GoDaddy user reviews : Good idea to sign up for GoDaddy?? Adobe wants to SUE me?

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Hello everyone!.

I received an email today from one, Tom Allin <> asking if I am planning to sell the domain to him. I responded saying yes I plan on selling the name and here is his reply, Is this even for real? Does it mean I have to drop the name? I dont even have a Domain Privacy on for this name.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!..

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Doubt it.....also tell them good luck with you being in India..

Comment #1

Im not a expert but they might ask for you to transfer the name to them. I would make sure it's legit before you proceed to transfer or do anything with the name.

The reason I'm saying about the legit part of the email from the sender is because the way he said "YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED CYBERSQUATTER".

I would think they would at least treat you with some respect seeing as it's a company they wouldn't get aggressive from the start. They would try to solve the issue in a respectful manner. Try to search the email the guy etc to see if he is really linked to adobe...

Comment #2

This seems to be a scare tactic. His domain is a godaddy parking page. I would imagine if he is representing Adobe he would be using an official work email address. "Your days of freedom are over" also seem to be something a non professional would say. If you are representing a general council you think the approach would be more of a legal matter especially with Adobe being as large as they are.

Now about the domain name itself you are at possible risk for bad faith/TM issues. Adobe license is pretty clear to me that it means the licenses for their software. What you do with the domain name is your own accord but I would myself personally drop it. I wouldn't transfer it I would just let it go, but like I said that's what I would do...

Comment #3

Thanks a lot guys! I totally agree about his unprofessional emails. Also, I dont think Adobe would hire someone who turns up no Google results for his name followed by legal. I sent him a response wishing him luck and heres his response, That just made my day! The best part is his emails arrive in less than half a minute! Well I was going to drop it after reading the email but it got me thinking, what if this guy sent me the email just so he can pick it up after? I will hold on to it for another week or so and let it go, or find some newbie to sell it to (outside NamePros of course )..

Comment #4

Well this guy doesn't seem to be connected to Adobe in any way (I hope such people do not work for Adobe ).

But the name in question is infringing on Adobe trademark and you shouldn't own that domain at all.....

Comment #5

The email doesn't seem authentic. The email address ...

Comment #6

Yes I totally agree about the email address. Its not even an active website! I will definitely drop the domain in a few days. I guess it also kinda gives a Warez feel to it, more reasons for them to want to sue me...

Comment #7

I got an inquiry from that same guy today about a domain I own, which is utterly generic (no Adobe connection, no possible infringement of any trademarks or anything). I sent back a price, and haven't heard back yet. Don't know what his game is...

Comment #8

It will be interesting to watch to see who picks it up. I would be willing to bet he just wants it so he can cybersquat himself, lol. 33,100 searches a month for 'adobe license' according to google.....

Comment #9

I think you shouldnt drop it right away like that , keep it and drop it later or let it expire..

Comment #10

One thing, check out 'properties' to make sure the email is really coming from that guy......

Comment #11

Hey, send him this link Idiot Posing as a Lawyer Attempts to Steal Domain Names..

Comment #12

SO funny, I thought I also received offer email from him last month I responded saying yes I plan on selling the name but he didnt responsed again...

Comment #13

The response email from this "lawyer" is far too unprofessional to be legitimate. Adobe, or any other massive company has much better legal help than this.


Comment #14

This is probably a scam!!! I have receive an email from this guy before inquiring to buy a domain name that has nothing to do with Adobe (it was .us Geo name). He never reply after I gave him the price...

Comment #15

What made you register adobe license in the first place?..

Comment #16

On one hand I don't think you should have this domain in the first place. On the other, it sounds like this guy is a scammer though. If it were me, I would ignore this guy, but just drop the domain later because it actualyl is a TM domain...

Comment #17

My guess is he's going to contact you back and say, "Okay... I'll promise not to sue you if you hand over the domain to me immediately." This is obviously not from Adobe though. WAY too unprofessional...

Comment #18

"Tom Allin" has contacted me as well... I would just let it be... ignore him...

Comment #19

I just checked my email history. I too had contacts from "Tom Allin" on 7/7 and 7/9 for two generic domains with no response.


Comment #20

The domain does infringe on a TM. Admitting you intended to sell it does expose you to a 1000min-100,000max civil liability.

A civil liability is all. There are no criminal liabilities for cybersquatting. - - YET - -.

Domain privacy is a fundamental step for successful cybersquatting..

1. hide.

2. PARK.

3. sell.

If Adobe was made aware of your registration and valued their trademark enough, they would pursue you in court and seek 1000,000 in damages.

Anyone could let them know of the situation. Maybe they will not appreciate the man's misrepresentation and his allegation of representing Adobe for a threat..

Adobe wouldn't threaten you.

He could ask for a reward from Adobe and ask you to bid against that? There is nothing you can do now to prevent a civil liability to Adobe.

I own every piece of Adobe Software sold a few years ago. I can't afford updates. Hmmm A reward?.

It would cost more for Adobe to bring a civil action and ask for 1000 than it would be worth to them. You are probably safe. You only need to worry till it expires...

Comment #21

The question was if the email sender was even real..

He is not. It has been demonstrated that he has sent out countless unsolicited inquiries on lots of domains. He does not work for Adobe, he's a troll.

Speaking of trolls.....

Comment #22

Tom Allin sounds like a scam artist to me. Report him to GoDaddy!..

Comment #23

Dnpimping, I agree but proving that he is a scam artist is another story and would take more details and information then what has been provided here...

Comment #24

I agree with most of this. However, a lawyer or person for the company might contact from a generic domain to lead you into a sting. Many domains are used only for email, particularly firstnamelastname.tld names as this is.

However, no legitimate lawyers is going to say "your days of freedom are over". That seems to threaten jail time, and TM infringement is not typically a jailable offense, at least in the U.S. The second contact would also probably be from an official email or on official letterhead. Odds of this being legit are close to zero, unless he's a PI or independently trying to get a reward from Adobe for getting domains for them.

Regardless, unless they sell licenses to lay adobe block homes where you live, it's clearly a TM, pretty much admitted by the first post. You really have two options here. One is to let it drop. The second is to sell it to this guy and let him be in trouble. Although technically even selling it and being rid of it doesn't release you from liability from making money by selling it to a third party. Definitely don't sell it to anyone else here or anywhere without disclosing the danger of owning it...

Comment #25

How about send email to their legal department..

Tell them you didn't realize it, but, you know better now and you want to transfer the domain to them?..

Comment #26

Don't worry. You can completely relax. The purpose of the fraudulent email was simply to shock you, so that you give up the domain name, and this interested person behind the email may grab this name, for his use. There is nothing serious in it, and you need not think about it at all...

Comment #27

Don't listen to him, it's a scam. Why wouldn't it be an email address? Besides, this guy sounds like a scumbag. What legal departments write in capitals and say "your days are numbered"?.

This guy is a faggot. Ignore it...

Comment #28

If it were from a laywer, they would be using their own domain as the email server.

If you were in some shit with adobe I would gather you would recieve a email from a lawyer saying they represent adobe, they do not need you to admit that you are squatting to sell, adobe has legal rights to the adobe name...

Comment #29

I too got an email from this guy today for a completely generic .com name with no possible trademark issues. Was just wondering how to respond when it occurred to me it could be a scam. So came to look here, and what do I see but this Allin person mentioned in the very first thread I view!.

So thanks to you vigilant domainers I've avoided what I'm sure must be a con mustn't it - can't see it being legit after reading others experiences. Will ignore the email and keep my name well out of his clutches.

Thanks for the heads-up guys!.


Comment #30

I too have been contacted multiple times from "Tom Allin" regarding generic domains I own..

Something is up, here.....

Comment #31

As I haven't received an email from this guy it is difficult to figure out what exactly he is up to. Could be he is checking the whois email address to see if it is still allocated to the domain, this would be confirmed by the owners response. Make sure there is nothing in the email that is "Clickable" as this may be an attempt to deposit a keylogger onto your pc...

Comment #32

Thank you all for the responses! I did have a conversation with him. He sent responses like "You will be extradited... to Guantanamo Bay." Sort of funny actually.

The reason I picked this domain some yrs back was because I liked the keywords, way too many searches on google for "Adobe Licenses". I searched my mailbox and apparently NameDrive had rejected this name from their parking service. Guess I should just drop this domain soon.

I checked the headers of the email and he has used the PAID service, to send the first email and the others came via Gmail. Guess he uses the Google Apps application for the domain name. The postal address just turns up some Rental Listings. Dont even know if that is his real address. Isnt that like I myself going and asking for trouble? I am sure they will not just give me an email to transfer the name to. I'm pretty sure thats not his intentions.

I guess you are safe to respond to him if you want to have some fun with some retarded sending crazy responses...

Comment #33

If you really want to have fun, you could contact Adobe's legal department, and let them know this clown is fraudulently representing them. At worst, you lose your domain. But, Tom Allin could theoretically go to prison for fraud...

Comment #34

Will the REAL Tom Allin please take one step forward...

I bet he lurks on this forum...

Comment #35

Yes that is true for the initial contact.

But you can be certain follow up emails would be under the company's name.

Just for fun, the OP can ask this "lawyer" to send the domain transfer request.

By snail mail on Adobe's letterhead...

Comment #36

I didnt recall the name, but sure enough, went back through my emails and I too received an inquiry from him about a generic .info. Never heard back...

Comment #37

Maybe contact by Tom Allin can be sort of a domainers running joke/badge of honor, since he only seems to contact people with good, generic names... When Tom Allin wants your names, you know your names are good...

"This Domain Name Tom Allin Approved"..

Comment #38

Just to echo everyone else around here, I have also had several spams from this guy. I can't stand bulk spammers, and that's just what this guy is. Put him on your spam block list...

Comment #39

You were that 'newbie' once. Just remember that before you consider offloading your potential problems onto someone else...

Comment #40

I believe I know who he is. He agreed to buy a domain from me a few weeks back but sine won't reply to any emails I send him. He's a little kid who spams ppl with his domain portfolio. This is a hoax. Forget it Post added at 05:53 PM Previous post was at 05:47 PM Here are his emails to me:.


I noticed is just redirecting to another domain. Do you have any interest in selling

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tom Allin.

3176 Summit Square Dr..

Oakton, VA 22124.

I mistook him for another guy he sent me this but never replied to my reply. So I doubt he's anyone more than a little kid, trying to fool ppl into thinking he's more than he is...

Comment #41

Transfer it to some local registry where Indian jurisdiction applies.

Rest you already know how tough it is to get things moving in India...

Comment #42

Come on, Adobe knows that acting like this, even with deemed "cybersquatters" is bad for business. No attorney will talk like that in a work email.

On the contrary, you may have the option to sue him instead, for wrongful representation, and for threatening emails...

Comment #43

Yes but if you are serious and you do hold some kind of TM related to it then you can appeal against it and it still gets stuck.

Not saying it applies in this case. It just makes him try more harder if he really wants to go after it.

If asked honestly then I would say the domain is TM only saying that make the fake guys life bit tougher if you want to...

Comment #44

They are looking into it now. I know a complaint was filed against him...

Comment #45

By the way, Adobe can still come after for using this particular domain name. Just because that Tom Allin is a fraud does not mean you are off the hook...

Comment #46

No, you did not receive an email from the general counsel of Adobe Corporation with language like that in it...

Comment #47

I am almost sure that the person who sent you that email is a fraud. If it's true then he is committing a serious crime. I have seen something like this before. Just send this guy the following link and and if he is a fraud, he will flee as if a Rottweiler is chasing him: Man charged with impersonating a lawyer to take over domain names..

Comment #48

If that was from adobe dont you think it would be a bit more formal?..

Comment #49

Was sent by TOM ALLIN 2 weeks ago to me.



> I was wondering if you have any interest in selling www. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon..


> Tom Allin.

> 3176 Summit Square Dr..

> Oakton, VA 22124.


Comment #50

Check with your friends, Tom Allin might be their alias...

Comment #51

"when we SUE YOU. Your days of freedom are numbered, cybersquatter. " Lawyer dont talk like that, desperate domains do lol. Good Luck..

Comment #52

He's probably a cybersquatter himself, who tried to register that domain name and got pissed off when he found out someone else had it.

That said, cybersquatting is a dangerous game and you really are asking to get sued...

Comment #53

I would register his name and add "sucks" or "ripoff" on the end...they are both and tell your story. Don't fabricate or embellish, just the facts and truth and do some seo work and in a few months it should appear high in serps.

Hell, others can tell their stories too and everyone will know the truth about this character.

Very effective device.


Comment #54

That's a pretty smart idea since many ppl Google a seller's name just to be sure...

Comment #55

He must be a scammer don't try to sell any domains to him......

Comment #56

...I think that was pretty much figured out a week or 2 ago...

Comment #57

Such blatant disregard for other people shows you are no better than the scammer who has tried to panic you into letting go of this. You deserve zero help or sympathy..

Comment #58

Ask for the phone no. and make a call..

Comment #59

TM is TM, no doubt.

Besides that:.

Tom "all in" ....

He - she - they tried me too, concerning absolutely "No TM-domains"..

It is perhaps just a trick to lure people to the parking page..

There's a banner from GoDaddy saying:.

"Want to buy this domain? Let us help You get it!".

Takes us to

Hmmm .....

Comment #60

Either way, first email this guys sent is not permitted by law, he set a trap for the domain holder to step into.

This is illegal and may cause any such case on courts to drop..

Comment #61

Your name is suspect. Your angle should be the Adobe Hut or housing unit and content should reflect that.

One angle is that he could be fishing for opportunities to sell leads to lawyers who want to approach Adobe. Careful!..

Comment #62

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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