Any Godaddy discounts for ASP hosting?

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My question is: Any Godaddy discounts for ASP hosting?.

My 2nd question is: Just sign up for the newsletter- It worked for me! I didn't have to wait for an emailed code it was on the page after I entered my email.. I just cut it then chose my HostGator yGay(.) (org) and signed for the 1yr and pasted mu code in and *poof* FREE no charge ,nada just have to deal with the spam I guess but FREE is good .. good luck Don't say I never gave you guys anything for free..

Rep appreciated.

Use link below to register

Please post your results!..

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Your question was: Any Godaddy discounts for ASP hosting?.

When you finish you will be given a code for a free GD HostGator *Applies to one, 1-year .COM, .NET, .ORG, .US, .BIZ, .INFO, .NAME, and .MOBI Top-Level Domains exclusively. Registration also includes automatic opt-in to additional promotional offers from

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Thanks mplswifi - Rep added.

It worked.

Is it possible to get more than 1 free HostGator for 1 particular GD account ?

Comment #2

This does work, even on SlickDeals:

Just registered!..

Comment #3

Is any one receiving the email and code after signing up ??.

I have tried several times under different email addresses, and haven't recieved anything...

Comment #4

You have to sign up for their use a trash email I had the same problem, it didn't send me the code to the address I signed up with...however when I entered another of my emails into the 'friends' area it sent me a code to that address right away...

Comment #5

Worked for me.

Many Thanks for the link.

Rep added..

Comment #6

Can anyone please answer to my question that is it possible to get more than 1 free HostGator for 1 particular GD account ? I mean is there any restriction or GD can close the account if one tries to get more than 1 free HostGator with more coupon codes ?

Comment #7

I recieved code - but doesnt seem to be working..

Comment #8

I had to switch it to 1 year reg and update page. it took a couple times.

Got: haha dunno why it was something I saw in the news.

Some crazy mutated fish. sounds cool..

Comment #9

Worked perfectly once I sent it to my "friends". Got myself Thanks a ton for the link rep added. I'm going to see if I can get 2..

Comment #10

Yah - the one I sent to my "friends" worked - not mine...

Comment #11

Worked like a charm....

Thanks for the post rep+ added!..

Comment #12

I was just about to post this and there was already a thread!.

It worked for me, but it only seems to work when you enter e-mail addresses in the friend section. And sometimes it doesn't send at all.

I got one HostGator already and have 3 extra codes. I'm working on more but I need to make a new e-mail address every time and sometimes it doesn't even send to it...

Comment #13

It is sad that some of you are looking to milk this for free domains. Yet you will cry foul when people commit fraud in the industry...

Comment #14

Anyone else getting codes to work now? I can't after putting 3 HostGator on my account..

Comment #15

Worked for me.......thanks for posting.

Got something I did not want to spend any money on but liked:

Comment #16

I'm sure it's just meant to be used once per account and not abused, correct me if i'm wrong...

Comment #17

Thanks. I used it to buy a .NET to match one of my .COM What, they won't allow you unlimited fee domains!@#$#$#.

How dare them!!!!!!..

Comment #18

I wonder if they'll take them back if they.

See more than one free in the accounts?.

I wouldn't want to take that chance......

Comment #19

They should. I am happy with my 1 (ONE) free HostGator name...

Comment #20

Sweet......Worked like a charm....not only did I get a new dotCom, I got another excuse to look at Danica...


Comment #21

Wow what a great find!.

Got a domain, worked very smoothly! rep+.

Reg'd (thanks for the suggestion NPers!)..

Comment #22

I dont think it allows you to add more than 1 to your account anymore...unless of course you create a new one..

Comment #23


It worked for me and I got a new .org..

Comment #24

Thanks for the link, I regged 1 free HostGator.

Rep added..

Comment #25

I got two offers to save 10% on my next order.

Do you sign up on the front page under the log on?..

Comment #26

I can also attest that it works, and like a charm. Takes about 3 minutes. It puts your free name into your existing GD account (that's what I was skeptical about - I didn't want to open a new account). I only used 2 'friends emails' and not all 6 slots (1 slot may even work). For those that can't get it working, read it carefully and follow the links they tell you to. At the end you will Checkout with your name at $0.

I grabbed me a name that matches one of my names. - Doing that will not only raise the value of your a tad bit but it helps put a tiny dent in the buyout.

I certainly don't think trying to abuse the system by getting more than one free name is a good idea though...

Comment #27

Still alive - not sure what the angle is (Other than a loss-leader hoping to get some add-on business), but they're all over the net even more than they were already.


Comment #28

Funny, I didn't put in any emails in the "share with your friends" thing... I just put my own email in and it still worked for me... huh weird.


I thought all the LLLLs for coms and nets were reg'd?..

Comment #29

Saw this on your blog and worked for me. Thanks!..

Comment #30

Here's the message I got after clicking the link in my email.

"Upon verfication your FREE url code will be emailed to you within the next 24-48 hours for redemption. Thank you for your patience and for opting into Share the Rewards.".

Will wait and see...

Comment #31

The spelling isn't correct (your instead of you're), but that's pretty cool lol. I like it.

It did end up working for me... and because of a joke shortly before I did it, I ended up with

Comment #32

What an awesome system they have. I accidentally close out the window (had like 15 tabs open). Go back through my email, click the link, and now can't get my code because they said I've already received it. Never got to use it. Tried to go back into the offline history but couldn't get it. Tried another email address, and got the 24-48 hour message...

Comment #33

Bummer...... maybe it will work for another email address.


Comment #34

I click the link:.

Thank you for participating. The FREE HostGator promotion has expired...

Comment #35

Maybe try this link instead: LLLL.coms yes. LLLL.nets no (a little over 200K left)...

Comment #36

Missed it by a couple hours I guess...

The Free Web URL offer has expired. However please use the link above to save 15% off of your order.


Comment #37

The Free Web URL offer has expired. However please use the link above to save 15% off of your order.

Nice job guys..

Comment #38

Awww man it's all over. dangit! I had 5 emails left to check but by the time I got to them it's all over. I ended up only getting, which I'm pretty happy with..

Comment #39

Thats so bad.

I only got one :\..

Comment #40

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