A 90kg Nutrisystem wishes to climb a mountain?

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First off, A 90kg Nutrisystem wishes to climb a mountain? Many thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... I have lost 112 (depending on the day, 115) pounds on Nutrisystem thus far. However, for the last 3 months, I have been the exact same weight.

I've added water, I've increased exercise, I've decreased caffeine...I've done everything and more to start the weight loss to re-ignite and trend downward. I'm losing my mind!!! Does anyone have any other recommendations. Oh yes, I've also swapped dinner for lunch and am counting portion sizes faithfully. I do not drink alcohol and I have not cheated once in the year that I've been on this diet; faithful to the program as Day 1. Three months is an awful long time and I'm feeling frustrated..

Any advice....anything to keep me motivated and start the fires burning for me to reach my goal..


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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Kay...thank you, thank you....I will take your advice. I contacted a counselor and alternated dinner with lunch, cut things out, added things...I think the key maybe in the exercise component....I've upped my walking to 6 miles a day, so maybe I'm not consuming enough. However, I'm now so weight conscience that I'm afraid to

Again, my thanks for replying and the congrats, and first call this am....a counselor to get more hints...

Comment #2

How close are you to your goal weight? That could have a big impact on it as well..

Now I now that many people don't believe in "cheating" but there are many theories about spike days helping to get the body out of a cycle. I've never exprienced a plateau to date (crossing fingers) but I also have occasional "cheat" days. I know it's contreversial in this community but you may want to consider trying it...

Comment #3

Karena - don't get to stuck on the # on the scale (yeah yeah, I know...)..

Take a step back too and look at the new you - how you feel, what you look like naked! (yup) and in clothes, how people respond to you now, how more fit you are (can tie your shoes now kinda thing). You now walk 6 miles/day - bet you couldn't do 1/6 of that 115 lb ago... Celebrate that alone!.

The actual # on the scale AND your found health and fitness are both successes. Enjoy both but don't stress on just one or the other...

Comment #4

Beautiful new avatar...or should I say you. Congrats on your success...

Comment #5

Karenaa, My loss seems rather stuck in place too. I will try mixing up the order of meals as well. We'll get there!..

Comment #6

Karena, when I was on WW, there was an unofficial plan that was really, really good at breaking plateaus. Seriously good at it. I'm not sure how to work it on NS, so maybe someone who is better at this can come in with some suggestions..

If you're familiar with WW's old point system (2 pts = 100 calories), the plan for a week's eating looked like this:.

Tuesday 18 pts (or 20, or 23, or whatever your MINIMUM points level was supposed to be).

Wednesday 23 pts (or whatever five points above your minimum).

Thurs 18.

Fri 33 - 36 points (15 - 18 points above your minimum.).

Sat 18.

Sun 23.

Mon 18.

The point was to mix up the calorie level you were getting each day, and alternating back and forth between four low-calorie days, two mid-calorie days, and one very high calorie day each week. It tricks your body into thinking "No famine here." Some folks found that just a week or two of eating like this would get them off the schneid..

Again, not sure how I'd work this on NS. Maybe instead of an "18 pt day" you choose carefully to make as many low-calorie choices as possible, eat small portions even of unlimited veggies, skip any extras like sugar-free jello, etc.? And then for the mid-calorie days, you could just eatNutrisystemnormally. For the high-calorie days, not sure how, but maybe someone here would have an idea of how to make it work...

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That pretty much follows the spike theory. By giving yourself a few higher calorie days your body might start responding again. I have read a lot of people on other forums say this works for them as well. Consistently through the plan I have taken 1 or 2 higher calories meals or days a month...

Comment #8

Sherily, thanks! I'll have to look up the spike theory!..

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