Accountability during Medifast

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I've seen others make themselves accountable for their cheats before. I used to keep mine silent, but not today, not anymore, not if I want to beat this addiction.

This weekend I've had to make chocolate truffles for a class I have on Wednesday. I still have more truffles to make today and tomorrow. It's been really difficult to resist and I didn't. Not only did I eat some, I also ate some bread and veggies like carrots. Yesterday I got back OP and after weighing myself just now and seeing a +2.0 on the scale, I'm definitely staying OP today as well. It's so difficult though, the smell of chocolate and all the goodies I'm making is getting the best of me.

I was at 188.6, now back to the 90s..

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Have to make truffles? Or choosing to?.

It is hard to smell the smells and see the food and not give in. This holiday season we are not going to one holiday party. I have been at goal since August and I am not ready. I have to get past this mental block at some point. Not yet, not gonna tempt fate when I don't feel confident...

Comment #1

((((hugs)))) I think it's huge that you came here and made yourself accountable. But please, don't beat yourself up over this. It's in the past. Today, you get back right back on plan and do your thing. Those 2 lbs are just from water retention. I know it's hard to see that weight come back but it's not fat...

Comment #2

No, I really do have do. It's part of my final....ugh, don't ask...

Comment #3

Melanie - All you can do is exactly what you did. Make yourself accountable. If that means posting here, great. You just have to keep at it and learn to block out those temptations. Reduce your focus to the job at hand. I love to bake and have never stopped, especially during the holidays.

I did find, and still do this, that if something I'm baking or cooking starts to tempt me, I will go and grab a bar, usually something chocolaty and sweet to nibble on while I'm baking. I found that this was very effective in curbing my need to sample the things I was making..

Don't give up. Ever. You can do this. Like anything else, it takes patience and self discipline, both of which take practice. Celebrate the little victories and learn from your slips. Eventually, you will figure out a way that works for you...

Comment #4

Melanie, As stated, don't give up, and if you do have to make the trigger food, why not have a friend over to "help" you be accountable? Is there someone you could ask to come over and help?.

Or if that won't work, just be accountable with us and check in before you get ready to make them, then report back to us, knowing we are all here waiting for you to report back with 100% On Plan Success! ? .

Don't give up,.

Remember, everyone is here to support you..


Comment #5

Melanie - I understand what you're going through. I've been fortunate enough to not gain from my cheats, but that doesn't mean they weren't there, making me feel bad, and probably hindering my weightloss. But, what's done is done. Learn from it and move on. There will be times after Medifast when you will be making truffles, or something like that, and the whole point of this is to teach you to have one ... not 80.

Kick yourself in the butt just long enough to remember what it feels like ... but you can't walk forward while still kicking!..

Comment #6

Dan has a great suggestion! Next time something like this happens, don't do it alone. It's much easier to cheat when no one is there to catch you!..

Comment #7

Thank you guys, I really need this place to report to for the next few days. I decided to skip the baking and truffle making for today. I'll do what I can tomorrow and that will have to be good enough. I just don't feel strong enough today to be sure I absolutely won't cheat if I make them so it's better that way. I have so much studying for all my finals this week anyways, that's what I'll focus on. I'll move the ones I already made in the garage fridge so they're not constantly in my face and hope this helps a bit...

Comment #8

Wow - I can't say enough about the responses - AWESOME!! I LOVE Dan's idea and Sam's saying 'you can't walk forward while still kicking!'..

My only additional comment is that YOU came back HERE and didn't leave Medifast.. I see way too many people who go off plan and never come back here and to me that takes a TON of commitment to do so. Like everyone said - Learn from it and move on - don't give up, it is ALL a learning experience. Best of luck to you as you continue on your journey!!..

Comment #9

Hi Melanie! I think it is great that you want accountability....I think that's a hugely wonderful sign. I see time and time again...people in life and on the Medifast forum that hide from accountability (refusing to weigh after they knowingly went off plan, etc...) and you aren't doing that. It's splendid...I think it means you might be a few steps ahead!.

I was someone who baked all the time when I was on MF...still do. My mom was a great baker and I feel close to her when I bake...and use the recipes out of her yummy cook book. They are all splendid treats, but nothing is Medifast friendly. I made a bunch for work when I was on MF. And...I knew that going in, I had to be ready to battle so that I wouldn't be tempted to taste this or just try that..

I made sure I planned to cook right after I had one of my meals...either my Medifast or my L&G so that I wouldn't have any chance of being actually hungry. I also had a huge bottle of water out on the counter. Anytime I felt like I wanted to try anything...I took a huge chug of water. One, my mouth was full...and two...I was getting to feel FULL on water.

I love the idea of inviting a friend over to help keep you on plan....that seems like a genius idea.

Hugs and best of luck!.


Comment #10

I know this sounds like terrible advice but it's really worked really well for me. I give myself two cheat days a month and on those cheat days I eat what I want but I stop as soon as I am full. I normally gain 1 pound or stay the same but then I don't cheat every day on little stuff it really helped me a lot and it's kept my weight loss going ... I don't think that I could normally pass up on bread or chocolate ... but I tell my self wait a week and you'll have something better and it's worked I have candy in the house for my son and make him pastas and don't even feel tempted because I know twice a month I'll have it! I hope that helps...

Comment #11

This may sound silly, but I've done it before and it does help. Can you put a mask on your face (like a dust mask or a germ prevention mask) and/or some gloves while in the kitchen when you're preparing food that is not for your lips? It really does make it seem untouchable and not good for you..

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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