2nd week on Medifast and lost no weight

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I am on my second week of medifast and the first week was great, I lost 5.5 pounds. then the weekend came around and although I was tempted I beat it! But now my weight hasn't moved, but I feel like my clothes are fitting differently in a good way.

Has this happened to any one? I am hoping it speeds back up again.....

The only thing I can think ive done differently is not been on schedule as I should have eatting on time.... maybe that is it?..

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Same thing with me!! I lost 4.5 the first week and have actually gained one back! I'm browsing these discussion boards trying to figure out why I'm not losing AT all this week! Today marks 2 full weeks on MF. VERY frustrating!!..

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LOL - I am having the opposite "problem". I have lost approx 20 lbs in 4 weeks but only 1/4" on my waist - W*T*F lol. We all lose differently and if you are losing inches it will eventually show on the scale. If you are sticking to the program, there is only one way your weight will go - DOWN lol. you are doing great!..

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Thanks everyone for your support! I'm a daily weigher so it keeps my motivation high when I can see some weight loss, but at least it hasn't gone up I guess!! carrybear let me know if you find out anything id be intereseted to see if it happens to other people too! mawolf3 thanks for you insight and congrats on the all the weight loss.. Hopefully mine will start being like yours..

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A lot of people slow down a few weeks into the program. Look at people's tickers/sigs that track their weight weekly, and you'll get an idea of what to expect. Its ok to compare with other people of your age/sex/starting weight, but keep in mind it's only a guage, as everyone is different..

Don't let the scale rule your feelings. If it does, throw it away or learn to weigh weekly/biweekly/monthly. Theres plenty of evidence on these boards that if you stick to the plan, the weight will come off..

Good luck...

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Week 3 (and sometimes Week 2) is known to be a week of low/no losses. It's something about how your body is "figuring out" these new changes. It will ramp back patient, drink lots of water, and stay on plan!.


Peace & good health,.


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Its ALL pretty common..

The first week or so on the plan you are losing mostly water. The more you have to lose in the beginning, those numbers will be larger, too..

There CAN be weeks where you lose nothing, or possibly gain..


IF you have been 100% OnPlan, then no worries. Your body is adjusting, and WILL release the fat when it feels it is safe to do so..

Now, IF you think you are not following the plan correctly or are enjoying a some BLT's (Bites, Lick, or Tastes), not drinking the appropriate amount of water for YOUR weight, getting lax with weighing or measuring your L&G, skipping an Medifast meal, or eating the 'options' every day, etc. Then tighten up your program. LOG everything you put into your mouth for the next week. Remember the Doctors and team at Medifast and TSFL say in the end (not now, but when we get to GOAL) we can expect to have averaged UP TO 2 pounds a week. That keeps my head in the game and a proper perspective of weight loss. I think we see that UP TO part and skip over it and rush to the 20 pounds in a month..

Also after being OnPlan for the 3-4 weeks as recommended, if you choose to incorporate the limited 45 min max per day of exercise, then you 'might' see a jump on the scale as muscles that get used hold water for a day or so. Don't be alarmed as this type of gain is a good one..

That is why Medifast suggest we take our measurements each week as well as our weight. The scale is not the ONLY way to measure success. For instance I weigh 10 pounds or so more than I did when I got married, yet I am several sizes smaller. I'm toned and have muscles where I did not back then.

We all hear that muscle weighs more than fat. That is not actually true. A pound is a pound. BUT.....................Just as a pound of rocks takes up less space than a pound of jello, it appears that one pound of rocks weighs more than a pound of jello. It is more about mass, volume, etc......

What I tell newbees all the time is NOT TO WORRY about the scale, but TO WORRY about whether or not they are OnPlan..

Trust the Plan, and in the end you will gain much more than you will lose..

Enjoy this adventure into discovering YOU, it will be the ride of your life...

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There are a million variations in how people lose. I'm a thursday weigher and if I sneak a peak on the following monday or tuesday there's a very good chance I've lost nothing. And then, almost magically, I'll lose three or four pounds between tuesday and thursday. Who knows why, it just does..

After a month or so, you'll start to see the patterns in your losses and it won't bother you so much...

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Thank you everyone! Im sure it will just dropp off! Worries are over and I will remember it's not just the scale, it's how I feel and measurements! Im down 1.5 pounds, so I must be doing something right..

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I saw this posted yesterday and read through all the post, but today it's something that I really needed. I too am in the same boat and feeling really discouraged. I haven't lost anything instead I've actually gained 1.2 lbs (all though I haven't updated my ticker)It's so frustrating. I did workout Tues. Turbo Kick for about 50 mins (I was late to class), is this what's wrong? Should I wait to start this type of workout 3-4 weeks into the plan or should I just do 30 mins. I don't want to stop working out completely because I do feel better afterwards, like I really accomplished something.

Just need words of encouragement!..

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Well they say you should work out if thats what you have been doing already. Now, if you haven't been doing it on a regular basis, then wait 2-3 weeks after starting Medifast! Since, I would work out whenever I felt like it, Im waiting the 2-3 weeks. But if you feel better keep it up. Its good for you, but remember your muscles can retain water after working out. That might be why you see an increase on the scale. Im sure it is just water weight and nothing to get upet about. Just keep up the good work and the scales will eventually even out and read what you want it to..

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I'm suppose to workout again today, but I haven't convinced myself into going just yet. The class is not til 5:30 (CST) so I still have time.

My usual behavior is to eat WHATEVER when I haven't seen any progress on the scale and I know that I"ve done what I'm suppose to, but I have a real goal set for myself and I believe I can achieve it if I stay the course. So onward I go with MF...

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