topics on, to avoid them), so you can hide the fact that you have no proof, just a lot of accusationary fluff!!.

And now, everyone is starting to see it for themselves, what it is - accusations, but no proof to them!!.

Thanks for Understanding!..

Comment #17

Well, first, the previous rfp's had a 500 euro nonrefundable application fee. So 500 euros times the number of applicants (assuming they keep the same payment scheme and I doubt they will they'll increase it). What became of the previous rfp? I think they approved one. I wonder how many application fees they took with little to no response?.

Also, per the previous mtld rfp contact, a vague section is entitled "initial award fee". Hmmm. It's a veiled money grab. Very little doubt...

Comment #18

36 characters at $500 each is hardly a money grab. Application fees are one thing but an auction will not take place. If it were about money the names would certainly be auctioned off but that's not the case!..

Comment #19

Payment is an unclear proposition in their proposal (and in their example rfp contracts) and mtld does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. I am very much for the success of the extension, and think that given the current trackrecord of the extension, the best of the breed rfp applications for single character .mobis will still be quite poor. It's not time yet for single character .mobi. Mtld should use their RFP process for some of their premiums to show they know how to make the process work...

Comment #20

You will be amazed at how many trademark applications with single letters as their logos will suddenly appear - a minimum of 36 X other factors.

For the record , I sold off all my .mobi cheaply, dropped quite a few and kept 6...

Comment #21

Hawk, Jeff's just upset about this because he can no longer claim mTLD has abandoned the RFP...

Comment #22

Agree for the most part.. single letters are more rare tho so it's an interesting situation. but, psssst.... I secretly dont care... I'm in this .mobi thing for me. always have been...

Comment #23

This .Mobi debate is starting to get a little old.

I mean at the end of the day... It's the market that will decide the future of .Mobi NOT the opinions of the domainers. In all honesty, has any TLD become an instant success in the first 2 years of it's existence?.

If this forum had been around back in 1985 I bet that the majority of us would have been very skeptic of the new .COM TLD! Two years later in 1987 there would still be very few domains registered and very few developed websites. The amount of advertisements for .com would be ZERO, the amount of .com sales in the second-hand market would be a fat ZERO!.

Obviously this example is unfair for todays reality, but still if anybody back in 1987 or even 1993 would have told you that regging generic one word .com or hundreds of LLL.coms would have made you a millionaire 10 years later you would think he/she was crazy!.

But low and behold... 10 years later .com became a legendary success! Given another 10 years or so the same will be true for almost any new TLD...

After the initial TLDs we saw the birth of .info & .biz then in 2006 came .eu & .mobi and 2008 saw the birth of .asia .pro .tel.

How successful will these TLDs become? Nobody really knows for sure. Almost everybody agrees that .eu is a flop today, but wait 5-10 years and .eu will graduate to a respected TLD that people and business will adopt and love.

What about .Mobi?.

It could become the future default standard for mobile devices or it might not. These things take time and domains should always be treated as long term investments, this is even truer when buying new untested TLDs like .mobi and .asia.

Diversify! Dont put all your eggs in the same basket.

I own about 100+ .eu and 100+ .mobi I have also bought 300+ .asia in landrush auctions. Do I know for a fact that these TLDs will become a hit? No... Do I hope these TLDs will become successful? You Bet! But I see no point in bashing or over hyping any of these extensions.

So why all this petty .mobi bashing? The future will prove who is right, and somebody will have a big "I told you so" moment.


I have seen your anti .mobi rants for quite some time and have never bothered responding as I think these anti .whatever flame wars is a waste of time.

However you seem to be very positive toward the new .Tel TLD. Which is totally ok, I respect you view although I may not agree with it. I will not invest in .Tel, not with the understanding I have today. This could of course change in the future but my opinion is that .Tel is a very high risk investment as it stands today. But this is just my opinion, I might be wrong and you will prove to be right and you might make tons of money on your .Tel investment. That's great I will congratulate you and regret that I did not invest when I had the chance. This is life.

But I will NOT attack you for your belief in .Tel nor will I post anti .Tel comments in every .Tel discussion. Why should i? After all it's you money and if your research tells you that .Tel is the best thing since .com then go for it! Don't listen to my negative comments!.

I always welcome an open minded, intelligent and civilized debate where we can share our views and if we cant reach an agreement we can at least agree that we dont agree.

In the final analysis... We are all HostGator investors, and investment is by definition a risk!.

You always risk losing... It's the risk/reward ratio that determines what you do. But no matter what you do, you risk losing. Anyone who takes an initiative or pursues an opportunity is taking some sort of risk. It is said that some of the entrepreneurial spirit of America is due to the fact that every emigrant who left Europe was sufficiently a risk taker to leave Europe and set off for the unknown. The security minded genes stayed at home.

That America went to the Moon in 1969 and NOT Europe.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sometimes in order to achieve something... a man or woman must "Live at risk" that is, to go beyond, taking a stand out beyond that which I could justify, explain, or for which I had a strategy or prescription. Courage, bravery, risk-taking are all ingredients of success inasmuch as the successful person wants to make something happen. Often something new!.

Peace Love and Understanding.


"If you're not making mistakes, you're not taking risks, and that means you're not going anywhere. The key is to make mistakes faster than the competition, so you have more changes to learn and win.

John W. Holt, Jr.

You'll always miss 100% of the shots you don't take. ~Wayne Gretzky.

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. ~Robert F. Kennedy..

Comment #24

Now thats what I'm talking about.

Forums need more people like Peter here... great post!..

Comment #25

Clearly now everyone can see the FACTS for themselves ... by simply visiting the previously noted and abandoned RFP How much greed money did mTLD make in that auction!?!.

Can mTLD be trusted ... given what happened with IYHO's. Tick. Tock.


Comment #26

Jeff is right .mobi cannot be trusted the extension is not trusted. It a just a useless extension designed purely to make cash out of domainers...

Comment #27

Yes. Mtld is attempting to do something that has never been done before. By this I mean implementing standards of which mobi needs to conform to.

Taking on a task this large will naturally produce problems. Just because these "problems" are not fixed according to your time table Jeff, does not mean that mtld abandoned the RFP process! Can you say with a 100% gaurantee that you know mtld is not working on these issues as we speak?..

Comment #28

"Problems" is an understatement, IMHO ... and the mandated SIX MONTHS development and coding compliancy requirements are not my time table, friend (that time table was specifically and contractually prescribed by mTLD)! This is another FACT.

Again, can mTLD be trusted ... given these myriad of problems and lingering questions and concerns, and given what happened with (and, literally, dozens of other previously auctioned domains names)?? IYHO's.


Comment #29

Sure there was an initial time table. However, an undertaking of this nature can produce unforeseen issues. It takes time to work out the kinks in new ventures like this.

Again, how do you know mtld is not currently working to fix the problem? Just asking because I don't have any insider info and maybe you do.

What is on the surface, in most cases, is not what lies beneath!..

Comment #30

Just more of your 'fluff' accusations. And STILL NO RESPONSE from you to provide 'actual proof' to you your 'false fluff accusations'!!! Of course it is easier to spread lies and false statements than having to prove them, as you so well show!! I guess the 'tick tock' is really for you and your senseless and baseless false accusations! If you can't prove them, why should anyone still listen to them! HA!! and if one knows about 'useless' cash grabbing, it's those in 'sub domaining'! you ever see him discussing making profits on domains. NO. He just critiques extensions, and those that invest in them.

....forgot again...

Thanks For Understanding!..

Comment #31

Sometimes those who critique or knock down extensions are the.

Same people loading up behind the scenes..

Comment #32

Who said anything ... about an "initial" time table?!? More excuses for a failed extension and registry, IMHO. What happened to and the other dozens of previously auctioned (including those that were abandoned in the RFP process) "dot Mobey" HostGator names, as has been stated repeatedly and that you choose to conveniently continue to ignore, is FACT! R.I.P.


Comment #33

Yea, and personally.. I'm domaining to fulfill some community service hours.

But even after thats all done... I do it "for the environment.".

Havnt any of you ever heard the saying "every time you make a profit with domains, God kills a kitten" ?

Comment #34

Don't know, why not ask mtld or the owners. Still, this does not answer or offer any proof to your false accusations. Obviously because you don't have any proof to show, just the same ole RFP crapola whining, which does nothing to prove your false accusations and untruths you spread here, but refuse to substantiate! HAHAHAHA got nothing do you?!!!!?.

Well you keep spreading lies and untruths, because it's becoming more and more obvious to all here, that is all you are doing!! No proof, just lies!!!! Keep showing everyone here your true self!.

Wait... I hear your song - "Lies, lies,!!".

Wait for it.....

Thanks For Understanding!..

Comment #35

How does this relate to the fact of mTLD abandoning the RFP process for GREED MONEY ... and then not enforcing the mandated development and coding compliance requirements? Please note what happened to former RFP!.

IYHO. Please be kind and professional ... the RFP process should be the foundation for any possible future allocation of single-character HostGator names, IMHO. That fact that mTLD dropped the ball on this process once already - and has failed to timely enforce the develoment mandates for those domains that were instead auctioned for profit - should be a RED FLAG factor for consideration in the context of this topic for current discussion, in my judgement. Please stay on topic!.

Which facts are you disputing ... and when did mTLD state it was an "initial" time table?.


Comment #36

You know...initial. As in, sh*t happens.

Now you say failed. Is this in terms of your aftermarket mobi sales? If so I completely understand where you're coming from..

Comment #37

Ok, you may have forgot (convienently) the subject at hand, so we'll 'again' print it - Since you seem to be the expert on registries, how they run and operate, and their proven 'professionalism', perhaps you can tell us which is the better run registry out there, why they are better than mtld, or any other registry, and then, and most importantly, explain how they are not just selling (still) 'greed money' registrations at this point of the game.

Time to show us your hand, and what you are comparing things to!.

And since all you do is gripe about the RFP as if that is the only thing that matters, are you saying if they do enforce it, then you'll support it from then on??..

Comment #38

I don't understand what you're saying ... this is the very first I have heard of any "initial" time table, IMHO. Again, it certainly sounds a lot like the excuses we've seen in the past with regard to mTLD! I profited from my three "dot Mobey" sales ... but I know for a FACT that many, many have lost their shirts with "dot Mobey" registrations and renewals (especially during the time that it was being hyped on the various forums)! I humbly state that mTLD and the "dot Mobey" has indeed failed, in part, because they abandoned the RFP process (again, please note what happened with!) and failed to timely enforce the development and coding compliance mandates!.

Just my two sense. In the context of THIS TOPIC, the RFP process should be a critical consideration ... and mTLD's track record in this regard is - literally - not worth the paper it was written on (and subsequently removed from their website), IMHO. It's not the only thing that matters, of course ... but it has caused irreparable harm to the credibility of mTLD!.


Comment #39

So people lost their shirts with .mobi speculation..

Wow, big huge surprise.... I didnt see that one coming in 2006.

I could probably pull up a post of mine from 2006 saying this would happen.... it's just common sense, my good sir...

Comment #40

Whatever jeffie! You argue 'one point' that means squat overall, and consistantly refuse to answer others questions to your points, and keep squawking the same ole tired accusations and false hoods. All lies, false statements, misleading statements, and a constant refusal to answer others questions, while accusing others of not answering your nonsensical questions. Sad little life some lead out there.

This place is so much more peaceful and cohesive whey you're not around.

Wait for it.....

Comment #41

If it is germaine to the current TOPIC AT HAND ... please quote your post(s) here in this space for additional friendly discussion, IMHO.

Thanks for staying on topic, friend. I think most fine folks - if they can successfully wade through the enthusiasts' constant hype, distractions and subterfuge - prefer the necessary balance, humbly ... but, again, which facts are you disputing ... and when did mTLD state it was an "initial" time table?.


Comment #42

Actually, I lied. all I have is a Kenny Rogers video which is extremely pertinent to the .mobi renewal thing:

I didnt really know anyone was going to lose with .mobi speculation back in September 2006.... I genuinely thought we were all going to be rich by now. Even the guys that registered crappy names, I figured they'd at least make 1 measly million...

Comment #43

Well that itself explains a lot!.

Still, no answers to presented questions, just more redirection retorts. (guess there's no answers for lies and false accusations is there.)..

Comment #44

Here you go - These are my own .mobi sites:

...They are....Premium-auctioned (ie., Oct 2007 - with mandated development and coding requirements!) HostGator names ... that are now presently developed as fully stand-alone websites that are code compliant (they both score 5/5 code compliance at for use by those that are "on the go" (and being promoted as such)...

"The proof is in the pudding, IMHO", as you say, Jeff.


Comment #45

^ One by one ... you're adding to the CRITICAL stand-alone developed "ecosystem", congrats DT! I wish more "enthusiasts" would voluntarily develop, and also that mTLD would enforce their development, as has been mandated! Again, specifically ... which facts are you disputing?.


Comment #46

Why though?.

.mobi ("dot Mobey") is a branding nightmare... anyone who develops on .mobi is wasting their time... dont you agree?..

Comment #47

There are always exceptions to every rule ... we've seen isolated examples of success with such obscure, albeit short, extensions as .SC (, for instance) being uniquely and compellingly developed that have stood out, IMHO.

But I definitely concur that the long, two-syllabled, even more obscure, and confusingly - ie., a branding nightmare! - unprofessional "dot Mobey" is a MAJOR LEAGUE hurdle to try to overcome (especially when considering it's registry is not enforcing the development mandates of other previously auctioned domains or substantially promoting the extension to the masses!), as well!.

Just my two sense..


Comment #48

Again, redirection to avoid having to prove your false accusations and misleading lies. Sad.

Well one thing is a fact.. More people have left this forum due to you and your redundant (sanctioned?) negativity, than for any other reason. And undisputable!.


Thanks for understanding!..

Comment #49

I've been professionally sharing my OPINIONS in a HostGator name discussion thread - this is what we do on HostGator name forums - and stating FACTS as appropriate (for example, mTLD not timely enforcing the development (and coding) requirements mandate for previously auctioned HostGator names (and I specifically used the instance of "" here in this thread), and mTLD abandoning the RFP process (again, using the "" instance), and the indisputable FACT that 1,000's and 1,000's of "reserved" domains still languish undeveloped at mTLD, IMHO.

All of these opinions - and referenced FACTS - are germaine to the topic at hand! One more time, friend ... which facts are you disputing?.

Thanks for understanding..


Comment #50

Could ALL of you JackAsses go somewhere else to argue ? And I do mean ALL !..

Comment #51

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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