Any available GoDaddy promotional coupon for 2011?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Any available GoDaddy promotional coupon for 2011?.

My next question is: How many Domains do you own. (Any Domains poll here).

Only for survey!..

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Your question was: Any available GoDaddy promotional coupon for 2011?.

I have about 1300 at the moment and am aquiring more every day. Am currently looking to get a few real premium names though as I am trying to increase the quality of my portfolio, although I'm still very happy with it...

Comment #1

About 1,100 now ... hoping to drop it below 1,000 with the help of my October MEGA-SALE, starting today or tomorrow. (Watch for it!)..

Comment #2


Randomo and aussie, just curious, does your portfolio cover itself with parking revenue or do you have to make sales to cover the reg fees.

Also how do you keep track of so many..

Comment #3

Mine comes nowhere near covering itself in parking revenue. I would probably be lucky to make $500 per year in parking. I have to make sales to cover costs and make money.

I have an excel spreadsheet to keep track of them all which works quite well...

Comment #4

I use excel aswell atm, but if I get many more domains I would be looking for something else tbh.

I try to keep most of them at the same registrar (moniker) aswell which helps..

Comment #5

I've got just below 100 domains at the moment - and am no-where near covering the costs with parking. Although I only really have one good typo domain, and the rest are,, (etc)..

Comment #6

About 650 for me as of this moment =)..

Comment #7

2 .INFOs.

13 .COMs.

1 .BE.

1 .CO.UK.

2 .EUs.

So 19 domains in total. Of which 6 are for the purpose of selling and the others are for own websites and such and remain in my safe hands...

Comment #8

I have about 70 domains, and so far am using excel to keep track of them. Though I'm looking into software that will keep track for me, and warn me when it's close to renewal time.

I'm pretty happy with my portfolio, I would say there's only a few reg fee ones. I don't make much on Adsense with them right now, but I do have about 10 that will be developed into premium websites. I also want to start looking into acquiring premium names to add to my portfolio as soon as my finances allow. Oh, and I haven't sold any yet, but that will soon change...

Comment #9

I have about 250 but would like to get it back down somewhere between the 150 to 200 mark.

Out of them I have 30 Tourism related domains that I really want to develop with affiliate links sometime in the next 1 to 3 years.


Comment #10

Around 2k.

It will come down as offloading a chunk of my .uk section before year end.

Focusing on my .com, .info & .mobi.

I would like 1k - 1500, manageable yet still providing good stock for resale + holders for investment & developed sites too.

I thought was getting too many, a guy at DNF has 50k infos though.

Made me feel better..

Comment #11

Around 120, although this will come down to concentrate more on my .TV's..

Comment #12

Interesting graph at the moment. A big clump in the 11-300 range, then a few up to 800 nobody at all between 800 & 1000 and then another clump in the 1000+ I guess once you have the bug & get to 800 there's no point stopping.

I've got about 1300. ~~100, about the same in .com/.info, and the other 1100 I'm primarily interested in generic & the other registries are a bit of a side-line for me.

Over the entire portfolio I make around US$1100/month. Unfortunately the .nz domains are expensive at around US$20 each PA so parking only covers about 1/2 my costs & the rest from a combination of sales & my subsidising the portfolio. It's also highly skewed, I have a couple of domains regularly making over US$100 & then a long tail.

I'm also monetising what I've learned about parking by getting people to sign-up for parking as my affiliate & then helping them with their initial set-up. It's only a few dollars a month for each person, but once the set-up is done it is a source of mostly passive income that helps maintain the portfolio...

Comment #13

400 here and always looking for more.





Comment #14

Around 20 (can't remember off the top of my head). Most are going to be used for websites. I'm not much into domaining yet, though the few sales I've made have encouraged me to...

Comment #15

I am at about 100-135,I am sure this year it will be going up also...

Comment #16

Everything he said is exactly true for me too!..

Comment #17

Around 340 for me, out of those, 53 .info's 1 .net and the rest are .com 's. I am not covering my renewals from parking, I make a monthly $35 - $40 from parking.

That is because most of the are 's, and even if some have quite good number of UV's it is hard to find the right keyword...

Comment #18

Near 100 here, mainly .com and some .net, .info, .tv and .mobi..

Comment #19

279 for me.

Combination of:.







Looks like my first full year will be pretty much break even. First few months were painfully slow. Had me thinking "why did I do this?". Then, I discovered the power of adsense. Next year should bode well as traffic / clicks have been picking up every month. This year will also give me a good indicator of which ones to "let go". Hope to have about 150 next year this time...

Comment #20

400+, mostly .com and .net, some .info, .mobi and .us.

Some are related to other businesses I have and not for sale.

I plan on not renewing some dogs I picked up when I was a newbie. No sense throwing good money after bad...

Comment #21

Excellent, domainers got more than 10000 unit HostGator name.

5001 - 10000 1 1.47%.

10000 above 1 1.47%.

Normally is 101 - 300 (23.53%) HostGator name.

Any more domain, please poll here...

Comment #22

I was meant to stop at 200, then 500 now over 700 +++..

Comment #23

I'm sitting on ~1200 at the moment, pretty equally split between .info, .mobi, and .com. Hoping to hit 2k by Xmas..

Comment #24

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