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Don't know who the heck this kid is, but apparently he's rich enough to file a.

Suit if what the article indicated is accurate: Did somebody just get suckered...again?..

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Pretty cool design on his "current" domain/site.

Don't recognize the name - but he's winning online awards apparently...

Comment #1

He was probably too dumb to know that he can probably buy it for less...

Comment #2

Not to mention the other version was registered prior to the official domain. I think it'll be hard to establish TM rights to a name if NO ONE ever heard of him..

Comment #3

Actually I have heard of him... although I'm not sure if it's more profitable for him to go through all the legal hassle.....

Comment #4

I think there may be a little more to the story than what is being presented. But if he did sign the contract (and not the parents or gurdian), then he could invalidate the contract and have cause to get the domain. But I have a feeling this kid got a lawyer and the lawyer may be milking the cow for all it's worth. Then again, the privacy is DROA.COM, real domainers know all about these guys.

But it does seem the domain owner had some relation to the artist, so it would be easily argued that is was registered based on his TM (or potential which the artist can prove) and when the kid turned 18, maybe he realizes he either got screwed or hire another manager? advisor? and kcik this guy to the curb. If that is the case, then he has the right to his name, especially since it is being redirected to a competitinig site and stealing his traffic.

I do not beleive this is your standard cybersquatting case, it might be a contract case also.

More info, he using privacy, yet if you go to the website, it redirects (to a competitor??) then if you do a whois.... there is his information lol... If you're gonna hide stuff, at least be thorough. But it does look like he works with new talent, he also is associated with So he may be a manager, producer or someone important...

Comment #5

Where have you people been? Inside a box?.

He has been becoming a big musician in the recent year...

Comment #6

Most teens don't listen to baby music..

Most grown-ups don't listen to teenie music..

That's how it is...

Comment #7

What is "teenie music"? Most of the stuff you consider adult music is probably the same stuff you were listening to in your teens... Music is music, it doesn't matter if your 13 or 35, if you appreciate music, you'll listen to a lot of different things. I listen to everything from classic rock, blues, reggae, emo, punk, etc. I even like some classical music, but that's mostly limited to Bach. Just because you have a limited scope of music appreciation, don't assume "That's how it is."..

Comment #8

Teddy geiger is a popular male singer in the united states. he toured with hilary duff in 2005...

Comment #9


I've never heard of him and I asked my daughter (22).

And she's never heard of him! He must be new.

But if something is tm'd at some point after a buyer.

Buys something with the new TM in question, ,.

Is the buyer required to give it up?.

(I'm asking cause I don't know?)..

Comment #10

If the kid started his music career before the name was registered, then the TM would pre-date the registration. Again, it seems as if this guy was a manager or something to the kid and registered his name for promotion of the artist...

Comment #11

Thanks DNQuest, wasn't sure how that worked..

I didn't realise he knew/worked for him..

But good to know..

Comment #12

Not to be mean, but the article did talk about a management contract, hence my posts in this thread.`..

Comment #13

I agree with Phil. I believe this is more a contract case than anything else. I would expect the contract to be invalidated unless there was parental consent. Assuming the contract is invalidated (which I believe it will), I still think this kid will have a difficult time winning the arbitration. IMO, the deciding factor (if the kid is indeed sucessful), will be the bad faith on part of the manager...

Comment #14

Well, the kid is successful... I think that is where it got sticky...

Comment #15


(May 30, 2007)  Teddy Geiger has won a lawsuit over the use of his name on the World Wide Web.

Geiger, an 18-year-old singer and songwriter from Pittsford, alleged in a January lawsuit that a Minnesota man was violating the trademark status of Geigers name by claiming ownership of the Web site domain names and

Comment #16

I listened to his music from his website. The boy has the talent to make it big internationally, only if marketed well. So claiming the rights to his name is doing it to secure his branding in the future...

Comment #17

The owner who just lost that case really blew it by making cash through linking to the competition of the name he registered. This is just the dumbest thing imaginable that you can do.

The lawyer for Geiger completely lied and would have lost the case otherwise. There is no "Federal law" or "legal right" giving away any domains to anyone having the same personal name as a domain name. He also lied by inferring that the singer and/or his reps had previously owned it and were merely "getting it back." Absolute baloney from start to finish.

But as I said, the original owner cut his throat by making a buck by redirecting to the competition. This complete dummy made even the lying shyster look like a genius!.

Oh, BTW, I know we've been over this ground before, but some kid in showbiz is not a TM product. A trademark can only be owned by a company making products for sale, and must be known and used continuously after first creation.

Let's say I buy a domain using an old singer's name in 1995. He started in the biz doing bit parts in 1950 but almost nobody ever heard of him, except for me and a few friends. But suddenly, in 2010, when he's almost 80, he accidentally lands a role in a Tarantino movie called "Squeezing Grapefruits" and becomes a household name overnight. He even has a big hit song in the movie, and on the buzz from that soonafter releases a whole album. (Think george Burns without the previous fame.).

The purveyors of this "showbiz name is the same as a TM" theory claim he can then sue me for my domain name because NOW he's "hot" 15 years after I regged it? Nope, it just doesn't work that way.

Therefore, the same goes for 18 year old showbiz brats whose name gets hot a year or two after someone already beat them to the punch in the domain-regging game...

Comment #18

"Oh, BTW, I know we've been over this ground before, but some kid in showbiz is not a TM product. A trademark can only be owned by a company making products for sale, and must be known and used continuously after first creation.".

Absolutely 100% inaccurate, I have not idea where you came up with this, maybe you should read some celeb verdicts. a TM can be a Product, service or name. It has been ruled that celebs name is their TM...

Comment #19

I agree with DNQuest. I think a lot of people confuse registered TM's with common law TM's. Most of the celebrities that have won have not had registered TM's but have been determined to have the TM by way of common law, fame, and public recognition using that name in a particular industry. Common law TM claims are harder to prove, but unless you share the same name, or have done absolutely nothing considered to be unfair use related to the celeb use, you stand a fair chance of losing...

Comment #20

Is the current owner of the domain(s) in question named or does he represent someone named "Teddy Geiger"? If not the singer should have rights to it...

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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