A question for someone who has a Nutrisystem point guide.?

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Question I have... A question for someone who has a Nutrisystem point guide.? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: G'morning my lovely family ... Happy Monday!!!.

Ok ok ok dont throw nothing at me. I so wish I was a morning person LOL. Just not the case, but I do have coffee prepped and it will be ready at the bumm crack o dawn tomorrow just make sure to leave me a cup.

Alie mussa been tired if she has to wait till morning to comment either that or das puppies are keeping her a wee bit overworked. lol.

Cooked turkey tonite for dinner had some roasted carrots n taters and asparagus and some garlic bread Happy to report I skipped the bread n taters.

Like a good girl!.

Ohhh btw Alie the candies turned out freeking adoreable Im taking them to work already sold 1 to my son for a buck hahahah ... it was so much fun to do think we are gonna go get a few more kits and do some more but put them in like a basket w/grass in it and put like $5 on them for the bake sale! They werent hard to do at all.

So thanks for the idea!.

How goes all the puppy training? Im going to concentrate this week on befriending 1 new person on Nutrisystem..

That is my goal this week..

Last week of Zumba for me then a week break until another 8 week course starts up. Course I got a free 8week certificate So ... Im already IN! woot woot ....

How was your weekend? Did you get some yard work in? Some tanning.

(he knows who Im tawkin about.

) it was up in the 80s this weekend it was GLORIOUS! I sure hope thats a sign that spring is WAY in the air..

So family, friends lurkers alike, sit back, kick off ya shoes, pop a squat and tell me whats up ...........

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Good Morning!! so I posted AGAIN on lastweeks thread!!! but here is what I wrote so ya don't have to go back and look!!.

"Good MOrning! Happy Monday Zoners!! Looks like I missed out on a lot this weekend!! I was so lazy this weekend that after taking my run outside Saturday, Elliott and DH lounged watching lifetime ALL DAY. Had a birthday party that night, came home early, and LOUNGED ALL DAY SUNDAY!!.

Elliott the wonderdog and I took a 2 mile lesurly walk...but some idiot smashed a bottle on the sidewalk adn I didn't see it until Mr. E YELLPED....he cut his foot SOOOOO, I picked him up, carried him home. PUPPY PADSS BLEEEEED!!! It looked like we had been stabbed! ugggh.... poor baby. Daddy got the peice of glass out of Elliotts foot, cleaned it up and put the steptic stuff to it. OF COURSE ...

I feel so bad for him, so he is with a sitter today, I dont' want him alone, what if he re=opens his booboo!!???.

OH... and my wiegh in this AM was AMAZING!! 5.8lbs!!!!! I am in shock!!"..

Comment #2


Alright alright alright... let's get this week started~!.

Happy Monday kids, how was the weekend? I hope everyone had a blast and you're all safe and accounted for this morning! Hey, it's gonna be a good day! Heck, it's gonna be a great week!!!.

My weekend was crazy fun! The best weekend of the year thus far; this one's gonna be tough to top! Arena football, AMA Motocross and surfing at the beach... and the finisher was blackened mahi on the grill last night with mango salsa and homemade frozen margarita's. Ain't life grand?.

Everybody get your dancing shoes on... the party has begun and there's no turning back!.

"Work like you don't need money, Love like you've never been hurt, And dance like no one's watching"..

Comment #3

Aeri - the candles sound lovely. Great Job GF.

Our weekend was filled with puppy excitment and talking to more contractors about stuff at the house. THey will begin the foundation excavation/drainage this week. Then it's driveway? maybe, then deck and fencing..

Work is crazy busy and the interviews did not leave me feeling very confident..

I'm a stubbern you know that, I'll keep trying dagnabit!.

Alie - our little sneaky girl runs like the wind and when she stops I now know she is going to squat somewhere!.

She did get a few by me, but No More! I try to take her out every hour when she is awake..

Mikey you are truely a wonderful blast of sunshine! Which we will need as I heard the "S" word for Thursday. WTH? We went out with friends Friday and I did indulge in a yummy adult beverage.

Ok now back to the grind. Have a great day All!..

Comment #4

They were white/chocolate/yellow n pink and we made them colorful and cute as a button! course.

Lol aint puppies grand?.

WOW nice job on the wieght loss this week! you should be totally proud of that. POORRRRRRRRRR puppy.

Ive never had a dog do that gosh hope it heals quick. isnt it funny how we spoil/baby the animals when they are hurt?.

Awesome weekend my friend ... mine consisted of alotta jammie time.

Laying round, wee bit of cleaning and some cooking and 1 massage!.

My dog once outside does the 200 circles before going lol you have one of them dogs? not to mention the lil ones walk n poop.

Dont give up on those interviews! sometimes stubborn is good.

And good luck w/the renovations I Hope they go smoothly!..

Comment #5

Everybody get your dancing shoes on... the party has begun and there's no turning back!.

"Work like you don't need money, Love like you've never been hurt, And dance like no one's watching".



Comment #6

Good Morning Zone.

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down..

Comment #7

Its SOOO hot this morning inside ... I just wanna open all the windows and turn the fan on.

Nothing like sitting still and sweating ... oh joy!.

Morning rick xoxo hows the market treating ya?..

Comment #8

Gonna be 82 here today!!! I got some spring fever bad!!! Shoulda called in (cough cough) sick today!..

Comment #9

Spank spank.

S'posed to be in the 80s here today too..

Comment #10

OK you guys... STOP braggin about your awesome weather~ IT IS SNOWING in NH today!!! Will it ever stop, and actually be spring????? heeheeee.

I need to move to a warmer climate..

My husband will be 60 this year, and I will be 40 this year.... I think a change of climate will be good for us!!..

Comment #11

Poor you for snow.

We are getting some more rain this week which just makes for alotta mud where I live.

Mm gotta love a market thats not only up but WAYYYYYYY up..

Comment #12

I always drink beer, and when I do... I prefer Bud Lite Lime..

The most interesting guy in the Zone!..

Comment #13


Lol you are definately the one w/the most energy .... I swear Im gonna bottle that n sell it and become rich!.

Man lotta crap at work going on .. ugh .. ive managed 2 glasses of water today.

And I'll drink more during the workout and when I get home thats good odds today..

Comment #14

STILL snowing.....

BUT the day has flown by because I have been so busy!!.

Boss is down in Washington DC fighting for Veterans.......

Comment #15

It is truly amazing how you can do this to me!!!!..

Comment #16

Well careful if you are out driving in that stuff .....

Comment #17

OH no! Poor Elliott! I hope he's okay!.

Great job on the weight loss!!!.

I know you weren't surfing Mr..

Besides that, sounds like a GREAT weekend!.

I'm glad they are getting it done soon! lol @ Gaiden running around.

It seems Leia needs to go out every 20 minutes..

Sounds yummy!!! I'm sure they will sell like hot cakes!.

Lmao @ walking and pooping. Is that anything like the walking farts?.

Jammie time sounds so nice... 2 more weeks... 2 more weeks.....

Kama, I agree with Aeri... don't give up! If you haven't gotten it, it's not right for you anyhow..

Linda, as usual... LOVE the pics..

Rick, How's life? Was this Monday better than last?.

Snowy here today too. Only a little stuck. Tomorrow is supposed to be 47!.

But you know what they say... If you don't like the weather in New England, wait a minute...

Comment #18

Well, let's see.... I was planning on going to bed early last night.

But DH and I watched "Cyrus" which was oddly humorous. So of course, after hitting the snooze button I didn't hear the alarm go off the second time..

But the older boys (kitties) woke me up my running through the upstairs growling and fighting..

Don't know what about..

I made my coffee and then headed downstairs. Forgot that about 45 minutes of my time is spent taking care of a puppy first thing in the morning so I didn't have much time to play on here..

But DH got up and I was able to leave for work on time.

And get there with enough time to spare to grab coffee #2..

For lunch I grabbed a water and aNutrisystemlunch bar. I was going to get a mint oreo blizzard.

But I resisted. No ice cream for me..

The day went by and I was planning on getting a walk in but I had a weeks worth of dishes to do..

I only got one load done. After eating leftovers, it was time to watch "How I Met Your Mother"..

That, along with about 8 trips outside tonight has worn me down. Man, I wish our yard was fenced..

But it's not. 2 potty accidents since I've been home. Better than the past two days..

But... my pants felt a little looser today than they did last week so all of that treadmill-ing has been working. I still don't want to step on the scale though..

Maybe Friday I will. We'll see..

I'm going to do a little online research and then go to bed early. I need some rest..

Hope you all have a warm, relaxing evening. I'll catch you in the morning!..

Comment #19

Good Morning Zoners!!! So I had an American Legion Auxiliary meeting lastnight....I was voted in as Secretary/Treasurer... AGAIN....

I am tired of doing it after 6 yrs, but we got a couple of new officers in our unit so we celebrated!!.

Well, I "sampled" jello-shots. They were sugar free pineapple jello with malibu rum in them.... OMG.... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Good!! Until they decide that the jello is gone, melted, and now just the rum is sitting there and all of a sudden you are SHCMAAAMMMMERED!!!.

Running HUNGOVER is NOT fun... the poor people on the tready next to me must have thought they were in hawaii with the coconut/pineappple sweat coming out of me!!.

BUT... I did it, and the hangover is gone... (THANK GOD!!!).

I hope ya all have a GREAT DAY!! Looks like the sun might make an appearance and the temps are pretty warm for up here!..

Comment #20

Good Morning Zonies.

I'm still tired, no it was not the puppy. We were informed that a family member passed..

I feel for DH family..

We had to crate miss climb out of the exercise pen puppy! So we could sleep. She was not happy, and we will need to purchase an extra large crate soon, she is growing bigger every day!.

We got about an inch of snow..

Have a good day. Cherish your family, tell them way too often how much you Love & Appreciate them...

Comment #21

Lmao @ Hawaii sweat!.

Good for you getting your workout on anyhow!.

Glad you had fun, those shots sound yummy! At least you know you're doing a great job, right? You keep being elected and all..

Oh Kama, so sorry to hear that! Thoughts are with you, DH and DH's family..

Go to Ocean State Job Lot. DH got a 42" x 28" x 31" for like $50!.

It's got a divider, plastic tray and a side & front door. It is quite the deal!.

On Kama's advice.... I love & appreciate you all!.

You are myNutrisystemfamily and I'd be 20 pounds heavier if it weren't for you and your support, advice and friendship...

Comment #22

Got to get ready for work. Hopefully I have a good, quick day..

And I hope you all do too!..

Comment #23

Kama, sorry to hear of your sad news..

I am obsessed with letting my fam know how crazy I am over them!!.

My teenage children have resigned to the fact that they have to hug and kiss me in public and respond with something nice when I tell them I love them!!.

My parents have raised me that way!! I come by it honestly!! heeheee.....

I think if Elliott was a big dog, I would have crated him too, but the first night I had him in his crate for about 20 mins before I gave in to that 2lb cuddlebug and he has had me wrapped ever since and sleeps behind my knees every night....if I am sick, he sleeps on my head!!.


Comment #24

Greetings and Salutations my friends and Happy Tuesday!!!.

What's shaking in your little corner of the world?.

Not much here, just chugging some Diet Coke and eating a protein bar; trying to get this motor reved up and going. Wow... slept like a baby last night. I mean like way good... went to bed at 11:30 last night, shut my eyes and before I knew it... BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP...

(must have been tired!.


So, anybody watch the new season of DWTS last night? I have never watched this show before but Kay wanted to watch the new premiere last night; being the caring wonderful husband and person I am, I decided to sit with her and pretend to watch it (not really)... turns out I really really liked the show!.

Who woulda thought??? I really liked Hines Ward and the Karate Kid (can you believe he's almost 50!.

). Sugar Ray Leonard also did alright but looked a bit nervous. Anyway, I was surprised I enjoyed it so much and I've decided I want to learn to dance like that. Seriously, I've got moves!.

I just need to learn how to perfect them. Anyway, gonna put that dance stuff on my list of things to do before I die.....

Have a great people! Remember to SMILE SMILE SMILE... it makes people wonder what you're up to...

Comment #25

Well today is going to be a good day I have decided HA ....

I did get up fairly early today and I feel ok pretty well rested for going to bed at midnight tho I got something that is stuck in my eye that is driving me NUTS and I cant seem to get it out so it's gonna be a long day until it works it's way out er summin.

I hate that feeling.

Yeah for looser pants.

We'll get you a snazzy belt to keep them up lol I havent stepped on the scale either I need to be brave soon.

Ooo your jello shots sound DEVINE! I havent had one of those in forver and LMAO at your sweating it out! lol I couldnt possibly get on a TM hungover to save my life so KUDOS to you gf.

C'mere sweetnessssss {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} so sorry ... yanno that was the BIGGEST thing that John Edwards says/believes in ... validate and tell the ppl on this earth you love them everyday so you dont need some sorta medium to tell them after they are gone! hugs hugs hugs love ya.

Morning cutie patootie.

Hey you smiling sexy viking! summins in my eye will you come get it out it's driving me NUTSSSSSSSSSSSSS ugh ... oh man I hope today FLIES by ... I never seem to catch episodes of DWTS or american idol.

Morning linda!..

Comment #26

Lol bilingual guys are so hot specially ones that look like lobsters.

HAHAHAH hows the sunburn going today? peeling yet? caked in aloe vera?..

Comment #27

Ahhh yessss.... I can type in many languages, I have an international keyboard!!! I speak a little of about 4 laguages: English, Spanish, Danish and Italian! How's that for moi caliente!.

No peeling... as a matter of fact, the burn is gone and is now a nice bronze savage tan!.

It did hurt yesterday though... that'll teach me for not listening to Kay and falling asleep on the beach without sunscreen!.

Hav en stor dag mine venner!.

(have a great day my friends... Danish)..

Comment #28

Lol sure thats what you said I thought of something totally different in my head LOL.

Well I was gonna rub some aloe on ya widdle nose but not a bronzed one..

Comment #29

Wow imprompto meeting ... but Im back almost time to go home! Woo hoo.

That means almost naptime! Gotta run n pay some bills after work .. joy! have a supahhhhhhh afternoon..

Comment #30

Have a good night.

Relax some wouldja? have a BLL for me.

Er 2..

Comment #31

That's great that you do that! My dad brought me up and he wasn't one for lots of hugs and stuff and he wouldn't really tell me he loved me unless something bad happened or I was mad at him..

But in the past year he has said it almost every time we get off the phone..

I'm not good at saying it, but I do try..

Lol @ Elliot sleeping on your head. My kitties would be doing that if I let them in the bedroom with me..

I think I only watched one season. Got kind of annoyed by the "votes" and "results". Every now and again I catch a glimpse of it before DH changes the channel..

I've been saying for years that I want to take lessons to learn how to dance like that but no one will go with me..

Glad you got some rest. I would like that... except not having to wake up with the alarm..

I did step on the scale. Dropped an pound and a half of what I've gained back in the past two or three months. So, 4 more to drop and I'm back on track..

I need to feel rested. 10 more days..

What do I get two of?..

Comment #32

Hello dahlink.

Well thats not too bad then congrats to the loss.

And yeah for getting rest soon!..

Comment #33

I WISH I had been able to go to bed then..

I went up to bed at around 11:15 and Midas had come out but it was weird because Neptune wasn't with him..

Usually Midas follows Neptune since Midas is the extreme skittish one. Anyhow, I called out to N several times and no response so I started to get worried. I looked around and found him in his bed. But then he didn't really respond when I was talking to him..

He more like a puppy that ALWAYS wants to be picked up and pet so this was unusual behavior. I turned the light on and he barely responded to that... just the little blinking of the "bright light" look..

So I went around into the room and picked him up and he was all "I'll just kinda lay limp".

And then started to snuggle up. So I carried him like a baby back and forth to warm up their snuggle toy (if you micro it fr like 30 seconds it stays warm for an hour or so) and then laid him back in bed. He must've had a rough day..

These poor animals are worked SO hard..

Comment #34

Good Morning My Friends.

I have a devil dog disguised as a puppy living in my home.

This morning it was like she had a ton of sugar in her food. She was a very naughty girl. DH could not wait to get outta the house this am.

I hope she is calmer tonight..

Thank you for the love and well wishes. You guys are the bestest! The loss in the family was tragic. It is a family member but not immediate, do you know what I mean? DH has a huge family, much larger than mine. Even so, his Mom and many others are understandably very upset. The phones have been ringing off the hook. Services are Fri and Sat.

Sat we are going to NYC with another couple to see the Blue Man Group and then to dinner. We are looking forward to it..

Did I tell you that the Doc recommended more surgery?.

He thinks Doc from last year cut some nerves that is intensifying the pain. I will schedule the right arm surgery in April, the left in June. I don't know, but the pain needs to stop......

Have a good day. We are due 6 - 10 inches of snow tonight.

I'm moving to Florida........Mikey you got any spare room?..

Comment #35

Lol @ devil dog... Gaiden and Leia must've switched places..

She's been an angel this morning. No accidents inside..

(no comment on DH's day yesterday though lol).

Thoughts go out to all of you and his family..


You're taking DH and I to see the Blue Man Group!!!!! AWESOME!.

That's cool. I heard (and from watching on tv) that they are just awesome. We were going to see them at Disney but the tickets were ridiculous! I hope you two have a blast!.

Oh no.... more pain and recovery. But with recovery comes better days and less pain over time. I hope they fix it right this time..

Whoa! Don't be using that "S" word in here!.

I won't have it! lol Please no more snow... please no more snow... please no more snow......

Comment #36

I'm out.... got to get DH up so I can get ready for work. Blah. Don't wanna go..

9 more days..

Happy Hump day gang!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #37

GOOOOD MORNING!!!!! Well the day is starting out sunny and cold. yup...that cold air means 5-8 more inches of that f%^$*#$(%^$% snow!.

I want to know who the hell pissed offf Mother Nature! It musta been a man...or ... she is jealous that all us zoners are losin weight and she isn't!!.

So... I was too lazy to drive to the gym this am so decided to get on my elliptical instead...needed low impact... I drove it for 35 mins...then did the kettle bell worx DVD's. totally differnt muscle group...I am already sore!! heeheeeee.......

I hope you all have a FABULOUS DAY!!!.

I so feel for you puppy mommas out there!! ugggh.... I guess I was just blessed with the perfect puppy.... who is such a dramaking! he is still nursing his booboo foot... he keeps chewing the bandage off it.

Oh is really healing need for amputation at this point!!..

Comment #38

Kama, I have a guest bedroom downstairs in our house if you wanna come visit... sunny and high of 82 today!.

Yep, gonna be a good day! The kids have early release today and will be home from school @ 12:30'ish. Sooooooo, I was thinking it might be a good day to take 1/2 a vacation day and take the boys surfing..

Waves are really nice today. knee high clean and glassy; I think it would be good therapy for the back!.

Just sayin....

I don't have any really funny dog stories... my dog is chill. She's a 3 year old white shih-tzu (God Bless You!).

Named Muggy..

She lays around most of the time and occasionally like to chase squirrels, she enjoys rap music and long walks on the beach..

The boys tried to put her on one of their surfboards last summer, she was less than thrilled..

Anywho.. gotta go run to the convenient store and pick me up a SF Rockstar! Gotta get this party started... Whooo Hoooo Wacky Wednesday and Happy Humpday to all!!!!..

Comment #39

Elliott the Wonderdog has a girlfriend....she is a white 4 yr old shih-tzu named MOOSE!! she is a cute little thing but she lives at my mothers house with a border collie/lab/demented frady cat dog. Moose is tough!.

My Hotdog likes to go out on the boat....he sits on the bow with his ears straight out from the wind....he kinda acts like the "old spice guy"~~.

HOW IS THAT Rock Star stuff???? wanted to try it but didn't want the caffeine overload.......

Comment #40

Lol at you and your pets I used to have a cat that followed ME everywhere and if I laid down and he wasnt ON the bed I was REALLY worried and I couldnt go to sleep so I understand ... I miss having a cat in the house.

But not the liter box.

Lmao at devil dog sometimes I wish I had that kinna puppy energy in the mornings ... I cant even get it AFTER coffee lol just not a morning person! course after I spend 30 minute beating my kids awake it sets my mood lol. You didnt tell us more surgery.

Owie. I hope they get it right this time tho! being in cronic pain sucks royal!.

OOOOO enjoy the BMG ... I wouldnt mind seeing them too.

Have a SUPAHHHHHHH day take some vacation time and much needed rest for me too in 9 days wouldja?.

Lol at amputation! I love that "sore" feeling when you work new muscles Ive not seen the kettle ball workout ... nice job!.

Gmorning you lol at your back therapy!.

Why do the kids have half days? I got a meeting at 930 with an attorney.

So I'll be in and out today hopefully it'll be a short short meeting.

DH's truck is down today sooooo I had to get a ride into work then I'll have to wait for DS2 to pick me up for the atty mtg and drop me back off then doug hasta pick me up after work and take me home ...omg I hate being truckless. I personally thing DH should of found a ride to work other then MY truck lol but whatever..

Comment #41

I love it, I used to be addicted to it... drank like 3 or 4 a day..

BUT... then it started jacking up my blood pressure; so I limit myself to 1 caffeinated drink a day. I go with the sugar free, a LOT less calories but the same caffeine..

It's the jet fuel that powers this rocket!!!..

Comment #42

Hey there Princess, happy Humpday!!!.

Down here in Florida they have early release once a month and ususally on a Wednesday. I don't know why, something regarding teacher planning or something. I wish they would have had that when I was a kid. Getting out of school 12:30 would be sweet!..

Comment #43

Oh I know rite? and even better if it was on a friday LMAO ....

Man we didnt get outta school for nothing .. they call them teacher "in service" days here ....

Happy hump day to YOU too my dear ... got some plans tonite heh.... should we warn kay..

Comment #44

Good morning all! Im and sound. I spent a week out in the crib getting rid of all those old documents and I made it out alive!!!! A couple of bumps and bruises and alot of dirty clothes...but other than in one piece. Hope everyone is doing well. and Im glad to be back!..

Comment #45

Oh yeah, she knows the drill!!! She's in for it tonight!..

Comment #46

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh we totally missed you girl! good to see you back.

LMAO at knows the drill..

Comment #47

Hey there stranger and WELCOME HOME, we have missed you for sure! How's it going? Anything fun and exciting in your world?..

Comment #48

Thank You...i missed you guys too...I would have much preferred being at my desk chit chatting with you all than out in the back slinging boxes that have 10 and 15yrs worth of dust on them...ewwwww!.

Hey mikey! Glad to be back where I belong!.

...I am running my first mini marathon on April 2nd. I'm doing a 5k really excited and looking forward to it! Ive been running alot trying to make sure I'm ready for that. Other than that...just the same ol same ole! How about you all? Did I miss anything uber sweet last week?..

Comment #49

Way to go on the running!! Man, I used to love to run... but no more. My doctor will kill me and Kay would divorce me if I ever run again and further damage my back. So, biking and surfing are about all I do these days..

Nope you didn't miss too much last week... same ole same old. Actually it's been kinda slow in here lately, not too many posts... However today we are rocking this place..

(Well mostly me... I'm all jacked up on caffeine today!).

Anyway, have a great day Tonya!..

Comment #50

Im still in awe of you and the whole surfing make it sound like it's so much be scared to death though!.

You have a great day as well my friend......

Comment #51

Hey guys...totally no pressure...but I'm walking to raise money for march of dimes on April 30th. My goal is $500.00. If you can...please donate on my page.....



Comment #52

Boss said "nope" on the 1/2 day vacation requests... he said I couldn't go surf if he had to stay here and work..

Maybe I just should have lied to him and made up some story. Oh well, I suppose it's better to always tell the truth..

Not Winning!!!..

Comment #53


Wowwwwww that is awesome Tonya ... I cant stand running lol ... Id much rather do 4 hours of Zumba on 4-16 ... we are raising money for American Cancer Society! I will prolly be sore and ready to fall over but Im so there!..

Comment #54

That sounds like so much fun!!! I wish I could do that too..

Comment #55

Lol it's gonna be fun plus they are selling shirts and bracelets too ... ok kiddies it's johnnie angels bday and we are taking him out.

See ya back in a bit..

Comment #56

Holy smokes ... is it time to go home yet?..

Comment #57

Nope.... still just a wee bit more! How was your lunch?..

Comment #58

Oh god terrible.

Wont be ordering from there again not worth the calories.

Have you slowed down any this afternoon?.

Did I mention it's sooooo good to have you back tonya?..

Comment #59

Ugh and it's still HOT in here whichjust makes it miserable working conditions.

Kinda like the gym we work out in too ... has NO ac on which makes it glorious with 2 open doors and ity bity fans infront of them with the crisp 80 degree breeze..

Comment #60

No... still all amped up... it's cool though, I run hard during the day and it helps me sleep better at night!.

When I got in the truck today to go to lunch, the temperature was 91... so yeah, hot here too!..

Comment #61

Lol I thought KAY helped you sleep better at nite.

Lil nightly workouts..

Comment #62

She does, on most nights I sleep like a baby!!!.

I'm outta here kids, play safe and I'll see you on the flip side!..

Comment #63

Sorry sweetie - It's still "S" out but so far not sticking too much..

9 Days! Woo, well now 8.

Go Alie Go!.

After this winter, I'd surely take you up on the space.

Look Tonya is here! WB Hun..

Right back atcha Rick.

Ok my friends - dinner has been cooked and eaten, everyone seems happy. My desktop pc finally died a horrible death. Thank goodness for the laptop. The ole arms are screaming, not sure what I'll do now. I am really not happy to have my arms cut into again.....

Sorry to be a broken record, I just want the pain to stop. If I could figure out how to live my life without stressing my arms, I'd do it. Stay warm and I'll see you tomorrow...

Comment #64

Lol Lisa, you are funny! Mother Nature just has a lot of water weight..

Lucky you!.


Omg, I just pictured Old Spice Guy with Elliot's head.

I wouldn't mind some puppy energy some mornings myself..

I do get worried when they aren't right there..

I got them a little kitty bean bag chair on clearance at Petco this afternoon. along with a bunch of puppy toys (in multiples) since I know they won't last long..

Ugh! Sucks not having a car! You want me to pick you up next time?.

Where have you been? You're all covered in dust and cobwebs!.

Glad to see you back..

You too Rick!.

Wow, good for you! That's awesome!.

I've seen you asking and will do what I can on payday..

That's what you get for bragging about how great your weather is..

That does sound fun! Who's idea was it? Have you worked on anything else new for your team?.

Haven't heard that name in a while..

How's he lookin? Uh... I mean doing..

I know! I can't wait!.

Poor PC. A moment of silence..

Soon enough you will be better and the docs will have fixed you for good!..

Comment #65

It's Thursday! Woohoo mini party the week is almost done..

We did get some snow, but not so much to let me work from home..

Sending Warm Hugs to all myNutrisystembuddies..

Comment #66

Hey Kama! I'm glad we didn't get enough snow! I don't know how much more of it I can take! lol We've got a light dusting on everything, even though they predicted a total of 4-6".


Comment #67

Good morning to Everyone!.

I can't believe it's Thursday already and I've only been on the treadmill once..

And I know I won't make it on tonight since I won't get out of work until 8 and then 45 minutes home. In Farmington again today..

But even though I've only been on the treadmill twice, I have taken my vitamins everyday this week and had my breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday (.

Even if they weren't complete.


Oh, and today is a special day for one of our Zoners.......

Comment #68

Happy Thursday one and all... it's a beautiful day, the sun is rising and it's great to be alive!!!.

So, had an 'interesting' night last night....

After work Kay and I went to H&R Block and got our taxes done (better late than never, huh?), then I went home and made dinner for everybody while she went to pick up kids from various activities (baseball, lacrosse and ballet). We watched American Idol, which by the way was awesome last night, and a couple of other shows. Just a quiet night in the Lassen household. Go to bed about 11pm and go to sleep around midnight... well, the the last I remember looking at the clock..

I have one of these pillows that's supposed to be good for your neck and back; I love the thing and I've had it forever. Well, sometime during the night or perhaps during 'other activities'.

The pillow got a hole in it and busted. This thing is filled with these little styrofoam looking white beads, about the size of a pin head, easily a million of those things were inside. Apparently these things are very very much electrically charged and contain static electricity. I awoke around 3:30am wondering what in the H E L L was all in the bed, felt like I was sleeping in a bowl of dry rice. I turned on the light and was like what the f*#k?!?.

I walked in the bathroom turned on the light and these little white things were everywhere, I mean everywhere!!! In my ears, my nose, my face... stuck to the hairs on my arm, staticly stuck to places that don't have hair, absolutely amazing... I looked like the Michilen Man. Well after 30 minutes in the shower, and half a bottle of shampoo to get most of these thingy's out of my hair and various cracks and crevices, I was up and ready for work at 4:30..

So, it's gonna be a long day!!!.

Happy Thursday Zoney's.... make your day ROCK!!!..

Comment #69


I had this made for you, but they wanted me to pay for it so I took a picture instead..

And we all chipped in and got you this:.

I know it's only one and you need three more, but .... those things are expensive!.

Here's to wishing you a very Happy Birthday!.


Comment #70

Omg Mikey! I'm sorry but.... LMAO!.

I can picture that!.

Sorry you were up so darn early though..

That sucks. But I hope you have a great day and that your RockStar helps you out!..

Comment #71

OMG!!! I am laughing soooo hard right now!.

I can so picture it!!! I am surprised you didn't get shocked turning on the light with all the static!!!.

Elliott dragged my feather pillow down stairs a few months back and RIPPED IT OPEN and when I got home from work, it looked like a flock of AFLAC ducks got run over by a train..

It is amazing how many feathers are in those pillows.....


Trying to have an optimistic Day!.

I have severe back pain today. It started lastnight with sharp pains running up and down my back and down my right leg...numbing my foot. I did no running today, just tried stretching, some Yoga, and some sloppy pilates...I am not graceful AT ALL! But I just can't believe this back pain! it is AWFUL! Is this what 40 is like?? I am not even there yet and I don't think I wanna be!!!!!..

Comment #72

Im glad to be back...that whole experience id wretched every year!!!!.

Thanks Alie...I appreciate not a good fundraiser so I can use all the help I can get. If I dont make it to $500.00 thats fine...whatever I raise will help!!.

OMG thats funny. I can see you waking up like WTF!!!!!.

C'Ya...have a great day Alie!..

Comment #73

Good Mornin Y'all..

Im up and at em today...feeling good. Got my tea on deck.. looks like it might be a promising day...

Comment #74

Maybe this will be the last surgery you will need and they will get it RIGHT!!.

Heck if you woulda picked me up we wouldnt of gone to work LOL we'da played hookie all day.

Soon you can be on that TM for a whole week.

But Im sure being on track and getting all your meals in and WATER.

Is going to be helping in the meantime.

DUDEEEEEEEEEEee that is freeking hilarious ... ok Im not laffing at you but with you right?.

Omg you are so funny... just ahem what did you do last nite to rip a hole in ya piller? *raises eyebrow* you animal you!.

I would NOT have wanted to clean that up omg ... poor you!.

Have a great day GF.

LMAOOOOO at the aflac duck hahahahah.... omg dont even ask about my aflac duck story.

Terrible terrible .....

I hope ya back pain gets to feeling better!.

I'll go for promising day ... and speedy would be really good too.

So we have home made apple pie ... on the auction block today! get your bids in early..

Comment #75

Morning muh lil hunny bunnies ....

Nothing grand to report this morning, had class last nite signed up for next session AND the zumbathon, preordered my shirt as well so Im guaranteed to have one..

Its definately a thursday .. I thought we voted to uhm get rid of this useless day?.

Next week gonna be a killer week, we will have auditors here so .. if Im MIA thats the reason! sounds like a good time for a vacation.

Wutchufink? lol.

Ds2 and gf are fighting omg thats all they do.

I ended up textin the gf till like 10pm tryin not to "get involved" but offering support ... shes a good kid and shes pretty messed up just like DS with what to do.

I feel bad and told her we liked her lots and that these are really hard times dating in the teen years and to hang in there ... so we'll see..

Have a supah morning ... need a refill yet?..

Comment #76


LMAOOOOO at the aflac duck hahahahah.... omg dont even ask about my aflac duck story.

Terrible terrible .....

I hope ya back pain gets to feeling better! QUOTE].

Well You KNOW I need to know now!!!!..

Comment #77

Hey Zone charges!.

How is life treatin ya?.

Mike... you like the setup of the new and improved Idol? I think it is way too much glitz already. I prefer the older versions where they focused more on just simple vocals until the finals of the show...

Comment #78

I have never really watched Idol before, but I'm a big Aerosmith fan so I thought I would watch it. Looks like the talent is pretty good this round. I was way impressed with the Motown theme last night, some really good performances. I will say the judges seem to be almost too nice to the contestants, not enough criticism. Otherwise, I like it!..

Comment #79

Ok but dont say I didnt warn you.

My DH used to have several aflac policies and the rep would come down once a year to his shop and renew and give him a lil stuffed white duck that if you squeezed it it would scream AFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFLACCCCCCCCCCCCCC rite? well .....

He brought it home and we started playing with it making it scream and teasing the dogs with it ... and uhm see I have this ity bity 1.8 pound min pin that is just so so so tiny and uhm ... apparently he took quite the liking to the duck and one day we were home kinda drinking ... and we watched him snatch that duck up and run to his box ... mind you the duck was almost bigger then him ... and lets just say he had some HOT relations with this stuffed animal.

Needless to say the family thought it was hysterical when his box started moving a bit, I tried to stop it but they were all like leave him alone he has a date tonite.

Hangs head in shame.

Hi Roddyro..

Comment #80

Awesome... good times. Muggy has a boyfriend, his name is Big Dog. You know the clothing line "Big Dog", with the black and white St. Bernard? Yea, well somewhere somehow we acquired a stuff Big Dog and he's about twice the size of Muggy and she absolutely loves him. She drags him around the house by his ears and from time to time she likes to hump him, right in front of everybody, no shame.

So nothings really getting accomplished; oh well, it seems to make her happy..

It's the little things.....

Comment #81

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