GoDaddy reviews : Should I try GoDaddy?? 10 US Laws Every Domainer Needs to Know

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Someone emailed me about it, thought it might interest you:

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As always... OUTSTANDING post Dave..

Thanks for the in depth sharing.


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Great, great article.

Well written and easily applicable for US domainers, touching on everything from Taxes to Privacy.

Bookmarked (twice!).


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Nice article, a great resource! Thanks for sharing, Dave...

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Most probably relates to all countries..

Also I think this is worth a sticky, Great article..

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Sticky'd, by Allan I imagine..

Again... this is a great read...

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Just got in and surprised by it. But you're welcome, folks.

IMHO the first part about "domain sniffing" is rather pointless. But...someone's.

Definitely looking for options to explore...

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Excellent read even for a Swede like me Thanks Dan!..

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Wow that was pretty lengthy... I learned a lot from it though.. thanks dave..

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Thanks Dave. I enjoyed reading the article. I've just "learned"...

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The information will really be beneficial for me.Thanks for forwarding this information..

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Nice info and thanks for sharing.. Also see the link to.

"12 Important Rules Every Blogger Should Know".

Ty rep added..

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Great read thanks for writing that dave very helpful...

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Nice Article! I'm looking forward to seeing more legal professionals that deal specifically with the Domain and Web Hosting industry. It is almost to difficult to operate because you never know what someone can hit you with...

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Thanks Dave. I just seen you post your link over at DP. I read the article and loved it.

I also liked the article your wrote on Blog laws.

And I didnt realize how many diggs you had on both blog posts/articles. I wonder how your hosting/server held up...

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Thanks for sharing! That was a good read. Bookmarked it, too...

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Thanks for sharing Dave.....


~DomainBELL (Patricia)..

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Very nice read, thank you.

The part about categorizing business assets stuck out at me like a sore thumb... which means several hours of data entry work..

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I want to about it .I am trying it...

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That was pretty lengthy and informative. Thanx for sharing.

Just wanted to give it a BUMP..

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Good article that provides some baseline information to newer domainers...

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What an outstanding post...thank you very much. I think your link may break my record for tags...

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A fantastic resource written in an easy to understand method..

Thanks and a Big Bump..

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It is very easy to understand indeed. I have been looking for this..

Thank you again...

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Nice post indeed.

Bookmarked it too.

Nowadays the lawyer and the doctor are two people you never wish to need their services but they are always good to know few of them (plus some articles like this)..

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The article is very good, but misses something important about the company formation (note, U.S. based comments).

1. Normal people, meaning pretty much 90% of the domaining populace, should not create an S or C corp. The primary reason for this statement comes from proper record keeping and shares issued vs. authorized.

Depending on which state, you face different taxes on your share structure. If you report incorrectly it will come back to haunt you. In my experience with forming S's, C's, LLC's......... LLC's tend to be very quick and very effective.

2. Picking DE or NM (because you *heard someone say it's cheaper) is an easy way to dig yourself into a hole.

Typically you are not in the state of formation. It just so happens that every U.S. state has laws in place to make sure they 'get theirs'. This is called Foreign Registration and can be anywhere from $100 to $800 just to be able to do business in the state that you reside. Suddenly the costs you are saving by forming in a 'happy tax' state go up and up.

The comment about a Registered Agent is correct and can become costly.

Important: Do not ever put yourself down as the Registered Agent. I have personally seen people filling out the company paperwork and when they see this line, the immediate thought is 'oh, I'll just make it myself'. You can run afoul of various state requirements by doing this, so you have to check state by state.

3. Comptroller. It's a foul, foul word. Find your comptroller's office the moment you have your business paperwork and the company tax ID. You will always do better to be educated about your state tax laws (and if applicable, the multiple state laws) and ask them every question you can.

The most unpleasant surprise is not the IRS....we are conditioned to expect that. The surprise comes when the state tax office wants to know what you do and decides to classify you as a business entity that owes tax.

My nickle...

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Thank you for sharing! Great info, learned alot and bookmarked the site! Thanks again!..

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Great Article, very informative..

One extra item needed to be added..

Domainers need to be over the legal Adult age to have the legal capacity to enter into contracts..

A lot of younger NPer's are NOT old enough to legally enter into contracts, such as Paypal, Adsense, or reseller agreements...

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Thanks for the great article plus the added comments..

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I agree. Great article Dave. Not bad advice from a non-attorney. :-)..

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Thanks for sharing that article, more clarity on the legal aspects are much appreciated. I especially like how the author includes ample links to official documents.

I've not read the article in it's entirety yet, but this one part raises a question for me:.

"In a UDRP case, the party seeking control of the domain need only prove three things:.

1. The trademark owner owns the trademark,.

2. The party that registered the domain name has no legitimate right or interest in the name, and.

3. The domain name was registered and used in bad faith.".

My question is, what if the domain name was registered before the trademark was registered? It's not addressed in that section, but it seems illogical for someone to be able to register a trademark and then take the domain name afterwards...

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But I supossed that each country has their rules. Do you have a international rules link?.


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Thanks for the amazing discussion. This is really informative and many potential domainers will definitely benefit from this article before pursuing the business...

Comment #32

You'd be amazed at how creative the panelists are these days. They do exactly that through complete BS logic all the time and get away with it because the only way to fight a decision in UDRP is with a Federal lawsuit (read -expensive)...

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This is one of the most comprehensive articles on Internet and Domaining law I've read. Thank you for this great resource and helpful information...

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Good work! really appreciated..

Can anyone mention the steps here?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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