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I got a quick question: Any free GoDaddy coupon codes available?.

I also got another question: .

Greetings all,.

The quest to stay ahead of the curve continues.. We have almost fully integrated feedback loop capability into our MTA. I am basically at the point of contacting the major ISPs to see what the next step entails. I would like to be one step ahead in our development though. Can anyone post an example feedback loop email from the big isps like Yahoo and AOL, so I can finish development of the email reader which will process the FBL unsubscribe?.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!.



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Your question was: Any free GoDaddy coupon codes available?.

Everyone pretty much uses the ARF format now..

Mutual Internet Practices Association..

Comment #1

Is it me or the fact that all you do is try to sell or hype up your MTA?.

And who in their right mind would buy/lease a MTA from a company that asks so many super basic question and doesn't have access to feedback loop emails or almost has feedback loop function working in their MTA?..

Comment #2

Vinnie, you are right, I am here primarily to promote my MTA, because lets face it, the conversation around here is sometimes lacking and barely entertaining, with most people just posting insults or pictures..

I am trying to keep my conversation and threads useful, not only to me, but to others like me.. Not everyone is advanced as you, not every MTA is advanced as yours, and I am guessing you probably make more money and have a bigger cock than everyone in here too...

Now, back to my MTA...

It has been evolving for almost 2 years now, and has undergone many drastic changes over the last 12 months, as has this industry. I am doing my best to keep up, and keep my clients armed with the most useful tools to be profitable. I don't have a team of programmers. I build one function at time.. This week, it's feedback loops, clearly a necessary addition and trend of the industry...

Being that there are so many advanced users in this forum, asking even the most basic questions could return very useful answers/ideas/suggestions. And often I ask questions I already know the answer to, just to see what others have to say or to help someone learning...

Many members of this forum have viewed demonstrations, and I am trying to apply as much of the feedback as possible to cater to the fact that every mailer mails differently. I will continue to post to this forum to keep anyone who is interested up to date on it's evolution.

Have a great weekend!.


PS.. thanks to those of you who post serious responses with useful information..

Comment #3

Yea, I think he's probably got more issues than worried about FBL's...

Comment #4

This thread is about feedback loops.. Anyone have anything relevant to contribute?.

After registering our first feedback loops at yahoo today, it seems like this entire process can be fully automated upon installing domains into the MTA, apart from creating the main FBL account at yahoo.

Is it basically the same for AOL?.

Does anyone have this process fully automated or are you inputting your individual loop requests manually?.



Comment #5

I know a little about your history so I know you're a fairly good dude (we have mutual friends)..

Long story short is I'll give you a couple tips to help you:.

1. use a unique key in your email header which will track the individual sent to address and possibly the origin list as well..

2. Because most ISPs will redact the info this will be about the only real way to track the FBL email. This will also help you source 3rd party complaints like spamcop easier (they usually give you the header but redact the sent to email addy)..

Bottom line is each ISPs FBL application process is different. If you do intend on marketing your MTA publicly FBLs will be a key requirement. Automating it for the client is not so important, removing FBL complainers is mission critical...

Comment #6

Thanks thisguy,.

Yeah I am way past that point, regarding id's and headers, but thanks again!.

My point about the automating is for myself and my clients dealing with hundreds or thousands of IPs and domains installed on an MTA. I'd like those FBLs set up with the push of a button. Perhaps not for every recipient domain, but at least for yahoo and aol. Any other big ones you recommend doing?.

As far as receiving their email, identifing the id in the header, matching it to a recipient and unsubing it, that is finished. I just need to custom fit it now and automate as much as possible.....

Comment #7

What's wrong with posting funny pictures?.

Even a helpful, information-filled thread can use some levity once in awhile..

Being able to take a joke and laugh at oneself has been known to cause significant revenue enlargement...

Comment #8

I have to ask again.. anyone here able to post their NEW feedback loop requests diretly to yahoo automatically?.

Their form has that damn AJAX field validation and I am having trouble automating the post as a result. Anyone automate this aspect? I have the MTA logging in to the FBL account, just cant submit the damn form...



Comment #9

Lol the way you keep describing how your MTA and how it keeps doing more than a Mail Transfer Agent makes me think of Cartman's trapper keeper that keeps on growing..

Do you allow for demos?..

Comment #10

Not at this time Alias.. demos are on hold until I roll out a new version with at least Yahoo and AOL feedback loops fully functional and automated at least on the Mail Server (instead of mta ) side. And yes, it does many things besides mail, like access affiliate accounts and report stats, domain name server, etc. but thats another topic for another thread.

So are all you people typing in your feedback loop domains to yahoo one a time? How do I get past this damn AJAX post and that stupid + image with "Create one or many Complaint Feedback Loop Requests at once. ".

How do I post a c-class worth at once? Am I missing hidden variables or is it just impossible??? Yahoo's way of saying phuck you to us?.

Someone impress me...



Comment #11

Obviously the only way to do it is magic..

(Or piggyback / control a browser that can handle ajax, and grab / modify / click the elements after they've rendered, shrug)..

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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