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I got a quick question: Any GoDaddy code coupons I can use?.

I also got another question: 2008: The year when new domainers will look away from the "type-in traffic only, HostGator names should be no longer than X characters, no hyphens, no numbers, etc" stereotypes of the past.

Sitting on a profit which appears to be about 50k greenbacks on my investment... I ask myself.. Who are these noobs guys that really think LLLL.coms, L-L-L.coms, etc are going to flop? And... I wonder how many of them have made 50k in their entire domaining careers, nevermind making it over the last 4 months doing this part-time.

No endusers for LLLL.coms? How about $1 per enduser I find? Somehow I think your bank balance will be depleted by the end of this Biggest thing to succeed in 2008... Short Dotcoms.,,,,, L-L-L.coms, even good 5L and 6L.coms...

I can give you real endusers from all of those...

I always think in terms of ROI. The outlook of a good (I'll also hesitate to call it premium) may not return as much dollar-wise as a premium, but with a cost base of $7 versus $200-$2000, which one is more likely to go up 500% over the next year ($42 [renewal adjusted] versus $1000-$12000)?.

If you think about things that way... In hindsight, didn't a small investment in all of these make sense if you could have gotten the best quality names early on?.

As the world transitions towards being a more and more connected but disconnected (without wires) one, one which demands 24/7 internet access whenever, whereever, across both devices and platforms, one must ask themselves What does the future demands of HostGator names?.

IMHO, the future demands short, brandable names that are easy to remember. All of the categories I've mentioned above satisfy that hypothesis - some perhaps better than others, but nevertheless, they'll all be winners IMHO (i.e. make their respective /img/avatar7.jpgs a profit provided the money was intelligently in the extension, which may no longer necessarily be possible). sounds like a pretty bad name? I means it has a barely premium (and lately calling anything premium is "so not cool" ) F and a W ?!? And look who owns it...

There are opportunities everywhere, they just need to be found. And so 2008 is fittingly named... The Year of Opportunity...

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Your question was: Any GoDaddy code coupons I can use?.

I agree. 2008 will be BIG for .com again AND for .mobi too.

You are right thoughShort .coms..

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Yes opportunities are everywhere, but you need to be smart to found it..

Great post as always..

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I love the sound of this thread, Lets spread more positive energy around here.

Wooohooo 2008 will be our best year so far...

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I think we had already discussed this?

Oh well....let`d do it again..

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I've had better luck in the stock market going "with my gut" (which apparently isn't usually such a good idea according to a recent exchange between clowesy and filter ) than I've ever had trusting "experts", using "stock market tools", ...

To me, Google at IPO made sense... I watched them talk about it on TV and how it should have been $80 or $90 and how they thought Google was overpriced at $100+... Who wouldn't like a little piece of Google @ $100 today?.

Or Apple as they transitioned to Intel... Wouldn't that automatically make them more desirable as they could now be used by corporations around the world (surely there wasn't enough geeks saying Wintel is bad to stop this one)?.

Another no-brainer..

Now, we all look into the future and see a mobile internet... One where Ebay, Facebook, Google, and yes, Namepros, are in everyone's pockets.

Now, I ask of you... Has there ever been a safer bet than betting on the success of short HostGator names in light of the mobile web which will be heading our way soon (some would say it has already started)?.

If you have the money... Hedge your bet. Put a little in unpronounceable LLLL.coms, a little in CVCV's, a bit in LLL.coms and L-L-L.coms, etc.

An entire HostGator name portfolio consisting of names 6 characters or less is no longer a big risk, but rather, a big opportunity. You're hardly even exposed to market fluctuations if you diversify your portfolio with LLL.coms and CVCV's...

As short dotcoms continue to appreciate in value, it will no doubt have a ripple effect on other extensions. Thinking of adding an or to your collection? Now's an excellent time. These are also good ways for smaller domainers to hedge the risks they may be taking in short HostGator names.

One thing that's baffled me for a long time has been how few .mobi investors who claim to be "enlightened about the coming of the mobile web" have actually invested in short HostGator names in alternative extensions. Yet, this is exactly what is preached in the .mobi forum: "NNN.mobis and LLL.mobis are a good buy because they're short, easy to type, and easy to remember." What about that That

Are short .coms, .nets, and .orgs (and here I mean short = < 4 letters/numbers ; not characters) not an excellent hedge for both .mobi investors and forward thinkers?.

I wouldn't even call thinking about the mobile web and planning for it "future thinking", I'd liken it to common cents [sic]. There's money to be made selling mobile internet subscriptions and you can bet those carriers will do everything in their power to make the mobile web as enjoyable as the Internet you know today...

With that in mind and knowing that typos on cell phones (especially the iPhone and phones without qwerty-based keyboards) are far more common than on desktops or laptops, what company isn't going to want a short name?.

It looks like the future holds alot of opportunity for another domaining sector that I'm not particularly fond of as well.....

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Im excited. However I will once again say and make clear that although the name could not flop. I do not think that it will continually go up in value. That is all I will say..

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Reece, I'm a fan , but surprised by this. There is a tremendous negativity toward anyone who dares say anything negative about LLLL.coms. I don't think there is an open dialogue at NPs about this, and that's sad in some ways.

I think that it's extremely rare that a domainer clears 150K (annual) profit from their sales in part time work until they've been doing this a while and/or unless they bought in early. Giving the impression that you can reach sales that get you to clear 50K profit after expenses in 4 months could promote over-registering and false hopes. You must have had very good names and a great business plan. If you look at the appraisal and sales sections it looks like many have an inlfated view of their domains' worth and the chances they'll sell.

You are obviously a success, and information about the larger sales you had that got you to that profit level would be helpful.

Again, I am a fan of your thoughtfulness and dedication around here, and surprised by this post...

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I like .mobi and think it's a cool IDEA, but in all reality does it really matter what the extension is with todays phones. Take my sidekick for instance I have been able to browse the web in it's full glory for years. I can look at with no problem what so ever I can even get pop ups. I think the only advantage that .mobi brings to the table is the extension itself, it is associated with mobile which means that whatever .mobi site you go to on your mobile phone or device will be a cut down version of a website making it a faster load. That is the only advantage I see in the extension.

Also stated in another thread, companies like google detected when you are mobile and they redirect you to a mobile version of their site regaurdless if you were typing or whatever.

In think that .mobi will stay alive but at a limited pace considering the technology that is being produced in the world, i.e. sidekicks, blackberrys, treos, iphones, ect.

So think twice before buying your .mobis and look into the world about where the USA is compared to the rest of the Technologically advanced countries out there i.e. japan. The united states hasn't even seen some of the stuff those japanese phones and mobile devices can do.

Sorry but thats what I think. I am prolly wrong about all this, but whatever...

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Hi Jacal.

For starters, I've been at it 8 years, so, I guess you could say I've been at it awhile.

I didn't buy in early I rarely do. Buying in early is often done by newbies and often fails. I prefer to wait until a market is relatively established.

When I buy in, I buy in big. I hedge my bets and usually put $1k-$10k in the bets I place, rarely less, rarely more.

Despite selling many LLLL.coms, I'm still sitting on 1600+ at pretty much any given time, with about 1000 other names in other extensions or of different flavours. Size does matter. I only have to sell each of my LLLL.coms for $66 (have sold some for as high as $100 already) to make $100k profit here... In contrast, someone with 160 names would have to sell each name for $660 per highly unrealistic anytime soon and overly ambitious for even someone with quad premiums for the time being. And if that same guy was happy to sell his LLLL.coms for $66 like I might, he'd only net $16k... Still worth it for a few months work, but not exactly "get rich quick" material.

You're not going to get rich off domaining today if you don't come in with at least $10,000. You might make some money, maybe even a decent amount, but if you end up making $100k+ out of < $10k, you'd be part of that 5% anomaly that statisticians discount.

My price guide is up on prices and as one can see, as nice as most of the returns are, most aren't exactly going to get you rich unless you put in a whole whack of cash.

Same goes for LLL.coms, CVCV's, revenue producing names, etc. It takes money to make money. If you have no money, perhaps you're better off brokering names for someone (I might have a few openings come January), developing names, getting a real life job, ...

I know you knew most/all of that, but maybe that'll help a new domainer out there... I try and always refer to LLLL.coms as an investment... That's what they are. Investments rarely make you rich and if you get rich off them, it's probably because you were fairly rich to start off with, or held them for several years and allowed them time to grow in value...

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Now that is solid advice! You and Spade are so clear with folks around here that thinking that:.

A. hand registrations only.


B. thinking you can turn a tiny bit of money into a ton.

Are horrible business plans. I hope people take that advice.

Thanks again from sharing...people can learn a lot from you and several others around here...

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Great posts Reece, rep is on the way.

Edit: apparantely I rep you too much... lol..

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It's the thought that counts, thanks mate.

And.. I see you've made a lovely meso site..

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I thought your post was an excellent read Reece, rep added.

Here's to 2008! whichever HostGator path you all choose..

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It's very unfortunate, yes.

"Get rich quick" yields over 2 million Google results with maxed out sponsors...

"get rich fast" yields 141 Wordtracker... "get rich quick" yields 128... "how to get rich" yields 112... And plain old "get rich" yields 102.

They'd each make a hell of a good HostGator name... It's just unfortunate that it happens to be based on faulty logic.

The average millionaire in Canada is around 55 years old, depending on which source you trust... What makes 15 year olds, 20 year olds, etc think they can somehow warp the space-time continuum and get rich 3+ decades younger is anyone's guess, but it doesn't measure up to reality... Thanks mate..

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I agree you have to wait. Earlier I did not think my domains had much value, these days buyers contact me regularly (after holding for 10-12 months)...

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As always, Reece tells it like it is.

2008 opportunity> Short domains>shorter domains>shortest domains !!!.

Closing out 2007 I would like to thank Reece and the many others that offer their opinions in an open and deliberate manner. I have learned very much here at Namepros in the last 9 months and actually eked out a small profit in that time. look forward to great opportunity in 2008.

#1 Lesson learned (Just like my Pop always said)> If you are going to do it, do it RIGHT (Find your niche and be committed)!.

Wishing all a prosperous 2008 and if you get any hot tips let me know!.

(Thats hot tips, not hot lips, Pred ).



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Great post, well said!.

And for those inclined to point out the mythical connection between "opportunity" and "danger" or "crisis" in the Chinese language (as I was just about to do, LOL!) - here is a link to a fairly convincing article debunking that cherished wonk mantra -> have to say - teh Google has added an incredible amount of value to my online existence as a wannabe know-it-all ... can't imagine running to the library to look up all these factoids like I might have had to 20 years ago (though at that time in my life was spending about 10 hours a day tracking down random facts in the stacks of a pretty decent library anyway ...)..

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One thing I can definitely say for certain about 2008 - possibly without contradiction - it will occur immediately after midnight on 31st December 2007..

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I have only bought mid xx names, registered xxxx names. Reece have you actually made your $50k? If so, congrats. If not, thats just like saying my one letter names will hit 1 million next year and you must be stupid for not buying mine.

Traffic will continue to be everything. Type ins is what keeps HostGator name valuable.

Oh yes, if you buy in what you preach, all my one letter names, SHORTEST NAMES POSSIBLE on the internet, only $5,000 each. A fricking BARGAIN!..

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I hate to be the first person to come into this thread and be negative but I have to disagree with Reece on many topics here. Did I hold LLLL.coms? Yes. Do I still hold any? Nope. Why? Reg Fees. The reg fees for holding that many names is going to take a huge chunk out of your profits. I was able to flip my and investments for over 300% in 2 months.

This leads to a situation where if the market turns bad you are now holding 1,600 names that need to be renewed. For me I decided to take my profits and look to by one name with the profits. Now I do not have to worry about reg fees and still have a name that is appreciating. Also, with LLLL.coms there are so many being held by domainers it is very easy to buy back into this market if you want to. I chose to buy and flip and while I did not have 10k to start with I turned my 500 bucks into over 2 grand.

You say that you need 10k to start making money? Maybe purely buying and selling domains but I think most of us are more online money makers then strictly "domainers". You may need 10k to make a huge amount of money in a year but if you are patient and make smart investments there is so much money floating around online that I find it hard to believe that a person can not make money. Starting with nothing I was able to make over $120 in a week online as a hobby. When you bring development into the picture the game changes completely since you can take a HostGator that you pay less then $100 for and build something that easily makes over $100 a month. You just need to be willing to put in the time and effort.

Will their continue to be opportunities online in 2008? Yes of course their will as the expected advertising money that is spent online is supposed to double. The way I am looking to capitalize on this is through further promoting the developed sites that I have and trying to increase the traffic that my portfolio recieves...

Comment #20

With just the slight correction -> will begin exactly on 12:00 AM Jan 1st 2008 ...

Here's an "official countdown" ->

Comment #21

Nice correction. That clock is my new homepage for the time being..

Comment #22

My prediction is that in 2008 you will be a better domainer than you were in 2007.

You never stop growing if you keep at it. I have been doing this for 12 years and still, I will be a better domainer in 2008 than 2007.

What I keep seeing over and over is that the longer I do this the more opportunity that knocks. I am better at spotting and recognizing deals than I was in the past. The old adage, practice makes perfect, applies to domaining as well.

There are deals everywhere, just like real world real estate - it never stops. 2008 will be better than 2007 if you just stay focused...

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Great post geb9696, a much-needed balance to whatever "one true way to LLLL Nirvana" ideas people might mistakenly come away with from reading this thread ... There is a lot to be said for your short-term/long-term strategy - congratulations on making it work for you! Best bet from any direction seems to be - figure out the angle that makes the most sense to you based on your own timeline and tolerance for risk - and make it happen in 2008 & beyond .....

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Reese, come on, this is somewhat misleading. Your 50K profit seat you're 'sitting on', is based on 'if' you were to sell all your LLLLs at once, based on the amount you 'think' they will sell for individually. And if one were to sell 1600 LLLLs to one buyer I'm quite sure the words 'major discounts' would come into play there, and so would the majority of your 50K in profit expectations. And I'd highly doubt that in 3 years there will be a rush on 4L's with 'q' and 'z' etc., that those profits would materialize that way either. So as each year cuts into the ROI of the name, one would 'hope' those names would increase accordingly. And as the only major buyers and sellers of LLLLs would only be domainers to domainers, and there being over 456,000 variations, their value is not likely to skyrocket for many years to come.

But one must be careful of 'preaching' that this is sure fire way to be be highly considered. I just feel your over zealous hyping of 4Ls, be it .com or .net, is becoming a somewhat unintended misleading Pied Piper cry, that will lead a trail of too many unwitting newer entries to the HostGator world, somewhat 'astray'...

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Thank you hawkeye for this post. I have been trying to say the same thing to preachers but you said it the best. Nice post...

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I can't wait until Feb to see how crazy it all gets with LLLL's; this is nothing!!! All these same ideas were tossed around during the big LLL debate. I only have 45 nice LLLL's, but I agree with Reese...

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Seconded - well said, some really good points to consider....

Profits on paper are one thing, cash in hand is another. Yet Bill Gates is widely considered to be worth many tens of billions of dollars - based on his ownership of (at one point) 40% of Microsoft ... Certainly if he put all his shares on the market all at once, there would be a sharp (but probably ultimately temporary) decline in the price. (I used to get paid pretty well to write software for "program trading" systems to manage details + timing for buying or selling large amounts of shares just as fast as possible without moving the markets too much .... It's generally a solvable problem.).

Reece currently owns about one third of 1% of the "shares" (but maybe a slightly larger percentage than that of the LLLQ / LLLX / LLLZ etc if you want to look at it that way) ... if he wants to sell all his 1600 "ASAP" I'd expect it to take about 30 days for the reseller market to soak up the surplus, bringing prices during that period down by probably at least 30% ... if others noticed a big holder selling out and then panicked and decided to dump their own holdings (rather than thinking for themselves and possibly enjoying a "second-chance" buying opportunity instead of a "last-chance to sell at any price" stampede out of the market) then might see prices at 50% or less of their current "values" in the reseller market - for anywhere from a few months to perhaps even a year or 2. Meanwhile ... there will still be at least a few buyers who have calculated some realistic baseline (yes, end-user) value for even the "worst" LLLL, and they'll be happy to soak up the bargains as long as they last, as much as their "risk capital" budget will allow. (All just my best guesses, who knows how this or similar scenarios might actually play out - I really don't - but this would be the least surprising to me of several possible outcomes). is IMO best played as a long-term game - in many ways it's still early - though I wouldn't mind having gotten into it even a few years earlier - paying an extra $21 of renewal fees over 3 years for a good CVCV seems like a (slightly) better deal than paying an extra $200+ for one in an auction today. Though taking into account the "risk premium" and possible appreciation of that $21 if invested in other good domains over the past 3 years, maybe it balances out with the extra $200 (or whatever) today.

I try not to get too excited about my LLLL, but it's hard not to when you're winning a "crazy bet" .... and we all like to preach a bit one way or another, some more than most. I'm not looking for more people to be buying when I'm buying - I'd prefer them to be selling. (Conversely, if I'm selling, I'll be happy if most people are buying rather than selling at the time). But given that I'm often buying and (less often, reluctantly) selling a couple ... there's not much percentage in doing anything other than trying to figure out what the real value of these funky little critters really might be, and encouraging other people to share their thoughts to help do the same.

I don't know who to credit for this great quote -> But I'm not sure that any of us truly know who's going to be feeling foolish later about buying into or not buying into (etc.) ... Caveat emptor - always good advice when listening to free advice, that's for sure...

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The main problem I have with this argument is roughly 17.6k names versus over 400k names that find their value based not off of parking revenues but having the possibility being an acronym for a company that is willing to pay big $$$ for the name. If you look at the first 500 names registered a bunch were LLL.coms by very big companies. I think that tells a lot about the difference between and LLLL.coms. I believe that end-user will be found for some name but in my opinion it is a bad gamble to take. Especially when you consider the prices of names that have non-premium letters...

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Agree that 2008 would be a very pleasant year for all Domainers. However, I don't think it is a year of "Short-Brandable.Com" only. Good Keywords domains would also have a nice time..

Comment #30

I' buying LLLL.coms in bunches. I can buy whole portfolios. Currently I want to invest 10k to LLLL.coms. So I think if Reece wants to get 50k today it's possible..

Comment #31

As do I.

For the record, I was quoting my 50k figure as being a $5-$10 discount over current market averages (and $10-$20 discount over what I've been currently selling them for). I accounted for about a 20% decline in prices selling them "ASAP" and I think this would mesh fairly well with reality.

People seem to lump LLLL.coms in 1 big category... That's just not so. Let's start analyzing here...

CVCV's... Probability of flopping? A: Less than bad letter LLL.coms..

VCVC's... Probability of flopping? A: Probably less than bad letter LLL.coms..

Quad Premiums... Probability of flopping? A: Certainly no more than NNNN.coms..

That's almost 120k LLLL.coms right then and there. So our "bad names" are actually more like 330k, not 457k..

*Flopping being considered taking a large, sustained drop in value over 1 year+.

Okay, minor detail, right? Now, I ask of you... How much more likely is a triple bad letter to find an enduser versus a triple premium plus 1 bad letter (let's call it

Is less likely to find an enduser than, yes, most certainly....

Pricepoint difference... $40 versus $5000. Now, lets do some simple math...

Which is more likely... Reselling for $80 or for $10,000? (both a 100% ROI)? I'm going to place my bet on any day of the week... Matter of fact, I'm fairly confident triple bad letter LLL.coms are overpriced by a full $1500 USD at present (by gospel followers) and don't expect them going up on their current value until at least February-March 2008. Disagree with me on this... I promise to bring this back up and make a fool out of you when I paint you wrong in front of everyone..

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Larry page- 34 years old- started google when he was 25.

Sergey brin - also 34 years old- cofounder of google.

Jerr yang- 39 year old- founded yahoo when he was 26.

Its people like this, and and countless others, especially in the tech division, that make these 20 year old believe they too get rich- just like these guys did-..

Comment #33


A very good wikipedia entry every young domainer should read...

Comment #34

It's a lot easier today to become a millionaire earlier on; especially with the internet. A million today isn't worth as much as a million 30 years ago...

Comment #35

But most of these young domainers don't want just $1 million like they might have had domaining been around 30 years ago...

Even looking at $1 million from a pure domainer perspective (which a good proportion of Namepros members fall into)...

How much does the average domainer start off with... Maybe 1k?.

Turning 1k into 1000k requires a 100,000% ROI. It doesn't sound so easy that way now does it? If you quadrupled (400% annual) your investment each year with a $1000 intial investment, it would still take 5 entire years to hit $1 million [assuming you somehow avoid taxation]... And 400% annual returns are Frank Schilling material here...

Maybe 2008 will be the year when domainers get real jobs to finance major HostGator name investments. As some have pointed out, even most of the early investors had very good paying jobs (computer programmers, doctors, lawyers,...). It takes money to make money and I think this will slowly resonate through the HostGator name industry. There is no get rich quick scheme other than successfully developed website (as the example above about Larry Page et al illustrates)...

Comment #36

Not sure how many watches you have under that trench coat there.

Again Reece, it appears you are misleading here too. And I'm somewhat confused as to why you seem to be touting things that are out of perspective. I'd say if you were to sell for $80, you'd be one of the worst, or 'a very desperate', domainers/businessmen to be giving advice. Why would you use a 4L .com example, that you 'valued at', and paid $450 for, as a bellweather for your pricing analogy is somewhat perplexing!! Maybe it's your best 4L. I'd think that if you/anyone sold it for $80, after paying 5+ times more for it, than one should think more than twice on how far into the 4L market to proceed. I'm not saying 4L's are bad investments, I wouldn't waste my money on only but the prime-est of them, but to make them out like 'any 4L' is a sure course to HostGator profits, seems like selling tickets to midnight mountain ledge walks.

Fields analogy to take into account too. So.., maybe you will...

Comment #37

You said the average canadian millionaire is around 55 yrs old- you didnt say the average canadian domainer- how many of those millionaries are domainers? a handful?.

That was a good article- did YOU read it?..

Comment #38

I was making LLLX out to be Letter, Letter, Letter, X. Much like LLLQ might be Letter, Letter, Letter Q. The very reason I chose X, rather than Q was indeed because I do own and I didn't want anyone misunderstanding me and thinking someone else's name is (eg. is worth considerably less than they paid. Personally, I think I overpaid for, but I couldn't care less it's not for sale and I have development plans for it, but I was in no way imply the name "L" "L" "L" "X" .COM (easier to understand?) was an $80 name... and I of all people would know that having bought it.

But if you want to consider the name "L" "L" "L" "X" .COM, I'd prefer to have that over a triple bad letter, anyday if I wasn't permitted to sell either... Way more potential in mine... Way more brandability... And... it's even rarer (I really don't like calling things "rare" to justify a price but so many sellers seem to be doing that lately...).

Anyway hawk, don't be bitter that these things are owning your .mobi investments... I do believe I preached several times about how .mobi and complemented each other and a few people pmed me to thank me post-buyout for having taken my advice. Don't be a sore loser. There's only a handful of millionaire domainers period. If you were to make a list of all the owners of prime dotcom real estate and major domainer sites (didn't DomainTools start some kind of project about finding these guys?) I highly doubt you'd end up with more than 1000 names versus 70k+ registered Namepros users and no doubt countless others who either aren't registered here or prefer to conduct business in private.

It's great to be ambitious, but the first step to success is setting realistic goals. And for someone coming in with less than 5 figures, I really don't think I'll see millionaire in your bio within the next decade... Sure it might happen, just as that wiki I did read (practice read what you preach!) makes clear... But people (especially young people) have this sense that they're somehow different from others special in some way, maybe even unstoppable. Maybe someone can educate me on what the psychology term for this is, I appear to have forgotten it, but there is one and that's because these kinds of delusions of grandeur are very common in teenagers/young adults.

I definitely think young domainers would be better off setting realistic targets though... If you're still in school and can pay for your tuition by domaining... You're a success story imho and should be iyho too. Looking back on the mistakes I've made along the years... Stay in school, get a good degree, a good job, and reinvest that money in domaining. Life will be so much easier that way..

Comment #39

..uhhh, where did my .mobi investments come into play in reference to's??? I've never mentioned .mobi in this thread, and don't in any way see the connection of the two!! I'm also glad people pm'd you about the 'post-buyout', cause I don't know what that has to do with this conversation either. But to call me a sore loser, and say I'm bitter... because what..?, I don't have 2-300+ going nowhere LLLLs that start with Q and include Z, V, etc..., seems..., well..., so... 'desperate' I guess.. Especially since I never insulted you 'once' here...

Comment #40

Now that was a much more informative answer then sending me off to some article- you asked what makes these 20 year solds THINK they can be millionaires earlier- all I was saying is they look at tthese guys who did do it- and set their sights on doing that too- since it has been done, that is where they get the drive to do it too...

Comment #41

It's also the reason we see so many successful 20-30 year olds. Take a look at your grandpa (mine's dead, but hopefully yours isn't so this example makes sense )... If you were to propose starting a HostGator name business to him, he'd probably think you were from a different planet!.

The drive to succeed and the "sense" (however flawed it may be) that they will and must succeed is no doubt the reason we have so many successful young people. That drive and sheer willpower seems to go away as you age (maybe a bit year by year).

I still haven't been able to convince my dad to put any of his investments in even the safest HostGator name investments like premium LLL.coms... I can show him, charts detailing the growth rate, information about the market... It doesn't matter. He's made up his mind and he isn't prepared to risk even 1% of his money on an

In contrast, some of you guys I've been told are using tuition money to fund HostGator name purchases... That's pretty bold! And if it works out for you, kudos.

I'll say one big thing positive about young domainers though... You guys are the bravest bunch of domainers I know... And sometimes it does take bold moves to succeed. I don't know... Calling me a watch salesman is sure appealing... And if I really wanted to hype LLLL.coms, why the heck would I keep telling impressionable young people that they won't get rich off a small investment? Why wouldn't I tell them that a few hundred bucks in LLLL.coms will one day pay their tuition and their retirement?.

Oh yeah... Because I do have a conscience and I know that's not reflective of reality...

1. I've never once mentioned anyone will get rich quick off LLLL.coms not once.

2. I've always likened LLLL.coms to investments (much like the stock market).

3. I've made it very clear that it takes money to make money.

4. I always say... Diversify your risk.

I think even most skeptics will agree that those 4 statements are hardly statements anyone intending on generating false hype would make... Quite the converse. I won't be selling my LLLL.coms this year or next year (other than to purchase more of them) anyway, so I have no reason to create false hype, only spread facts. False hype is usually self-defeating in the end and often causes more harm than good (as seen in "pump and dumps")...

Comment #42


I think you'll do well with your domains and I wish you the best with them. I only own one, but I do imagine I've made money on it so far and it does earn some good income. To you and all the holders, I wish you the best in 2008.

Regarding and "overpriced" numbers, that might be a challenge to defend. domains are being swallowed up by remarkable demand right now and the prices are accurate reflections of the minimum prices being paid for any letter combo HostGator (even the least of letter quality and composition).

The supply is quite low among domains, as very few are finding their way to market right now. So many are in either end-user hands or effective end-user hands (* see definition below). As prices rise, more do come to market from the available supply due to pricing incentive, but so many are now held by owners whose incentive to sell is quite limited. Even some relatively recent well funded resellers are becoming effective end-users, which only tends to further restrict supply and drive prices up in the face of continued strong and growing demand.

Time will tell regarding this prediction, but your thoughts to the contrary would be well appreciated if you don't mind (if you don't mind extrapolating on your quote above). No research and analysis of mine correlates with your thoughts, but I'd appreciate your different perspective and supporting info and I'd value the opportunity to learn from your insight and different experience.

Also, I don't know about being a gospel. Hopefully it is a helpful guide and reference. The only Gospel I know is the one that offers powerful good news of grace and salvation.



*To define, the newer class of "effective end-users" are HostGator holders who treat their domains as end-users, though they have the intent to sell if a high price inspires them. That said, they don't have to sell (they are typically very well financed) and are in a full hold mode, perhaps even developing their names slightly, until strong (buy-out type) money inspires a sale. Effectively they act like an end user through their holding and even slight development of their domains, but because of their well funded status, they can plan on and enjoy holding their domains long term or until an offer comes along they can't refuse...

Comment #43

Zesty, your site is a great one and I meant no disrespect towards you in saying it rather that some domainers tend to see whatever is reported on your site as "The Word", rather than conducting their own research, analyzing sales data on their own,...

I'm a big fan of premium LLL.coms and even names like which sold awhile back at Namepros. I'm just not a fan of the names consisting solely of X's, Q's, Z's, J's (which, are the bottom 1% of LLL.coms). I do not see these as being easier to find endusers for than premium CVCV's and I do think the market will come to realize this.

Again, not a comparison of LLL.coms to LLLL.coms, merely a comparison of the worst 100 or so LLL.coms to premium LLLL.coms, some of which have tenfold the acronyms the former does...

Comment #44


Thanks for your reply. This is well said. Premium quality among acronyms will always command a premium, and your analysis of premium vs lesser quality is quite viable.

There are still some variances, such as that each additional letter can reduce appeal, such as seen in extremes of vs for example. To explain, there are many more companies that could use an than an acronym domain. Additionally, each letter extra to type-in will reduce random type-in visits somewhat. That said these two examples are relatively small variance considerations (among many other small variances inherent between LLL and LLLL categories).

Ultimately, the potential for premium is very strong. Premium letters always tend to lead the way and guide valuations of all other same length letter letter quality combos. I do believe that premium domains will be strong risers in the years to come. Lower quality domains will drag along somewhat in comparison, and will too struggle with the issues of reg-fees in comparison to values, but premiums will be largely exempt from this concern.

We have all, and will all continue to place our bets, with some in a way more informed than others, but time will ultimately tell. Keep up the good work Reece!.



Comment #45

I never called you a 'watch salesman'. I was just pointing out the discrepencies in your statements that seemed to keep popping up, such as you are sitting on 50K profit (according to your projections), and using a name you paid $450 for to equate to an $80 sale for comparisons sake on LLLL values. I even noted before that you were possibly 'unintentionally' misleading newer domainers on these being 'wise or great investments'. And I never said you were telling others they would 'get rich' on LLLLs, or that you didn't note those '4 statements' ever. But I guess twisting ones words around to your benefit of 'looking intelligent' works better to those that see a 'moderator' as all knowing. You forgot to note how buying $13 domains and selling them off at $8 each is also sound advice too.


Comment #46

Please reread my earlier post... Once again.... I used as an example of a name with 3 perfectly fine, maybe not premium letters and then BAM! A bad letter, X pops up. I could have called this for triple premium + X or for triple semi-premium + X, but I chose to call it for triple (non-bad) letter + X. I own 1600+ LLLL.coms... If you're trying to make examples I use out to be wrong, I think you'll do very well for yourself seeing as they are examples, and seeing as how I do believe this is the third time I explain this now.

I explained my profit away... You don't like it? Call it what you want... Call it minus 12k that everything I put in LLLL.coms was an utter waste if that makes you feel any better. It's just your opinion and mine is mine.

For the record: I'm a college dropout (re: uneducated). Npcomplete has at least 50 I.Q. points on me and I think Filter does too and just humbly explains it away as a googling past-time So no, I'm not intelligent. I do have alot of experience though and sometimes experience = intelligence. I do enjoy learning however and try and learn something new everyday.

Last note.. What names did I buy for $13 and sell off for $8 except a few god awful .mobis after I had successfully sold more than enough to break even? And you as well Zesty! Always a pleasure.

All LLL.coms are excellent investments, of course, and my whole debate on even those 100 was merely centered around how fast we'll see a significant ROI (a central debate about whether LLLL.coms are necessarily better than alternatives has been brewing on Namepros for awhile now). It would be foolish (and I'm sure your stats would agree with me here) to suggest that any will not continue to go up in price year after year, well into the forseeable future.

For those who can't afford an though, a few premium LLLL.coms sure seem like a safe bet...

Comment #47

I don't need to re-read anything. I never disputed your explainations, my comments were made prior to you doing such! Stating that you've made, or are sitting-on, 50K (more than once), is more than an 'opinion'. To anyone 'newer' here, it looks/sounds like that is your profit, not just your opinion! And that is how others will read it too. That's all...

Comment #48

Reece, after reading your posts and following your link to your blog, I now regret having just put up for auction at Sedo. I know it won't fetch much, and I had not considered that many domainers are probably strapped for cash this month, though now that you mention it, it seems obvious. Anyway... feel free to bid on it...

Comment #49

Guys. Could we please put an end to this bickering. Part of the forum thinks they are gold, the other part thinks they are worthless. Can we please just leave it alone? Us arguing is not going to increase or decrease the price of anything. Lets just leave it alone and see what happens...

Comment #50

Well hawk, if it makes you feel any better, I have made well over 50k outside of LLLL.coms this year...

Anyway, my blog shows the reasoning here... Median sales price according to data interpolated by yours truly was $40.00. I have about 800 names that fall relatively easily into that category (PPPX, PPPQ, PPPZ). Large majority of the rest fall into the 2 bad letter / 1 bad + 1 semi category which is going for about $15-$30 on average. I have considerably more 1 bad + 1 semi than 2 bad, but, let's just take a middle price and count that as the discount I'd have to give to sell these quick, say within a month... So $22.50 on the other half.

So maybe my math's a bit wrong and I'm sitting on 50k worth of LLLL.coms, rather than a profit of 50k (should be a profit of 40k if my math is correct this time) [2k invested in better quality LLLL's, 10k in these].

Anyway, point of saying what profit I'm holding onto in LLLL.coms is kind of a defensive position to people calling LLLL.coms a flop, wouldn't you agree? I never said someone could make what I made if they put the same money in today... I just said what I made, just like so many members in the .mobi forum are so fond of doing. Sometimes, the best way to shutup a skeptic is to show him real value. TDNAM, Snap, Namejet, private and public sales at Namepros... These all show that someone values LLLL.coms. It really doesn't matter if it's another domainer or an enduser in the end.

If these guys eventually find their way to LLLL.coms (and maybe they already have), who's to say we don't have actual endusers out there? Are LLLL.coms Mobi 2.0? Everyone has an opinion on them and we all have to agree to disagree just to get by The thing that some of the veteran .mobi subforum members have learnt all too well is that opinions, even of a small group of investors can have a short term impact on prices especially at venues such as right here on Namepros. My blog comment made a seller wish he hadn't put his name up for sale. Had he seen my blog post earlier, perhaps he wouldn't have put that name up for sale...

I agree with you that none of us certainly have the authority to make or break LLLL.coms, but I do think that each and every one of us has the ability to alter the perception a fellow reader has towards LLLL.coms and could no doubt encourage a fellow investor to sell early or not enter the market at all if a convincing enough reason were given and the fellow investor was sufficiently impressionable (the converse applies here as well, of course), which alot of new domainers seem to be...

Comment #51

In 2008 I will read a little less forums and develop a lot more...

Comment #52

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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