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Quick question... Adkins Dukan Diet? What can and can't you eat? ? Looking forward for any response. Second question of mine... So I'm very curious about this DaVinci syrup I keep seeing on the boards, and I think I want to order a bottle. When I went to the netrition website, I didn't realize just how many different kinds there are. I kind of want to just get one right nowsomething tasty and versatile. Any suggestions on which one to get? Thanks in advance!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably know..

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Do you have a Publix grocery store in your area? You can find it in the health foods section for $5.99. A whole $1.50 cheaper than netrition. Of course they don't have as extensive of a selection buy I picked up a vanilla, hazelnut and raspberry syrups. And I think there were even two more selections. Just a thought seeing as I found them cheaper elsewhere. Good luck..

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Is there a Sam's Club near you? I bought some recently there for $4.88 a bottlea 25.4 oz bottle. I bought vanilla at WalMart that's a 12.7 oz bottle. I started buying it quite awhile ago because they quit making my Dukan Diet Vanilla Cokes & I was trying to duplicate that. I later started cooking with it...

Comment #3

Hmmm, I will have to check in our Sams...I doubt we'll have it though..

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Try Cost Plus, Smart & Final, WalMart, Ross Dress for Less, grocery stores...all sorts of places carry either DaVinci or Torani (both are the same taste, in my opinion). Target carries their own house brand of syrups, too. Be sure to get SUGAR FREE...

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Oh cool! Thanks for that heads up Pam! How ya been???..

Comment #6

Great, you doing? I know you are still grieving for your fur thoughts are still with ya, Ridin'!..

Comment #7

Hi Kris,.

You can find DaVinci syrup in Walmart. The bottle is smaller than the one at Sam's. The first one I tried was Kahlua. I put it in my coffee and I'm hooked..

I use the other flavors for my smoothies and for recipes I've found on the threads. Be sure and check because they aren't all sugar free...

Comment #8

I find them at TJMaxx / Marshalls..

I like the white chocolate one to make things taste creamier and more full flavored. I like the caramel one as well. I get Raspberry to help my berry shakes taste more berry like. I've also gotten the gingerbread one. Helps when making pumpkin flavored shakes..

Heck, I haven't found one yet I wouldn't buy again.


Comment #9

I've never seen this at my Walmart - do they keep it near the coffee, or stashed away somewhere else?..

Comment #10

What advantages, if any, are there to using these insead of the extracts found in the baking aisle?..

Comment #11

I have puff pan receipes that call for the syrup, I use a lot of caramel and kalaha. I use the choc. in my Dukan Diet coke, I am a chocolaholic, lol, I get mine at walmart near the coffee.


Comment #12

I just Googled "davinci syrup" and got their website. You can order online...

Comment #13

I LOVE the Toasted Marshmallow or Toasted Hazelnut in hot chocolate (also good in pudding). I don't know the Dukan Diet flavors of oatmeal, but on Dukan Diet I added Blueberry to the blueberry and - my favorite - caramel to the apple cinnamon. I have a whole lineup of bottles with pump dispensers on a shelf in my pantry. (Oh, and to answer the question about the difference between these and the extracts, I prefer the taste of these in most cases. Plus there are a lot more flavors, at least compared to the extracts my markets carry.).

I don't like some of the sweeter flavors like English Toffee...

Comment #14

Do you all use these as sweetners in your coffee? Are they considered "free" foods or do you have to count calories? Are there calories?..

Comment #15

You can even try TJ Maxx if you have one of those near you. They are very handy and like many of the others folks, I have tones of them for different recipes...

Comment #16

Yea that was my question too SLQCSR... do you have to count calories on this?.

Do you all get the Sugar free only? How does this work?.

Thank you all...

Comment #17

There are no calories in SF Da Vinci syrups, according to the people at Da Vinci. Usually you judge by the amount of calories per serving size, which is generally 2 tbsp, and I always assume that means 4 calories (they are allowed to say 0 calories if there are less than 5 calories per serving). However, Da Vinci says you would have to pretty much drink the whole bottle to get any calories at all. Splenda DOES contain calories, but that is because of the fillers, which Da Vinci does not need to use in liquid form...

Comment #18

Like Judi said0 calories. I use a lot of it in the puff recipes. If you don't have a puff pan, you can just make muffins, & bake in the oven. My Wally World had them in a side wire holder at the end of a frozen food isle, along with more in the syrup isle...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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