Aftertaste of Medifast pretzels?

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....until I got my new order in today..

I think they would be okay if they were PLAIN. The texture is reminds me of those Italian breadsticks that are kind of like crackers, but the aftertaste of the cinnamon is just overly sweet in a bad, bad way.

If I had never had the old ones, maybe I wouldn't think they were so bad, but yikes. I won't be reordering these!..

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It's so weird, because I generally have really sensitive taste buds... but I actually liked the new cinnamon pretzels, didn't notice an aftertaste at all. There's not much of a punch to the cinnamon, it's faint, but good.

Out of the people who don't like the new pretzels, I wonder how many have gone back and tried them several times?..

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I'll finish my box, because no matter how much I don't like something, I'll eat it anyway. It just sucks b/c the old pretzels were my fave! I'm happy that at least someone likes them..

Comment #2

I haven't had the cinnamon pretzels, but I loved the honey mustard I got in my first order, but when hubby's order arrived it was the "new" ones I agree they remind me of breadstick, they don't have as much flavor to them, but I guess I'll just have to enjoy, cuz' I order 2 boxes on my shipment that's on it's way! Just wish the had the flavor of the old ones...

Comment #3

DH and I finished the box....each time we liked them less and less. I really did try and I hate to complain about my beloved Medifast products, but I just wish we had a choice as they were one of my faves...

Comment #4

I love the new honey mustard ones, they're growing on me more and more. I put 4 boxes in my next order..

But I'm taking the aftertaste feedback to heart and pulled the cinnamon ones back out of my order...

Comment #5

I just got my new pretzels today. I have not tried the HM ones yet, but I am SO SAD to say the cinnamon ones are yucky. Almost no flavor. NO cinnamon taste I can find, just a slight, sweetness and a bitter aftertaste. The texture is okay so I am hoping the HM ones will be better.

But now I am gonna have to find something else to eat for those 2 meals per day I used to eat pretzels. Sucks.

As for finishing up the cinnamon pretzels I have, the only way I think they will be tolerable is if I cover them in chocolate. So tomorrow I will mix the hot cocoa (truffle style) with 3T water and then mix in the cinnamon pretzels, which are all broken to bits anyway, and freeze to make 2 Medifast meals. I really hope that works and doesn't just result in a soggy mess...

Comment #6

The aftertaste is really what makes it awful. I could probably deal with the lack of cinnamon if it didn't have that BLECH at the end of each bite..

The truffle idea sounds neat! Post and let us know if it is a success!..

Comment #7

I also want to add that in the ingredients list for the cinnamon pretzels is Corn Syrup. This does not make me happy. However I am not sure if it was in the old cinnamon pretzels too.....

Comment #8

Nope. Dehydrated cane juice and natural honey were the primary sweeteners in the old ones...

Comment #9

Yes there is corn syrup, but not HFC, and it is likely a minor ingredient as it is towards the end of the ingredient list. I also noted that these were sweetened with Stevia. This is something that the boards have been crying out for for some time. Products sweetened with more natural sweeteners. However, Stevia can tend to be very bitter and generally is not best when used in baked goods.

I just don't think Medifast can win with this one. People did nothing but complain about the old ones so they changed them. Now no one does anything but complain about the new ones. This is diet food and is not supposed to taste like gourmet, or heck even taste great! There were very few Medifast products I wouldn't eat, but found that all the products, even the ones I liked shared the same common denominator - A chemical after taste. Everything, even the shakes. Less pronounced in the soups and more savory items because there are less sweeteners in them, but still there..

I guess you have to just ask yourselves what is most important to you. Losing the weight or having cinnamon pretzels that taste wonderful. I knew an member back when I first started that said something that's stuck with me for all this time. She would eat the box the product came in if it would make her lose weight the way Medifast products do. So, good or bad, you will lose weight. That is what we're here for after all.

Or just send back whatever product you can, exchange it for something you like and move forward..

No, I'm not saying don't voice your opinions, but it's time to vent where your voice will be heard. The Medifast Bulletin Board has a thread about this product. This is where they will look for input. There is also a thread there listing a survey for your opinions about the new products. These are the places that you need to post if you really want your voice to be heard and see change made.

For me, I get it. You don't like them. I'll bet it's safe to say that everyone on these boards knows it too. Now it's time to tell the people that can do something about it...

Comment #10

Perhaps they could bring the old ones back AND keep the new ones? I like the new ones. And corn syrup is as good as "evaporated cane juice" which is just sugar...

Comment #11

I went back to my office to get a pack of the new cinnamons and was seriously disappointed that I had finished my last bag at work and had not brought in more! I think if they offered both, I would actually pick the new ones. There is a bready taste to them that I love. I loved the old ones, too, though. Maybe I would get both!..

Comment #12

I for one am VERY thankful for everyone posting their opinions on the new pretzels. Because of all the negativity I only ordered 2 boxes (thank goodness)... otherwise I might have ordered the usual 6!!.

And FTR I think the old cinnamon pretzels were, in fact, delicious! I am sure not everyone agrees but I don't think it is a matter of "do you want tasty food OR do you want to lose weight?" I think it is possible to have both.

ANd I also do understand that Medifast was listening to the issues with the old pretzels (people saying they were too hard, moldy, etc) and had good intentions trying to improve them. All the complaining in the world is fine to share our thoughts but won't change MF's choice. What WILL in fact change their choice is dollars. $$$$ speaks. If pretzel sales plummet, you can bet something will change...

Comment #13

I agree it is possible to have both. I too was disappointed by the new pretzels, the texture is fine but the taste is not there. The old pretzels were like a wonderful treat. I might actually switch because these items keep me "on plan"..

Comment #14

I noticed some "old" pretzels on ebay if anyone is interested. You might find some on craigslist as well...

Comment #15

I wonder if these will become more and more valuable...until they start to rot and the price plummets.

Whatever you do, don't wash off the cinnamon patina on your vintage pretzels! Have them restored by a qualified professional if they mold up...

Comment #16

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