GoDaddy user reviews : Recommend I go GoDaddy?? A company steal my domains

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I use to search whether a domain is available. But I found out that everytime I found a nice domain, a same company will buy it the next day. This happened to me more than once so I think namecheap records all the domains that we search and sell those information to other company.

Here are those domains that got stolen:.

This is the company that stole it:.

To make things worse is that when I emailed them, the company sell those domain at a very high price. For example, they charge me USD400!!!!!!.

Is there a domain website that is safe for us to search available domain? What can I do to stop this from happening again?..

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Hey Not sure on anysite that is safe to search but personally I only search When I am going to register the domain.

So maybe when you are ready to register search for the domain that fits what you are looking for and register it. ?

Comment #1

Normally my habit is search for a nice domain in a domain website, if available then put all the nice domain into a list in my notepad and compare which is better, then only I register the domain...

Comment #2

For the record, no one "stole" anything. It wasn't yours in the first place.

The ICANN registrar is, are you sure you weren't using them?.

Also did these names just recently drop? Companies regularly scan lists of just dropped domains so they can register them for themselves and put ads on them...

Comment #3

No one stole anything from you. So please enough with the misleading title & whining. God what are you 12? Don't search what you aren't ready to register immediately...

Comment #4

Nope I'm not using, I dare to say this matter got something to do with namecheap because it is very obvious. I never use any other site to check domain availability other than namecheap and it's no coincidence either because it happened more than 3 times.

Those name did not just recently drop. That is why I smell something fishy going on. I know it wasn't mine in the first place but issit fair to us as a customer? I spend almost 1 week to find a nice domain which is suitable for my project and the company use our effort to get it without even wasting any time.

I don't think it is even legal for namecheap to record what domain we search in the site and sell it to other company like chesterton holdings...

Comment #5

Im not whining and I'm not 12. I just need to know which site is safe to search for available domain. Normally when a domain comes into my mind, I will do a search in namecheap and if it is available, then i'll put it into my notepad and later on when another domain name cross my mind, i'll repeat the process. End of the day i'll gather all the nice domain which is available and compare to find the most suitable and register it. Is that wrong?..

Comment #6

I have been using name cheap for 18 months+ and have never had any problems with them..

Comment #7

What if the next day you think of a better domain? So if I do what you suggested i'll end up with alot of redundant domains right?..

Comment #8

Very interesting, if all true. I haven't had problems with NameCheap, knock on wood.

And, while those saying your domains were not stolen are correct, I still think the practice of registering searched-for domains is less than ethical.

If there's a name I'm interested in I usually just try to visit it first. If no site is found, I just consider it available, and if I decide to buy it I only then search at a registrar when ready to buy.

Good luck in the future getting names!.


Comment #9

Yeah I don't think it is ethical as well. I think I will use your method, visit the site first and ONLY use the search when register...

Comment #10 is a good name I would have regged it then and there the other 3 I duno about.

I have never seen any good domains searched by my from namecheap as stolen or many they are just all shit..

Comment #11

On the side, namecheap's boss confirmed is "clean". You can.

Try using that to search for availability next time.

BTW, is your computer "clean"?..

Comment #12 is a registrar that does "domain tasting". This might come as bad news, but if you hadn't had written them there's a good chance those domains would have been redropped within 5 days. They still might drop them, so keep an eye on the whois over the next couple days and see if they become available again.


I also think it possibly had nothing to do with your WHOIS checking. Domain tasters are nortorious for just registering everything on lists of domains they come across. Did you find all those domains on a list somewhere, or did you make them up yourself?..

Comment #13

Oh my god! Thanks for the reply! I didn't know there is such thing as domain tasting. I regret now because I just sent them an email last night asking for the price of the domain just like last time when they grabbed and when I ask them the price they say USD400.

I didn't find those domains on a list somewhere because I make them up myself. And I think NameCheap search tool is not safe because it happened alot of times and everytime it got grabbed by the same company. All this thing doesn't happened at the same time because and happened few months ago and recently and

If Bob Parsons found out about "Domain Kiting" or "Domain Tasting" and since he is the founder of GoDaddy, does it means that it is safe to search for available domain in GoDaddy?..

Comment #14


We do NOT log our client's searches and we do NOT sell ANY of our clients information in any way shape or form. We are totally against this type of action. I don't know how to make this any clearer.

I'm not sure how your searched domains were registered but I am 100% positive that is was not from our end.

This is also the first accusation of this type that I have ever heard about our company so it's obviously not a pattern in any way...

Comment #15

For now I'll take Bob's word they don't log searches as well, just as Richard K/.

Enetwork posted above...

Comment #16

Is it wrong? It definately isn't the approach you should be taking..

It's better to think of a set domains all in once and decide which ones you definately see potential in and then reg those.

After you regged them you can make the final decision which one you are going to use..

If you have in your opinion a great name and it's available then REG it since other people may have the same idea as you as well you know.

Yes, this will mean since you are gathering a list of options and that you spend some money for nothing but in return you may have a great domain on your hands that fits the project perfectly.

Remember regarding regging domains you need to act fast and decisive. You snooze you loose.....

Comment #17

You can try checking domains via , as these guys help regulate the internet. If their whois isn't safe, I don't see who else can be trusted...

Comment #18

Dude, you must actually search the Domain of your kind and register it soon enough. This is not the fault of Namecheap. You search when U are sure to buy. And moreover the Domain is not Stolen, since it's not yours. I prefer to search when I am to buy only...

Comment #19

I have been a user of namecheap for many years.

1. I have searched 100's of thousands of names there using the interface both logged into my account and not logged in and I have never in my entire time in this business encountered these problems, I trust namecheap with the bulk of my portfolio.

2. Namecheap reps are some of the best guys in the biz if you ever need anything they are there to accommodate.

Dude your a new member here and your off the wall accusations could be misconstrued by some and be detrimental to a very responsible companies reputation.


Comment #20

Lair. Namecheap is the only company for domains which I still trust. The rest of them are like thiefs.

When I find a name,i just reg it asap. Domains can be gone within the same hr.


Comment #21

The most likely thing that happened was that they were running a domain generator looking for two keyworded-.coms. The software found that was available, and they most likely regged it when they went through the list of results looking for decent available domains...

Comment #22

Im a new member doesn't mean I'm new in this industry. What I'm saying is just the truth. I did not accuse them whatsoever, I'm just explaning what really happened. Since namecheap boss had explained that they did not and will not record search log and sell it to other company, then how did managed to find out what domain I search everytime? And I never use any domain website other than namecheap. I just want to know how it happened so that I can avoid it next time.

By the way thank you for all your replies. This is a very helpful forum and i've learned something from all this...

Comment #23

You're not the only one with ideas about domains..

If you want to prevent it then register them right away when you find them available *shrug*.

Accusing a company of stealing without any undeniable proof is in my opinion merely a respons of frustration derived from your own actions..


Better luck next time...

Comment #24

How have they stolen them??? all you have done is searched for them, you have purchased them. in furture when you come up with a good name I suggest that you search for it my jst typing it in and seeing if it exists or looking on google this might be a safer way but then again it might not be...

Comment #25

Dude, please read the first post before you reply something not relevant. I won't be wasting time writing such long post if it only happened once and so called coincidence ok? It happened 4 times and everytime it got taken the next day, by the same company! Don't tell me you are too stupid to figure that out...

Comment #26 was registered in April 2006!. was registered in March 2006!. was registered on July 1, 2006. is now available for registration! (dropped by the tasters I assume).

Seriously doubting this had anything to do with NameCheap, I just searched these domains on NameCheap (with no intention of registering them).

Comment #27

Lol, if you didn't register then nothing was stolen..

Welcome to the domain industry kahsoon...

Comment #28

I use namecheap for all my domains and had nothing go wrong. I also use when searching for available domains sometimes...

Comment #29

I use the SmartWhois program. Seems to work best for me if I'm searching for a domain record. can't see anyone tracking me through it since it only looks at the authoritative root or the domains delegation.

Also, if there is a domain name server of interest, I look to see what domains are on it and how many are hosted. Smart Whois..

Comment #30

Yes you got the date correctly. Which is why it is very weird because it doesn't happened on the same day. At first it is funnyegg and putvideos, then it is videoside and videobum.

They dropped and just now. I quickly grab back because thats the domain I need. What you said was right, they are domain taster. I've really learned my lesson this time. So glad that I don't have to pay $400 for a domain that I found available in the first place.

By the way, about those domain you searched, I think you need to do better than that so that chesterton holdings will be interested. If you want to do experiment I can give you a list of nice domain and you try searching it, you'll see the result the next day...

Comment #31

The safest way to search for domain is:.

1. go to

2. under dns lookup, enter the domain name & press enter.

If the domain isnt registered the dns lookup would say "No A records found" (from the registry / root servers)...

Comment #32

LOL I seriously doubt that RJ needs a list of nice domains Kahsoon, seen as RJ is the founder of this site and has traded domains worth $xxx,xxx at least...

Comment #33

The point was to find some worthless names that would never be registered unless someone were scouting lists or queries, because domain tasters really don't care about how a name looks. Can't use "nice" domains, because nice domains WILL be regsitered by someone eventually anyway.

Back to this, kashoon, are you saying you searched these all the way back in March, then in April, then in June and the names were soon thereafter registered?..

Comment #34

Just sounds a bit odd to me, why would you continue to make the same mistake, was it four times?.

Sure you didn't share your domains with anyone else or another website?.


Comment #35

On March and April when I search for funnyegg and putvideos then both got grab by the company the next day. That time I thought it was a coincidence so I just let it be. Until recently when I search for videoside and videobump, the next day got taken by the same company again. So it makes me realized that it's no coincidence at all.

By the way I don't think it really matters anymore because I got the domain I need for my project. Thanks RJ and everyone who thought me something new...

Comment #36

I'm with Kahsoon on this one.

Although I did think Namecheap was safe. Quite a few people here seem to believe that instances of this happening are only coincidences, but that's a bit far fetched IMO. When a name that hasn't been registered in the history of the internet (according to is regged the day after you search for it: possible; but when 2 names (or more) disappear and are regged by the same company, something is definitely up.

Most here have nothing but respect for Namecheap, but could it be possible that it was done without Namecheap's consent? Is there any way a company could get access to that data?.

To those that say "stop whining, you didn't reg it, nothing was stolen from you", Although Kahsoon didn't reg the name, I would counter that an idea has been stolen. Another company that seems to do this is Kenyatech.

I'm not bothered by "domain tasting" or people regging names that have dropped for whatever reason, but having access to every whois search seems a unethical in my book...

Comment #37

It is not good for a company to log such names, but I have been a customer for a long time too, and have had no problems, but maybe it had nothing to do with NC. Maybe he has a keylogger on his PC that is logging his searches rather then a site...

Comment #38

If you haven't done so already, you might want to check out the thread linked below as it is along similiar lines as what is being discussed in this thread:

Comment #39

Until this post I'd only heard good things about namecheap. Kahsoon I'd take this as a lesson that there are thousands maybe tens of thousands of people all over the world searching for good worhtwhile domain names and that if you find one it is then time to register it or run the risk of not getting it at all.

Good luck in this very competitive game! And while you are at it I would not post anything like this about a company until you have got better information than less than a handful of names. I've been buying names for years and sure I've hesitated on a bunch of them and have not been able to register some when I came back an hour later to see they were registered. By the way I'm not at all associated with namecheap or any other registry...

Comment #40

I have this problem with GoDaddy a LOT. Once I came across "" on NameCheap and I was going to register it. The status on NameCheap, Domainsite and iPower was "AVAILABLE", but GoDaddy listed the status as "UNAVAILABLE". It got me thinking that GoDaddy may be logging every time an available LLL (or similar) domain name is entered and showing it off as unavailable so they can register it for themselves.

Who knows.. The company will never admit to anything, so everything is basically speculation...

Comment #41 has been registered since 1999. If this happened within the last six years, GoDaddy was the only correct one in this case.

I don't believe GoDaddy or NameCheap are remotely involved in any nefarious activities involving logging search queries. They are both in the business of making money by offering domain registration services, not stealing people's ideas...

Comment #42

Most likely you have a keylogger my friend and the company is logging your great domains and the buying those names...who agrees with me?..

Comment #43

Not me.

There is too much evidence to the contrary...

Comment #44

First let me say that namecheap is among the better registrars out there. In fact they are extremelly good..

Second, they do log names you searched. just look on the right hand side, you will see a list of your last 20 or so searched domains. Now I am not implying that anyone can see this, just saying that they do get logged somewhere..

Third, no one stole anything since you did not own the domains in question.

Hope this helps...

Comment #45



More like your isp is selling data of domains searched and not found.

3 pages of replys and nobody even came close to the real answer.

Guess you all have a lot of time on your hands to summise and guess without actually giving the real answer...

Comment #46

Check out this link posted today by "SunTech":,1895,1991365,00.asp.

In this thread:

Comment #47

This might be my first posting here but I repectfully disagree with you and the others that "no one 'stole' anything". I contend that domain searches based on your ideas, knowledge, etc are a form of Intellectual Property.

Which is partially defined as: "A product of the intellect that has commercial value...".

Yes the domain isn't your but the "Idea" of the domain is. I realize someone else could also come up with the same idea. But there is a big difference.

Between someone else's original thought and someone simply copying yours.

Great effort is put forth to protect one's Idea(s) thru Non-Disclosure Agreements, Patent Registrations, Trademark Filings and so on.

No one would knowingly do domain research if it was known that you were being spied on and that your research ideas would be lifted.

Until you have one or more of your Domain Ideas "stolen" by Chesterton Holdings or any one else you don't know what a violation it is.

It's quite understandable, if unjustified, to want to blame a Registrar or Who-Is site since the 'Idea Theft' happened there. And until just recently no one, including any Registrars I know, believed that this type of domain spying was possible. No one except those that had their ideas "stolen".

Hopefully how Chesterton Holdings is conducting this spying will be discovered and stopped.

Thank you.


Comment #48

Hmmm.. What's that old saying??.

""Possession is 9 points of the law...".

(Just playing "Devil's Advocate" here and not debating the issue as I understand it very clearly from both both perspectives. I've had two dn's snatched from me by domibot so I feel the OP's pain.)..

Comment #49

Yep, he shouldn't have contacted them. Now they know fur sure someone wants it, and will probably hug onto it...

Good luck getting it together though!..

Comment #50

Exactly right. Seems that most of you good folks (except maybe for Halo) must have missed those previous threads here about Kenyatech's x-ray software and how they have for years scanned the Whois searches at Godaddy and others, and the registrars are apparently powerless against it. Namecheap is just the latest to add to the long list.

So just do what that other guy said, to avoid having your "intellectual property" idea swiped: reg it when you first see it available. Heck, if later on you get cold feet on the name, so what? Drop it, and all you've lost is less than 10 lousy bucks. Sure beats the other way - where you have to go sell your dog to scrape up enough dough to buy a name from one of those x-ray crooks - a name that YOU invented in the first place!..

Comment #51

UPDATE: Speaking of the Kenyatech Kruds, the other day I was listening to an old (mid-May of this year) Godaddy radio show download. They were talking about a poster on Godaddy owner Bob Parsons' website, who'd asked Bob what the deal was with Kenyatech reading Godaddy's Whois searches all the time and then regging the domains.

Bob's response was basically that not only hadn't he given permission for that, but he hadn't even been made aware of this happening before. Then in a tongue-in-cheek way he layed the problem squarely on the doorstep of his old registrar enemy Verisign.

Amusing stuff, but the problem caused by Kenyatech with Godaddy and others still continues unabated. What's up with THAT, Bob? And bear in mind that I ask this particularly since Bob is always grousing about "regular" customers being shut out of much of the domain process due to the "domain kiting" practices of many big companies...

Comment #52

An idea doesn't have commercial value. It's what you do with the idea. You can't patent a domain name as far as I know. If I went into a bar and starting spouting out my great idea would you consider the idea protected by any laws? It's usage that begins TM protection. Typing it into a whois search isn't usage that begins it's value. I know where you are going with this but I simply don't agree.

Instead you protect it until you can claim it. Claiming a domain is REGISTERING IT...not doing a whois search. Basically your idea is that anything I type into the browser bar is intellectual property and that's over the top.

Good first post by you though...

Comment #53

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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