Any GoDaddy coupons that actually work?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Any GoDaddy coupons that actually work?.

My 2nd question is: .

Its been a while now since we launched this section, and although I've had lots of people tell me on IM's or in person at shows how much they like this section, I'd like to get a much broader sense, because I know A LOT of you big boy mailers don't go to shows or do any outside your realm socializing in the industry.

So please do us a big favor and just take some time to fill out the poll, and maybe leave us some feedback on what we can do here to either improve to the section or remove..

Many of you continue to voice concern over security from the fuzz, but if you're following the CAN-SPAM rules, then you shouldn't have to worry much, ya dig? I'll make a different post explaining what we did for a test that seems to be keeping the people participating in it VERY happy. But it's a huge pain in the ass for us to run.

Anyhow, won't take up much more of your time, as I'll leave the decisions up to you peoples...

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Your question was: Any GoDaddy coupons that actually work?.

I think the issue isn't so much security in terms of legality as I know or have spoken to a number of people who either post here or read here about their practices and no one seems to be breaking the law (that I know of). The problem is more that this forum is pretty much a billboard for tactics that shouldn't be advertised. On the other hand, while I'm sure there are private forums or IRC channels out there that are invite only and consist of small groups of big mailers, I haven't been back into consulting on mailing (properly) until the last year and I don't know where anything like this is, if it exists, so this is the best resource there is. That makes it a bit of a catch 22. To be widely available it has to be public, but being public in any way makes it a bit of a target. I'm guessing most of the ISPs know what most people here are doing anyway, but email marketing being the hot button topic that it is among so much of the internet-using world, the forum's existence isn't an issue of legality so much as it is one of publicity.

So, yeah, I don't have an answer to the dilemma, but it's something that concerns me. Either way, though, it's about as good a public resource as I know for legit large-scale mailers. I've poked around other forums and they tend to either be totally amatuer hour (what am I to doing with my lists!?!) or way too black hat (duz ne1 have darkmailer skr1pt!?)...

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I still say replace it with an adult webmaster section...

Comment #2

I like the idea of adding an adult webmaster section...

Comment #3

It was since months I came and posted on wickedfire, but today I took pledge to be on wickedfire atleast 1 hour a day.

Re: Mailer section rocks! It was once my favorite section...

Comment #4

I like the mailer section even if it's not used as much as the other sections..

Knowing nothing about mailing I now have a basic understanding of what I would need to start a small campaign from the posts here. That alone, at least to me, is worth it's weight in gold..

It's also good to know that if in the future I need to run bigger campaigns there are people here that I can ask..

I love the idea of an Adult section, but if I had to choose I would say mailer over adult...

Comment #5

I think the mailer section is amazing, and it will only get better as more mailers use it...

Comment #6

To be honest, this section has not appeared in many other big or active forums.

But I am prepared to know more abt it..

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Hello there, are you still selling your webcam site if yes contact me I would like to talk to you ....


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Previous message was for hankkz.

Junior Member.

Join Date: Jan 2009.

Posts: 6.

ITrader: 0 / 0%..

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I think this should be made private and more should contribute. It seems most mailers are secretive about their real money making practices. Maybe making this more exclusive to real mailers...I feel most posting in here are n00bs looking for advice on start up...

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I personally only have luck with mailers on my network. I looked in here for quite a while and then asked a friend who also uses WF where the good mailers hang out. I agree putting secrets on here would be tough, but I almost clicked out of WF as I was reading mostly stuff about PPC and tools I could not use. I will keep reading on in this section and hopefully will find it useful. Noob to WF, but not Noob to working with good clean mailers...

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As far as non-exclusive email discussion forums go it's probably among the best, and quite a few mailers do show up at those conferences. I'd say that a lot of mailers read it but do not participate so it trying to gauge it's usefulness solely by post counts is not going to give you an accurate picture...

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Anyone from specialham or other OG mail forums feel free to contact me, I have refs, etc..

Comment #13

Agreed completely..

Many experienced mailers rarely post. Many have less than 100 post on WF...

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To all you masters of mayhem and email debochary...I am looking for the so called guru who can put me in the right email situation. I have deeeeep pockets, and I am looking for the big brain out there that can put in the direction of a qulified Nexus system. I also need a complete run down of how to have the greatest success with it, and how to modify it to it's highest potential. If you are a person that can help with my request, I will compensate you generously...reply to my post with the best way to reach out to you...

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I definitely like the community so far, but I am still fresh off the registration form, so I have little to judge by on quality of content so far...and Mike, yes we do go to conferences, we just don't talk much while we're there, outside of the circles...with anti-spam extortionists labeling all mailers "spammers", I know my defenses stay pretty high....

"Spidey sense says Spamhaus is near."..

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Hi Back Beauty,.

I got a pm saying you moved here from another forum Can't blame you.

Can you send me a PM? Want to ask you about a service..


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Just what I need a section on mailing. that is my weak link in my IM program...

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