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I also got another question: .

Are people seeing a sudden drop in Yahoo inbox rate in the last 24-48 hours? We have noticed this across the board, on many different platforms. I wonder if Yahoo is making a big move, in terms of really tighten the screws on inbox delivery. Could other mailers comment whether they are seeing similar things on their end..


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Your question was: Any GoDaddy coupon discounts available I can use?.

Yeah me too. Looks like Yahoo is testing something...

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I did hear that they fired around 800 people either Monday morning or last Friday. I know that people were having issues even logging into their personal email, fantasy leagues, etc. Do you guys think that this issue is related to the other above?..

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news...this is all a move as part of the "testing" phase of the roll out of a new system (named Abaca). All US inbound yahoo mx ips have now been switched over and if you're seeing a large inbox rate drop then you've been hit.....that's about all I'm going to say on here...

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Ya with yahoo whenever I noticed huge spikes in delivery or lower volume than the norm they are def testing something. Usually happens during the weekends...

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Yahoo has a new DNE domain list and theyre currently testing for malicious domains in all links.. "malicious" is a great word to use as apparently it applies to affiliate networks as well..

Knock on wood, we're ok for now, no decrease, but the people I'm connected with are saying this is mainly affecting certified senders for now.. and they're working to pull out domains which aren't really "malicious" over time..

In any case, this was really lame to do before the holidays and to fuck with people at a time like this.....

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I think you're refering to their internal DBL which they have been using for some time now. This latest change is an implementation of Abaca. The guy in charge of anti-spam engineering was part of the 800ish let go.....

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It's time to bring the hammer down on these fools. Nuff said...

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Can we hire him? ;-).

Dunno, hearing a totally diff't story than yours from a reputable company.....

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I have heard that Yahoo is testing on their new spam filtering. Could any one verify this? Based on your experience, do you think Yahoo will relax the filtering after a while, or do you see this toughness is a permanent thing?..

Comment #9

Actually Yahoo switched to Abaca in 2009.

Abaca Email Protection Gateway - The Only Spam Blocker With 99% Accuracy Guarantee.

This is old news...

Comment #10

The guy in charge of the anti-spam research is probably still there tbh. I've read nearly all his phd work and it's very interesting to read. Lots of gems in his writings...

Comment #11

Give me a little bit and i'll go find his stuff. It should still be archived at ACM..


It's not papers on anti-spam technology, but after reading it you'll see how it is use in their system if you can hit the inbox...

Comment #12

Thanks Crackeee for the link on Sparta.

Sparta | Yahoo! Research.

This appears to be Yahoo's new system...

Comment #13

Publications | Yahoo! Research.

Basically lookup all the researchers for sparta or that have written papers in the past on the subject of spam. You'll find most of them have papers at the ACM. I can't find the ones I was referring to right now, but I'll continue to look. The above method is how I found them before...

Comment #14

Not old news. Abaca has not been 100% implented until now. PM me for the source on this..

The links article is from 2008. That's old news...

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Anybody noticing an increase in complaints/scomps since the switch?? My scomps have doubled, which is really weird... must mean more is somehow getting through, I don't know if that's good or bad with the sudden complaint increase...

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I have been testing since Tuesday morning when all of our WL started bulking. I am able to tip some back into the inbox, but the results are all over the map. Below are some interesting results..

12 year old yahoo account. Never used for seeding my sends, but used from time to time to test to make sure emails are actually inboxing.

Before changes all test messages junked.

After changes all tests inboxed. 30 minutes later all tests junked again..

Made more changes and it inboxed again..

13 year old yahoo account..

Never used for seeding my sends, but used from time to time to test to make sure emails are actually inboxing..

Before changes all junk.

After changes all junk.

8 year old yahoo account..

Never used for seeding my sends, but used from time to time to test to make sure emails are actually inboxing..

Before changes all junk.

After changes about 80% inbox.

10 year old yahoo account..

Never used for seeding or testing.

Before changes all junk.

After changes about 100% inbox.

3 month old yahoo account.

Used for seeding regular sends and tests.

Before changes all junk.

After Changes 100% inbox.

1 month old yahoo account.

Used for seeding regular sends and tests.

Before changes all junk.

After Changes all junk.

The results are all over the place. None of these accounts have ever clicked to add the sender as a safe sender, or moved an email from the junk folder to the inbox..

Whatever they are doing over there is not really showing any pattern, making it hard to troubleshoot. Also emails from major stores like and other places that used to hit my personal yahoo inbox, are also now junking.

Roundabout - as far as complaints go if you might be on to something. We started seeing diminishing returns on yahoo sends late November and started seeing this seed account problem. So it would be interesting to go back and look at our complaint history to see if we saw a decrease in complaints since we might have been bulking a larger percentage than we thought. If you start inboxing more like you think you are, then in theory you should see some increase in your FBLs...

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Exactly, and it's a double edged sword..

Yahoo does this from time to time - you'll have a day where you suddenly get a huge spike in complaints, and you know you inboxed more than you normally do that day..

I hate when this happens because it really screws with your ratios, and can wind up killing your reputation..

In other words, sometimes it's safer to inbox a fixed, typical portion of your data (e.g. 60-70%) than 100%, unless you've been doing 100% all along..

Now with these latest changes, I'm wondering if they're intentionally letting a certain portion of their customers inbox 100% and have reset the slate, so to speak, and everyone now begins earning a brand new reputation being tracked by their new filtering system. So in other words, as of 2 days ago, thus began your new rep, and you can be let go any second if you go outside their ratios...

Comment #18

We were averaging 90-99% inbox the whole year, so our feedback rates were pretty steady. What I do not undertand is how these different accounts see different results regardless of age. There must be some other factor going on...

Comment #19

Not to debate details, that link was a press release from Jan 2009, close enough to 2008 I suppose..

The actual project name is Sparta:.

Sparta | Yahoo! Research.

It's their AI spam filtering technique they've been trying to develop since back in 2006 ish..

Crackp0t posted the link to the research papers here:.

Publications | Yahoo! Research.

I saw you PM'd Crackeeee some info, I'll ask him to share that and look into it. Perhaps the Abaca platform plays a major role in Sparta. It was my understanding Abaca had been fully implemented mid summer 2009, perhaps I'm mistaken (yes I'm squirrel enough to admit I may be wrong :-))..

Also you guys can get a snapshot of yahoo service uptime here:.


Comment #20

Tj knows his stuff. he's 100% spot on with this...

Comment #21

Wow TJ! I bow down to you.....

I will make a virgin sacrifice in your honor!..

Comment #22

Interesting. I just did a basic test yesterday and got straight into the inbox of yahoo it actual was quite simple (no sender score required)..

Comment #23

It seems 99% of people in here use interspire or volo or nexus and wonder why they are filtered by yahoo hmmmm...............

Mailing is a art..

Comment #24

They're are little secrets apparently you don't know about..

How about mailing 10 million into yahoo untouched of 1 ip..

With no sender score no feedback loop nadda can it be done?.

The answer is damn straight........!..

Comment #25

You're wrong. You won't hit 10million from 1 IP with no feedback loop...

Comment #26

Hey Guys do you have any updates on this, I'm still bulking after getting rid of all inactive data over 120days, I lost almost half my list and still no improvement..

Comment #27

Hey Guys,.

I got a great update from regarding the new yahoo setting, definitely worth the read.. A New Year..

Comment #28

So what does this mean for ESPs whereby every message going out has a different from?..

Comment #29

Here's AK's take on it.

Yahoo Observations from AdKnowledge: Monitor Your From Name Reputation.

In early- to mid-December, some email senders began having inbox placement issues at Yahoo. Yahoo had started to redirect messages to the bulk folder for some whitelisted email senders. In fact, several email senders who had maintained whitelist status for years also faced this challenge.

After analyzing mailing behavior for over a hundred email senders, we found that this issue mostly impacts senders utilizing multiple From Names (the portion before the @ sign sometimes called From Address).

What changed at Yahoo?.

We discovered that Yahoos reputation requirements have changed. Since December, Yahoo now uses the From Name in addition to the sending domain name and the IP to determine inbox placement. (We were also able to confirm that Friendly From Name does not yet impact inbox placement.).

Reputations for whitelisted segments are now monitored based on the following combination:.

From Name + Domain Name + IP.

Yahoo is keeping a separate reputation for each combination which could result in different inbox placement, even though the messages are sent from the same sending domain name and IP.

Who should expect shift in inbox placement?.

You should if you.

Recently changed From Names and have not yet established reputation on the new From Name.

Use multiple From Names and the reputation of any combination does not meet Yahoos reputation requirements.

In the past, if the average reputation of all From Name combinations from the same sending domain name and IP was acceptable, then emails were delivered to the inbox. With this change, if the reputation of any one name within the combination is not acceptable, then your mailing for that combination would no longer be directed to the inbox.

For example, lets suppose you use the following From Names to deploy emails from the same domain name and IP.

Lets further suppose the reputations of the first two From Names are acceptable to Yahoo, but that the third From Name is unacceptable. The first two From Names should be delivered to the inbox, while the third From Name is expected to be delivered to the bulk folder.

Would changing the From Name help if the From Name reputation is bad?.

It will not help until the new From Name is able to build a positive reputation. If you do not improve your mailing practices, it's unlikely the new From Names reputation will improve. However, if you make positive changes, you should be able to create a new and positive reputation that should improve inbox placement.

Why is Yahoo doing this?.

Most senders use different From Names for different segments of their list while mailing off the same IP. Yahoo is rewarding segments that are establishing positive reputations and punishing segments that are not meeting expectations. In the past, if a senders average reputation met Yahoos requirements, regardless of the From Name, it was acceptable. That is no longer the case.

Its still early. Yahoos reputation requirements just changed. More changes may be coming so it is important to keep a close eye on it. Make a New Years Resolution resolve to monitor your From Name reputation. Resolve to ensure your message gets into the inbox...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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