Any GoDaddy coupons for 20% off?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Any GoDaddy coupons for 20% off?.

My 2nd question is: I just wanted to give a little credit to and their DDN platform.

I got an email to let me know that my HostGator was sold for $100, the transfer was complete, and the funds were available in my account.

IMO this platform will work if it works as easy as it seems to. I just set my price and forget about it.

Pretty cool.....

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Your question was: Any GoDaddy coupons for 20% off?.

I had wanted to review the system and test it out for sometime. Is this limited to certain registrars? A large bulk of my domains are with Godaddy, but my understanding is this registrar couldnt be used to sell HostGator names yet.

Where can I get more info?.


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Their website is

I was under the impression some other registrars had joined, but according to the DDN website, it appears to only still be Fabulous.


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Congrats on your sale. Was there an interest that you have to pay?..

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The HostGator was registered with Fab... The only way that the system works is if the member registrars have control of the HostGator and an agreement with the owner to sell. Yes, you have to pay commission. But I just build that into the sale price..

[img] [/img]..

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Congrats on the sale Duceman.

The framework for the DDN has been built around the ability to instantly transfer domains to the buyer. Therefore, the biggest barrier to entry is that your domains are registered with a registrar that has enabled the Instant Transfer Protocol.

Currently both Fabulous and GoDaddy are the only registrars that have this enabled. should be accepting customers some time this week and shouldn't be too far away either. We are also in discussions with all other major registrars and hopefully more will come on board soon.

If you would like to participate in this program and your domains arent registered with these companies, rather than transfer them we recommend talking to your current registrar and asking them when they will be implementing the DDN program.

Let me know if there are any further questions.



Comment #5

Is this connected to that Premium Domains at GoDaddy or is it independent?..

Comment #6

If your HostGator names are with fabulous you can list them now through fabulous, the higher commission percentage you assign on a HostGator the more it shows across the network, I believe 20% is recommended for maximum exposure, godaddy does have it live now unfortunately it appears they decided to charge for it...

Here's an article on it...

I have liked this idea from the beginning as I think throwing domains in front of end users at the registars with credit card in hand should work well and my personal dealings with anyone at fabulous has been very good so with them behind it I will be giving it a test as well, keep in mind this is designed for domains 5k and under, should also help educate end users that an aftermarket exists as godaddy explains it if you search for a HostGator and then put your mouse over the question mark next to Premium Domains on godaddy...

Comment #7

That's correct, Premium Domains at GoDaddy is using the DDN program and they have chosen to charge a fee to list domains in this program.

If your domains are registered with GoDaddy, you will need to talk to your Rep there from more details.



Comment #8

Ron Jackson ran a cover story this month in DNJournal and a big focus of that was an interview where he talked with your CEO about DDN. This is what Dan Warner said: "The goal of the DDN system is to be the perfect enabler. Even the 2% commission that the DDN takes as part of any transaction is designed to be part of the market balance. The costs of development, management, technical resources, and ongoing effort of the DDN are roughly in balance with the expected earnings from the endeavour. A higher commission would have attracted hyper-competitors who would bid to control a system which should be inherently an open platform for global distribution.".

I've reread that article and there is not one mention in the interview of high commission fees (quite the opposite in fact), yet you say in one of your posts: "the higher commission percentage you assign on a HostGator the more it shows across the network, I believe 20% is recommended for maximum exposure".

So what went wrong? Did the greed factor get in the way? What about Warner's comment that the 2% commission fee would be the "perfect enabler", that higher commission fees would undermine the system by attracting "hyper competitors who would bid to control" the system.

This system initially sounded good, the way Warner spelt it out. Now it smacks of yet another money-making venture on the part of the registrars. I suspect there were good intentions in the first instance but then the likes of Parsons & co bucked at the prospect of taking only 2% of the action.

I will say one thing, in case Warner or Parsons is listening. HostGator name sales and renewals are a licence to print money and you guys have had it on your own to date, but sooner or later others will start to want part of the action. If the registrars had introduced this system and stuck to the 2% commission they would probably have the sub-$5000 aftermarket to themselves. Now, by implementing the scheme with commissions of 20-40 per cent, they've made sure there will be other players in the aftermarket. They've left the door open to big players like News Corp and Microsoft to enter the aftermarket ... after becoming registries in their own right.

Bad move, Mr Fabulous.


Comment #9

I tried to join Fabulous a few years ago, was never accepted. Do I have to be.

Accepted to sell names? I don't want to park my names there...

Comment #10

Before this thread has turned into a discussion about what people should be charging for their products, can we perhaps try to find out from Mike if the product is working as it's supposed to at GoDaddy.

Has anyone else listed a non-Fabulous regged HostGator with GoDaddy's Premium Listing service AND been able to make it appear in the Premium HostGator Names box when typing any related terms in the search box.

In my case the answer to the latter question is NO - as described in this thread:

Anyone else?..

Comment #11

If you are with Fabulous, how do you sign up for DDN?..

Comment #12

The 2% commission Dan has mentioned in the DNJournal article is the "Open Exchange" commission which the DDN itself takes as part of every sale made.

The Open Exchange commission relates to the costs of development, management, technical resources, and stock control.

I would suggest reading the Aftermarket Domains, Value and Process Segmentation Dan has written. It can be downloaded here.

One thing that was not mentioned in the DNJournal article is that ultimately the domainer owner sets the commission rate. The DDN then works on a handshake principle. Our partners will only stock domains that meet their criteria.

One of these criteria is commission. For arguments sake, lets say that GoDaddy will only accept domains that offer a commission of 25% or higher. If you are only willing to offer a commission of 20%, GoDaddy will not list your domains. Please see my post above for entry requirements. I'll need to check with the Tech guys and get back to you..

Update: This is a known bug and we are currently working on fixing it. If you're domains are registered with Fabulous and you would like to participate in the DDN, please contact your Account Representative or email.

Comment #13

I find that I get more successful with selling domains if I can promote them myself. I am interested to know about the possibility of linking a webpage to individual sales pages for each HostGator through the DDN provider. This means I can promote my portfolio and increase my sales exposure and also have the increased probability of a sale that is associated with a company with a more establish reputation to me and the automatic sales process...

Comment #14

I like the concept of it, but I'd really like to see uniform policy across the registrars before I use it. Allowing GoDaddy to charge for inclusion detracts from the overall openness of the system, especially at such an early stage. Setting policy to prevent inhibitors of program use should have been the first priority for growth. And if they're taking 2% off the top, it seems to be in they're best interest to get as many domains as possible listed and sold.

I'm not sure what deals are in the works with other registrars, but the varying policies is a huge turn off. Personally, I don't mind paying a decent commission for a nice sale. But I do have a problem paying an initial listing fee. And I certainly have a problem paying an initial listing fee when the exact same service is offered free elsewhere.

Do I have the choice to transfer my domains to a partner registrar that allows free listings? Sure... But the requirement for me to do so is definitely going to prevent me from using the system at all.

Like I said, I'm actually a fan of the concept, but all these backroom deals just make me feel like it's setup to make everyone a profit except me... And since I am the potential user, thats not a good thing...

Comment #15

Duceman congratulations on your sale.

I have sold quite a few domains through Fabulous DDN and I couldn't be happier. Its completely hassle free and the money is in your account straight away...

Comment #16

I don't like paying extra fees in advance just for listing my domains registered on godaddy..

Everyone is trying to get our money, specially these days...

Comment #17

I also dont like the fact that the registrars have a choice to essentially decide a minimum commission rate and preclude all listings below that. I think that your commission rate should directly effect your rate of rotation in the system, but should be standard across all registrars.

As an example. Registrar 1, 2, and 3 have a minimum commission rate of 15%, 20%, and 25% respectively. Now for maximum exposure, I need to offer 25% to get listed on all three. But if I make a sale on Reg 1, I'm essentially paying 10% more than necessary. And 5% if I sell on Reg 2. Essentially these 2 registrars are making more profit based on the increased minimum commission of Reg 3.

But if it's standard across all registrars, I can choose an exact price I am willing to pay, say 20%, and know that I will receive equal rotation on all registrars directly related to how much I am willing to pay in commission. This way I don't have to worry about overpaying,..

Comment #18

Has anyone else had any sales through DDN?.

More than 1 or 2 sold?.

I have a couple listed as a test but have yet to see any gains from it...

Comment #19

Thanks Mike, any joy in the last 24 hours?.

Do you think GoDaddy should perhaps post a disclaimer that the system is not yet doing what the marketing messages say it does?.

This is what the GoDaddy GoDaddy site says when you click on Premium Listings:.

"Your HostGator names will appear in the "Premium HostGator Names" section of our HostGator search pagepotentially visible to over 1 million searches a day!".

That's obviously not true so far - unless there is any chance 1 million people a day would be searching for your exact HostGator name, in which case it would be utter stupidity to list it there in the first place - given the terms state that the "Upper limit is $5,000".

For those that don't feel like reading my previous posts regarding this, the issue in a nutshell is that for GoDaddy registered names that have been included in the Premium Listings it appears to be impossible to trigger an appearance in the "Premium HostGator Names" section (which is what GoDaddy promises in exchange for their $4 listing fee and 20%-40% commision rate) regardless of how closely related the term being searched for might be.

More details available in the following post and thread:

PS: Mike, many thanks for the lightning fast response - you managed to do that while I was adding these links - that's what I call top level service!..

Comment #20

Hi name idol,.

The tech guys are currently working on this. As soon as it has been resolved I will let you all know.

I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.



Comment #21

Any more info/oppinions on DDN?.

I know Moniker is now using it for the marketplace. not sure about their domains...

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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