Advice for those with headaches during Medifast?

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I just started medifast on the 24th of June. My first week went by great I lost 7lbs !! I was so excited. Over the 4th July weekend I pretty much stayed OP but had a few nibbles of food. About a day after that I had a bad headache the whole day. Do you think my body is still in ketosis or is it trying to go back. When I stepped on the scale today I gained 2lbs =( which made me feel like crap.

Also, today I have another headache. Any advice for me??..

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I also experienced bad headaches for a couple of weeks after I started. The first week was horrible, the second week not so bad, by the 4rth week I was pretty much used to it. But I did have headaches something fierce for the first few weeks. You might go to the nutritional forum and ask the question there as well, maybe they will have a better answer for you about the ketosis.

Don't be discouraged, you will have good weeks and bad weeks. It's a long process, and you have to look at the big picture. I lost 8 pounds my first week and was thrilled to death, then dropped to an average of 2 lbs a week. I wish it was more, but I'm happy to be losing weight at all. Once you start seeing the results in the mirror and in the way your clothes fit, that will be your big motivation. Hang in there, it gets better and easier...

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My advice? Just eat your 5&1. Step on the scale tomorrow then DON'T step on it again until next week! The scale can be an evil devil! I am a daily weigher who is trying to break the habit so I know of what I speak! You are going to have a lot of losses but the occasional gain or stall. It happens. Print that post off so that next weekend, next party, next holiday, you know how you will suffer emotionally. That way you can learn from this and move on..

Shake it off, 5&1, water, water. You can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

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Hello there and welcome!.

The headaches could be from going in and out of ketosis...they could also be from low sodium...try some broth in the early afternoon and see if that helps (it's an allowed snack on MF). This journey will have ups and downs...check out my stats below and you'll see that. You'll also see that I lost 120 lbs in 11 months...the trend is DOWN over time. You have to be willing to ride the small ups to get the downs. Our bodies are remarkable in their desire to hold on to fat...we battle that biologically when we try to lose weight. If this were easy, everyone would be thin, right???.

I'm a daily weigher, but I'm ok with the ups and downs. Some days I'm up 3 lbs! But over time, it's all good! Only weigh daily if you can handle the ups!.

This does work! Take Aleve or something for the headaches or try the broth....

I'm wishing you well on your journey,.

Peace & good health!.


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I always say that you should only weigh daily if you don't let it hurt your soul or your plan...

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The dietician would probably ask... 'To really know if you've thrown yourself out of ketosis, you'd have to know what you ate over the 4th?' So will you share? I posted earlier today, that I accidentally threw myself out of ketosis. I had a tofu stir fry with snap peas(not allowed) and a garden burger with rice in it(UGh). My weight stalled, then I lost 4 lbs.

I love the idea of printing this post, so you'll remember how it felt to sort of start over, with the headaches and everything. I'd say it took me 3-5 days to lose the headache and then lose weight again..

Hope that helps...

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OMG! I am new too and the first week I lost 6. I'm in my second week, which ends on Saturday. I was down 3 more lbs for a total of 8, but then this morning I was up three and I did not stray AT ALL-ever-not once. I am sooooo discouraged and disappointed. WTH happened? I mean I'm only 5'1'', so 3 seems like a lot for me. So much for making 10lbs off by end of my two weeks...

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I started June 1 and am down 16 pounds. I walk 3 miles a day (in 50 minutes) about 5 days a week, yoga once or twice a week (at home), and resistance bands like 3 days a week. I lost 7 pounds in my first week.

I also nibbled on tortilla chips with corn salsa and veggies (with dip) over the holiday weekend and when I was sitting there eating them, I thought I am going to pay for this. I jumped on the scale Tuesday morning and was up 2 lbs. Weighed in this morning and am down 3 lbs. Weighing yourself everyday has it's ups and downs definitely...just keep working - it is so worth all of the hard work you put into it every day. I also got severe headaches the first week along with alot of dizziness...but it went away by week 2 completely. Everyone is different!.

Stick with it - YOU CAN DO IT!..

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Back away from the scale and no one will get hurt <LOL>. Our bodies fluctuate from day to day, even when we are 100% OP. So the scale should not be our lord and master. Look for non-scale victories such as clothes getting loser or walking getting easier. Take everything one day at a time, one packet at a time. Do not decide in advance that "I will lose X pounds by X number of weeks." It just doesn't work that way...

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I am a daily weigher but I don't count anything as official until Wednesday (my weigh in day). For example this past week I wasn't really showing any kind of loss the whole week so I was a little anxious when Wed morning came around. Hopped on the scale and showed a 2 pound loss. I weigh daily to keep myself accountable since not weighing for so long is one way my weight spiraled out of control (out of sight out of mind for me) but I really don't take much stock in it till Wednesday. Try not to stress out about it. As for eating off plan I found that drinking tons of water to flush out the extra sodium helped me but everyone's different. Hang it there!..

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Thank you guys for all the help!! you sure know how to make me feel better. I weighed in on my weigh in day which was yesterday and I hadn't lost or gained anything, but when I measured myself I lost 4inches off my body!!! So that made me feel a little better about myself. Im starting to get used to the food and surprisingly now I love the oatmeal LOL. I never thought I'd say that... I am really motivated to stay off the scale until my weigh in day... Lets kick some *** ladies !!! =]..

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I am new to this program too and am struggling.. I just started on Monday so I'm going through the headaches and dizziness phase. I'm trying to hold tight and hang in there!.

My biggest problem is going to be not having any alcohol. I have a party tonight to go to and I am really going to want a drink. If I have a low cal/low carb beer, would it be terrible??..

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If you want to be on plan and get past the headaches and dizziness phase, then yes, it would be terrible to have that beer. You're taking the hardest part of the plan and extending it and why would anybody want to do that? It's hard emotionally and it takes a toll on you physically. On day 5 you are probably just getting into ketosis; why take a chance on blowing that for a beer?..

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Before you know it time will fly!! Im working my way up to two full months lol..

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Nyckitty! I'm in my second week of the program and I haven't strayed once - I've stayed 100% On Program, but your advice above is gold to me! I really needed someone to say what you just said about not deciding in advance that I would lose x pounds by x number of weeks. I have a spreadsheet that I formulated out to the end of time and I think I'll take your advice and forget the spreadsheet ever existed and just keep doing what I've been doing. One little packet at a time! AND I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL WE CAN PURCHASE THE ICECREAM AND PANCAKES! Medifast is awesome!..

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Oh... by the way. My health coach, Alana (anwblack), told me that Medifast was coming out with the pancakes and the icecream...

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Are you serious?? that sounds good!! how long is it going to take for them to come out ?

Comment #16

I'm hoping that it's soon! I can't wait! I'm going to keep checking their website and I'll be ordering them as soon as they are available...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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