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Hi all,.

I got this question to ask..

Godaddy seems to have a 60 day ruling whereby if you just had a domain pushed into your account (account to account transfer) cannot transfer away for 60 days...

But other registrars seem to allow this without imposing any 60 day ruling...including a rather big one.

I heard that ICANN also imposed this 60 day ruling, but I'm not very sure about that...As far as I cannot move away for 60 days only if:.

1) the domain is newly registered.

2) You just moved from one registrar to another (registrar to registrar transfer).

Can anyone clarify? I actually moved a domain away from a fairly large registrar right after a push into my account and did not have to wait any 60 days...but it seems some registrars (and resellers) impose this ruling...mainly to force you to renew with them. I suppose thats the reasoning...

Is it really an ICANN rule or is it just made up by some registrars in order to earn extra?..

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(3)also 60 days after you renew.

Godaddy starts 60 days if you change the registrants/admins name also.


(btw) probably doesn't belong in Legal Issues & Disputes..

Comment #1

Contact Godaddy..I believe they will release the domain if you contact them. They are violating ICAAN rules if they don't. Be aware that on name/contact change there is an agreement you make that you won't be able to transfer the domain for 60 days. It's fairly clearly written before you execure the action...

Comment #2

This happened to us as well. We didn't much like it because we were going to switch before the names expired, but couldn't. We hadn't read the fine print, but clearly, we had agreed to this policy. In the end, it really seemed like GoDaddy was doing a pretty good job, so we stayed with them, but it did seem like a clever move to make switching difficult...

Comment #3

The ICANN imposed 60 day hold is for registrar transfers and new registrations only.

GoDaddy is the only registrar I know of that imposes a 60 day hold after an ownership change or modification of administrative contacts...

Comment #4

Thanks everyone for your helpful answers. Unfortunately, Godaddy is not the only one that is imposing this ruling...there are others that I won't mention, who are adamant that this 60 day hold after any contact change is an ICANN ruling alright.....

The difference that makes to us consumers is we have to shell out more money for renewing our domains there rather than being able to transfer away for cheaper....or hire a lawyer to explain the rules to them...(not recommended)...

I tried to tell them myself......didnt work, and it was tiring......

Any suggestions?.

P.S: So do watch those contact changes, or you could end up in jail for 2 mths..

Comment #5

I had the same thing happening to me a few days ago and contacting godaddy did not resolve it at all, I only received a quote from their policy. It forced me to renew at godaddy instead of transferring out. Again an additional reason why I will not do any business with them anymore and transfer out all my remaining domains on renewal time ...

I fear you will not be able to escape this .....

Comment #6

Same thing happened to me and trying to reason with them got me nowhere, so I filed a complaint with Icann. Godaddy soon after released the names for transfer. Since then, I have transferred all names away as they have come up for renewal. I suggest you do the same...

Comment #7

Yep, and I think there has to be some regulatory board to regulate this industry for sure,...some replacement for ICANN..

Comment #8

GoDaddy is best avoided whenever possible. They are very sneaky.


Comment #9

The reason they do not allow transfers within 60 days of reg/renew/transfer is due to a chargeback issue with credit cards. Lets say you regged a name for 9 years, then transfer it to another registrar, and then dispute the charges. Once the name is gone from GoDaddy they are unable to do anything and will obviously lose money.

In regards to the change of registrant or account push. Unfortunately it is written in the TOS and is a company policy. I believe it has a lot to do with security for the domain registrant. However, this is debateable and I do believe it is mostly to try and force you to keep the name with them. Other then that, so what? Its not the end of the world and I dont see this as a reason to stop using them as a registrar...

Comment #10

I can say with much confidence that chargebacks is NOT the reason for GoDaddy's 60 day policy.

Companies that are sneaky are best avoided when suitable alternatives exist...

There are at least 100+ others (not talking resellers, but actual ICANN accredited registrars) to choose from out of which at least a couple of dozen have excellent pricing and far better service than GoDaddy; don't play games with their TOS to basically rip people off.


Comment #11

There are other surprises with godaddy like the $29 penalty when you get hit with a legal claim on one of your names with them..

Even though everything should be explained in the TOS (that you agreed with by using their services) it's easy to dismiss these until you get hit one day...

Comment #12

GD is very sneaky, but then again, that is how they make their money and stay in business.

GD is quickly becoming one of the most difficult registrars to transfer a domain out of. Despite being a strong supporter and patron of them previously, I am moving my domains out. GD's red tape and bureaucratic ineptitude (thank goodness I was finally assigned an account exec who knows what he is doing) are too much to deal with...

Comment #13

My last domain sale at Sedo took about 6 weeks thanks to GD.

Domain had been purchased recently so ownership changed of course... so the name was stuck for another 2 months. But the layman usually does not know about these peculiar tricks from GD...

Comment #14

Wow you guy start to worry me, because I have a few with GD. But it seems that their customer service is good. Beside GD then, which is better?..

Comment #15

Good question. But one only you, really, can answer.

Look at namecheap, moniker, etc...

Comment #16

It really depends on the domain host company. Read the fine print in the agreement when you sign up the domain name...

Comment #17

Transfer out within 60 days of any newly registered name is prohibited by all registrars, I believe. This I can accept..

In my case, I updated whois of all domains to that of the account owner. Some of the domains already had the account owner info attached to them from an update long before. This update prompted godaddy to refuse a transfer out of any domain in that account. They said it's for security reasons. I pointed out that the whois was updated to match that of the account owner, obviously it's a valid update. This didn't matter to godaddy and they would not investigate.

They changed their minds a few days later after I filed a complaint with ICANN. To me it's obvious that they're doing this to prevent you from transferring out just before the name expires..

One time I transferred a name to them and they failed to attach the correct whois info to it, instead attaching their own info. It was certainly valid and correct before the transfer took place. Someone complained to godaddy about invalid whois and godaddy wanted to charge me $9.95 for this. They backed off after I complained.

Avoid godaddy...

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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