After i've bought a domain, at, there something i don't get...?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: After i've bought a domain, at, there something I don't get...?.

My next question is: What does it mean when a name's whois says "Domain Capital"?.

Does it mean that HostGator Capital is financing the name? Or does it mean that the name is owned by HostGator Capital?..

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Your question was: After i've bought a domain, at, there something I don't get...?.

Where's that listed?.


Admin Contact?.


Who knows?..

Comment #1

The HostGator will be released to the righful owner, when the money for the HostGator is fully paid up. This is the case with many premium domains...

Comment #2

That's right, they loan you the money to purchase the HostGator name, but they retain ownership until you pay off the loan...

Comment #3


The names I checked were and

So some dude thought these names were good enough to take out loans for...victim of hype?..

Comment #4

I don't know... If Alvaro paid 600k for, I'd be trying to quick flip his way ASAP..

Comment #5

I wouldn't really count on Alvaro being a very experienced domainer.

Just a thought though Reece. Have you checked out the DNF .mobi subforum? The hype there is ENORMOUS - 600+ threads mentioning every site ever built on .mobi (all postings by the same two people), even while the subforums of .tv, .de, have less than 5 threads? Don't you think that with the hype of 600+ threads on such a popular HostGator forum, some inexperienced domainer would fall for it?..

Comment #6

Despite being the .mobi mod (and an investor in the extension), I've never been a fan of fake hype like that generated by doing what you've describe below. I only use Namepros myself and wasn't aware of that, although I could certainly understand an inexperienced domainer making said purchases in light of what you've described below.....

Comment #7

To me, it's fine to speculate if you can absorb the losses (along with the gains). But when you start taking out loans for buying names in a still unstable extension, then thats pushing things way too much..

Its funny, but the number of sales threads for .tv and .mobi at DNF are pretty much the same. But the discussion thread for .mobi has about 615 more threads than .tv...

Comment #8

Yeah... A loan which is presumably as big as a mortgage (I mean, don't you go to HostGator Capital when the bank says no?)...

I haven't used HostGator Capital, however I would imagine the rates are far, far in excess of what you'd pay at the bank? Sometimes I think some people fail to account for all the costs associated with purchasing a name on borrowed money...

And if .mobi doesn't work out... Who the heck wants to be paying this worthless (relative to the $150k + interest being paid) name off for years to come?..

Comment #9


It's one thing to invest money you can afford to lose but taking out a loan for such an expensive purchase, assuming the only collateral are the names, that's what I call a gamble I think there has been enough arguments so that everyone can make up their own mind. It is common for newbies to waste $$$ in the beginning but hopefully there is a more solid business plan behind a 6-figure purchase.....

Comment #10

From the way Alvaro announced his purchases, I certainly didn't see too much research behind it...

Comment #11

Neither did I. Actually, hearing his response, I initially thought April Fool's came early this year... He certainly isn't your average "millionaire domainer", if you can call him that.....

Comment #12

I know. I thought the "Hi, I just bought all the top .mobi names" announcement on DNF (complete with the smiley) was hilarious. And then later, the announcement on his website that he's "buying them for resale" didn't speak of much domaining experience either..

Comment #13

They only loan 30 % of the money, 70 % has to be yours...

Comment #14

I don't "get" .mobi at all. I see some of the prices and profits. But it looks like a big bubble to me. I see hype, as mentioned by others. I wouldn't touch a 4 char extension with a barge pole (or worse)..

Comment #15

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