Airplane - Carry-on Medifast items??

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I'm going to MT for Christmas, and I am hoping to not check my bag, but do carry-on. However, I am needing to take a weeks worth of Medifast food on, and I'm wondering how "suspiscious" that will appear? Has anyone ever travelled on an airplane and taken a similar amount, and if so how did that go through security? any issues or no problem?.

Thank you!..

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Back in July I had a carry-on with 12-days worth of puffs and bars. There was no problem with security. BTW, I took the puffs out of the box for space reasons, and they held up just fine...

Comment #1

I am also worried about this.. I'm going to be traveling at the end of the year (down to Florida for 5 days, then up to Rochester NY from Florida for another week. Gonna have to bring 2 weeks of Medifast food or thereabouts. I doubt I can fit that much in my carry on baggage though, gonna have to check some of it (that worries me too - what if they lose my food!!?)..

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Jennifer thanks for the response, did you take the packets too or just bars/puffs?..

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I have packed Medifast both in my carry on and checked baggage. It wasn't a problem! I had puffs, bars, shakes and my shaker jar...

Comment #4

I packed two weeks' worth on a FL trip a few months ago. I put all of my packets in one of those giant Ziploc bags and puffs/bars in another giant bag. I put them both in the front of my carryon for easy access if necessary but I was never asked about it by security...

Comment #5

Since it's not a last minute trip, and Medifast meals are not that heavy, I would ship the week's (or weeks') Medifast meals ahead. No packing worries.

F8th514....What part of MT are you visiting? I live in the Flathead Valley, on the lake. Been snowing the past few days, finally, and it's my favorite time of year here! I just love the hoar-frost on the trees!..

Comment #6

I didn't take any packets. Reading the other responses, I guess it surprises me that packets containing a powdery substance are allowed. Then again, I guess the puff packages contain a powdery substance for all intents and purposes...

Comment #7

I've flown with Medifast and had no problem- but speaking from everyday experience, be sure you put any packets into a ZIPPERED Ziploc, fold-overs don't cut it- I'm still shaking powder out of a few purses. I would suggest packing them closer to the top though in case of questions- it's easier to pull them out, the packaging looks "medical" enough for most screeners. Good luck and safe travels! (I'm flying to Colorado in three weeks myself, so I'll be in the same boat!)..

Comment #8

I am flying into Billings, they have snow tonight there, too! We always hope to get some when we're there - AFTER we get there that is, so it doesn't delay flight too much. Flathead is a beautiful area...haven't been there in over 10 years, but we're thinking of a trip to Glacier this summer!..

Comment #9

GNP is the BEST! I LOVE winter, it's my favorite season, but I do love backpacking and kayaking in the Park. I broke my leg last November so was still baby-ing it a bit this past summer. I did get about 20 days of kayaking in on Bowman Lake (+ almost every other day on the Flathead.) But I think I just figured out a goal/reward..(see my latest post) I'm going to need a newly fitted backpack next summer for my slimmer self! WooHoo...REI here I come!..

Comment #10

I spent the 7 days in LA last week and packed all my packets, bars and puffs in ziplock baggies, even packed my Magic Bullet too... all in my carry-on. MB triggered the x-ray, they checked it and all was OK. No problemo, be prepared and stay on track!!!..

Comment #11

I have traveled with packets, bars, puffs and pretzels. I even repackaged my puffs and pretzels into my own ziplocks because they had so much air in the orginal bags it was taking up too much space in my suitcase. I had no troubles at all. No one questioned anything. The only thing you cant take s rtg shakes in the carryon due to the liquid policy they have. Otherwise, you are good to go! Have a great trip! I will be traveling too and doing the same thing...

Comment #12

As long as you don't try to hide it in your bra or underware ya should be fine..

Comment #13

I packed mine on my carry on and even made a shake during layover. I ate the puffs when they served pretzels to everyone. Shipping ahead as EMT mentioned is a great idea too. I left mine in the boxes but I was only going for four days. I was never checked or even asked about it. I packed each type of food. (if this posts twice, I hit a button by mistake and couldn't find my original post, sorry)..

Comment #14

They allow powdered baby formula. One of the things they might do is ask you to open one and taste it. That's what they have done with baby formula before. I haven't heard of this happening in a few years though so maybe it was just after 9/11 that they did it..

If you think about it, they're only worried about explosives and what kind of explosive starts as a powder. You'd only be able to add airplane water or coke to make it work KWIM? ;-).

I am going to MN on Sunday for a week. I will be checking most of my food but will make sure I have at least 10 meals in my carryon just in case!.


Comment #15

The only thing you can't carry on are the RTD's. I traveled for work quite a bit while on 5&1 and never once had any of my Medifast product questioned. I also took my mini hamilton beach blender in my carry on and that also never even raised an eyebrow...

Comment #16

Thanks for all of the responses! I appreciate it and will have a little more confidence that I won't get "caught" w/ anything suspiscious..

Comment #17

I just flew from so cal to Texas and had about a weeks worth of food in my carryon. No problems at all. I even put a few wf single serve pancake syrups in a bag and they let those through. The tsa agent told me, you know you are over your allotted liquids but I can see some of it is food so I will let it go.I had bars, pretzels,brownies, oatmeals, and even a container with my sugar free powdered problems at all...

Comment #18

I flew to MN this week for Tgiving with my sister. I carried on several days worth and checked a week's worth in my checked luggage. Not even a second glance..

Remember that many people carry on a big can of powdered baby formula.


Comment #19

As others have said, flying with Medifast that isn't RTD was just fine in carryon. In fact, 1/4 of my suitcase recently was MF..

I would recommend that if you are flying a small plane, to make sure that you have a day's worth in your purse or small carryon/laptop bag, in addition to what's in your regular bag, just in case you get stuck on the tarmac for a few hours. Rollaboards may have to be checked at the gate because small planes often do not have the overhead storage space to allow the bigger bags. 2 days if you check your bag, because oh, the pain of waiting for lost luggage to catch up with you!.

Also, I would pack a few extra days worth, just in case I wasn't planning to extend my trip, but did, and didn't have enough food. Fortunately I found a local Medifast center willing to sell me a few boxes. And sometimes, airports get snowed in...

Comment #20

Oooh! Good advice. I do pack some in my rollaway suitcase carryon but also in my purse. I fly us airways a lot and some of their planes are very small so checking a bag at the gate is more the norm. Definitely keep some in your purse where you can get to it in any situation...

Comment #21

Thanks for the follow ups! I was thinking about this again, and now I feel a little more confident for my flight that's around the corner!..

Comment #22

I just recently traveled to San Diego for Thanksgiving. I was on Southwest. I called them. They said as long as everything was in a sealed package, they didn't care. If I emptied them into a zip lock and it looked like Anthrax, they'd question it. Also, obviously no RTD shakes in your carry on luggage. In hindsight, I wish I had done a small order and had it shipped to my mom's house...

Comment #23

I leave for Florida in two days. I've packed all my Medifast food in a small backpack which hubby will carry for me since I already have two things to carry on. We are not checking any luggage for the first time ever. I don't foresee any problems. I've carried other food through security before. I'm looking forward to staying OP during my trip. My goal is to lose even on vacation...

Comment #24

According to can even take pizza through security. Just no liquids over the 2 oz rule...

Comment #25

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