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First of all A question for Nutrisystem employees? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... So I installed a GPS workout tracking program on my Palm Pre and I'm absolutely geeking out on the darn thing. It tracks my progress in distance, time, speed, estimated calories burned and maps my path on Google Maps. Adding geeky fun to my workout without actually having to put any extra effort into it > all.

My weight loss has inspired a friend of mine who owns an iPhone to start exercising and I was wondering if anyone could recommend one of these programs for the iPhone...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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Greetings fellow geeks!.

I use the Motorolla Droid but I have heard that a lot of the apps are the same. The one I have been using the most is simply called "Runner". It has the map, start/finish times, ave/max speed, ave/maxpace distance duration and altitude. It stores the path I took on a map and has several charts to go along with it. I use it mainly for biking and face paced walks. It doesn't have calories burned..

There are a ton of similar apps out there. There are also several for weight, diet, excercise logging, calorie counting. I have checked many of them out but I primarily use the "Runner" and a grocery shopping app called "ToMarket". I have all of my foods I regularily buy plugged in there along with which aisle they are found in so I can zip right through the store without backtracking too much. When I run out of something I whip out the droid and mark that I need to buy it. No losing shopping lists for me!.

When I want to track food I just use the Nutrisystem website. I heard Nutrisystem has an app for the iPhone, I haven't seen one for the droid yet...

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I have MotionX and it does some of what you are talking about. Its great for Geocaching, or just leaving a trail to see where you've been on a map, etc. Does not have pedometer functions (i don't think) so won't count steps..

Here's a review I found of MotionX for walking/running:.


I just looked at the app store and if you have him search for pedometer there are lots of apps come up. The one that stood out to me was "Walkmeter GPS Walking Stopwatch for Fitness and Weight Loss" (just search for Walkmeter or it came up for me in the list under Pedometer). Here's the website for Walkmeter:.


Like I said there are tons of apps, so some of them may be better than these...

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I'm willing to bet the calorie estimate on the screen is just that, a crude estimate. It has no real way to measure or monitor my body vitals like a bodybug does...

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I use an app called Endomondo on my droid:.


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Ok, this is a cool App. Thanks for mentioning this...

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Agreed... I just loaded it on my iPhone. Looks like it works with most smart phone devices. I'll give it a try this weekend...

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Did my walk tonight and I used Endomondo on my iPhone. Here's the results:.


If anyone else has an account there, feel free to invite me as a friend (search for Mike Frazier). Pretty cool that this works on so many different types of devices too.....

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I use iMapMyRun on my iPhone... it's an app that is a part of website and you can sync it to the site to keep a journal..

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I've started using Endomondo with my smartphone. My first try with it was just my wife and I walking around Portland, ME, one afternoon. But I've used it a couple of more days and love it. It was great to see the feedback when I hiked up a local trail. I seem to lie in bed at night thinking about where I want to go next. If anyone else is using this, would you like to connect through the friends and teams feature? It can be used for challenges which I would love to be motivated by..


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I also use endomondo, I'll look you guys up..

Ted Wilson..

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Got your invite Ted and accepted it. Brandon what's your info on Endomondo and I'll send an invite (or you can send me one. Look up Mike Frazier (I'm assuming thats how Ted found me)..

My truck broke down yesterday and I just barely limped it into the dealership. Took a walk from the dealer to Chick-Fil-A for a salad, and it hit me to use Endomondo. I really like the app now and am trying to remember to use it now when I'm walking someplace...

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I made requests for both of you. I had to go to a workshop on the University campus yesterday and had to park a ways away from the building. So I put fired up the app and clocked .67 miles. And I need to go back and walk around the campus more, it would be a great location. I just got back from a quick hike on a lower trail at a nearby State Park..


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If you have a droid, check out the myfitnesspal app from the market. Pretty sweet, has all of the nutrisystem meals in it's database. Also tracks exercise.

Rob/Marty also found.

Which has tons of tracking as well...

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I go with mapmyrun on the iphone as well. It works pretty well...

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