Any GoDaddy coupons for 2011?

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My question is: Any GoDaddy coupons for 2011?.

My 2nd question is: Hi, I have a web project and was recommended by an np member to go to

To buy an auction software.

I went there. The odd thing was the system does not take credit card only paypal. Even though I emailed support and they say they do. So my orders with the credit card were "pending" status, both of them. There's no way to cancel the order.

So I decided to go for paypal. Paid, receipt, no intstruction what to do next. Order status "pending".

Anyone have experience with this vendor/site? I emailed support again, no reply. How long should I wait to get a reply, or contact paypal, the site seems fishy to me.

Let me know if you encounter the same problem or you trust the site.


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Your question was: Any GoDaddy coupons for 2011?.

I bought a couple of times some components from them since I work as a freelancer. never experienced any trouble with them and the support was always very active and I have to say this, very very fast in comparison to other sites from where I buy the components I use in projects.

So go ahead with your purchase they are 100% reliable.

PS. They accept both Paypal as Credit Card. Your information is not correct. I use the CC since it's instant..

Comment #1

I haven't looked at the site, but maybe they have time of delivery usually within 24 to 48 hours and then email them just for a headsup if they exceeded that time if no reply then request a paypal refund...

Comment #2

Its now resolved thanks. They do have bugs with their system. I have 3 orders stack "pending"....for the same product.

But now it is resolved...

Comment #3

From my experience is that 3 orders wont help you as long as you dont follow your order with the payment process they have. Without the payment, nothing will happen to the orders..

Comment #4

I bought the software for #$350.....

Can't do a thing to do it...

Here's the respond I got from support. They want another 400-800 EURO~600-1K+ for a small script to change their stinking program.

I rather go with

Hi Tech4,.

At this moment we cannot take your request for custom work..

I mentioned that earlier we are already booked for a couple of months in advence..

Depending on the exact request the customisation to obtain an invoice system on.

The commision base will cost between 450-800 Euro..

It's allot of code that needs to be programmed and this price is only because we can use.

The code then also..

I hope you will not dump the Auction Factory programm only because it doesnt have.

An invoice system. It will be a shame especially that we never said it have once..

Surely in time the programm will be more complex as also grow toghether with the sites.

That are using our solution.

There goes my $350 to auction factory.....

Wasted.....down the drain...

But if anyone wants the license from me...( I am officially dumping this) and will be using something else. Unless a miracle happens...

Comment #5

So sad to hear that ... 350 ain't cheap .....

Comment #6

Its even worse when they ask for 400-800 EURO additional. Unbelievable! Not USD but EURO!.

I am going to ask paypal for a refund.

Any suggestions?..

Comment #7


We NEVER stated we have a COMISSION based invoicing System. Never, nowhere, not a clue that we had such a system.

You request one - AS A CUSTOM WORK - and you expect us to do it for free? Where is our fault? And IF we were to be to expensive for you - why using us?.

You asked us for a price for a rather complex script - we gave you an estimate.

Just for the record here is YOUR request - as I see you posted just the answer:.

O support:.

I need to set my auction factory from a fee base to a commission base. My site is

I need help doing this, is there a way? How much would I have to pay for?.

I have been recommended to dump Auction Factory but I don't want to waste $350 down the bin. Please let me know what I can do to get this function.

Thank you very much.

Ngoc T. Nguyen..

Comment #8

Ha ha.... is this the new method to hack software?!.

Software goods are not refundable! Good-luck with paypal!.

It's like buying Windows then ask for a refund.

And comming back to the Factory, they got a demo..

The price they ask is not important. You cannot force somebody.

To do a custom work for you at the price you want..

If you dont like the price do the custom w with somebody else..

And if you are not a hacker then first try the demos, then buy!.

All the rest is disrespect to the people that are creating something,.

No matter if it's free or commercial!!!!..

Comment #9

I bought phpprobid to replace auction factory. Removing the auction factory as of now.

I legally buy license for my business.

Auction factory does not support my business, the manager told me I have to wait months and pay an additional $600-$1200 USD.

Really think about this.

1) paying $600-$1200 extra would you do it?.

2) wait for months, are you willing put your business on hold for months?.

For me..

Paying extra is not an option especially when the amount is double the cost of the software, it's more like "extortion".

Software cost $350, they want an additional $600-1200...way out my league.

Wait for months? what time zone are we in?..

Comment #10

You are free to customize our product with any Freelancer. we did not push you into any cutomization.....

Comment #11

I wonder what would happen if someone buying an auction factory model, and on the site it's said "sorry, our auction factory does not have an invoice system." "in order to make the changes you will have to wait for months, and pay an additional $600-$1200 on top of the $350.".

Thanks for doing business...Sign..the factory...

Comment #12

Pal.... you need to make a difference what a commercial work cost and what a custom could cost..

The commercial one is sold to more people so the software maker can offer a lower price.

A custom work perhaps can be sold twice, but thats all..

They got a demo, so you knew it from the start. If you think they are expensive try other houses.

If I would be a programmer I would demand at least 10.000 euro for a solution like PHPproBid or Auction Factory. Both are doing actually the same, but different systems..

But their prices are way way less since they are selling it to many people..

Here you have to take some marketing courses.

Sure we want to have it all for free if possible, but quality costs. If you cant afford it, then you wont be able to offer it also to your customers...

Comment #13

You have to accept the fact that no businesses will wait for months. Your software does not meet my auction needs, because it does not have an invoice system. had you said that in your page I would have been a knowledgeable buyer. But you sugar coated it and say theres a lot of options to do, paypal system integrated etc., so I had to find out the hard way.

And you have to see the fact that asking $600 to $1200 is like extortion for a software that cost $350.

For your information.

I am now using

Thank you for your support in this forum here. I appreciated it if you would had supported me by emails after 2 tickets, 1 direct email to your manager, 1 forum posting.


I am dumping this software whether I get a refund or not.

I am letting people know.

1)IF I buy an auction software and have to find out the hard way that there's no invoice system I would not be happy.

2)Paying $600-1200 extra for something that cost $350 is not an option.

3) waiting for months is not an option.

I bought my new software for $220 with an invoice system.

I was not looking for free stuff. I buy licenses legitimately thank you...

Comment #14


I told you the price for a custom work. Not for something that we advertise to be included in the package. Please understand the difference!.

You try to blackmail us with the refund in order to offer you custom work for free and that is not fair. it does not even come close to any kind of business Please understand, there is no way to list all the features a product does NOT have. Any business you like enumerates the features they have. Any feature not listed, it is not present. that is the case here too. never stated we have the invoice system, and we did not even offer you the customization as a reply to your question about the invoice system.

We did never force us upon you - not even mention it to you - with any additional services.

I must repeat: nobody tells you what they CAN'T do , but jut what they CAN do. There is not even a hint about an invoice system on our site.

As you know you posted the ticket today and got the answer in 10 minutes. also the forum post was answered in 20 minutes as you see here product has paypal integration and has a pay per listing system as we clearly stated...

Comment #15

It's not mine. I'm just disgusted by those people who are not paying and just wanting and I know them so i'm entitled to speak about their products..

Surely I hope also that I would never freelance for some hackers, like your case..

They make the sending to paypal. This is available. I wanted also a invoice system, but they told me this will come in time only. And an invoice system is not mentioned in their description..

And nobody is forcing you to make the custom with them. You can do it with anybody.... the only problem I see here is that you want all for free .... haha..

Comment #16

The factory,.

Whoever you are. I said it before, I am officially dumping your sofware whether I get a refund or not.

And I have already purchased someonething else for my business.

Thank you.

I also ask that you not call me names in this forums as "disgusted people" or use my name and associated with it.

Thank you for keeping this a friendly conversation...

Comment #17

Ah guys..... you are just waisting time..... it's clearly that all he wants is to use the product for free. Just dont accept any custom work since is clearly he just simulates the payments then ask for refunds.

I had once a customer like him, but paypal gaved me right since this is a known issue regarding software developers.

So dont waste the time please. I prefer you guys and all the other software house providing software for my clients to make good software. So dont waste your time defending against people with illegal activities, just continue the good work and in the end all will sort out. ah.... my bad.....

Thefactory and tech4 were just discussing....

I'm the one frustrated since I had once also a customer with similar atitude..

I'll finisch now anyway since I have to go to work.

Ya'll have a nice day folks...

Comment #18

Never called you any names. please read carefully what I posted.

I respect your choice and I never took the conversation into a disrespectful register.

I am sure you will see that we did not trick you in any way.

I really wish you great successes with your project..

Comment #19

Thanks the factory,.

Thanks for your wishes.

Can I have your name here for the record? are you the manager that I emailed before?..

Comment #20

Not sure why this is posted here but you can't ask a business to list what isn't included. Thats just bad marketing. Tech4 I think you should just accept the fact that you made a bad decision and move on. Thefactory didn't do anything wrong from what I can gather so there's no need to bash them publicly...

Comment #21

Glad to see it's resolved and you have your goods tech4. Anyone who runs an eBusiness knows the amount of paypal fraud out there these days. As much as I wish Moneybookers was the standard these days it isn't. Even with my hosting company at one time I had to take matters into my own hands to get paypal scams under control. All I can say is thank god it is now! What a pain..

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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