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I just wanted to share a brief story about buying trademarked domains.

Don't do it!.

The makers of Ambien (sleep meds) are based in France. They sent lawyers after me to give up the name.

I told them no, pay me.

They warned me again.

I said "NO, pay me".

Next thing I know I get served papers by the International Trademark Office (or something like that?)...

They took a statement from me, the case went to arbitration..the domain was awarded to that company...I had to give it up...and BOOM...that's it.

No legal fees on my part, but the whole process was freakin scary to be honest.

I never made any money with the site anyway...I won't ever buy a trademarked won't have a leg to stand on!..

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Part of your problem was PAY ME......NO PAY ME!.

Thats the biggest mistake...with some TM domains, there are ways to keep it, but not when you state NO PAY ME!.

So your now labelled a squatter by wipo?..

Comment #1

But now even if you own a domain legitimately you are scarred by having a WIPO decision against you for cybersquatting...

Comment #2

Don't tell a TM owner to pay you for an infringing name... thats like saying "Heres the pistol loaded and cocked... just pull the trigger please!"...

Comment #3

That's a thing with "demanding" the trademark holder to pay you for it. Even if.

You believe you should be reimbursed for any expenses with it, they have zero.

Obligations to you and, for the most part, are in a position to hold you liable.

For it.

Hmm, it could've been worse.....

Comment #4

Hmm yes Well some domain holders have been thru UDRP quite a few times, sometimes they win, sometimes they lose but if the panelist is biased your previous track record won't help..

Actually the worst in all this is that your reputation is tarnished. The rulings are public and appear in google. This can hurt you in the long run. IMO situations like that need to be avoided at all costs...

Comment #5

I agree. It's best not to register trademarked domain names to begin with, but if you feel that you must, then offering to sell to the trademark holder is a HUGE no no...

Frankly, "cybersquatter" is not a title you want to have associated with you...


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Comment #6

It couldn't have gone much better for him/her, in all honesty.

The OP is out a domain name, and now has a "record" that will follow him/her for future domain disputes ( ), but they could have been much more aggressive than they were, so the OP should count himself/herself lucky,.

Especially with this... (Taken from the wipo decision above.) No more anxious waiting, I guess.


Comment #7

And then it goes on to explain that the site was used to sell Ambien and competitor products...

Word to the wise... do not attempt to make money from a TM... only the TM owner has rights to make money with it!..

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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