140lbs Femaile how many Nutrisystem points am I allowed?

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My first question is 140lbs Femaile how many Nutrisystem points am I allowed? Many thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... I usually have a medium to large tossed salad with unlimted vegetables. Problem is... I get tired of entering each vegetable for the salad in other food..

Is there a thread or can the nutritionist tell me what "my salad" would count as in calories with my meals?.

Thank you...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Yes I called mine "free salad" and assigned it a value based on the usually tally of ingredients..

I probably assigned the number too high , but I figusre I know that high number is all free raw veg...

Comment #2

Thank you so much for your feedback. I'm struggling with my second go around with NS...

Comment #3

Hoopoe, How many calories does your free salad have? I do the same thing for logging the ingredients, but my calorie count goes up a lot (2 cups of raw brocoli, 1 red pepper, 1 zucchini, 1 tomato, 1/4 cup eggplant, lettuce and so I am over 120-140 cals for a "free" salad. I wonder if that's the right way to count it, because a veggie serving should be about 25cals. If have 2 large "free" salads /day, then I end up with 1400-1500 cal instead of 1250cals...

Comment #4

Yeah I hear ya, it's pretty tedius and really when they are suppose to be free why do we have to include them anyway?..

Comment #5

I don't get how it works with calories either. The D program is 1300 +/- 100, yet salad is unlimited????? So confusing. And yes, it is a pain adding all those veggies in...

Comment #6

It's either or I think..

Either you log and count calories (and that means everything from salad to benefiber) OR you follow the ns plan as written, which ignores calories, has unlimited vegetables, etc..

I'm sure ns thought it was doing folks a favor by providing the online calorie counter but it just seems to lead to confusion. Veggies have calories so of course if you are counting calories "unlimited" does not equal zero calories...

Comment #7

It's simple yet they make it difficult, if a food has any amount of calories then it's not unlimited so they should just leave it at that. The only way a food should be counted as unlimited is if it as zero calories. Just my humble opinion...

Comment #8

The unlimited veggie thing definitely throws me off. For instance, when I'm making my lunch I read the options in the the back of the book, when it says unlimited I think, well how much do I take then because this is more about portion control? So I took a cup, but when I added it online in the meal planner, it told me I should only be eating a .5cup. So today, I just saved half of my veggies, and i'll bring them for lunch tomorrow....definitely confusing though. I'm not so concerned about the calories as I am about the portion...

Comment #9

This is the MINIMUM amount to make a serving. You can change how much you have by editing the amount of the food. Many of the "free" foods still have calories so being sure to log them will help you track calories in..

As far as the salad goes GRI do you really eat all of it? Is it 3-4 cups total? Or just 2 cups with all that stuff in it (and how did you get all that in just 2 cups if you did? If it is 2 cups of a previously mixed up concoction that makes 4 cups then take the added up calories and other numbers of the entire mixture and divide by 4. Use these numbers to define your salad and when selecting it to add to your planner edit it to reflect the number of cups you ate...

Comment #10

I have a plastic container that I use for salad only (to take to work). Its capacity is 7 cups and I fill it about 3/4..


I mix all kind of unlimited veggies, whatever I have in the fridge...

Comment #11

In that case it can be used for all of your vegetable requirements for the meal you eat it with. I do the same with my veggies and I count 1 cup for each veggie requirement, unless I really want something else, then I only eat 1 cup and add the other. Keep up the good work on the veggies!..

Comment #12

Right, I count it as all veggies for that meal, and I get scared when it comes up to 130cals, sometimes 150, depending of what I have. While if I were to eat 2 limited veggies istead of this unlimited salad, lets say 2 portions of .5cup brussels, that would be 2x20 cals..

So a free salad has way more calories than 2 portions of veggies...

Comment #13

The more important question is what is your DAILY calorie intake. As long as it is within the guidelines it's OK...

Comment #14

They basically are a NET of zero calories. The amount of calories it takes to digest them is about the same as their caloric value. So don't worry about it. They're unlimited for a reason...

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