GoDaddy user reviews : Recommend I pay for GoDaddy?? [resolved]

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Edit: The problem is solved now. They decided to send me a parmanent key.


Two months ago, in early July this year I bought a domain software. It is a well known program called Domain Name Pro by I paid about 70 USD. At the time I thought simply I will pay the money and I get the software. Unfortunately mozzle has managed to turn a simple purchase into a big issue.

First they emailed me a temporary lisence key and said the real key will be send after one month. Now 2 months have passed. During this time I've never heard a thing from them. My temporary key has stopped working. I'm unable to use a program that I paid for.

I emailed their support and they emailed me back saying that they want:.

1. my full name.

2. my address.

3. my phone number etc., etc.

There is no problem with the payment. The money went through at the time of purchase.

They said they want this information to protect themselves. They already know my paypal address and my email address. I emailed them back telling them I'm not going to give them more personal information. No reply so far.

One year ago I had a major identity theft problem. All money in my bank account was spend by fraudsters. It took several months until the issue was solved. My bank and many other authorities here in the UK advise not to share confidential information especially in these type situation where you are not sure with whom you are dealing with or how they are going to protect your data.

Here is a quote from

If I buy something at I don't mind giving away personal information because I trust them on protecting my data. On the other hand with these smaller websites you never know what will happen. They might even sell away my personal information to fraudsters. If you have a huge database of paypal addresses, full names and contact details there are people out there who will pay for this information.

I paid for this software and I have nothing in return. I had read good reviews here at namepros about mozzle when I was searching for a good program. On the other hand I'm very disappointed by their unprofessionalism...

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Unfortunately if you don't want to do what they ask of you (especially when.

They at least stated why), then it sounds like a chargeback (cough cough) is.

Your only other option.

Do what you have to do...

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Temporary license keys are probably their way of protecting themselevs against chargebacks.

Didn't you have to provide name and address at purchase? Maybe they are asking for that information so they can verify you against their db.


Comment #2

The problem is solved now. They have send me my key.

What surprises me is that many people don't care about protecting their personal information and those companies keep asking for more and more information.

If more people had cared then they wouldn't ask me my full name and address just because I want to buy a software...

Comment #3

Despite what you may think, your full name and address isn't exactly "sensitive information." This information is flowing freely on the net, being traded between companies, etc. The big companies will sell your information as fast as the small ones, if not faster.

Assuming you paid with a credit card or Paypal, they already have this info and as others stated, they probably just wanted to verify that you were who you said you were.

Glad everything worked out though...

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Jarrod here from Domain Name Pro support.

We've sorted it all out (Marcello provided a few extra details when asked which assisted us in determining that the purchase was not fraud - thanks Marcello!). I thought that I would clarify things a bit and describe our policy.

In this case Domain Name Pro was purchased using PayPal but all of the customer details were missing, false, or weak. For example the customer name was not correct, '-' was entered for the address fields, the country was specified as Thailand (Marcello is not in Thailand), phone number was 11112222... and a free email address was used.

We issue temporary registration keys for all orders. A permanent key is sent out after 30 days (our unconditional money back guarantee period) and prior to the temporary key expiring. This time delay also gives us time to review orders that the system flags as possible fraud and issue a refund to the real credit card/paypal account owner and cancel the order, and about enough time for chargebacks from people who discover fraudulent use of their credit card or paypal account before we do.

Unfortunately we get several fraudulent orders every month. It's easier for crackers to purchase using a stolen credit card or PayPal account details than to crack the protection system. They hope to get a valid registration key or full version download that they can list on the serialz/warez sites. Monitoring and processing in this way costs us time and money but we believe that it is better than issuing full registration keys to fraudsters and allowing the legitimate credit card holder or paypal account holder to be defrauded.

In this case the order was flagged as highly suspicious and we had no reliable information to go on. If a valid phone number is given we phone the customer to validate the order. Fraudsters don't provide their own number for obvious reasons so this is a simple method which works effectively. Without the phone number and non-free email address (as was the case with this order) we wait for a period of time after the temporary key expires to see if the customer contacts us. If they do (as in Marcello's case) then this is a sign that the order is legitimate as crackers typically don't use the program long term. Whether they do contact us or not we then ask via email for additional information (phone number, address to cross-reference against their IP address for example) so that we can validate the order.

Marcello's initial enquiry after the temporary key expired was on a Saturday. We reponded on the Monday morning requesting the additional information to validate the order. Marcello provided some additional information late Tuesday night and after deeming that the order was legitimate we issued a permanent registration key. That was done within 24 hours. Being located on the east coast of Australia and Marcello being on the other side of the globe is a challenge. We have several products (not just domain name related) and thousands of customers (from individuals to large corporations such as Microsoft) around the world and operate extended support hours on most business day evenings to help reduce response times.

In summary the situation was a fairly rare event. It was resolved as best we could under the circumstances. It was an inconvenience both to Marcello and ourselves and we can only apologize sincerely to Marcello (which we did when we conveyed a lot of this information in our email reply).

If Marcello or anyone here would like to discuss this further then please do so here or you can contact me directly via email: (mark it Attn: Jarrod).

Good luck with your domain acquisitions and sales...

Comment #5


Thanks for taking the time to reply. Editing thread to reflect the "resolved" nature of this issue..


Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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