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I stumbled upon COPYSCAPE earlier today and found it's service VERY impressive.

I also was interested enough to find some copied content. I've contacted the /img/avatar7.jpg and he said he would remove it.

They also have a thing where you can sign up and get plagiarism alerts when somebody copies your site. But that's $10 a month.

You can search whole site or just a single page. It's very cool. They even highlight the copied text when you click on the links.


-Matt (Not my site.)..

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Nice find. No one is copying my site yet. Hopefully no one will!..

Comment #1

GREAT find. Thanks for the link... I will surely use it. Rep. added...

Comment #2

Yeah that site has been around for some time and is very useful..

Comment #3

Very cool, found some site spidering and posting my blogs on a site heh...

Comment #4

Wow that is one nice site... thnx!.

Rep added!..

Comment #5

Nice site, thanks for the link, nice to know my content has been copied, I dont care...

Comment #6

Great site, definately will use it from now on.

I hate that when people copy my stuff..

Comment #7

I do too brian.

I just found another plagiarist..

Comment #8

What can you do about somebody copying your stuff?.

What if they refuse to remove the content?..

Comment #9

You can take them to court, as long as you have some sort of proof you made it first. should answer most of your questions...

Comment #10

Thanks for the great link matt. I bet alot of people are going to start useing it. I searched for my site and it didnt come up with anything so thats good...

Comment #11

How can you be so sure it was copied?.

No one would really copy content without modification. If someone copied the .css file, how can you know it is unique?..

Comment #12

It is not about finding sites that copy your design or cascading style sheets. It is for checking the actual content of the pages.

If something has several paragraphs that are word for word as long as you did not copy it and wrote it yourself it is pretty much safe to assume they copied it...

Comment #13

Nice link buddy ... will use it for sure from now on .....

Comment #14

What if they copy your very unique javascript or css code only?.

Will it detect that?..

Comment #15

That is too cool thank you so much for sharing...

Comment #16

It will only find visible content, not source code...

Comment #17

Thanks for sharing this link, is a great site very usefull..

I wanna to give you a reputation point, but I dont know how?..

Comment #18

Click the thing that looks like a snowflake beneath the green bars.....

Comment #19

Very nice link!! Rep added..

BTW, these are the same folks who had started the famous google alerts service (which later on became so popular that google started one of it's own).

If I'm not mistaken, this service uses the Google API. Since it is a very useful service, they must have negotiated with Google to raise the 1000 search queries per day limit that Google imposes for it's API service.

Very interesting!! I was thinking of something similar, but passed it .....

It's not a very difficult thing to implement. If anyone is interested in knowing how (via the Google API or the Yahoo API), I can tell...

Comment #20

Thanks for the link! Rep added! Impressive site and should be very useful for web publishers...

Comment #21

Good find! I have found my blog being copied and used for spam blogging. A bit back I found some jerk was using it as it is medical/health related. They were copying verbatim and just changing my links, originally to medical related sites, to porn. I contacted Google and they shut down every one that I sent them links to...

Comment #22

I found only one person copying my content whom I gave permission, Good to see nobody else is stealing it..

Comment #23

Very interesting find. Thank you so much for sharing with us...

Comment #24

Been using this tool for a while it's pretty good...

Comment #25

Cache: If you really want you could write your OWN tool to do that or suggest it to copyscape themself. Don't ask me... lol I dunno...

Cache: If you really want you could write your OWN tool to do that or suggest it to copyscape themself. Don't ask me... lol I dunno.....

Comment #26

There's also the system of % match.... something like what % of content on page A matches content on page B... because copywriters have become pretty smart nowadays... they may not copy entire pages of content.... just a para here and a sentence there.

For % matching, one would need to use several Google API queries... each query would randomly select a phrase or sentence, place it in a quoted string and then query google.

Since te google api has a limit of 1000 automated queries / 24 hours, the google api is not the right tool for the job (unless you strike a special deal with google)..

The yahoo api is better for this purpose because it has a much higher limit of 5000 queries per day per IP address... on a server with lets say 10 IPs that would mean around 50K queries per day... cool..

For google, even if you use diff IPs ypou are still restricted to 1K queries per day per developer key (and you cannot have more than one developer key per person, and you also cannot aggregate keys of diffferent folks for one app ! smart eh?).

I guess now that Alexa has opened up it's huge index to developers (at a nominal fee), it makes more sense to devise one's own algorithms for using the alexa index for the purpose of identifying plagiarized content (instead of using google/yahoo search results). The main bottleneck of building a huge index has ben removed, so now anyone with clever algorithms can leverage the alexa platform for building innovative search apps (even if on a small scale oe for solving a simple problem)..

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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