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Question I have... A site similar to Nutrisystem that is free? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Second question.. Beginning week 2 with Nutrisystem this morning, starting with a weigh-in..

What's that? No, seriously. Let's weigh in again; that can't be right. I've lost 8 pounds? In the first week?.

Okay, so I know the first week is a bit deceptive, what with the water loss and such. And I know that my first weigh in was a bit higher than normal, becuase it was the morning after my wife threw me a birthday party (complete with a huge feast), and I kind of porked out a bit..

Still. That's pretty cool. Feeling really encouraged..

What was especially encouraging was my attitude toward temptations. Every Sunday night, we host a big group of friends at our house and it always involves a lot of food. Last night, as people started arriving with their dishes, there were big platters of rice & beans, veggies, these appetizers with little toast covered in melted cheese and peppers, a big bowl of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and more. Before long, one lady showed up with three home-made pies and ice cream. Coffee was brewing in the background, wine bottles were uncorked, and I was surrounded by food everywhere I went..

But I was seriously, truly, completely content just grabbing a handful of raw carrots and brewing up some green tea. That lasted me the entire night until everyone left and I could have my Nutrisystem dinner..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Good goin Doc..

Keep doing what you know is right..

Those parties sound like serious temptations..

Better watch the porkin and stick with the mission..

It's too easy to let special events knock you back onto the food wagon..

I've pretty much secluded myself from the outside world for a while....

We've only been out to eat once and it was low cal..


Comment #2

Great report, Doc! That's the way to do it!! Uh huh..


Comment #3

Good start, man!.

Now you armed with a little information and some options and a temptation or two...right?.

Be a bit careful here! You KNOW the program can work now. You KNOW you are able to do it..

And I'll bet you've started doing some math and saying something like.

"if person A loses 8 pounds in two weeks, and has 5 more two-week sets of foodeven if weight loss is a bit lowerheck!! Person A can lose 50 lbs in 3 months! Woohoo!....".

(okay, maybe you're not a 'woohoo' sort of guy)..

Now for the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say..

As you noted, you do not have enough data to extrapolate. It would be like running the first mile of a marathon in 7 minutes and confidently telling yourself that the other 26 miles will be exactly the same. Probably not..

Good first 2 weeks. But if we're not careful, we can be lulled into being overly confident and those "100% days" can become 90% days (or worse!). You will absolutely get on the scale after a week and see less loss...which can jar your confidence and cause doubt..

People in your life will begin making a huge deal over your gainsallowing perhaps the idea that you're doing well enough to creep into your thoughts..

You can tell yourself that you've been so good that the hotdog at the ballgame isn't a big deal (it's a very big deal!), and so on......

At least one overweight person in my life (a family member) was very unhappy that I continued to lose weightand I think tried in subtle ways to provide opportunities for me to cheat!!!.

Your social calendar can increase putting you in more difficult situations where it is much harder to make the best choicesparticularly bad if it happens before you've really cemented changes into your behaviors and choices..

You get the pointCAUTION is called for..

NS is about.

Changing understanding, then behaviors and finally, establishing new habits..

That's a serious journey..

Good start, great attitude, fabulous story! Now step on the gas pedal MORE.


Comment #4

Great advice, J..

Yeah, I'm being pretty realistic about where this journey is taking me. To be honest, my goals in this aren't merely about losing weight (though that's pretty appealling). My primary goal has been to change my mindset about eating, trusting that will result in a healthier me for the long haul. And my second goal is to be a partner for my daughter (who is also on the program; this built-in buddy system at home is really awesome). Oh, sure, I've got a couple of suits that I'd really like to fit into and all of that. But, at least for me, this is really a journey of mindchange..

I was just grinning that my first weigh-in was so dramatic. I certainly don't expect future ones to be anything like that. If I can see 1-2 pounds coming off each week, I'll be content. And I was especially pleased to be around all that awesome food and still feel quite satisfied with my healthy choice..

One day at a time, right?..

Comment #5

"one day at a time" is one approach..

It worked for me, personally. Though when you read enough of the things that others share you begin to see that there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach that is always effective..

There really is a wide array of treatments of the Nutrisystem program by individuals and many are very successful..

I'm not a person who can move toward some distant vague circumstanceso for me, just taking care of "today" was easiest. Since my life tends to be complicated (as most are.

), I was interested in "simplicity" in my mental self-talk..

Buy the right stuff, assemble the right stuff, take today's bag of perfectly outlined food (from the guide book), eat nothing off plan, go for my walk in the eveningrinse, repeat..

I'm amazed at the people who are hyper organized, who study elaborate substitutions and come up with fabulous recipes of non-NS foods and who can quote protein serving stats off the top of their headsmany of whom have had phenomenal success!.

Me? I didn't even take the stuff out of the box and put it away (lol)! I reached in blindly to grab the right amount of the right colored items, threw them in a plastic grocery bag with my add-ins (lots of boiled eggs, raw carrots, grape tomatoes, clementine oranges, sliced peppers, etcall prepared the evening before), grabbed 3 bottles of water and jumped in the car to go to work..

Simple for me. And very much "one day at a time". For something like 6 weeks I didn't have a BITE of food not in that guide. One 100% day after another..

Have to say, the participation and evidence from others proves that's not the only approach though.

Keep the faith!.


PS. also by way of sharing just for your information sort of....I lost 10 lbs per month like clockwork. 4 months = 41 lbs and it was outwardly appearing to be 10 lbs per month. It didn't really go that way week-to-week, though. I'd lose 4lbs in 1 week, 1.5 lbs the next week, 2lbs the 3rd week, and 4lbs in week 4. Very much up and down in weekly totals.

Again, I just kept plugging along one day at a time. If weight loss slowed, I increased walking or speed of my walk or went for 2-3 more walks on the weekend or something...

Comment #6

+100!! Don't let your guard down. As I've stated in several other threads lately, I (and several other returnees around here) am/are your cautionary tale..

Having said that, WTG on your first week, Doc!.

As for me, I lost 5.6 lbs my first week back as of today, starting week 2 myself today. Would have been better but for another eff'ing food orgy my extended family had last night for a birthday celebration (validating JLong's point about the overweight family members not "really" being happy for your progress). I planned my day around last night and did well to eat in moderation, but I know I still exceeded what I should have consumed. Back on the stick today...

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