Any GoDaddy coupon for transfers?

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My question is: Any GoDaddy coupon for transfers?.

My 2nd question is: Hello - I got an email from DNCartoons regarding the possibility of brokering one of my domains through their "newsletter list of thousands of the worlds top HostGator buyers".

A search here came up with nothing about this company. As the email wasn't grammatically flawless and suffered from punctuation errors, I am suspicious of it's intentions. Hence, any feedback on this company would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and cheers...

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Your question was: Any GoDaddy coupon for transfers?.

DNCartoons is owned by Eric Rice, a rather large player in the HostGator industry. It is reliable and safe and you should feel comfortable using it. However, it is relatively new and pretty much a knock off of Rick Latona's site...

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Like Justin said, DNCartoons is a new venture owned by Eric Rice. He's been in the industry forever and knows most of the players. I recently sold 3 domains through his newsletter. They sold very quickly and I didn't have to drop the price at all. He is extremely professional, quick to respond, and an all-around nice guy...

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I am gonna sell 4 domains on his newsletter soon...

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I set the prices, and Eric didn't try to get me to lower them. Granted they were fair prices to begin with, but I guess my point is he isn't like Sedo where they try to get you to lower the price no matter what you set it at. I could try to list an in GreatDomains with a reserve of $10.00 and Sedo would probably come back and say they'll only do it at $8.00...

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No problem, glad I could help. Another important distinction between Eric's newsletter and Rick's is that Rick requires a 7-day exclusive and makes you put whois privacy on any HostGator he runs. Eric is a lot more laid back in that regard. He even lets you list domains that are already at auction for a flat fee just to get some extra exposure...

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Wow, this is real good news. Thanks for sharing...

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Eric's a really solid guy in the industry and great guy overall...even if Latona's newsletter came first, there's plenty of room for sales newsletters in the industry and Eric is more than capable and deserving of having a prominent one...

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I try to respond to all emails but honestly it is getting hard. I have gotten over 50,000 domains so far. You can imagine how hard it is to find a handful a week that will sell.

Here is what has sold in the newsletter, it is about a 67% sell rate so far. It has been going out for just under a month. (see below).

Somebody mentioned that I pushed the price down on a domain...Not really true, I just tell people what is going on and if they want to drop the price that is great. In the upfront I do pick domains where people seem more willing to let the market decide and who will do a few price drops.

Newsletter is more about being liquid than holding out for super, super high retail prices. Although on some domains I can just take it to the right buyer I know without putting it in the newsletter. We sell a lot of domains outside the newsletter.

Newsletter has some great benefits:.

1. doesn't tie up the HostGator for very long..

2. You set a price, you decide to drop the price..

3. Immediate Feedback with no commitment.

4. For big domains like it gets the word out to several thousand big buyers. It is more marketing. I never expected a sale of this HostGator at the newsletter price, but I expect it will sell eventually somewhere.

Good domains at good prices get sold, offers or requests for more info very quickly.

I have spent 3 years building the list, I have most of the regular buyers from all the venues, plus some never heard of. I am always surprised by who pops out of the woodwork to buy a HostGator for one reason or another on a daily basis. Solds below.

Just closed: MinnesotaHomeLoan: $1650, $5200 (first name).

In order of price. (We have other higher priced sales each month that buyer/seller do not report. Below is just the newsletter). (over $20,000+).

Package of 20+ small cities. (pending). (first name).

Didn't sell yet:,,

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I think some people are really looking too deeply into my comment about the price drop. I never said anyone pushed the price if I was held at gun point and forced to drop it, I never said anything like that.

I suppose when I've got someone from the higher ranks, like Eric or Rick, accepting my names and putting a $XXXX price tag on them it gives a kind of validation that my names actually just might be worth something, and with someone like them selling the name for me it gives me a higher hope that the name just might also SELL for that higher price as well....In this particular instance that didn't happen and it was a bit disheartening, but hey, c'est la vie. My post wasn't meant to down the service, and as you'll see I said service was fast and smooth.

The OP was asking for any feedback, I gave him my experience, like it or not...

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