A Dukan Diet & workout plan for 20 year old male?

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Got a quick question: A Dukan Diet & workout plan for 20 year old male? Hoping for any response. Second question.. I came up with this, the other day. Tested it a couple of times, before I felt safe to post. It's really delicious and another alternative to nuking the scrambled eggs, which so many seem to hate. It's ridiculously easy to make..

This is the one with the chopped cheese, you can see it all at the top. I used the mini bundt pan. So cute..

Baked Eggs.

1 Dukan Diet Scrambled Eggs (I used plain, but the others would surely work, too, and I'm sure 1/2C of egg substitute would also work).

1/2 C tap water.

1 LF string cheese.

Preheat oven/toaster oven to 375*. Spray a 7oz oven safe container with Pam..

Remove the lid from the Egg container and add the water and stir very well. Pour into prepared pan. Slice string cheese into thin ovals and drop into the eggs, evenly distributing around the pan. Bake for 30 - 35 minutes. You'll know it is done with the sides pull away from the pan and the eggs puff up about 1/2 an inch higher than where they started. Serve with salsa or not..

Counts as your entree and protein..

This is just the basic recipe, lots more can be done to it. Add seasonings, or veggies, or not. Use half the cheese and add bacon or ham or something..

Note: in one of my experiments, I chopped the cheese and added it to the container and poured that into the pan..all the cheese sank to the bottom. The slices seem to distribute better, although they also sink, but some are suspended..

Another idea might be to cook the eggs part way, then add the cheese, after they've thickened a bit...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

I'm so glad you posted the pic!!! I had grabbed the recipe earlier (thank you so much!!), but I thought it would be flatter...

Comment #2

You're welcome, Chewy..

Heh, it could be flatter, if you used a different pan, like a mini pie pan, the cooking time would be shorter then, too. You're welcome and enjoy. I love it. Especially with Bronco Bob's Cherry Chipotle sauce filling the well of the bundt cake. MMMmMMMMMMM...

Comment #3

Thanks for sharing your recipe, I'm going to try this over the weekend. Suz..

Comment #4

Oh wow that looks too good!!!! I am going to make it tomorrow morning for breakfast and think I will add some MS sausage to it. Thank you...

Comment #5

Thanks for posting this! I have a couple of scrambled eggs left that I keep putting off having! I'll try this!..

Comment #6

I've never gotten the Dukan Diet eggs - I just have a thing about powdered eggs. I'm trying to remember (so if anyone knows please let me know) how much egg beaters is equal to the Dukan Diet eggs. I was thinking it was 3/4 of a cup - but it may be less eggbeaters plus some egg whites..

Anyone know for sure??.

This looks really good. If I can get an answer I may have to make that later this week.....maybe Sunday breakfast!..

Comment #7

Today's experimentadded one HN 97% FF hot dog, sliced, and used a slice of FF American cheese, cut up. I layered the sliced hot dog and the cheese, like making a lasagna, then poured the eggs over it and baked as usual..

I spritzed it with ICBINB and sprinkled some ground chipotle on it. This was good, but I liked the string cheese version better...

Comment #8

Thanks so much for all the egg ideas. I'm going to give them a try...

Comment #9

You're most welcome. I hope you enjoy. Of all my experiments, the first one in this thread is my fave...

Comment #10

Thank you so much for sharing that recipe!! I just finished eating them and they were great. I divided my protein between LF cheese and a HN hot dog and added that to the eggs. I hadn't wanted to even try the eggs...fake eggs just seemed icky..

Comment #11

Does this really taste much different than just scrambling the eggs in a saute pan with the string cheese shredded in ? That's what I've been doing (both with Dukan Diet eggs before and with egg beaters now that I'm on maintanence)...

Comment #12

Yes, they do. I've tried them both ways. Had the baked eggs version today...definitely better!..

Comment #13

You're welcome, Teresa. Glad you enjoyed. You, too, Tammy. Thanks for the thumbs up..

Craig, I think the baking time lets the flavors of the add-ins infuse the eggs more, so they taste better. With the powdered eggs, it makes them moister, since they steep longer...

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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