An unknown error has occurred. Account: "',Protocol: HTTPMail, Port 0, Secure(V

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Quick question... An unknown error has occurred. Account: "',Protocol: HTTPMail, Port 0, Secure(V Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Hi.

Wondered if anyone could help as this has baffeled me..

We have several stores all hosted on the same server..

We had a php upgrade to php 5 last week (Mon) we had made preparations for this and had changes made and in place..

Following the upgrade all was fine..

Today I noticed that the Verisign site no longer displays properly (no images) in Internet explorer. Its fine in fire fox which seems to tolerate the no base href..

On viewing the source I can see no base href is being written - but it worked in IE last week post the php5 upgrade???.

Any ideas gratfully received.

One of the sites is.

Is this a php 5 issue? any clues appreciated..


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Verisign as they probably could help you..

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I don't think that link is a correct solution..

I would do the following: -.

// set the type of request (secure or not).

// $request_type = (getenv('HTTPS') == 'on') ? 'SSL' : 'NONSSL';.

// Replaced standard request type.

$request_type = (getenv('SERVER_PORT') == '443') ? 'SSL' : 'NONSSL';.

// End replace.

Obviously based on a 443 SSL port but most are..

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: 15 January 2008, 20:41..

Comment #2


Where'd you come up with that????.

I sure like that a whole lot better that the other way..

I tested on my server, and it would work there, anyway.....

Comment #3

Thanks guys,.

I really appreciate your help..

It is my partner (sponna ) who normal makes changes to our OSC stuff - I do the creative design stuff. He is away today but I am sure he will check the post later.

I'll let you know how we get on..

Once again many thanks for the suggestions..

Comment #4

I could never figure out how the fix in the link I suggested ever worked..

It was just something that someone tried that worked..

On the other hand,.

Robert, your fix makes sense.


I grovel in your shadow, O great one.....

Comment #5

Hi again.

I tried this first of all.

Go to includes/application_top.php and where it says $request_type = (getenv('HTTPS') == 'on') try changing the "on" to "off"..

And it worked..

Can't thank you guys enough.

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: 15 January 2008, 21:26..

Comment #6

Can you try what Robert suggested?????.

Pretty please with sugar on top.....

Comment #7

The more.

I drink the more I make sense!.

Hmmm ...

Or is that just to me?..

Comment #8

I'll drink to that, Robert...

Here's mud in your eye.....

If this person doesn't give your suggestion a whirl, I'll definitely point the next person here...

Comment #9

Its not that I don't want to try - it's just it looked trickier (remember you are talking to the designer type not coder type here) and the first one I tried does seem to work.

I will ask my more techy other half to try the other method in our test store when he gets back tomorrow..

Once again can't thank you guys enough..

Comment #10

No Sponna you are quite right looking back I didn't explain it at all..

I promise you can do it ok.

Follow the following instructions ...

1) Make a copy of the file catalog/includes/application_top.php (keep it safe somewhere).

2) Open the existing catalog/includes/application_top.php.

Find the line that says ...

$request_type = (getenv('HTTPS') == 'on') ? 'SSL' : 'NONSSL';.

Replace that line with ...

// set the type of request (secure or not).

// $request_type = (getenv('HTTPS') == 'on') ? 'SSL' : 'NONSSL';.

// Replaced standard request type.

$request_type = (getenv('SERVER_PORT') == '443') ? 'SSL' : 'NONSSL';.

// End replace.

That's it!!..

Comment #11


I tried the second method on our demo store and congratulations it also worked.


Hope that helped..

I still have no idea why this suddenly arose today..

Anyway thanks again.

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: 15 January 2008, 22:17..

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This also worked for me on three installations on one particular server. No other server is affected - any ideas why this has happened?!.


Comment #13

This just saved my day!.

I had recently upgraded my server to Apache 2.2 plus PHP 5 and several things were not working right..

What was bugging me the most was that cookies were not always set properly and the oscid kept showing in the urls..

Aslo some includes in the boxes that were turned on or off depending if it was SSL or not were always off..

This change aboe FIXED ALL THE PROBLEMS.

Guess that the new Apache 2.2 plus PHP 5 did not like the code (getenv('HTTPS').

Been trying to find the bug/problem for 3 days now and stumbled on this.


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: 30 January 2009, 23:06..

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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