Any GoDaddy discount code for SSL?

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My question is: Any GoDaddy discount code for SSL?.

My 2nd question is: Today I received an email from my Moniker rep informing me a few of my names were selected for the upcoming Internext adult auction. "Great news" I thought.. then the email goes on explaining the benefits of transferring your names to Moniker prior to the auction (quick transfer to buyer, etc). Then towards the end of the email I read this:.

"Having your HostGator names here at Moniker is really is in your best interest. Remember, Moniker puts their customers first - let Moniker provide you with the superior service YOU deserve. Please note there will be a $100 transfer fee on any domains sold at auction that arent already registered at Moniker prior to the event.".

Wait.. what?..

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Your question was: Any GoDaddy discount code for SSL?.

As I understand it, you are being asked by Moniker to transfer your HostGator to Moniker before they sell it. If you don't transfer it first (and there's no guarantee the HostGator will sell) then you would pay this $100 fee, if the HostGator sold. This is one of the things that has some domainers quite steamed at Moniker for.....

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Legal? - Sure, they can charge any fee they want, as long as they tell you beforehand..

Ethical? Pretty much same as above..

Nice? - Nope. There is a long thread sticked at the top of this forum about how outrageous Moniker's auction terms are. But with few competitors they can do as they please.

I suspect, though, that the reason is that they have had, in the past, difficulty with some HostGator owners balking at transfering domains after a successful auction. If the HostGator does not transfer then Moniker does not get paid. I doubt they enjoy that.

Some top level domainers have their own registrar and would not want to give up their HostGator unless it sells. $100 per name is below their notice...

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Looks spammy to me, anyways they're moniker they can do anything they want, just make sure the op if not sure about the 100 fee then you have all the freedom to back out...

Comment #3

No, I've recieved the same email from Moniker for their auctions...

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It was spelled out in the terms you agreed to before uploading your HostGator list. I had a few on the top inventory list that I transferred already - the rest I waited until the list was finalized. they're in process now. My rep gave me a discount equal to what I was paying at my current registrar. I'm not crazy about moniker's interface - but they're secure and it ain't no big deal. I know someone that just added $100 to his bottom line and didn't transfer his.

If they don't sell - it's no biggie for you. I'm thinking POSITIVE though!..

Comment #5

Yes, it's legal and there are good reasons for it.

First is security. If there is a title problem or if the HostGator is stolen, it is more easily resolved at Moniker.

Second is just plain practicality. If you have to wait for a HostGator transfer after the auction... it slows down the entire process.

Third is cost. I am sure it costs Moniker extra for their staff to deal with transfers after the auction.

I have tried all the big registrars and many of the small ones. Moniker is the best I have tried. Moniker is the best in the business...

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Folks - this is a practice first introduced by SnapNames and implemented at the DFG auction in January. having your domains at your account at Moniker or one of the SnapNames registrars ensures quicker and legal transfer, change of ownership, and saves time and money on all sides. This has already been proven to expedite transactions, prove legal and proper ownership, and simplifies the auction process.

Your Account Executive can help you through the process should you need anything...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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