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My question is: Any Godaddy hosting promo codes for 2011?.

My 2nd question is: I use FireFox 2.0.15.

Today I found that I cannot use GoDaddy site in FireFox anymore because they introduced some improvements to their software. I can view my domains but I can't renew them, accept transfers, account changes, request auth codes, etc. When I try to perform these actions I'm simply redirected to the HostGator Manager Home. Internet Explorer works ok.

Do you have the same problem?..

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Your question was: Any Godaddy hosting promo codes for 2011?.

Did you try to perform any actions? For example select 1-2 domains and try to renew them? In IE a new styled window (I guess written in AJAX) appears on top. FireFox just redirects back.

Because it works Ok unless I do anything. E.g. I can browse domains, view details..

Comment #1

After reading your plight, I just logged into GoDaddy and renewed 8 domains. I'm using FF 3.0.

The obvious question to ask is do you have Javascript enabled?.

Thanks for reminding me how awful GoDaddy's checkout is..

Comment #2

I'm using Firefox - and, I have no probs with all GoDaddy actions...

Three suggestions:.

* Clear your cache - may have some cookie in there that's messing the GD info up.

* Delete & reinstall your Java - but, do it direct from the Sun site (I updated java from an auto update once, and it screwed up a lot of things).

* If necessary, delete Firefox - and, do a reinstall...Maybe some small thing in your FF has become corrupted.

Good luck...


Comment #3

I just logged in and renewed three domains via FF3 and had no problems with their new interface. It's looking like it's something on your end.....

Comment #4

Im using firefox and got no problem with it..

Maybe recollect you have installed some addons on your firefox may I suggest disabling one by one and enabling them until you isolate the problem..

Comment #5

I had the exact same problem with my account yesterday..

Support ignored my actual question and sent basic instructions on how to push a HostGator and accept one into my account. My cache and cookies were clear (I didnt think about trying IE - I use firefox 100% unless checking how a site shows up in ie).

When logging in today all issues had vanished and I was able to push/accept - so Im thinking more a godaddy glitch than any issue with firefox. Hopefully it's resolved for you when you log in next..

Comment #6

No problem here, man~! do you upgrade your firefox to the latest version?..

Comment #7

I'm using 66 extensions for FireFox. And some of them are not compatible with FF3. I use Keyword Selection extension (configurable one-click searches of selected text) and it's not compatible with FF3. I can't live without it..

Comment #8

I see now. if that's the case then isolate the troublesome add-on by disabling and enabling them one by one 66 is a lot btw.

Then when you know the exact add-on that messes up every time you use godaddy, disable that add-on.


Comment #9

Dont disable them one by one, It will take a long time to figure out which extension is conflicting.

A better trick would be to disable 33 addons (50%) at once and see if you can access goddady. If you can, then the problem was with one of those disabled addons. If not then the problem is with one of the addons that is currently active. Either way your work is reduced by 50%.

Now you just have to go through those 33 addons.

Have a nice day..

Comment #10

Often you can 'update' your own extensions just by changing the version number. You can open the xpi files in any text editor and try it. You can also have FF2 and FF3 installed on the same system...

Comment #11

I had a similar problem with DomainSponsor's website when they upgraded it earlier this year. As others have said. It's most likely one of your extensions screwing things up. In my case it was AdBlock. So you might try removing that 1 first...

Comment #12

I have to give you the medicine to stop that cough and also read this

Comment #13

I was just on GD. The drop-down box that appears when Organizing your domains isn't dropping down anymore (it was earlier)...

Comment #14

Well now you have done it. You broke it. GoDaddy is going to send Danica Patrick after you...

Comment #15

I tried to change a Godaddy domain's nameservers earlier in Firefox It didn't work..

I tried in Safari. That didn't work either..

Tried again in Firefox without changing any browser/computer settings - and it worked....

I really don't like their interface, but usually it works. Maybe they are playing with it?..

Comment #16

Last time I had problem with tdnam. At that time I could not counter on any of the offers. I asked the support so many times, they kept asking me what is the problem. So I gave up. I have not tried to see if it works now...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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