Any GoDaddy promo code for 2011?

Get GoDaddy web hosting for just $1.99. Click here to use coupon...

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My question is: Any GoDaddy promo code for 2011?.

My 2nd question is: XXX WARNINGXXX.




I think the net sold recent at auction for over $1,000 and is reg to Frank Schilling (I think) or his business name. This org name was dropped after 6 years according HostGator tools. Since I run with great serp's this can make a good addition. I find it boring though...

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Your question was: Any GoDaddy promo code for 2011?.

In a related move, I registered Conventional Heating .com.

It's got over 100,000 Google results for the exact keywords and seems well suited for a heating site. Now for development.....

Comment #1

Nice name, lots of ways it can go.

Also another addition:

Comment #2

Took advantage of the .99 infos at Godaddy and picked up

Comment #3


Netbooks are going to be huge and there will be huge emphisis on security..

Comment #4

Just Regged

I am currently in Asia, and while watching tv I noticed a station called Channel J. I bulked checked availabilty on channela- channelz focusing on .tv and .com and only was available.

PS: is the only dot net available if you want to pick it up...

Comment #5

HighSpeedConnectivity .com.

ForbiddenRelationship .com.

Will be develop and be sold in 5 - 10 years..

Comment #6

I was going to register (8 year old, net and org taken) but the Godaddy $1.99 code quit working...

Comment #7

Thanks to kate I just picked up

Thanks kate!..

Comment #8

I picked up!.

If you would be nice enough to give me your comments at the link below. Thanks!

Comment #9

Must have dropped. Last time I checked, all and were taken.

Lucky you!..

Comment #10

Nabbed this one - I love keyword + village domains. Too good to pass up...

Comment #11

Hmmm, I hear ya. Not to get off the topic here but I got / last year at the same time WAS available and I passed on it.

Anyway no hand reg. of the day yet here but I have a couple in mind and have to decide...

Comment #12

Show off your hand HostGator registration abilities. Post the best names you have hand registered in the last 2-3 years. I will start:.

(this is not a for sale listing. this is just for people to show off names they have hand-registered recently rather than acquired on the aftermarket.)..

Comment #13

99.6% of my 300 have been hand reg's. One of my favorites and very recent is / net..

Comment #14

Is this thread just for new hand reg'd domains ?


Comment #15

Today reged Now just need to find some content he he..

Comment #16

Outlived .info. The nets & orgs etc are available but I couldn't beat the three dollar pricetag of the .info. I plan to develop this one...

Comment #17

You may want to double check this one.

Comment #18

Latest registration, onlineforeigncurrenciesdotcom.

I travel a lot overseas, so it seemed fitting...

Comment #19

Today I regged

Nice name for a guitar store..

Comment #20

I like it. Good catch, A good singular version as well. Frank Schilling owns it..

Comment #21

Just started doing law at uni so I regged my first ever .com. =).

EDIT: Woooah just checked that wayback machine it's been going since 2001 and was dropped in 05. That's a bonus, didn't know that...

Comment #22

Google: 956,000,000 for gamy

The literal meaning of interest or RIBA as it is used in the Arabic language means to excess or increase. In the Islamic terminology interest means effortless profit or that profit which comes free from compensation or that extra earning obtained that is free of exchange...

Comment #23

4 Combos name here:.

And the reverse ones...

Comment #24

Wow, decent esitbot on this one. $11k

Don't know what happened in estibot but value was reset to $640..

Comment #25 estibot $130. estibot $240.



Comment #26

What is Your best hand-reg of the day?.

My best hand-reg of the day today:.

Present Your best hand-reg of the day.......

Comment #27

DomainNameScam.comWill be developing the plural version soon and wanted to make sure nobody tried to piggyback on any success...

Comment #28

My reg of the day:.

I checked estibot AFTER and the com came in at $2,100. Nothing like EZ equity in this biz..

Comment #29

I just registered a HostGator in one of the worst extensions:

Comment #30

11K estibot?.

I checked, it got 460.

I hand reg. a domain, it got an estibot value of 500..

I'd like to say it, but I won't..

Comment #31

Http:// and, oh yeah, and are just some of the recents...

Comment #32

^ awesome .me's. when did you get them?.

I went on a .pro landrush mark 3 mission and picked up (not sites yet!) Productivity BudgetTravel ArtSchools GuitarTabs Japanese.

As well as a bunch of others. The SEO/ development possibilities won me over, in the end.

For .com I got one for a personal project of mine (not just online it seems) BeingPoor..

Comment #33

Think it was August or so. To lazy to login to check Also got ,, and but didnt count those as handreg since they went to the .me initial auction...

Comment #34

It was, I wish I had taken a screen shot. I was baffled also a couple of days ago when I re checked...

Comment #35

You do know Esa just types in the first number that comes into his head as you press enter.

Kind of like the guy who pushes the cash out to you when you go to the cash machine..

Comment #36

Just hand regged in the last hour.. Sat nav .info..

Comment #37

Also looking for appraisal at



Comment #38

Used the $5 coupon to get Mega boob

Comment #39

Registered for a personal blog. these:.



...and a couple of Jewish ones:.



Comment #40

I grabbed these up within the last few days.

Name, Estibot., $190., $100., $660., $750., $280., $110., $470., $370., $Reg Fee., $Reg Fee., $100.

All are soon to be mini-sites...

Comment #41

Just hand regged.. with a free promo.

Goes back to 2001..

.info and .org taken by others...

Comment #42

Hand regged

'asked for an appraisal in the appraisal forum, but everyone there seems to be trying to spare my feelings!..

Comment #43

Hand reg of today:.

I am going to start this one jointly with a nice dotCom I already have to go with the program...

Comment #44 just a few minutes ago.

EDIT> and

Comment #45


I admit it could be the worst $8 I spent this year... but maybe not...

Comment #46 (Overture: 758,643). (.com was regged around 1998)..

Comment #47

Thanx to my Secret Santa I reg.



Comment #48

Nice .... That should be about 350 Telepresence names? Did "Santa".

Install a home system yet?.

My most recent "Telepresence" names are:.


And for a brandable ....

Todays had reg is:

I really like this one.


Comment #49

Lots of nice finds here. can't believe that was available for very long!..

Comment #50

CHUPACABRA.INFO - The Goat sucker...All good tlds taken.


Comment #51

Well... I HAD a great name but the time I regged it.. it was taken!! GRRR WTF!>>>!?!!?!?!??!..

Comment #52





All have a great number of search count and results on google..

Comment #53

Been ages since I last hand-reg but couldn't resist getting this;.

Female Blogs dog com.

Yay or nay?..

Comment #54 $5 godaddy firesale.

Marcoola is a beach town in queensland australia..

Comment #55

Just registered Scomu dot com.

Scomu dot jp is having 16k Alexa Traffic Rank (dot jp version of HostGator is not owned by me)..

Comment #56

Just register soundstupid dot com.

Hmm will develop it I think , any advice ?

Comment #57

I picked up LasVegasRealEstateAgent dot net.

Its a long one but definitley has some potential once the market picks up...IMHO..

Comment #58 - What you think all other major ext and versions taken!.



Dont forget to check out to see available regfeenames!..

Comment #59 Perhaps suitable for a company so good that they defy the confines of typical business practices..

Comment #60

Very excited about this one! Although 3 words, even in quotes it has 2+ million matches..

Comment #61

My first register in 2009.

- holecourse dot com.

- retailrestaurant dot com..

Comment #62

Some of these sound great! I love!.

Godaddy has firesales? I will check that out...

Comment #63

Bloggeroo dot com.

Could be a blog directory site..

Comment #64

This morning I registered

I hope it's good for a few $..


Comment #65

I got today, all other EXT were registred...

Comment #66

Just reg diaryorganizer dot com.

Will use for personal blog ^_^..

Comment #67

I recently got which is supposed to stand for internet marketing online But I put it to good use and set up a wordpress blog on the dname..

Comment #68, one of the best soccer players.

Wordtracker/day: 1763.

And yesterday:, the darts legend..

Comment #69




Trying to get a few good product names with the .me extension let me know what everyone thinks...

Comment #70

HostGator Name: SK8R.COM.

Created on: 27-Apr-97.

This thread is asking for hand reg. names...not aftermarket..

Comment #71

I just reg'd......

Not bad for my very first, if I do say so myself!..

Comment #72

Shoutout to Bannen's new avails list.

I just scored - 1,000 exact searches (it's a product) but great as a brandable IMO (gambling site, game cheats, magic perhaps?)..

Comment #73

I never heard of them but lots of advertisers and google numbers. May become more famous now that Obama will be eating them.

Plus a few other variations.

Nice, pure generic terms.


Comment #74

Very nice one!! I am a huge fan of .sc.

I just regged it just dropped..

Comment #75

Nuttin odd about that! Love it!.

BTW... I just reg'd

Comment #76

Spelling error of personalads.

Google keyword phrase = 4 400 searches/mo.

Estimated avg. CPC = $1.97..

Comment #77

Google has 14,400,000 for the keyword 'sayings'. Going to develop into a quote site. I only purchased it because I couldn't find any decent names relating to quotes via snapnames or namejet...

Comment #78

1,830,000 EXACT searches for "sayings" in Dec alone!.

2,400 EXACT serches for "sayin" in Dec...

Comment #79

Sorry my mistake;.

My HostGator was for russian market where P means R.

So my HostGator


Comment #80

Thanks! me too. big fan of sc and other alt extensions.

My sc portfolio includes these recent handregs:.




H, o, t, (.MN).


And one of my biggest hand-reg scores ever, within last 48 hours:.

T, r, a, v, e, l, (.io).

Other io handregs:.

Fitness, politics, rent.

It matters very little to me what most domainers think about ccTLDs, they are ripe for development. Sure they present a challenge, but one I don't mind taking on. I see some domainers complaing about the various reg fees... all I can say is shop around to find the best deals, then do your due diligence on the registrar in question OR negotiate with your favorite registrar to match their competitors prices. For IO I've seen prices ranging from avg $80-$100+ and as low as $50. For sc, up to $125+ per year, but as low as $90 (w/$40 renew).

Shop around, do your research and good luck to all...

Comment #81

Not to hijack the thread, but how do you get around the problems with the search engines? google won't give you much love outside the geo area - or do you target other SE's, use social bookmarking, etc?.

Nice names, just wondering what you've found is the best strategy with them..

Comment #82

You're right about 1 thing: google isn't the only source of traffic..

To answer your question:.

Do everything...

Comment #83

Due to the new touchscreen laptops coming out I regged.







Comment #84

I already have the plural, picked up the singular version. Wireless/Smart kitchen appliances ...coming to a home near you!..

Comment #85

E R I s k S o l you t I o n s .com..

Comment #86




Registered by LexisDomains..

Comment #87


I have set up a portal page for


Comment #88

My reg of the day:.

Owner Financers dotCom..

Comment #89

Love this one! Great addition to the .us portfolio!!.

Comment #90

C o m A n g e l sc o m..

Comment #91


One of the few remaining .NET top US zipcodes.

Boston, MA..

Comment #92

This is a HostGator from 1999, it was recently dropped and registered it in a flash.

Comment #93


I hand regged this 6 year old dropped HostGator and have started a "no-frills" contact directory for professionals (from all walks of life). Exact term (with quotes) gets 230,000,000 Google. I also have the .org, redirected to the site.

I'm the only contact in it so far.

But feel free to email your contact info for inclusion (Info on site).

I realize that the value in this HostGator will come from it's development, but the term itself is natural and intuitive. The .com (parked) is estimated at $1,400.


If it looks like is will work out, I'll set up an actual directorywith help, of course. My tech skills are limited.


Comment #94

Nice! I picked up yesterday too on a drop... lots of contact names dropping I guess?..

Comment #95

I thought I wasn't gonna hand regged anymore but I couldn't help but to regged these:.

ArkansasBusiness .net.

ConnecticutBusiness .net.

NorthCarolinaBusiness .org..

Comment #96

My reg of yesterday: and [Never regis].


After I thought about to define what dot tel can do...

Comment #97

I got today via backorder. Brandable and I'm sure it'll be pretty desirable for teens/cheerleaders or ya know, those ppl who run "cheerleader sex" type sites (that are 2257 compliant, no less)...

Comment #98

Just hand reg'd - thought it might be good for a translation/dictionary resource site...

Comment #99

Damn I was gonna get that Suppose I'll settle for sex.jupiter lol..

Comment #100

Although I really think .com is a waste of time I couldn't resist this one after hearing about 2 shark attacks in Sydney last week:.

Comment #101

My latest reg is a rare numeric...

I was surprised to see a 1000s number available in a good ext.....

Comment #102

Hand Regged:.

I'm catching the .org fever apparently...

Comment #103

Today I got:. - perfect for my graphic design project...

Comment #104

Nice one!.

I have the .org fever and I really like it!.

My Hand reg yesterday was:

Comment #105

My reg of the day are:.

Comment #106 - precious metals?.

The uncertainty in today's economy seems to be piking the general public's interest in precious metals (gold, silver, palladium, platinum, etc.) either to buy them as a store of wealth/investment or selling any jewelery/scrap they have for quick cash.

It seems like "Precious Mtl" is a well-accepted abbreviation for "precious metal.".

With a search on Google, you'll turn up companies with names like "Markland Agf Precious Mtl Co" or "EL CAPTN PRECIOUS MTL INC".

The precious metals market (gold and silver among others) is fascinating and I'm probably going to end up putting up an informational site on the domain...

Comment #107

I regged StudentWork.infoHey, students seek work to pay tuitions, right? could be a nice hub for them Any interest in selling this? PM me you are & at what price..

Comment #108

I just regged these hoping that they will get some interest now that homeowners are going to get help with their mortgage...

Comment #109

I hand regged off a drop yesterday.


Comment #110

Hand regged:.

Fossilfuels .info.

PierreProperty .com.

MontpelierBusiness .com.

SaintPetersburgBusiness .com..

Comment #111

CameraLog (.) com - if interested in it, let me know..

Comment #112

Just regged

I am a big fan of and .de extensions....

Comment #113

U and y are side by side on the keyboard..

Comment #114

This could become a very brandable name if promoted?.

Comment #115

Anything can become brandable,, it's just words. such is the power of money..

Comment #116

Hnad regged,. a few days ago.

Also +

Comment #117 (reg'd on Saturday).

Saw a nice article about it here:

It's mostly undeveloped, but there's a large State Park, great mountain biking, kayaking and skiing on the East Shore.

And some day... who knows?..

Comment #118

Picked up - Its only a month away so hopefully get some traffic from putting a minisite up.



Comment #119

Good one, sold for 80,000 last year, it has much more search volume than EastLakeTahoe, someday...who knows?..

Comment #120

Becoming a new craft item, purses/handbags sewn out of army uniforms. There seems to be a high interest in military purses styled like this amongst wives and daughters...

Comment #121

My first HostGator name purchase ever!.

Going to use it as a blog, as I think it really represents what a blog is...

Comment #122

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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