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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Any GoDaddy codes for 2011 I can use for checkout?.

My next question is: .

Hey guys - ok - here's my fun tip of the day..

As everyone knows (or should) - RR has some pretty strict connection rules. The problem is - with multiple hosts - most PMTA configs will make too many connections.

I've seen many people struggle with this issue - seeing 'too many connections from' - and you look - and are like 'hey - I have that IP locked down to X connections - I DONT have more open.

Well - you likely do. The rule is no more than X connections from each IP to each of the recepient mta's - the problem is - pmta sees differently than it sees - and certainly differently than (yes - it's the same host) - but - guess what ? They are the same receiving MTA's - it's almost like some evil 'trick'.

So if you wanted to make 5 connections max to - but you had 5 threads each to each of's 100's of sub domains - imaging how many connections you really have open ?

There's this though right ? .

Domain-macro rr [*.],,

So - many of you know about using the [*]. replacement so you can apply a rule globally to EACH of those subdomains. Note - I said - EACH : that means 5 connections = 5 connections for EACH of the subdomains - ooops - that's not what we meant to do - and it wouldn't help

How do you fix it ? .

Via some undocumented directives naturally !?.

Domain-macro rr [*.],,

And here comes the fancy part....

<domain rr.queue>.



<domain $rr>.

Queue-to "rr.queue".


Ta Da! Magically - CONTROL over the # of connections/ip/recepientmta.

Here's another must DO - some of you guys will literally owe me large after this tip alone.. you can pay me back by referring paid consulting to me so I can eat yahoo likely has more domains - I'm just being sloppy - but this is the bulk - add to this if you know more..

Domain-macro yahoo yahoo,ymail,rocketmail,sbcglobal,calbeach.

<domain yahoo.queue>.



<domain $yahoo.$intl>.

Queue-to "yahoo.queue".


I should add - you should use this @ the top of your config as well for handling the TLD's properly - this will cut down a lot of peoples configs drastically... I don't know if ever country is in there - I cut/pasted it from an old config I had - but it's 90% correct - and 100% on every tld that matters to a northamerican mailer (and then some).

Domain-macro intl com,,as,at,,be,,,bs,ca,ch, de,dk,,es,,fr,ge,gr,,ie,it, ,,,la,mw,,,nl,no,,net,s g,tw,ph,in..

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Your question was: Any GoDaddy codes for 2011 I can use for checkout?.

If I could add a point to andrewst's post - if you're building out a big config file consider adding directives to a txt file and use include /path/to/file.

Nice tip, dude..

Comment #1

Excellent tip - especially if you end up re-writing your config regularly - I include all vmta pool definitions in includes - and dynamically create inbox pools expressly for those ips I know inbox @ specfic domains (if they hit a seed within a time frame - we leave 'em in - if not - remove after no seed in X time frame. Then just pmta /reload which I actually have as a scheduled task every 10 mins since I'm always updating the includes. - much easier than re-writing a giant config and I also find PMTA parses configs faster and reloads quicker (a big deal if you have 3/4 c's in one config) if you use includes - don't know if that's in my mind or not - but for the other reasons alone - your dead on - includes = smart!..

Comment #2

I need to do that. I'm constantly running pmta reload in the shell every time I save. Nice!..

Comment #3

I had considered using the domain global for queuing:.

But for my need I ended up with a conditional pattern-list.

<pattern-list pattern1>.

Mail-from /@*/ <pattern-list>.

Rcpt-to /@(yahoo|ymail|rocketmail).com$/ virtual-mta=1.

Rcpt-to /@(hotmail|live|msn).com$/ virtual-mta=2.

Rcpt-to /@(aim|aol|cs|wmconnect).com$/ virtual-mta=3.

Rcpt-to /@(att|bellsouth|sbcglobal).net/ virtual-mta=4.

Rcpt-to /@*/ virtual-mta=5.



Comment #4

That's a good tip, but yahoo, sbc, and att are all different. my solutions for getting into sbc everyday do not work on att or yahoo. just my 2 cents...

Comment #5

Yahoo! premium and SBC are basically the same, from my experience..


Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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