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$8,000+ US Dollars Stolen From Domainers by

I have reviewed over a dozen complaints and decided to add up the amounts owed to Domainers by The amount adds up to $8000+ US from over a dozen complaints. God knows how many more people / domainers that have not come forward about their loss. The amount $8000+ US is owed to NP Members who have used aka  I have done more research and found more complaints on other Domain Forums. From my research the first complaint about not being paid was filed on 04-17-2008  since that date, I could not find any post or replies from ParkingPanel / StormWest clearing the issue.

No one answers their phone support.

- No responses from their email contacts.

- No longer sending payments.

The last comment was made on 09-16-2008 on dnf  Below is the comment made by Hey guys,.

We are far from going out of business. We at have made a lot of changes that will definitely benefit you and your domains. Some of you have received our newsletter about a new primary feed provider, templates, updates to our technology and payment system. ParkingPanel is revamped to assure you will double your revenue with our changes. So if you have any questions about, I'm more than happy to assit you with that.

Thanks for having concern about

ParkingPanel Team.


Complaint after complaint about missing earnings and missing checks have not be resolved by

The first complaint on NP about missing earning was filed on 08-29-2008 and not one single response from was posted  During the next two months, DIANA From ParkingPanel Team had come online over a dozen times with her Last Activity: 10-16-2008 11:15 AM  She and had 2 months to respond to the claims and not one single reply! Since 10-16-2008 11:15 AM aka has gone underground and missing in action. / we ask you as a community to come forward and answer to the claims against your company. Why havent account holders receive their checks for their earnings?.

Are you a victim? Please report your missing earnings and checks. From complaints on NamePros, I have calculated $8000+ US Dollars Missing.

Complaints by NP Members: Post added at 04:52 PM Previous post was at 04:03 PM __________________________________________________ ____________. has published this issue now to raise awareness.


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They owe me some money and after 8 emails or so, no response...i got paid fine around august of last year.

They dont owe me a lot of money but hey-it can buy me a nice dinner for us out...

Comment #1

Thank You for coming out with your unpaid earnings, 1 penny or $1 million, every company is liable for paying their customers.

I appreciate you coming forward with this. If their are others, please come out of the dark. Together we will build a stronger and safer community...

Comment #2

They also owe me money, about $80.

For the last 5 months I didnt receive any payment nor any email to the ones I ve sent them.

They dissapeared totally.....

Comment #3

Thank You for coming forward. It is up to us to raise awareness...

Comment #4

I haven't wasted any time chasing after the money they owe me. A few weeks after I posted how much they owe me in a previous thread I got a P.M. from Diana asking for my account so she could look into it. After responding with details I never heard anything back. I guess she decided the nominal amount they owe me wasn't worth following up with?.

Anyhow I'm not out much, but it's good to keep threads like this alive so newcomers know what companies it's not worthwhile to deal with. $8K is probably not enough to make a group lawsuit worthwhile especially given that my own stake wouldn't cover the day I'd take off work to go to court. Still it's bad business and companies that deal like this need to realize that taking them to court isn't the only recourse a group of people who practically live on the internet have. If I were malicious I could do them $8K worth of damage just out of spite. Its only a matter of time before someone they rip off has both the temper and the skill to do serious damage...

Comment #5

Please help us in raising awareness by posting the amount they owe you. I have a feeling their is more then $8000 involved! This is just the start. Thank You for sharing your story with us...

Comment #6

My total loss was around $250. I've been locked out of my account for quite some time...

Comment #7

Thank You for adding your amount in this thread. It is very sad, a company that owes it's success to Domainers - turns it's back on Domainers.

No one can run from Justice...

Comment #8

They owe me over $200 +..Last spoke to my rep via IM and faxed over my info..said he got it and then the last thing he said when I asked him for payment is he is not in the office but on his laptop and when gets back will look into it.....must not have made it back to the office!.

I could realllly use that money now to!..

Comment #9

Thank you for the info, can you please post the date you last spoke to the rep...

Comment #10

I'm a newbie, so I've never used them. Anyone live in Oklahoma City from NP that can go check that address out?..

Comment #11

Ive contacted google, since uses Google Feed. I will update everyone, as soon as I get a response...

Comment #12

We are a community, if we don't stick together - companies, scammers will feed on us!.

All 4 One.

One 4 All..

Comment #13

I like your attitude, and you are exactly right...

Comment #14

Thanks for this information. We have to be more aware before choosing any parking companies...

Comment #15

I don't remember the exact amount anymore, but it was a few dollars over fifty bucks. I moved my names away shortly after I reached the minimum payment threshold. I was testing their service and obviously they failed.....

Comment #16

Can you please post the date for this loss?.


Comment #17

211 N. Robinson Ave.

Suite 320.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102.

United States.

If someone is close to there, it could be benificial to pay them a visit...

Comment #18

Hey, they owe me some money too. Not sure how much as I've not logged in for a while and forgotten my login. I'll figure it out later and post the amount here....

Comment #19

Seems like their strategy is an old scam of - screw as many people as possible for small money and no one will do anything about it..

Reading stuff like this makes me want to visit them with a baseball bat in hand.....

Comment #20

Great thread.

I am owed approx $230.00 over 2 years. I never received any monies from them. Moved names away when no payments came...month after month after month.

I park some adult names there and hope one day I get payed.

I also registered a few months ago...never got around to developing it for complaints. If anyone is interested, you can develop and leave on my server. Just pm me.


Comment #21

Wow that's a lot of money to be stolen online..

Comment #22

Can't find any "since last payment" option in the stats. I did get paid a couple of times, around $200 in total if I remember correctly, but they just stopped paying so I moved all my domains out. There is no minimum payment threshold for paypal payments so even a dollar should be paid out.

I'm not entirely sure how much they owe me but it is over 10 dollars, not a lot I know, but it's mine..

Comment #23

Thank you for the update, as I mentioned - $1 or $10000 - every dollar counts. Someone needs to answer to all the missing money!..

Comment #24

Looks like there not so happy to assist.

Has anyone taken legal action yet? - Might be a step forward if everyone signs something stating there amount stolen.


Comment #25

The more missing amounts we get, the higher our chance in taking action as a community. We can raise funds to hire a class action law firm...

Comment #26

I think a class action is overkill. Folks are too ready to litigate. So far this thread has uncovered what? 10k in non paid revenue?.

It's a drop in the ocean as far as parking revenue goes. I think a thread like this will hurt stormwest aka parkingpanel much more than any legal suit.

Would be different if they owed thousands to each client, then a lawyer would find it worthwhile, but $10 here or $300 there makes no sense..... unless there are many thousands still waiting on payments of this amount.

I'm guessing stormwest aka parkingpanel are hoping domainers will just forget about their few dollars, but domainers are like elephants, they never forget.

And it's domainers who are in the position to sully the name of any parking company every day, either via blog posts or forum replies etc..If Someone asks "what is this parking company like?" Immediately there are 20 replies saying stay clear of that company.. scammer etc etc... I'm sure the business lost will amount to more than they gained by not paying out to the small fries. You can't buy trust, that can only be earned, and stormwest aka parkingpanel have messed up big time...

Comment #27

What ever the case may be, a investigation by the FBI For Internet Crime will have to be started. Don't care if it's $1 or $1 million - if your going to operate in USA - the FBI Internet Crime Unit will take action...

Comment #28

Sorry dude, but you are just talking nonsense now. The USA is only a small part of the world, a very small part I may add..

The money owed is probably worldwide, and the FBI have more important things to be concerned about than a few bucks not being paid by a 2 bit internet company... They are not exactly Enron et al. Sure they have not paid out a few k, hardly going to cause ripples in the world economy. Get a strong grip on reality please!.

I'm from America so the FBI will get my $40 for me! Cmon please, be realistic. The world has some more countries believe it or not, and some of them even have running water and electricity... some even sell burgers amazing as it sounds...

Class action suit???? Only in America!!!..

Comment #29

You see it's individuals like you - companies and suckers hunt down!.

FBI or not - this company is involved most likely in a bigger scam then we can count. Get your facts together before acting selfish and rejecting our goals with this matter.

FBI has already been informed. Its a matter of time, before the local police is involved. With or without the help of FBI - this company is now listed in their database. All it takes is a complaint to start an investigation!..

Comment #30

Britt Cordon is the owner of and operates in Oklahoma. I have called the police..

Im expecting a phone call from the Oklahoma Police Station in the next few hours. Post added at 05:10 PM Previous post was at 05:08 PM Im posting the list of individuals who are part of the stormwest corporation on this thread for us to have on file, in case they shut the sites down.

Roy Barrett.

VP of Business Development.

Roy Barrett has over twelve years of experience in technical solutions, project management, and business development. Original co-founder of Stormwest, Mr. Barrett returns to the organization with experience in enterprise-level development and design, performance-based Internet Marketing, and effective traditional media solutions for Fortune 1000 companies. Former client base exposure includes AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Bank of America, Washington Mutual, Oracle Corporation, AIG Insurance, and In 2001, Mr. Barrett was the Senior Systems Architect for Los Angeles-based directSynergy, a leading Internet Marketing Firm.

Barrett attended the University of Oklahoma with a major in Computer Science..

Britt Cordon.

Internet Strategist.

Britt Cordon brings over six years of high-impact Internet and street-team marketing to the company. Prior to joining Stormwest, Mr. Cordon increased sales by over 800% for a large nationwide herbal product manufacturer using both traditional and Internet-based media, focusing on increasing ROI and conversion rates by utilizing market data and increasing the performance of client creative in the media planning process..

Jeremy Dawson.

Account Executive.

Jeremy Dawson manages Stormwest's national entertainment industry clients, managing print and multimedia development, as well as event production and sponsorship. Mr. Dawson has scored campaigns for Sony Playstation, Nettwerk Records, Skate Street USA, At Large Artist Management, as well as artists Slyder, PC Quest, and SummerSalt. In 2001, Mr. Dawson spearheaded an 18-city bi-weekly nightlife promotion tour with corporate sponsorship in nightclubs across America. Later that year, Mr.

Mr. Dawson attended Oklahoma Baptist University..

Jason C. Stone.

Sr. Internet Security Engineer.

Jason C. Stone is an experienced computer consultant with a strong background in creating enterprise class security solutions. In 1999, he founded Adapt Security Inc, a security software development company based in Austin,TX. In 2001, he became a founding member of SoundingStep, a leading Internet security firm based in Dallas, TX. While there, Stone co-invented and developed SoundingStep's unique solution for outsourcing enterprise security monitoring. In 2002, he was awarded a patent for a groundbreaking technology aimed at ensuring the authenticity and integrity of data in a way that is exploit independent and transparent to the end user.

Jason Jacobs.

Sr. Sales Engineer.

Jason Jacobs worked for Kinko's Corporate offices in Denver Tech Center area of Englewood, CO working with clients such as Microsoft, Cisco, JD Edwards, AT&T, Red Robin, Time-Warner,, Marriott Hotels, Hyatt Regency, and Avatech. Mr. Jacobs has a very diverse sales background, including working in the publishing, media, and entertainment verticals, and has been countlessly awarded for excellence in customer service and account management. Mr. Jacobs attended Metro Technology Center with a major in Graphic Communications and the Colorado Institute of Art in Interactive Multimedia Programming..

Dustin Skiles.

Multimedia Engineer.

Dustin Skiles brings a wealth of experience to our creative team as the chief recording and audio systems engineer. Mr. Skiles has a wealth of experience in broadcast communications creative, soundtrack production, and technical audio engineering and has worked with clients including Dobson Communications, Cingular Wireless, Red Bull, and FedEx. Mr. Skiles holds an Associate of Science degree in recording arts from Full Sail, Orlando, FL. Post added at 05:12 PM Previous post was at 05:10 PM Domain name: STORMWEST.COM.

Administrative Contact:.

Cordon, Britt Email Masking.


211 N. Robinson Ave.

Suite 320.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102.

United States.

(405) 863-9700..

Comment #31

My thoughts exactly. If you own that domain and haven't developed it as a community for those who wish to vent their opinions on PP in an independent forum... you should put that as #1 on your priority list! IMHO.


Comment #32

Sorry to go off-topic, but that site has been developed for YEARS lol, I remember that from at least 3 years ago..

Comment #33

Lets please not make this thread a place for your chit chats, stay on topic and stick to the FRAUD we are investigating.

I just received a call back from the Oklahoma Police Department and have set a time to talk to Fraud Detectives tomorrow.

Please post comments related to this case only...

Comment #34

Considering the amount, wouldn't filing a small claims action in the state they operate from be the smarter way to go? I mean - wont it cost more then $8k to recoup it?.

I dont think the FBI is going to start putting their full force into this investigation...

Comment #35

The amount now at 10K - we dont know how much they have stolen!.

Ill find out tomorrow what the detectives recommend...

Comment #36

Add another $64 to that. It is getting easier for companies operating online to get away with non payment of commissions/earnings. As far as I can see there is no effective law against internet fraud...

Comment #37

Thank you for coming forward. This is exactly what I'm concerned about. Stormwest Corporation would not jeopardize their reputation for 10K... I would say, they have packed their bags with a big commission...

Comment #38

Or you mean sucks domain of the one discussed here? Might want to correct that.


Comment #39

Thanks David for the bad!.

Yes, I have


Comment #40

Class action lawsuits are expensive to litigate, and often the claimants are awarded very little.

ParkingPanel is presumably a very small company, and thus likely would have little to no money to pay a class action judgement anyways.

In my view, the best approach for those who lost, say more than $5K or so, is to each file a lawsuit against the company and it's corporate officers.

This is not a law enforcement issue, unless one can convince them it's a ponzi scheme and/or an outright fraud - most likely it's not.

Speaking of the FBI, they typically won't get involved in on-line fraud cases involving relatively small sums of money (ie. under $250,000) unless there's much political pressure / press regarding the matter...

IMHO, this is not a criminal matter, so the FBI, etc would be of little to no help anyways.

Most likely, it's simply a lack of cashflow to pay their clients, such as their parking affiliates, which isn't a crime. Rather it's a civil matter and hence filing a lawsuit is likely the best route to follow.


Comment #41

How do we know, this company has not stolen more then $250 000 US? Is their a way to get this info?.

I just don't see how a company and it's agents would jeopardize their reputation for under $10K!..

Comment #42

Even if one can document the aggregate amount lost being a million dollars or whatever, one would likely need to convince the FBI it's due to outright fraud as opposed to ordinary business problems, such as a lack of cashflow; can happen to even the best of businesses.

Again, in my view, each person who lost substantial money (ie. several thousand dollars or more), would do best to each file a lawsuit against the company and it's corporate officers.

In the meantime, perhaps you and/or others could put pressure to get ParkingPanel shutdown - put pressure on their webhost and their parking feeds. However, doing so would likely substantially reduce the chances of those already owed money of ever collecting anything...

Though, from a community perspective, closing down ParkingPanel would likely be best, since it would allow numerous new perspective ParkingPanel clients to avoid the hassles others have already experienced.


Comment #43

Great advice, google so far has not responded to my request. Does anyone have their email address?.

Hosting company is the next step...

Comment #44

You are certainly on a mission.

Channel your energies in to something more constructive and you will recoup your parkingpanel losses in no time.

I would hate to piss you off online and have you chasing me LOL..

Comment #45

If we do nothing, would that not let others take advantage of our community?..

Comment #46

It is not only about the loss, it is also about being fooled, being taken for a ride by a company and they are not even held accountable for it. If they are not stopped now they may end up fooling thousands more... Thousands of domains are still parked at parkingpanel...

Comment #47 just posted this reply on DNF Why did it take you so long to come forward with this issue? So now you are calling NP Members and DNF Members Scammers and Fraudsters?[COLOR="Silver"] Post added at 10:32 AM Previous post was at 09:40 AM.

Roy your company had one year to reply to Domainers Complaints, instead you go into hiding until we decide to take this matter up with the Police and you come forward and point the scam at Domainers who are owed money. And your full of Bull Shit - when you state that my domain names traffic in my account are questionable.... for your information / my parkingpanel account was closed due to one reason, I informed the community how your ppc pages performed awful vs other ppc companies... and now you come here with this lame excuse that you looked into my account and you found fishy acticity.

You also state:.

I see a lot of .info, .st, and hyphenated domain names that generally do not receive type-in traffic. I can look into this further but if everything is legitimate I have no problem issuing a payment to you ASAP.

I dont own .info, .st or hyphenated domain names - you just picked up a random account and bullshiting your way out of this FRAUD your company is involved in.

Your company scammed Domainers and now your pointing the fingers at Domainers. You should be ashamed of yourself. Alright people, Roy is pointing at all of you and calling you a Scammer and Fake. Its time to bring the facts forward with your claims of money owed... Ive done what I can to raise the issue and now Roy is claiming their not fraudulent! Post added at 10:55 AM Previous post was at 10:32 AM I just PM'd Roy on DNF and provided him with the link to this thread and asked him to provide facts to our community and clear this matter...

Comment #48

Uh, Mr. Barrett never claimed all NamePros or DNF members are involved in click fraud. What he said can rather give that impression, but he never (well outright, anyway) made that claim.

Why not take him up on his offer to handle it privately? While it's nice if people are transparent about things, you can't really force everyone to reveal private dealings in a public forum if they don't really want to.

Then if you really still think he's a thief and what-not despite exhausting everything, then you can file a police report or whatever needs to be done. You do what you want to do, and so will he.

Disputes happen daily. That's what lawyers, courts, policy and mediation panels are for.

Good luck...

Comment #49

After months of request, suddenly they have time to reply and talk to everyone in private. I recommend all to contact Roy in regards of missing payments, and update us all here with why they were not paid...

Comment #50

PM me his name from dnf so I may contact him via PM there...I would love to get my money!..

Comment #51

DNF Username: roybarrett.

Email : roy (at)

Everyone who contacts ROY , please make sure to update this thread with the results...

Comment #52


Thanks for all your hard work in this case. It is something that has been ongoing for a few years and you brought it to the forefront again and may be getting some least we are getting a response.

Contacting their office thru my account rep, Diana, is a real joke! They probably laugh about that one.

Anyway, I just sent a private email to Roy containing all my pertinent account information and monies due. Took screenshots of everything, just in case.

I will update when I receive my monies or failure.

Paul Post added at 09:19 AM Previous post was at 08:16 AM Just got paid from for $235.54 USD!.

Holy cow...within 1 hour or so.

I guess I was legally owed the money and finally received payment Off topic, because I am happy: Just found an email in my spam folder for a $1000 offer for a 3 keyword .org...high daily/monthly search...all keywords....good start to my day!.

Good luck to other ParkingPanel customers still owed money.


Comment #53

Im glad PP paid you in full. The community did not receive answers as you mentioned for a long period. We are a community of Hard Working Domainers. If we don't stick together and set the rules and laws - people and companies will take advantage of us. Post added at 10:51 AM Previous post was at 10:46 AM Also, please request to why you never received payment? Their is a reason, and we need to get a clear answer...

Comment #54

All I can add is it's about time.A company cannot run properly on a skeleton staff,lame excuse,still it cant.I never got sucked into this but I am glad that with persistence you may well all get paid your due's.Maybe this is the start of them turning over a new leaf and becoming more profesional.Either that or they got wind of the police involvement.Whatever it was people power pulled through.

I think you all owe one domainer a very big thanx...

Comment #55

After reading this thread I see that a number of people who have been owed money for a long time are NP's Moderators. Not that they should be regarded as Gods or anything, but they at least must have a degree of integrity and respectibility. Although he did not name names, Roy insinuated that long standing disputes involved click fraud and such, and that genuine cases were resolved quickly. All the happy members who have not had their monies withheld would naturally not have anything to complain about. Lets hope that this guy cleans up his act and pays everyone. Sticks and stones bounce off, but mud sticks for a long time...

Comment #56


GOT PAID $231!!!!!!.

Emailed roy and advised of my joke in 10 min I had my money in paypal!.

24hour Domainer you stirred up the pot and it worked. Since it seems now parking Panel is making good on long overdue monies I think a big THANK YOU is in order once others payments start to roll in..

Comment #57

I'm glad to hear they finally paid someone.

Just as an FYI, the domain I had pointed at parking panel was not a spammy hyphenated domain or a .info. In fact it's a premium generic adult term that gets over a hundred type-ins from the united states every day. I payed $15,000 for this domain. I am insulted at even the insinuation that the reason I didn't get paid is because they think my traffic is suspect. Until now I was willing to let it go at perhaps they had a glitch or an internal theft problem and that I didn't get paid because of something beyond their control. That statement about traffic quality really changes things.

I looked up my account login information today and went to view my account deatails. As expected, they've deleted any record of my ever having earned anything from my account view. (I'm not sure why they even left the account open?) The unpaid balance information was present a few months back when dianne pm'd me and said she'd look into it. I'm positive I printed out copies of the screenshots showing the original amounts then. I guess I should figure out where I put them.

I really don't feel like I should have to send roy an email. I already tried the email chase with dianne. Its not in my best interest to waste any more time. In fact at this point assuming it was a glitch I'd rather they didn't fix it. That way I can feel justified in voicing my distaste every time someone mentions them. Its not slander if it's true!..

Comment #58

I would love to be directly accused of click fraud on a public forum What a great opportunity to whittle away PP's revenue. :-).

Roy, I've not been paid either, please send my payment too, and try to redeem some credibility that parkingpanel has left.

In fact, why not send everyone the payment they are owed, and those who do not receive their payment can safely assume they are being accused of click fraud or some other irregular activity. They can then take it up on a public forum like this, thus giving you the opportunity to explain why they are not being paid!.

In my opinion, I think it is simply a case of lack of cashflow, and those who make a noise will get paid, and those who remain in the shadows will be left hanging until they request payment. Correct me if I'm wrong..

Comment #59

I emailed Roy on 6/12. No response or payment of the $57 owed yet...

Comment #60

After 6 days with no response a 2nd email to Roy did the trick. The balance in my account was paid in full...

Comment #61

I emailed Roy twice and was paid in full...

Comment #62

Like to say thanks 24 hour domainer in your dedication and help.. I was just going sit back and consider this as a wash.

Thanks namecharger in pm and quick reply..i had emailed roy, within minutes he had emailed me and credit will be issued tomorrow.. thrilled to see this.

Also he had said in email that diana is no longer with the company... that explains my numerous emails got no response back months and months I guess.. parking panel, if you read this-when a person leaves, canned, fired, whatever the reason you really should have an auto reply to so your customers know with details and who to reach going forward.

Roy seems like he is top of things and fast email replies back.. I am changing a few names back to them and there a small outfit..

All thanks to 24 hour domainer and thanks..if we ever meet, will buy you a couple cocktails! lol hope payment comes tomorrow and I can buy a nice dinner out-sushi time lol..

Comment #63

Anytime! Together we stand strong and united. I'm glad people are getting paid...

Comment #64

Thank goodness I am not the only one! I had sent Diana my tax information at least three times this past year and my account says that I am still unverified. On top of that, I checked my account in early May and noticed that the $65 or so I had accumulated had been wiped to just pennies! I completely feel like I was robbed. Thanks for posting Roy's email because I am definitely going to be contacting him...

Comment #65

Sedo Buys - DISGUSTING NEWS - how does a company who scammed our community get away with selling their company to sedo?..

Comment #66

That's great news. Now everyone can go after Sedo for the money...

Comment #67

Haha they must have told sedo about their great profits! 100% of the parking revenue!..

Comment #68

It makes me wonder, so many people participating in namepros forum and nearly no one paid attention that SEDO the biggest domain parking and selling company worldwide bought while allegations against this company are all over the web.


Its not sad but pathetic in my opinion...

Comment #69

Agreed - Criminals get away with this scam and get paid a bonus by

Comment #70

So I assume we wont be getting paid by sedo... somewhat bummed and was really hopping they could have stayed independent on things....

Comment #71

SEDO Executives need to read this thread and reply to our concerns!..

Comment #72

I agree and hope they do..

I was right near the 50 dollar payout before this happened... if they dont want any threats or lawsuits, they would have done this imo:.

1. considered all of this and when a company buys out someone there is money owed to customers who are in good standing.

2. dont say we dont have stats or numbers-thats just an excuse and guess what parking panel had them and still has numbers probably.

I brought my traffic to bodis and I'm happier then ever before... I only sell names on sedo, buy and think I have 4 names at sedo.. 3 cent clicks vs 20 cent clicks surly adds up fast..

Good luck everyone..


Comment #73

This thread should be moved to the general forum.

I missed this news and agree that we should all pay attention to how Sedo responds. The responsibility to pay the money owed to domainers by PP now falls on Sedo's shoulders. IMO..

Comment #74

I also think this should go sticky, I ll try to contact sedo via tel tommoro and let them know about this topic...

Comment #75

Thank You, ive done a lot for this issue... I could use extra volunteers to resolve this matter.

I think our next step is also to take this matter to the Police again. The VP of the company "Roy Barrett.

VP of Product Development. " said he would pay everyone and instead sold the company to!.

Since the purchase price was not disclosed to the public, I believe this matter needs to be discussed with FBI..

Comment #76

No luck with SEDO, no replies to emails.. it seems SEDO wants to keep a low profile and not comment on this FRAUD. Is anyone here connected to a lawyer?.

Depending on how much SEDO paid the SCUMBAG owner of we may have a case for court. FBI said, they will only get involved if we can show an amount of $250K stolen. If sold the company for $250K+ then we can get FBI to investigate this case. We need an inside man from SEDO to disclose the price tag they paid!..

Comment #77

It's quite possible Sedo management was not aware of this when they were negotiating the purchase. They probably frequent forums less that domainers do...

Comment #78

Wow that's sad news. I've found Sedo really good about responding to my emails. Hopefully they can do something about it. Hold back the funds they are paying for the domain until all debts are paid...

Comment #79

Domain is worthless in my books REG FEE! , SEDO purchased their company!..

Comment #80

Well it's been over 2 months now that I asked to publish this scam/fraud on their site, I was told by Ron, he would raise the flag for us and link this thread.... unfortunately he has done nothing for our industry. What good is if it does not help us expose this story?..

Comment #81 is has not replied back to my emails about this issue. Has anyone else contacted SEDO about them purchasing a fraudulent company?..

Comment #82

Civility is just another term for subservience. Seriously... How long is it going to take before people start to realize that there is no recourse within the system? That the entire system is designed to enslave you? True justice can only be found at the end of a baseball bat! Fight the power, free the people and all that jazz...

Comment #83

These scumbags may have gotten away with this, but I assure you all my friends. Karma has many faces and it never stops from returning.

That money they stole from our community will haunt them for the rest of their life.

Negative energy will only return negative! The Universe above us is round, sooner or later that negative energy will go around and make it's way back down!.

God bless you all and protect you from future scammers. I did my best to get this issue resolved. Unfortunately, I'm one person!..

Comment #84

I notice the PP domain name still doesn't redirect to Sedo. It might be an accident or oversight, but my guess is that SEDO is waiting to see what happens with this situation, and they want to keep some distance between the 2 companies / brands.

*edit: I've deleted part of my comment. Probably not the best time for it...

Comment #85

SEDO has done nothing about this matter, rather published a one page using as a gateway to their companies ppc service...

Comment #86

Just read this whole thread and wanted to say well done HOPE, on what you have started. Least some people got money back because of yourself starting this thread.

I never used and now glad I never did as for sedo, I don't think they should comment on this issue. End of the day the is a very good domain for the business sedo are in. What ever issue had with it's customers is a matter for the law.

Anyway thats my 2 cents,..

Comment #87

Thanks for the feeback JagG.

Sedo should at least comment on why they purchased when this thread and other threads informed the community of the issue. They purchased the company months after this scandal!..

Comment #88

No worries HOPE.

I be surprised if they did reply to this or any other thread, but hope they do for your sake..

Comment #89

Unfortunately Sedo doesn't have to really comment. They likely purchased ParkingPanel as a business.

Decision, despite what happened here.

If part of their terms didn't include assuming liabilities like this one, also unfortunately Sedo won't do.

Anything about this either. This is essentially a civil dispute between the original owners of PP and its.


In life, you make choices. Some pan out, others don't.

It's up to you to decide what to do about those that don't pan out. Good luck...

Comment #90

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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