300 calories burned how many Nutrisystem bonus points is that?

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First question I got is 300 calories burned how many Nutrisystem bonus points is that? Hoping for any comment. Second question of mine... Good Morning happy NutriSystem gals! We are DONE with..... the holiday season's OVER and finished and we have NO excuse not to get up....move our fannies, and LOSE SOME WEIGHT! No excuses, just do it!.

We all started in September '09, and we recently celebrated our one (1) year anniversary last September on this fantastic program with some of us meeting up in Las Vegas!! I don't know about you, but I never could have succeeded without this group!.

Haven't been around for a while? Deb does a comical and well written update on Monday's for us to help give you a quick look into our current topic of discussion, what's going on in our lives at the moment, and just about all the past weeks dirt so you can post without having to read pages and pages of updates from the old thread... unless you want to. Please look for it in the first couple pages! Thanks Deb!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Good morning!.

Home today, have an appt with my rheumatologist at 10..

Judy, if you can give me any ideas on exercise and fibro, I'd appreciate that. I was just diagnosed in Sept, but have noticed feeling strange pain for a long time before that. I can do some yoga, and I walk a lot. But most of the time, if I try something new, I'm really messed up for a week or 2. I have to do heavy housework in little pieces. You seem to do a lot.

Today what she recommends, but sometimes the answers are really fuzzy. I used to be pretty tough, so this is frustrating..

I don't want to complain....other than that, I'm in pretty good health and consider myself very lucky!.

Wishing you all a wonderful day....stay healthy, keep smiling!..

Comment #2

Those of you in the SE be careful with the storm going your way!.

We had a two hour late start today because of the weather...

Comment #3

Good Morning!.

Up and at 'em today! Had a good food day yeserday...skipping any extra deserts!!!....

I've got the right mind set down, now to keep the exercise going. Getting on the ellip right now..

Great week for you Judy! Way to go!!! WOO HOO!!! We'll see how my first week back goes when I weigh on Thursday. (That was the day I always weighed in on, so I'm going to keep it that day). Also, love your doggy good morning! Ha ha....dogs in this house ARE our whole lives right now!....

Ducky: Don't worry, you'll get back in to the program full time soon. We all have our ups and downs, but I'm glad you are still showing up here. OK...seriously? You are a beast on Bejeweled...I can't fathom how you are getting those scores!. to get the exercise in, then need to get back in to the dreaded office upstairs. My acct will be calling soon for tax info....ugh....never ends. (PS...still no word from irs lady on the audit that started 12/09! What losers! Hate them!)..

Comment #4

Good morning. I thought I'd pop in before starting my day out here. Much better week ahead for me. Only one day scheduled for work (wednesday) and then Vegas on Friday! I'm so sorry I couldn't be there with you guys. Johnna, did you decide to meet your family there?.

Judy, thanks for starting the thread. Hope the trainer session goes well..

Vix, sorry to hear you are in so much discomfort with your fibro. I wish I had some suggestions. I hope the Dr. can help you out..

Johnna, you are starting the week off strong! I know you'll have a great weigh in on Thursday. I can't believe you never heard back about that audit. That was ages ago!.

Ducky, snow AGAIN! You guys are getting pounded this year. Try not to get frustrated with your eweight. You did so well with your water. I'm sure that just wasn't an accurate weight. So many things can factor into the darn readout on the scale. I'm sure the number will be down next time..

Deb, what's up with your mom? I hope you are able to carve out some time to take care of yourself..

I'll be back later to see if everyone else has checked in...

Comment #5

Snow Day here so I am getting a late start, sorry! The first week to recommiting ourselves has had a fantastic start with the us, drinking out water, eating better and sticking a toe in the pond called exercise............

JUDY- The Zumba Queen is recruiting groupies as we are all more interested in the new exercise craze..Our gal has lost 3.8lbs this week and has left that 90lb bear to gather dust and make space for the 100lb bear, I just can't imagine. We are so proud of you!.

MELISSA- Had a creepy experience at the library and had to call the porn police as she discovered some dude surfing porn at the library. I know she would have gone back to the library but poor little Ms. Brenna was a sick little girl that had a itchy rash and food falling out of her mouth among other things and Melissa has had to have her Nurse/Mommy cap on all week. Thank goodness kids bounce back quickly and I am happy to report that Ms. Brenna's school house is back in business.

JEN- Is busy getting her new computer up and running and running fast so that she can keep up with all the new business heading her way. Jen is the first of Judy's Zumba recruits and is loving it the privacy of her Wii studio downstairs. I think I saw Griffy bobbing his head to the beat while Jen gets her groove on..

VIX- Speaking of getting your groove on Vix has been trying new exercise and has tried the hip pop and the doo whop and the bee bop and she finds something that will leave her feeling a little less spastic and more in the groove. You go girl and let us know what suits you best..

DUCKY- is leading the pack with her water intake and has really focused herself on winning the war with the scale. Ducky got a new little duckling in her class this week and I know that under your wings she will do swimmingly. Little Ashton was sick this week and I hope she is doing better..

JOHNNA- Shot out the gate and is running toward the finish line in theNutrisystemrace. She is drinking her water,eating herNutrisystemfood and blowing the dust off the eliptical and working out. Whoo Hoo You go girl. One of the boys must have noticed she wasn't paying attention to him and he ran through the screen on the patio just like a scene out of Marmaduke. The hunt for the elusive passport continues........

SHELLEY- Miss Yes means Yes and No means Yes committed herself to one day a week and that lasted until they asked for more. Hmmmm must work on nnnnnoooo and mean it. Tired but with extra money she will enjoy spending it in Vegas with her sister soon. Shelley has always done well with the exercise will be concentrating on her cupcakes as she gets ready to spend some time in their new timeshare in Cabo. I doubt you have cupcakes but will cheer you on as you exercise the night away!.




Well that's all she wrote...............

Comment #6

Deb, you make me laugh each week when I read your update. You really are so gifted as a writer! As for my cupcakes, sadly I definitely do have them. One of the hardest things to get rid of and with the darn low rise jeans that only make matters worse. They just push everything up and create bigger cupcakes than I have to start with! (Kind of like a push up bra for the hips)!..

Comment #7

Deb, I really enjoyed your review too!.

Dr. said pretty much what I expected...If I'm going to try new exercise to only do a little bit, and gently to see how it affects me. She thinks what I'm already doing is fine. ha-ha, she always makes me feel better by thinking I'm younger than I am!Nutrisystem+ my current activity level is maintenance for me. So I guess I'll try a few new things, a little bit at a time, and if I don't get the pain, then I can do more. I really would love to lose the last 10-15 pounds to get to goal..

Have a good day, everyone...

Comment #8

ROFL, push up bra for the hips, that's a good one!..

Comment #9

Oops, Vix I forgot to tell you I embelish ALOT, but, it is all in fun!..

Comment #10

Hi ladies,.

Happy New Year! Sorry I have been MIA again for so long. Just stopping by to say hello. I stopped in a few times last week just to catch up, but didn't post. It sounds like everyone is doing EXCELLENT with the new year. I haven't been doing excellent but I am trying. I hope to really focus again in the next week.

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful cards and holiday wishes - I was so touched by them all. Thank you so much for including me. You are all such an inspiration. I love this group..

Best wishes to everyone!.


Comment #11

Yeah.... I still haven't gotten my cards out. I thought I'd write a personal note to everyone. Well, that hasn't happened, so maybe I better just get them sent.....

Comment #12

So, I met a new neighbor today, and guess what? She goes to Zumba 2X a week! I've made plans to go with her Wednesday! YAY!!!..

Comment #13

Happy to see you back, Big! I agree, this group does inspire! I'm rip roaring to go, and so far so good. You'll get right back at it, girl!..

Comment #14

Hey Ducky: Don't sweat it...the longer you wait, you can say you are early for next year! ha ha ha..

Comment #15

Oh yeah....Deb I love your re-caps, too, but you keep forgetting yourself in there!..

Comment #16

Whoo Hoo, let us know how you like it. Caitie had a snow day today so we were talking about buying the Wii Zumba for the both of us to do. I think it will be so much fun and it will just give Caitie another reason to roll her eyes at me when I bust a move. I was doing it today and she just said" Mom really??"..

Comment #17

Oh Johnna I've whining about my Mom all week and thought... ugh if I have to hear anymore about this I'll.... So I thought I would spare you anymore of that...

Comment #18

Hey Coleen glad to see you gettin your butt back here..

We have missed you. Come on aboard theNutrisystemtrain and we will all do this together. So far we have had a good start...

Comment #19

Shelley - I second Deb's comment - too funny about the push-up bra for your's also very true!.

Deb - I second Shelleys comment about your roundups....they are funny and you do have a fun way of writing! Hope your mom gets out soon....but after Tuesday!.

Ducky - must have been bad if you had a 2 hour delay. I think we are supposed to get 4 - 8 inches Tuesday night. I think I'll bring my laptop home...just in case!.

BIG - welcome back sister! One of my friends said that she is not going to diet she is going to make healthier choices and have a stronger body. I decided I would steal that motto! So...don't stress just do the best you can do and take baby steps. You can do it!.

Well...I did pretty good even though I wasn't 100% good last week. I lost a pound - wahoo! OK...I gotta run...night ladies!..

Comment #20

We had 5+ inches of fluffy snow. The roads are terrible. Last weekend we had freezing rain all day so underneath all of the snow that we keep getting is ice. NOW, we are suppose to have sub-zero temps and wind. GREAT!..

Comment #21

Y'all be careful with the far we've avoided most of it, but it's only January!.

Took it really slow today, back to work tomorrow..

Looks like everyone is doing great!.

Have a good night...

Comment #22

I went onto Google Image to find a "hello" and of course a million hello kitty things come up..

Well this was one of the pics..

Isn't that awesome??.

And we in the United States only get these striped blankies:..

Comment #23

Hope everyone is doing well. Busy day yesterday and today. And today I didn't get anything done that I wanted to get done! I hate it when that happens. Have a big week ahead - kids get out early this Wed, Thurs and Friday. Then Friday I'm driving over to Orlando for a little girls' weekend with my SIL, some of her friends and my BFF from Atlanta, Megan. She is driving down - the Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise. Or rather, the Good Lord willing and the ice melts - they had about 4 inches of snow there today!..

Comment #24

Nutrisystem is the main advertiser on photobucket right now. It's funny going on there and theseNutrisystemads are flashing at you...

Comment #25

I'll be on tomorrow - I hope everyone has a really good night's rest and gets to work safely tomorrow morning in the snow and ice. Duckie - yowza! Freezing rain frozen onto the streets under snow cannot be fun!..

Comment #26

Judy - FYI I send you a PM yesterday...

Comment #27

Hello ladies! Just checking in this evening.....I was so rushed this morning and barely got to the gym in time for my appt. I had to end up parking in the north 40 too. I swear....I knew thatNutrisystemalways get filled up with "january people" as I call them.......but the gym. OMG!! It's been packed and so stuffed with "january people"! Newcomers and people coming back because of New Years resolutions. Hopefully they will all be gone by February 1st. That sounds mean but they are in my WAY!.

Had a good session with LeLand the trainer...he's now helping more with strengthening my back muscles and getting more flexibility...which I really need..

Vix- I used to walk hunched over like some little old lady and every single muscle was all in spasm and tightened up. Through lots and lots of very slow exercises for my neck and back I just got a tiny bit looser over time and more flexible. Of course I had to stop working years ago because of the pain. I think not having to do the daily grind anymore helps a lot with not making the muscles suffer the same hurt day after day. I makes a huge difference when you don't have to type or sit at a desk and stuff. When I started exercising I went super super slow and now before every Zumba I get really loose by warming up very well....seriously well! I had to explain all this with the trainer so he didn't push me too hard too. I still can't do something like 30 squats...instead of hurting for a day, I hurt for 3 weeks! But I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about!..

Comment #28

You got a blanket? We only get a blue or a pink hat!..

Comment #29

Woohoo!!!!!!! Good for you!!!!!!!!.

Just have loads of fun...don't worry about keeping up...just keep moving! Oh and word of advice....wear a good sports bra. You'll be jumping and moving and things need support!......and good shoes!.

I think you'll have a blast!..

Comment #30


- Thanks for doing the re-cap again this week! Helps so much to keep up with what everyone is doing..


- I'm so happy you are getting all fired helps so much to keep yourself motivated! I think you'll love zumba!.


- Repeat after me..."Oh no, I'm so sorry...I wish I could work for you but I already have appointments that day that I can't get out of.....maybe next time." Poor you.....Don't worry, I never could say no either. I always loved to help everyone out and always got myself way too deep. I can't imagine working that many hours each day and wanting to even see anything that requires the smallest amount of thought or effort!.


- Holy Cow! The snow just keeps coming! Did I tell you guys about our 15 minute white out Saturday? It was so bizzare. All of a sudden this ice starting pouring down and then these huge fluffy flakes so hard you couldn't see across the street! About 10 minutes later it was still going and the SUN came out. 5 or so minutes later it was over. Everything was covered white and it was done. Weirdest thing I ever saw...hands down!.


- Have a great weekend! Sounds great! I wish we could all go back to Vegas for a weekend again soon. I think that was the best time I had in years! LOVE the hello kitty blankies! Yea here you get those cheap striped blankets and beenies! Ducky, I can't believe you didn't get that pale striped standard baby blanket that is at every hospital I've ever been in...

Comment #31

Jen - I don't know WHY the piggy faces backwards...WHY would they do that? Never figured it out but I like her so I just figured she could face backwards....too funny that she Moonwalks backwards...never thought about that!.

Okay gals, I got no sleep last night so I'm hitting the sack earlier tonight. I have bloodwork to do in the morning for my regular appointment next week...

Comment #32

Well we got 8in of snow today and the artic blast is coming tomorrow. The low 2 below and high of 8 with high winds. Another snow day for Caitie. I am supposed to get my hair cut and PT appt. My Mom is still in the hospital but good news is she was able to sit up for dinner tonite and using a walker shuffle to the bathroom. I hope she is on the mend.

See you all in the morning...

Comment #33

Good morning!.

Melissa, that picture is soooooo cute!.

Thanks, Judy, I had that same problem years took a while but my chiro straightened that out...I will always love him for that! I do work at a desk and computer all day, and that is a big problem for anyone. (probably retiring in about a year ...yay!) So I guess I'll just take it slow when trying to add exercise, make sure I warm up if I try anything new, and keep on keeping on..

Deb, sounds like your Mom is doing better. You are a really good writer!.

This is such a nice busy group. The new year enthusiasm is inpriring!.

Stay safe with the weather..

I spoke too soon, we're expecting a storm this evening. I hope I can get to my massage before it starts!.

Have a good day, stay healthy!..

Comment #34


Who is that? Animal from the Sesame Street days? Funniest thing I ever saw...had to use him! Her?.

I've got to run over for blood work this morning, which I have to do early. Just regular stuff for my doctor's appt next week..

Vix - I just have to say I love that little pink fox on your siggy line. SO cute! Take it slow and you'll do fine..

Deb - So glad your mom is moving better....Please keep all that snow. I do NOT want any of it!.

Okay off to eat and get out the door!..

Comment #35

Good Morning!.

Up and at 'em early today. We have someone coming over to install a new head unit (music thingy) in the boat, and Ian has gone off to storage to get the boat and bring it to the driveway..

Sorry to see all the weather heading toward some of my fav peeps! Batton down yer hatches and stay warm!.

I'm all dress for the ellip, so once I get Ian and the boat guy outta here, I'm on!.

It was major foggy here this a.m. Does anyone get headaches from the fog? I swear, I knew it was foggy before I got out of bed. Must be the pressure or something.. more coffee, breakfast, then I'm off and running!.

Have a great day!..

Comment #36

I thought everyone got those striped blankets. I know I had the kids in different hospitals and I received the same blanket from both. I still have them! I did get a hat too but I think Owen's was white...

Comment #37

Good morning ladies,.

Popping in to say hello. Our area might get some snow this afternoon into the evening. It seems like whenever they predict it - we don't get anything so I am not getting too excited yet..

The gym in our building has been renovated with new equipment so I am anxious to get down there today to start walking on the treadmill again. You are all so good about your exercise - I can do this..

Have a great 100%Nutrisystemday everyone!.


Comment #38

Judy - go look at My Page - I got the background generator to work!! So excited.

Well, technically I didn't do it - it was just a fluke that I found a code that worked from a particular website!..

Comment #39

Good Morning everyone..

Johnna, it sounds like your boat does quite a bit of moving on land in the and from the driveway. We store out about 2 hours from here near the lake we use it on. If there was any back and forth, it would probably be me towing the darn this, so I'm glad we didn't have any updates planned this year. Good for you getting on the elliptical bright and early. I always start out with the Wii since it's downstairs and the boys are still asleep upstairs where the elliptical is, but if they don't start waking up earlier, all bets are off!.

Deb, so glad your mom is doing better..

Coleen, glad to see you back here. Check mout the new equipment and fill us in..

Judy, it sounds like you got a workout just getting into the gym yesterday! The crowds at my gym always quiet down by late February..

Sorry about all the cold and snow some of you are getting. My FB friend posted pics of the snow she got in Atlanta, so this is quite a winter for many. Not here though. It actually seems much more mild than usual..

OK, better turn on the Wii, I looked at some videos of the Zumba for Wii. The video they use shows a girl doing it with the new x-box program (no stupid controllers to hold) The guy describing it for the Wii was pretty funny. He was just laying on a sofa wiggling the controller back and forth and getting Wii credit for all his moves, describing how easy it is to cheat with the Wii program. Of course, why spend the money on the game if you're going to cheat. I hope the waist strap is better than the stupid leg strap that always said the controller was in backwards!.

See you all later...

Comment #40

You do know you just jinxed yourself, right Shelley?.

I have a friend in Atlanta too and she is supposed to drive down here on Friday. Of course the one week they get snow and ice and freezing temps! By then it should be much better...

Comment #41

Okay, I have to get to work on Brenna's room. Organizing toys again - such an ongoing chore!!!.


- Nice to see you again! Very cool that your gym is renovated at your office site! I was always envious of folks who had gyms right where they work - that is awesome!.

Judy -.

CONGRATULATIONS on your 3.8 lbs loss! That is fantastic - just like the old days. You are so good!! Love the moonwalking piggy - that 's funny! I absolutely loved the "good morning" today - looks about right some days huh? I don't know if it's Animal or not but I can definitely see the similarity there..


- Don't work too hard. Or at least, work hard and then live it up when you go to Vegas. BTW - your new avatar is fantastic - you look great!.


- So the snow is starting up for you now - stay warm..


- Sounds like your mother is moving in the right direction. Yay!.


- Good job with the exercising every day but one last week right? That is super..


- I thought I heard some bass pounding across the horizon - must have been coming from your boat in the driveway?! Fantastic that your new neighbor is going to do the zumba too - you guys I'm sure will be laughing it up the first few times and then just gettin' down!.

Duckie -.

I saw on the weather map that you are supposed to be in the "5's" today - you stay warm too! Hope you get all your identity situation taken care of. Oh, I have a movie recommendation if you have not seen it: On watch instantly, it's called "Return to Me" with David Duchovny and Minnie Driver. It is such a sweet movie. You will cry but it is very sweet...

Comment #42

My SIL (Linda, my husband's brother's wife) mom passed away this weekend. This is the same SIL who I was with on Saturday cleaning all day. She had a massive heart attack they *think* on Friday night. Linda's sister found her on Sunday. She had had an outpatient operation last Monday and Linda had taken her for a follow up appointment on Friday afternoon and left her at home thinking everything was up to speed. Her mom had a lot of health issues and she smoked - A LOT.

Poor Linda. Her father (lives in Indiana - her parents were divorced) passed away December 6th. We will be going to the services Thursday morning...

Comment #43

We ended up with 6+ inches of snow yesterday. I can't tell right now if it is still snowing or if it's just blowing around. Right now (11:30am) the temp is zero with a negative 18 wind chill..

I'm thinking that we should have had a late start this morning. We had several busses get stuck and most of them were running late. Oh well! I don't make the decision (and I'm glad I don't have to)!..

Comment #44

Ducky, Deshawn, Mrs. Ducky, Miniduck.... this is hysterical! We never know who or what you will pop up as!..

Comment #45

Ducky: If that's what you have to do to fix all the problems, then Amen, sister! Now you are in business!!!.

Melissa: Can you STILL hear the bass booming across the state? I'm gonna need earplugs to ride in the boat now. Ian is so happy....

Even at 19 yrs boys still call mama to fix stuff....Cam calls and he has lost his debit card, driver lic & all of his cash (amount unknowndo I want to know??) Have sent him some cash overnight, debit card will be here tomorrow & replacement drivers lic takes 7-10 problem fixed. Ahhh, so good to be needed....ha ha ha..

Comment #46

So, I have now asked if I can have my original name back.....

Comment #47

Johnna, My boys are always needing help with one thing or another! As for speakers on the boat, everyone hates it when I drive because I don't want the music on at all. I am usally multitasking as it is, watching the skier, driving the boat, yelling at someone to put the flag up or take a picture. I can't have the music adding to my confusion. That doesn't stop anyone else in the family so if they're driving, it's LOUD!..

Comment #48

Yup, I can tell I'm back to myNutrisystemmeals - if you know what I mean!..

Comment #49

Afternoon sisters!.


....don't be mad but I don't think I remember what your original name WAS? I had to laugh at all those names Shelley listed but good grief what gives? Can't they get it straight?.


......Did he lose his wallet? BTW, they don't ever get too old for that I think...they just transfer it all over to the WIFE once they get married! I get calls from hubby to "fix" things all the time..

He's had the worst time getting the gal who schedules surgery on the phone so he can schedule his knee repair....but she won't call back and she was off the day he should have scheduled. I'm with him....if nobody else can do it, then don't take off. Otherwise some one else can open a schedule book and write down a name. It's job security to make them all believe you are the ONLY one who can do it..

So tomorrow when I go to the place to have my bloodwork got all messed up and I couldn't go.....I'm going into the office and ask for the gal in person. I'll get him scheduled and make sure the forms are all properly done...those HIPPA release forms so they can talk to the employers HR people...then I'll come home...

Comment #50

Woo hoo!!!! Good for you! I thought that the MySpace thingy looked like the right one to try. I love the background too. I changed mine out to the colorful fruit loops cereal!..

Comment #51


- I thought about you this morning as I was doing a few things in Farmville and I wanted to see if you knew about a trick I learned when I first started playing. I'd normally not use this forum but I know you check here regularly now..

Did you know that you can get ALL of your "gifts".

TWICE?? Oh yes!.

Maybe everyone knows this......but if you play under you collect them all there FIRST!! MUST BE FIRST...otherwise it wipes them out of

SECOND- Then go over to Facebook, and click on the Notification globe on the top left bar and pick whatever one down the list that says something like "judy and 20 of your friends left you something" You'll get the whole list AGAIN! Well about 95% of it anyway!.

Just go down clicking each one and then "yes" I have more to get until they are all done and you get everything TWICE! Comes in quite handy!..

Comment #52

Hello ladies...we are getting ready for the snow. Although I don't think it should be that bad...maybe 3 - 5 inches. It was kinda sleeting when I got home at 6..

I didn't exercise today...but I was good with my food choices so far. I need to figure out dinner though! Not much else going on so I am off to find some food..

Ducky - I can't believe they still can't figure out your logon stuff. What is that the fourth account you have?! Maybe it's a secret ploy to get the headcount up on the site!..

Comment #53

Hey Ducky good to see you. You are almost there..

Jen good for you on the food choices today..

Judy-Deja' vu, I was just going to ask about Wally's arthroscopic knee surgery today and then you had to tell me before I even asked..

Johnna I can hear the rap on your speakers here in kansas, what gives??.

Yep forgot to mention I love your new avatar Shelley. So festive and no sunglasses!.

Melissa so sorry to hear you have another funeral to go to. It must be so hard for your SIL to have lost both her parents so close together..

Coleen way to go on getting back to the gym. I knew you were waiting for the remodel to be finished. You can start the new year out right..

Vix how's the hip pop doo wop bebop coming along? Find anything you like?.

I got out of the house today. After the 8" of snow we recieved yesterday it was all sunshine today and the road crew's did a great job. I went to PT-YEA! Got my hair cut, was looking kinda shaggy and the library had another three books ready to be picked up. Went to Costco getting low on dog food and Best Buy to buy the Wii Zumba. They were out of Wii Zumba and so was all the stores in the KC area. I went to order it online but it is not available for shipping, seems Nintindo can't keep up with the demand and BB has to wait for more to arrive in their warehouse before anyone can get anymore.

Darn because Caitie and I were really looking forward to doing it together. Just my luck. My back is killing me so I am going to lay on my ice pack and read until I fall asleep. I have to be at work at 7am and work till 7pm. My boss took his wife to the bahama's for her 50th bday and I am working for him W-F and M so I will be up before the rooster..

Comment #54

Just popping in to say goodnight..

Went for a nice massage tonight. It's snowing here now...slippery..

My insurance got messed up, ran out of my prescription and couldn't fill it, so I'll have to call insurance co tomorrow and get that fixed..

Pleasant dreams to all, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!..

Comment #55

Judy - did you ever call the plumbers and give them the what for?..

Comment #56

The good thing about my account is that I have all of my previous info. They obviously had to change my name to figure something out. NOW, I want my original name back - Mrs_Duck. (For those of you who forgot me!)..

Comment #57

For those of you who went to Vegas in October....


Comment #58

Good morning!.

My massage yesterday was great...made me feel much better..

Just shoveled the driveway....we had 2-3 ", so not so bad. I have a dentist appt at 8 a.m., so got to eat breakfast at home and say good morning before I shower up and head off to the dentist, then another long day at work..

Have a great day, everyone, keep smiling!..

Comment #59

Good Morning! I keep hearing cars crunch in the parking lot outside the window and I think it's tons of snow....but hooray NO! Just ice every place where there is /or was water. I am so glad we missed all this snow everyone got. I've had my big snow and it's done for the year..

Day two and I am again going to try hitting the lab for bloodwork. I was going yesterday but I guess I was overly tired...I passed out at the kitchen table and curled up with my head on my arms. Once I woke up it was too late to make it sound plausible that I'd been fasting all morning. No lectures nurses..

Melissa - I'm so sorry for your SIL's loss. That's a really tough thing and it's worse when it's so sudden..

Deb - I'm so glad you got to take some time for yourself and get to PT and the haircut and stuff. People need a little bit of time to adjust. I got my Zumba through amazon and I know I didn't pay nearly that much. but I did pre-order they normally do those on special price deals. I think it was $40- $45. Good luck finding it.

One of the 3 dancers....Gina... does the commercial..

Okay gotta move this morning no choice must be done today and hubby scheduled for surgery too...

Comment #60

Good Luck Judy and be careful on the ice. I'll take snow any day over ice...

Comment #61

Good morning,.

Judy, I love the "Good morning" this morning. He is so cute. Good luck today getting your blood work and hubbie's surgery scheduled..

Hope everyone has a great day!.


Comment #62

Well, I tried. My neighbor picked me up, we got to Zumba, there were about 12 people there....waiting....and no teacher. She lost her keys or something....

Big bummer. Going to try again Thurs eve.... Back to the ellip for me. I think I'll trek to Best Buy today to see if they have the wii zumba in stock....

Cam's crisis from yesterday was taken care of my mama, and he loves me again. Ian might have picked up another project of a decent/medium size yesterday...yay!.

My sister called to give me the heads up that our 30th class reunion will be homecoming weekend in October, so to plan another trip to LAS. So I tell Ian, and he are going in March for a reunion, then we are trying to go to UK in May, then you are going to LV again? I reply, "fine, I won't go", and it kind of starts an little tif....why are guys so weird? I guess he just has to say that to make me feel guilty. Then I think, well, maybe I should go back to work to pay for travel....grrrr.

Just venting...thanks..

It looks like Boston/CT area is getting the big dump, so maybe Judy & Jen lucked out and didn't get major stuff.....stay warm, ladies..

Alright, going to hit the to ya's later...

Comment #63

Hi girls I'm writing from work on my phone so this will be brief. Eating is always better the days I work because the frig is just too accessible at home. No exercise on these days though. I am hoping to be sent hole around 5 or 6 as the other nurse came in after me so he should volunteer to stay late. Deb sorry about all the hours you're doing to fill in for you boss. OK lunch break over...I'll check in tonight..

Comment #64

So, I have been teaching about penguins this week. Every day, we have studied one penguin and the kids have been writing down the important info (where it lives, what it looks like, height, weight, etc)..

Well, I decided to change it up a bit. Monday and Tuesday we had talked about penguins that lived in Antarctica. But, I didn't want them to start thinking that all penguins lived in Antarctica, so I chose a different one. Well, the one I chose didn't have enough info on it. So, I searched the internet and found another site that told more about the African Penguin..

As I am teaching about the penguin and reading it out loud... it says how it sounds like a donkey so that it is sometimes called the "Jacka** Penguin.".

Wow! I could tell who was listening!..

Comment #65

I see you are giving them a well rounded education!..

Comment #66

I see you decided to break the rules and post from work, yea!! See ya later..

Comment #67

I managed to find the elusive Wii Zumba game at a target store in Missouri. It is about 30min away from home and I am going there after I get off work. They have it for 39.99 so I will also use my Target Debit Card and get 5% off that price to be applied to the sales tax. I can't believe(well I can really) that everyone is sold out everywhere. Caitie and I want to get going with it some time this weekend and once I get something in my mind that I just have to have, I can't let it go until I get it. I am so excited and now if Jen can figure out how to get us all on our Wii's on the internet we could have our own Wii dance studio and Zumba together. Wouldn't that be a blast?? Oops getting paged , be back later.........

Comment #68

Food has been good today=100%.

I ended up not going on the ellip....I found I was doing everything I could to avoid it, so I cleaned for 3 hours. I swear, I wipe slime off the sliders and 2 seconds later, it magically appears again....haha.

Ducky: I loved your penguin story...made me smile..

We took the boys for a walk, and I didn't realize until my neighbor pointed out that Ian & I were dressed the same. I had grabbed a blue sweatshirt, on the way out the door, and he has a long sleeve blue t-shirt & khaki shorts (i've got my khaki capri's on...) My neighbor told us to "stop dressing alike, it makes you look old!" HA HA HA HA.

Both boys are curled up on the couch with cute..

OK...will chat with you cats tomorrow. Have a nice night!..

Comment #69


I liked the penguin story too!.

It's been a long day, but got a lot the insurance fixed and picked up my prescription, put out a bunch of fires at work, went to a ton of meetings, stayed on program pretty well...walked inside the building at lunch...not liking the cold so much anymore!.

Have a good night...

Comment #70

At 3 degrees as our hight today, we were.


23 degrees below normal!..

Comment #71

Went to work this morning the car temp said 1degree and drove south 30min to work and the car temp said 3degrees-whoo hoo-heat wave..

Comment #72

Yay Johnna you are being soooo good. I think only the senior citizens do the his/her outfit thing!..

Comment #73

Yep, my hubby and I inadvertantly did the matchy thing when I went with him to the Dr....both had jeans and red sweaters! We didn't even notice, but the Dr. did!.

Felt pretty silly..

Wow, you all are really cold! Brrr....we're in the 20s...cold enough for me...

Comment #74

Johnna - ha...that is funny about you guys wearing the same thing. Sometimes Aaron and I do that too but of corse we don't notice until it's too late. Nice of the neighbors to point it out!.

Too bad about the Zumba...I bet a class in real life would be even better than the Wii game!.

Deb and Ducky - wow...3 degrees...that's crazy. We got about 5 inches of snow and it might have gotten to 33 degrees today but that's a whole lot warmer than 3!.

Vix - good for you walking during the day...a nice metabolism boost!.

Melissa - I must have missed a post...I'm going back to re-read...

Comment #75

Just brought home the Wii Zumba Fitness game. Looks like fun. Jen figure out how we can all play together on the internet and there will be no stopping us...

Comment #76

Look! Look! Look! I'm finally back!!! YAY! (Now if I can lose some lbs before my weigh-in!)..

Comment #77

UG ladies....I never came back here at all yesterday. I gotta say I am so far off my normal's too weird. I must get myself back in line...and back on here or I'm never going to really drop to the weight I want. I realized I've been bobbing around in the 150's since the last week of November!.

I should be well into the 140's. Time to really get serious. Last week was great but I didn't exercise the last 2 days!!.

Okay enough whining.....


- Awwww Mrs. Scott said "ass!".

I can see the little shocked/amused faces right now! giggling! Woohoo Ducky....back to Mrs_Duck..


- Good for you finding that game like a bloodhound! Should be fun!.


- OMG!! I can't believe she lost her keys! That time for sure...and you'll have fun! Men must always point out the obvious and act like they'll die if we leave them alone or spend a dollar...especially if it's spent without them! I bet Ian won't want you going back to work...I think you probably do enough stuff for him that it would be tough for him doing things alone..


- I'm so glad the snow missed us this time!.


-good for you walking outside in the cold weather! I hate it right now. All these years I begged to live somewhere there was cold and snow...Who knew under all those layer of fat lived a very cold girl! SHE'S FREEZING!!!.

HOLY CRAP!!! You may keep all those cold temps!!!!!!!!!!!.

Okay off to eat breakfast!!! Must stay on schedule today. Yesterday I fell asleep after my lunch salad, and never woke up until almost dinner time so I ate myNutrisystemlunch tuna for my 5:30pm snack! My body hates getting messed up in hoards pounds because of that...

Comment #78

Good Morning!.

So far, so good! (That's what me & my sis text each other when we've had/or are having a good day sticking to our plans).

OK, not to sound whiny, but i'm feeling you girls and the cold thing. Our high is suppose to get up to 60...very unusual for us. It's windy, so when I go outside, it FEELS like 3 degrees! Keep in mind, I don't really wear the winter gear you all do...guess I'll have to dig out the big rink coat! Holy Moly!.

It was nice getting up this a.m. to a clean house. It will stay this way for about another hour until the boys drag in more dirt and slime more stuff!.

Been doing paperwork this a.m., and getting a few things done. Going to run to the bank, and then get on the ellip when I get back. Am I avoiding it again? Will let ya know later!.

Judy: Get yourself in check, girl! You are almost there....stay on the right path! We are so proud of our fearless leader!!!! You GO!!!!.

Jen: Glad the snow wasn't too bad. Lucky you weren't near Boston! Yikes! I lived thru one Massachusetts winter....that was enough to last me a lifetime! My BFF in ATL is housebound. Can't get out of her driveway, and getting cabin fever..

Vix: Good for you for getting your walk in. Yep, stay indoors! Sounds like your life is major busy, so good on ya for staying focused!.

Deb: Yay for the Wii Zumba! I never made to Best Buy yesterday, so that is still on my list..

DUCKY!!! WOO HOO!!!! So glad you have sorted out your login name. My motto, "It's me against the machines every day!".

Must run....check back with ya's later on. Make it a great one!..

Comment #79

Good Morning everyone. I survived the 14 hour shift yesterday and didn't say yes to anything extra! I did run into the woman that lost her husband a couple months ago. This is the first time I had seen her so I hugged her, told her how sorry I was and before I could stop myself said "if there is anything I can do, cover a shift, whatever..." OMG, she works the NIGHT shifts! OF COURSE she took me up on it! I guess she was hoping for a 4 day weekend to spend with a friend. She would need coverage for the Friday and Monday...crap! What have I done! Well, I'll just worry about that later....

The weather pretty much everywhere but here sounds brutal and unusual. My cousins are flying out of NY today to meet my sister and I in Vegas. Lisa and I don't head out til tomorrow. No flying issues from my end, but I know the NY airports were a mess yesterday. I haven't heard anything yet, so I hop all is going well. Girls trip or not, if my sister doesn't get on that plane tomorrow, I'm dragging my husband along!.

Deb, great that you got the Zumba, awaiting your report. How's your mom? I didn't actually break the internet police rules yesterday at work. I was able to email and text during my breaks....that's always ok, but there were plenty of the techs on the computers on the work floor. I certainly don't have a problem with that as long as everyone is getting their work done and I'm not filling in for them. Believe me, if I end up covering the night shifts, I will definitely be on the computer. How else will I stay up all night!.

Judy, you always do great. I'm sure you will be down another couple pounds this week..

Ducky, glad to have to and your name back. Hope it sticks!.

Johnna, I can't tell you how often my husband has sounded like yours in the past regarding girls trips or trips home to visit family. Sometimes he's great, ither times he's....well, you know. It can be so frustrating because we do so much at home for them and the family. It shouldn't be a big deal to take a trip now and then. Yes, sometimes they seem to be right on top of each other but other times there are very large gaps..

Hope everyone else is doing well. I'm going to get my exercise in early. Already had 1st and 2nd breakfast (just like the hobbits from Lord of the Rings) Unfortunately I have about 3 hours before I can have 1st lunch!..

Comment #80

I made it on to the ellip machine! I was having my back upstairs to the office. Better get some lunch going first.....

Comment #81

Okay I told myself I couldn't open the computer until AFTER zumba in the see me here right......Gotta get up and go do it. Just a little bit. I think I'm doing the new 4:15 class at the gym today too so that will be an added bonus but she's new so it's not quite the level of the regular gal..

Shelley.....I can figure out a way to sound super helpful and get you OUT of doing those night shifts!! Um like when she comes up and asks for the specific are busy during that time....or maybe you should have looked shocked and said "OMGosh I didn't realize you worked nights....I'm so sorry I just can't do nights.....but seriously anything else I can do".

Don't people know that's really just the standard polite gesture response...not really like you totally mean you'll cover a bunch of shifts!.

I think she was just waiting for someone to offer and BAM! She jumped on it..

Okay off to do zumba!..

Comment #82

You know, my DH complains any time I want a nice ONE-NIGHTER away. Yet, he can go hunting or to long fireman trips whenever HE wants! Ugh!.

Right now, he's getting ready to leave. He will be gone Thursday night through Sunday..

On Saturday, Ashton is having her friend birthday party at the ice skating rink. Then, she is having two friends spend the night..

I actually kind of planned it this way. He doesn't like her having friends over, so of course I planned it when he was away!..

Comment #83

Hi...sounds like you're all doing pretty well, keeping up the exercise and all. I did my usual walk at lunchtime, but was really tired and just kind of crashed when I came home. Did catch up with my mail at home for the past week...the email at work just won't seem to slow down!.

Looking forward to the long weekend coming up..

Have a good night...

Comment #84

Well, it is that time again.... time to decorate Ashton's cake. Once again, I am going to purchase a plain cake and then bring it home and decorate it...

Comment #85

Whew...sorry guys. having a major sugar drop this morning for some unknown reason. I woke up shaking like a leaf and sweating like crazy. Now I feel a tiny bit better but I have to go eat some more PB crackers...

Comment #86

Whew, that was really awful. Haven't had a low blood sugar episode like that in years! Just checking in and now I'm off to do some major sweating!.

Back later after lunch!..

Comment #87

Happy Friday Everyone,.

I have had a rough week. Can't seem to get myself back on track. I am fine while I am at work but as soon as I get home I start forgetting all the good stuff about Nutrisystem. It's just been awful. I know what I have to do - I just have to do it. Next week we are off on Monday for Martin Luther King, Jr.

So, I'll be at my parent's home for five days with my two skinny sisters. I certainly won't be thinking aboutNutrisystemthen - boo hoo. I do need to re-commit. I'll be back next week to check in with you all. I never have a chance over the weekend at home..

I hope everyone has a great weekend and keep up the great work. I promise I WILL recommit very soon. You all inspire me with your loyalty to the program and the exercise..

Best wishes to all,.


Comment #88

Hi everyone!.

Really looking forward to the 3 day weekend!.

Hi Big, I'm new here, but started the same time you all did...9/09..

I stupidly gave in to a craving for a bagel last night....big mistake..

Still trying to shake the extra holiday pounds. Doing better today..

Have a great day!..

Comment #89

Why? I would think your skinny sisters probably watch what they eat maybe to stay skinny..or do they pig out and not suffer any problems from eating? Follow what they do....or better yet just stick as best to the plan as you can. You can sub out most meals and rock the veggies and lean meats..

I know what you mean though... it's been tough for me these last couple months. I think I truely know what I will be doing during maintenance...but that's not right now. Right now I need to be consistent in losing..

We'll see you here right after you vacation trip BIG!..

Comment #90

I hear you sister! You gave in to the bagel...and I gave into the Multigrain cherrios! It.


My snack for the afternoon but I ate a little too much and I also like to do the yogurt or lean protein thing for afternoon snack NOT CARBS!.

We'll do better next time. You have to learn from the little choices we make and get used to working off the boo-boo's! I just pounded off 510 calories and counting! Bye bye cheerios!..

Comment #91

Hi everyone,.

Judy hope you're doing better now....scarey sugar drop! I picked up the wii zumba yesterday. Last one at our Target. I seem to be severely salsa challanged.....I'm still trying to learn the basic steps....and working up quite a but of sweat just doing that..

So, my question to any of you that own the game. The computer instructor is not telling me to put on the belt for the step learning I need to have that on? It's not like the program stops like it does in some of the wii active exercises if you don't have the leg belt on correctly. Of course, I may never get past the step learning portion of this, so maybe I'll never have to wear the belt!.

Coleen, hang in there. I'm sure you can make some good choices while your're away for your Dad's birthday. It is always extra hard when you're around family members that just don't have to watch what they eat. Always so tempting to just let go. Be good when you can and hopefully it will balance out the not so good choices..

I guess the rest of you are all at work or zumba-ing......

I head to Vegas this afternoon, so I'll check in from the airport. I'll have a couple hours to kill waiting for my sisters plane to arrive...

Comment #92

I finally got off my rear end and did some serious exercise! 510 calories......547 now and going up! As soon as I stop sweating I must shower off and get moving on some cleaning and lunch!.

I can't remember what I've mentioned in the few scant posts I've managed to post...but I don't think I talked about Wally's surgery yet so here goes..

He had his appt...what? 2 weeks ago then they did the MRI the very next day and he had to wait 3 days for the results. A torn medial meniscus...does that sound like something that exists?? Could be the total wrong word but it sounded right..

Has to be repaired. Normally they would have transferred him right to the scheduler but she was off on she'd call him..

Monday nothing..

Tuesday he calls in the afternoon. By now he's freaking out..

So Wednesday I had to get bloodwork and I walked in the door afterwards and said I was there to make hubby's appt. I don't think they've honestly EVER had someone do that. don't call us what do you expect?.

I swear it took all of 5 MINUTES to do. She had a 2 inch stack of people waiting to be called and she just flopped it back into her box once she found Wally's paperwork. Seriously, she flipped the pages, wrote his name, gave me his pain med script, a couple instructions and I was out of there..

I'll be glad when it's over...he's driving me crazy with worrying about getting his releases to return to work in one time. The new company owners require things to go through something called Workcare and they need forms filled out. If the man doesn't think I can't get forms filled out right then he's nuts!! I took care of the appointment didn't I? MEN!..

Comment #93

I have to admit I haven't tried the game yet...but I have plans to do it after lunch for a tiny bit just to see how it works. I need to be ready if Jen get's us all hooked up together on the web!.

Keep working at it'll pick up the steps in a bit and the best thing is that sweat means calories burning off and workout! SO as long as you are trying and moving it's doing something!!!!!!..

Comment #94

Have a great flight! Stay safe and do some shoppping for me. I love that they have the coolest store in the casino's and the airport. My favorite... the Pandora jewelry store is right in the airport!..

Comment #95

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