Any Godaddy deals for hosting?

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My question is: Any Godaddy deals for hosting?.

My 2nd question is: At Sedo's frontpage ...

And Its just regged last month, or it was a landrush?..

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Your question was: Any Godaddy deals for hosting?.

Here's my answer to your question: Any Godaddy deals for hosting?.

Incredible - but may be the owners of the Cotai strip in Macau are the buyers as it is known as the Las Vegas of asia.

Looking at whois , if it's the original- one of those "genuine" tm buys ?

Comment #1

If this has sold for $30,000.... that's a joke.....

Comment #2

The sales is completed so whats in whois now is the buyer, look at update, it shows 07-10-2008, just 2 days ago.

And it's an Australian..

Comment #3

I never knew that Las Vegas was part of Asia.

Someone obviously has too much money, if this was a legit sale...

Comment #4

Its a sale.

Its not an auction which the bidder may end up not to pay it.

These would be may be whos behind this :

Comment #5

And yet for 100,000 dollars they could get dotLASVEGAS, stupid them...

Comment #6 $ 4350 11/06/2008 0:05 21/06/2008 15:26.

It was sold via landrush auction on 21th June for $4350.

Within a month the owner make $22650

Comment #7

There you go - it just shows that good keywords will sell with almost any crap extension. Still an amazing price...

Comment #8

I actually agree, that's a surprising one, but despite all of our 'what a waste' comments, that dude just made a really nice profit. I dont know if it is just the initial 'landrush' / post-landrush hype etc carrying it, but .asia is making some really amazing sales recently.....

Comment #9

I could see someone wanting a particular city name located in asia for some project and paying an enduser price for it, but!..

Comment #10


Anyway this is a great sale in .asia..

Comment #11

You all have to remember that a HostGator name is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. One mans trash is another mans treasure. I congratulate the seller on a fine sale...

Comment #12

Domains are business....A $22,000+ profit net, in one month on a HostGator - in a brand new extension...Excellent!!.

...Congrats to the original buyer on a very astute investment...

And good luck to the new owner, too...Australian, I see....And Australia's very closely tied to the powerhouse economies of the region....Also MGM Mirage (Las Vegas-based Casinos & Hotels, with major operations in Asia) bought the other day in Landrush auction - to promote it's business interests in asia....Maybe the new owner sees opportunity around the Casino space in 'Las Vegas' Macau?.


Comment #13

The only reason that I can think of as to why anyone would pay this kind of money for that particular HostGator is that we are possibly going to see a new casino in Las Vegas. Based on an Asian theme with the name Asia! JMHO..

Comment #14

Constantly one is refering to Macau/Macao as the las vegas of asia. Whenever there is a documentary about macau on tv one mentions "Las Vegas of Asia" in combination with Macau/Macao..

Poker just opened up in Macau/Macao as well. Worlds biggest online pokerroom runs a live pokerroom there now..

I can see why people would give a high value to this name..

In the gambling-world the association Macau/Macao-Las Vegas of Asia is stronger than you realise perhaps..

For casinos in Macau/Macao targeting non asian customers this HostGator may be very valuable..

People do google las vegas asia.

By the way and .eu are registered already..

Supposedly all the plans have been approved to build this vegasstyle casino city with 32 casinos and open up in 2012(Monegros/Aragon).

Perhaps you can buy these domains still for better prices.. is still available though(maybe because of the spanish meaning ofsin..

Comment #15

An awful acquisition for the seller. Currently with a Godaddy Landing page.

A Fool and his money are soon parted..

Comment #16

Only awful if they dont make a truckload of money from it. Obviously they will be developing it. If not, then yep, a massive waste...

Comment #17

I don't get this Buyer seems to know what he/she is doing obviously he/she got so much money to spend on the HostGator name..

Comment #18

Shit, I bet would be cheaper then $30gs. I bet almost any keyword you can obtain for 30gs in .ASIA..

Comment #19

Often misspelt as Los Vegas - guess what - is available - including quite a number of cctld with Las Vegas as keywords - a hell of a lot cheaper as seo will be one of the few ways to get traffic.

Anyway congrats to seller - I wish I could find such buyers..

Comment #20

All I could think of is the buyer could use the HostGator for asian travelers (rich type) who wants to go to Las Vegas!..

Comment #21

Or it could be an online asian gambling site..

I too think it's overpriced...

Comment #22

I see somebody regged it. is also available...

Comment #23

The buyer would certainly not spend 30k on misspelt "los" vegas.

I think the buyer is a casino owner and bought the name to promote his business online...

Comment #24

Any body knows if $30000 is a BIN price ? If not, it means there were some other persons joined the auction who were also willing to pay for high price on it...

Comment #25

Yeah, if he gonna pay $200 I will sell, a little bit information, the buyer of is the owner of

Comment #26

Agreed.. it's almost always what's in front of the dot that counts.. I think the seller made out like a bandit on this one!..

Comment #27

I wouldn't personally pay $30k for the domain, but I'm telling you that it does have appeal. If you ask anyone who works in a casino in Las Vegas, they will tell you that a lot of whales come from asia. For a casino that is looking to attract guys who will throw down millions per trip, this HostGator makes perfect sense. What's 30k if you can attract a single highroller who throws down a million to the house? You also have to consider that Las Vegas is losing asian customers due to new casinos opening up in asia, so they need every advantage they can get.

Also, there are other opportunities. As someone else pointed out, Cotai is known as the Las Vegas of Asia, or someone could just start an online casino or poker room.

As far as Las Vegas and gambling are concerned, .asia is probably the best extention for the geo term aside from .com, just because of the sheer number of people and the number of filthy rich people...

Comment #28

Well said, Ronald...

We're an inter-connected global world now...And, Asia is the single most (and currently, ONLY) region of the world that is growing strongly - and, likely to do so, for a very long time.

The brand 'Las Vegas' - and the Casino/Hotel links between Las Vegas, US, and Macau & Coti, Asia - are strong, and growing...

...And, besides...Brand yourself where the money is - ie all across Asia...

This buy makes sense to me...


Comment #29, as expected, has made it to the DN Journal list for the week, coming in at Number 10.

Just some speculative generalizations about the worth of dotasia domains..

It would seem that:.

1. If your end-user sees value in the domain, it can now fetch something like $30K (as shown in the sale).

2. If your end-user sees value in the domain, and you put it thru auction, it can reach something like $70K (as evidenced by, which is still climbing).

Terrible generalizations, of course. But it shows some potential, esp. if you have a to-die-for keyword domain. Plus shows that once your end-user sees value in your HostGator (with or without you pitching / marketing it to them), setting up an auction will be (much) better for your bank account...

Comment #30

How many asians will make use of the extension tho as opposed to their respective CCTLD or .com? I think it's a gamble and like any new extension will require branding.. $30k is alot to risk on something that may very well flounder...

Comment #31

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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